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I don’t have a TV and I don’t watch TV – and I don’t recommend that you watch it, either. I’ve also been de-platformed by all the major social media. As a result, I kind of missed the whole fake Israeli bombing of the Baptist hospital in Gaza thing until after it came out that it was probably a misfired Hamas rocket.

This was after the entire fake news establishment had lied about it. Elon Musk’s response was classic. He removed The New York Times’ verification badge because of all the lies they spread.

This was after Rashida Tlaib called the hospital bombing a “genocidal attack” and after she led protestors into the Capitol. Do you think any of those protestors will face 22 years in jail? I doubt it, because Islamism is vital to the global Communist revolution that we’ve got going on right now. In order to make Totalitarianism and the central bank digital currency look good, they need to bomb the planet into the Stone Age, so that we will actually beg for these things.

Our fearless leader, Brandon was in Israel earlier this week, pledging billions more in our tax dollars and here’s what he had to say aboard Air Force One, as he was about to head back home. I love the terrified expressions on Tony Blinken and John Kirby’s faces!

General Mike Flynn was busy on Twitter yesterday. He wrote:

“Make no mistake. The whirling sound you hear is America spinning out of control. Why? Because the hand on the rudder steering our ship of state is unsteady and incompetent — and his corruption has warped the rudder itself. But no one is allowed to say what everyone knows to be true. The ruling class has built a censorship industry combining the efforts of Big Tech, the media, and spy services to censor the truth. And if you manage to evade the digital guardians of Deep State secrets, they’ll send the government to shut you up.

“That’s what happened this week when a federal judge granted Joe Biden administration prosecutors the gag order they requested to silence his political rival, the forty-fifth President of the United States. And still, Donald Trump is climbing in the polls. It must be a miracle, right? No, it’s just evidence that no matter how much the ruling class tries to hide its corruption, Americans see the truth: Our ruling class is corrupt, inept, and pathological. In the upside-down world they’ve built, what’s bad is good, adversaries are partners, and terrorism is not only acceptable but estimable.

“But that can’t hide that Joe Biden has a hostage crisis on his hands. It’s the worst since Islamic revolutionaries stormed the U.S. Embassy in Iran in 1979 and captured 52 Americans. This time, it’s Iran’s Palestinian asset Hamas that’s holding more than a dozen Americans, after the terror group killed 30 U.S. citizens among the 1,400 Israelis it slaughtered October 7th.

“The media has good reason to try to bury Biden’s hostage crisis since the 1979 version cost another incumbent Democratic Party president, Jimmy Carter, a second term in office.

“But unlike Carter, Biden has staffed his administration with activists who support Iran and their terror assets. For instance, the White House’s Iran envoy, Robert Malley, facilitated an Iranian spy ring and inserted one of its agents into high-level national security positions. Yes, hard as it may be to believe, a U.S. official hired an Iranian agent of influence named Ariane Tabatabai for a job at the State Department. She’d been in regular contact with high-ranking Iranian officials, including members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, the organization that plots against America and its allies. Malley has been put on leave without pay, but Tabatabai is still in the U.S. government. She’s chief of staff to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations.”

You read that right, Folks!

The Iranian Regime has infiltrated the highest levels of our Government and has access to secret programs, intelligence, and classified information on every member of the US Military. Worse, they’ve launched a World War through their proxies in the Levant.

Here’s Kash Patel speaking with Steve Bannon about the infiltration of our government by the Iranian Regime.

Small world, eh? General Mike Flynn’s Twitter screed continues:

“Other Biden officials are frustrated that the White House isn’t more pro-Iran, more pro-Hamas. Even after Biden went to Jerusalem to pledge $100 million to rebuild Gaza, and thus rebuild Hamas, and warn longtime U.S. ally Israel to go easy on the terrorists that murdered 1400 people, that’s not enough for the radical faction he leads. They demand more.

“Yesterday, thousands of pro-Palestinian radicals stormed Capitol Hill to demand Congress impose a ceasefire and stop Israel from uprooting Hamas. Hundreds were led away in handcuffs. They’re charged with the same category of minor offenses that have put January 6 protestors in jail, but the pro-Palestinian mobs will walk away with a slap on the wrist, at best. They’re the elites’ foot soldiers, for their cause is that of the establishment — anything that undoes American peace and prosperity is good for America’s corrupt, inept, and pathological ruling class.

“It’s time we take back our ship and cast the mutineers overboard. Stand strong and say the truth, especially when our self-appointed betters try to muzzle us.”

Couldn’t have said it better, myself!

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of a Hamas leader who fled the Middle East and converted to Christianity 25 years ago. He shared his thoughts and his tactical advice for how to fight Hamas.

Brandon asked for another $106 million dollars for Ukraine, Palestine and Israel last night. He needs to know that more aid to Ukraine is unacceptable. More aid to Palestine is unacceptable. Funding another proxy war in Israel is unacceptable. The next speaker of the House must listen to the citizens of this country:


And that, my friends is all of the coverage of that I will be giving to this Manchurian administration’s march into war, that could conceivably result in the end of all life on Earth.

General Mike Flynn also had some choice words about Q on Thursday. He took to Twitter early yesterday morning to say:

“Here’s my take on Q…I believe it is a major psyop and from what I can tell, it or they or whatever or whoever is ‘running this op’ has done a major disservice. What I see are a bunch of people sitting and waiting for something to happen instead of doing what I have been calling for now for quite some time (LOCAL ACTION). The nonsense about trump is still the president and the military is coming to the rescue is just that…nonsense.”

One wonders why he endorsed Dr Jan Halper-Hayes on TRUTHSocial after Trump had done so?

In other news, after the Maui fires, eyewitnesses posted videos online of flash-carbonized bodies, like the cat that was found standing up, the perfectly-sculpted dog and the bodies of the people found on Front Street.

Hawaiian health advocate, Michelle Melendez was joined by a man who had just spent 2 weeks in Maui, who brought with him an artifact that he says he sifted out of the ashes where there was melted aluminum 20 feet away: a toad that was flash-carbonized in mid-leap, which he suspects was likely done by the Directed Energy Weapons that were deployed against innocent civilians going about their day on August 8th, 2023.

Since there is an active cover-up of the Lahaina crime scene, this specimen could be valuable for a forensic investigation of what actually happened to this toad, to see if there are any characteristics in the toad’s cell structures, etc that can be confirmed to be a result of microwave and/or other radiation, as it is highly unlikely that even a very hot fire would have resulted in the strange, petrified bodies that were seen in Lahaina after the fire. They’re calling on any qualified scientists to help them do a professional investigation and analysis of this fossilized amphibian.

German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who was going to put together this international tribunal to prosecute the elites for the fake pandemic was detained last Friday by German authorities in Mexico where he was traveling with his wife. He was escorted to Germany by six German agents, where he was then arrested. There is no extradition treaty between the two countries.

Fuellmich had lost his passport and had scheduled an appointment at the German consulate in Tijuana, Mexico. When he arrived, German authorities were waiting to detain him and to slap him with a 30-page lawsuit. The charges arise from the allegations of Viviane Fischer, a former team member of Fuellmich’s.

In a post on Global that has since been removed, Former Asia Institute President, Emanuel Pastreich reported that Fuellmich’s supporters are planning protests against the actions of the German government. He wrote:

“What I do want to stress is that we must unite to support not only him, but thousands of people like him who are standing up against the efforts to turn governments into the puppets of corporations, international banks, and the billionaire class, the parasite class, that lurks behind them. We know that if we do not stop this effort to destroy the rule of law, at every level, to create a separate realm that belongs only to the very wealthy and powerful, that we are guaranteed a global fascistic system which will, if it can, exterminate us in precisely the way that was attempted in Europe in the 1940s.”

And speaking of the parasite billionaire class, I’ve got some hair-raising findings. Have you ever heard of the disgusting joke called “The Aristocrats”? I’m beginning to believe that the Aristocrats comedy routine is not actually a joke. Many – not all – aristocrats are utter and complete scumbags, in my experience. They’re the “OG” original gangsters and the world is their oyster for endless crime.

I believe this, especially after reading this head-exploding PDF document, by an anonymous author, which I’ve formatted and edited slightly for grammar and clarity and to which I’ve added hyperlinks to aid you in your own research. Go check out ‘FALL OF BABYLON’ MINI SERIES – EPISODE 3, if you haven’t already.

I found this document in an interesting way. I was writing my article to go with this mini documentary, that’s one of 5 absolutely mind-blowing videos posted by Tore Maras over the past week and after spending several hours transcribing the text that quickly flashes onscreen in the mini doc, I decided to try pasting a paragraph into Google to look for a potential source document – and I found it! I found the PDF above, dated February 11th, 2021, which is full of artifacts that indicate the original was written in Spanish and that this English PDF version came from a digital scan. The author remains a mystery.

This is the same text that flashes onscreen during the segment of this mini doc that runs a clip from John Coleman’s classic 1996 speech in which he describes the “Zero Growth” plan from the Club of Rome that we are now seeing unfold before our eyes as the Great Reset.

Coleman, a former British Intelligence officer who later became a naturalized US Citizen explained that the UN, the WHO and the Bank for International Settlements are all executive arms of the Royal Institute of International Affairs – and ultimately, of the ‘Committee of 300’, which is controlled by ancient aristocratic families whose stratospheric wealth dwarfs that of the tech oligarchs of our age. Coleman wrote the must-read, eponymous book, ‘The Committee of 300’.

A lot of people have been talking about the Khazarian Mafia but what we read here is that they are merely the order-takers for the Black Nobility. The PDF document explains how the Vatican and all of the major religions and cults, the governments, the militaries and intelligence agencies, the corporations, the Khazarian Mafia and all of the major criminal gangs and drug cartels who have taken over the US Southern Border are controlled by the Black Nobility, with different families controlling specific territories – and the document names all the names.

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how after World War II, Gestapo chief, Klaus Barbie founded the cocaine trade from Bolivia. The US distribution of cocaine is largely operated by the Sinaloa Cartel. Now, when you say, “Sinaloa Cartel”, you rarely think of European aristocrats profiting from that massive drug and human trafficking operation – but that is precisely what this document says, quote:

“The House of Bourbon and Spanish nobility…own the majority of the Mexican and South American drug cartels. The Bourbons own the Gulf Cartel and the Latin Kings. The Osorio and Borja families own MS-13…The Ruspolis are partial owners of the Sinaloa Cartel…The FitzJames and Álvarez families own the Los Zetas Cartel.”

This photo shows Francesco Ruspoli, the current head of that Black Nobility crime family and, according to the document, he’s a partial owner of the Sinaloa Cartel. The orange woman to his right is Princess Françoise Sturdza, a Romanian member of the Black Nobility.

Here’s Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, the head of the House of Bourbon and, according to the document, the owner of the Gulf Cartel and Latin Kings.

Who’d a thunk?

We don’t have the time to delve deeper into this right now, because I want to play you another awesome clip from Ultra Maga Party!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Most of the show was really good as always. I object, though, to the part on the Black Nobility—not that some of it might be true, I really don’t know. But for sure some of it is false. For example, the Pope started out as the Bishop of Rome, one of the few that survived the aftermath of the fall of Rome. The Pope gained power by not leaving Rome when everyone else (including the landed aristocrats fled to the countryside). The ability to declare the Emperor came about with a compromise with Charlemagne. So, the history behind all that is inaccurate. The aristocratic families came relatively late in the game. The powerful Normans, for example, were Vikings that once raided and then settled down. I’ve seen these types of lists before and they are more of a camouflage than an honest history. The Rothschilds rose to power right before the French Revolution and the seediness of some of these people came from the Frankist cult of the 17th century. Basically, I have no idea who the “black nobility” are or when they came into existence…wild speculation.

  • Great show, thanks for the information Alexandra. The case of the Hamas leader’s son who converted to Christianity? This fellow reflects the intensity of hate in his Arab culture, which is not any different from the intensity of hate in the Zionists culture.

    Rational people, must seek some reasonable solutions to such hate of both sides. First, let us admit that political Islam was invented by the British in the 1920s, the Muslim Brotherhood. Then the CIA invented the militant Muslims in the early eighties in the form of Mujahideen to kick the USSR from Afghanistan. The radicalization of young Muslim men had also been utilized by the Mossad in the funding for Hamas.

    Hence, the net results is a gang of Islamic monsters penetrating many nations, and getting funds from many evil doers in the West to achieve nefarious agenda.

    So, looking from the top, the Hamas attack was ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. Just as the 1998 Bill Crystal Project for New American Century “calling for a big event like Pearl Harbor” to mobilize our people to go behind our government total war? Which materialized in 9/11.

    Ignorant observers, who are hate infested by the media/fake history and or religions cannot be trusted to make decisions regarding peace between the Arabs and the Zionist entity.

  • No ‘CBDC’s’?
    “ . . . . That is, instead of the 144TWh per year used by Bitcoin, CBDCs would consume some 7,056TWh – more than three times the UK’s total 2019 energy consumption of 2,185TWh… In an increasingly energy-constrained global economy, it should – but likely won’t – be clear that programmable CBDCs are a non-starter… a solution looking for a problem to solve indeed! “?

  • I would say that I’m sorry that this is your last show with AMP, but I’m actually relieved that you are going on your own. You are not the type to be compromised, in my estimation. Unfortunately for AMP, it is their great loss.

    I am sure that we will see more great reporting from you on your own site in the future.

    Thanks for being who you are.

  • “The New Testament did not exist until about 1600 and the Old Testament is even more recent than the new. It was the Vatican and European monarchs who created both the New and the Old Testaments. The last official version of the bible was published in 1777.”

    Absolutely false, not a word of this statement is worth two cents! It isn’t even a clever lie, it’s stupid!

    As concerning the rest of this PDF who in the world could disprove its astronomical claims that cover the waterfront. Such a one as that would have to live three lifetimes to get er done!

    It just so happens that I have invested a lifetime in the history of both testaments, and it appears whomever put this PDF together had access to the records, which are not secret and built their hypothetical conspiracy story for less than honorable purposes. I am not saying it’s all false, I am saying it’s not all truthful.

    We must walk carefully one step at a time and not allow others to panic us or despair us. Remember no institution is all bad or all good, they are all mixtures.

    Personally, I resent the efforts of anyone to corrupt the records and pervert the minds of otherwise innocent people!

  • Where are we getting all these millions and billions of dollars to send here to send there, do you not know that the United States is broke as a door nail? We have been broke for a long time. The Cooperation of the United States is no more. We do not have money in the millions or billions to send to anyone anywhere. The Fake Biden has been lying his ass off saying oh we are sending all this money to Ukraine, Israel, here and there. He has been lying since day one, there is no money to send to no one . China doesn have money in the millions and billions to just give away. They have to take care of there own people. China is a little bitty island they don’t have the money either to give away. I don’t care what the media says they are lying and so is sniffing joe. We are broke, broke, broke. We do not have the funds to send anywhere not even to the illegals, they are also lying about that to. We don’t have money to give to them either. Stop believing what you are being told in the news media, by Biden. By the way, he needs to be kept away from children. We know what he really is. United States is BROKE, BROKE. There is no money. We are being lied to. Stop believing everything you are being told all of this is nothing more than news propaganda. Information wars by the media. United States are the one starting these wars cause they need the money. Do your own research and stop believing in articles like these and the media. Do your own research and find your own answers. Don’t. believe the media or the fake Biden administration.

  • This is another Iraqi WMD moment. We are being gaslit
    18 October 2023

    “Israel’s apologists (and there are lots of them) are sharing all sorts of videos unrelated to the hospital strike. But the video of the strike itself shows that an incredibly large and powerful weapon is used. Listen to the noise the missile makes just before the hit – that whooshing noise is caused by its phenomenal velocity as it cuts through the air. That is not the noise of a falling Palestinian rocket.”
    “Most of the people spreading these lies know they are lies, including the media, and most especially the Middle East and defence correspondents. At least a few, like the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen and Jon Donnison, are trying cautiously to suggest it’s unlikely a Hamas rocket could cause damage on the scale seen at the Gaza hospital. But it’s not unlikely. It’s impossible, and they know it.”

    Jonathan Cook

  • The US gave Israel how much by total, how much to Palestine?
    And think Israel used the money for what? Attacking US warship? Spying all other countries in world?

    Don’t give fund to anyone – yeah! (?)
    Anybody *but US( and their friends) has been saying for many years “You do not have to fund anyone, just stay away!” and have you or your government ever listened?
    No but you made more mess, trained and gave money to terrorists.
    And you still have bias towards one over the other.

    Holy Jesus, what do you speak of!?

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