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    I have it on the authority of my own “Deep Throat” that what I’ve written below is true.

    Peter Dalglish, a Senior Adviser to the UN’s World Health Organization, celebrated for over 30 years as a champion of charitable causes for at-risk children, the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of his humanitarianism, including the Canadian equivalent of a knighthood was arrested two weeks ago in Kathmandu, Nepal by local police on allegations of child sexual abuse. Preliminary investigations suggest that Dalglish might have sexually abused many children and he’s been in custody ever since.

    Dalglish is the one responsible for leaking a copy of the infamous Hillary-and-Huma pedophilia snuff video to the dark web, codenamed Frazzledrip on Anthony Weiner’s computer. Yes, this video clip and others like it are real and Dalglish posted them all the way from Nepal. He had been threatening to do this, presumably to blackmail powerful people to help him avoid arrest.

    You may recall reports of this video being found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in a folder named “Life Insurance” and that the NYPD and FBI each have copies.

    So how did Dalglish get it? That is THE question. This video has been likened to a Rosetta Stone that connects senior American politicians like Clinton to an elite global pedophile ring.

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    • On Valentine’s day of 2020 I was ran off the road while I was driving to take my Valentine and her sister to their mom’s. I hit a fence. A 2×6 came through the front windshield, into my face, THROUGH my head (yes, my brain) out the back of my skull, and out the back windshield… I died. I remember dying. I remember looking at the grim reaper (not a skeleton in a robe) BTW. I went to HELL I heard BILLIONS of screaming people. Men, women, children, and babies… It was like when you dream and have no recollection of your life. But I couldn’t think of anything (no inner monologue or voice) just how much pain I was in. How horrible but was. Its much worse than anything anyone can imagine. There are no words to convey what I experienced… But I was saved. By my grandpa who said “c’mon ROOSTER we gotta get outta here!” He picked me up and we were suddenly surrounded by this light that was so insanely bright but made me feel at peace. I can only describe it as TRUE LIGHT and everything you see in this universe ( fire, lightning, sunlight, etc) is FAKE LIGHT. I met archangel Michael pronounced
      Then my grandpa said “tell grandma I don’t like pink flowers” then I suddenly woke up in the ICU. Broken neck at C6 vertebrae, 3 seperate brain bleeds, multiple skull fractures, sinus cavity crushed, right eye socket shattered, all removed and rebuilt and titanium plates screwed in, traumatic brain damage… They said I should be dead. That I died 3 seperate times (once on scene if the accident, once en route to the ICU in the helicopter, and again under the knife in emergency surgery) with no pulse, lung pressure, or brain function. For about 2 minutes each time… They said I would die, or be paralyzed, or lose and eye, or never speak/think normally. But I’m alive. I walk, talk, and see normally. They can’t explain it. But when I first told about what happened I was in the recovery room with my dad, mom, brother, and grandma. My grandma started crying hysterically and stomping and spinning around screaming OH MY LORD IT’S A MIRACLE!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS DAY!!! Everyone kinda looked confused because we are not avid church goers or devout
      Christians. My dad said “what are you doing mom?” She said “your father held him when he was born and said he cried strong like a rooster crows so he wanted to call him ROOSTER. I said that’s a silly name and none of you or anyone else ever heard that story and he never called him ROOSTER again. And I’ve been putting pink & blue flowers on his grave all these years by myself… My dad’s mother would NEVER lie about (my grandpa who saved me and who died about 20 years ago)…

    • That was some of the most ridiculous shit I’ve seen anywhere on the web. That video is unintentionally funny and surreal. How anyone can believe in this is bewildering. But since the alleged video can’t be accessed, those who do believe it this Crap can simply say it was purged from the web but its real. I once went all the way down the Pizzagate rabbit hole to try to discover its origins. It led me to a gun it would be soldier website. Pics and films of militia style maneuvers by amateurs. But every Pizzagate reference led to the “evidence.” On this site. I found the link amongst the messes on their home page. And gu3s whet? A bunch of innuendo about Clinton, John Podesta. Evidence was something written on a napkin, a couple of sculptures in Podestas home, and other nonsense. Nothing incriminating. No smoking gun. I looked at every single piece of “evidence.” There simply was no there there. This was supposedly the foundational basis for Pizzagate . Zilch.

      • Then you didn t research hard enough or good enough. You must get over your cognitive dissonance. There are millions of children suffering while you want to put your head in the sand. I get it this is heavy stuff but I suggest you start looking at the Franklin coverup first. There are tons of declassified documents and information. Satanism is very real and yes it is at the highest levels.

        • Well said mate we’ll said. Just what is going on is real it’s horrific it’s SATANISM. I was never religious EVER but from the research I’ve done there is only one god and one Jesus Christ I pray now I ACTUALLY PRAY. Those poor children. How could they how could they. I’d give up my life for any child I’d protect any child with my life. I always knew life on earth had badness but this, to know just what is actually going on you’ll NEVER SLEEP AGAIN

      • Sleep well Carmine. When you wake up, give us a shout. Justremember: when conscience sleeps, it brings forth monsters. You need to let go of fear and stare the truth in the face. Evil is very much real and at work, Evidence is being suppressed and removed systematically by gogule and it’s other partners in crime, yet you expect to find it searching with it!? Not very clever, you.

      • Wake up to who your true enemy is. Satan is not your friend. He desires all man die in the most torturous ways possible. Jesus is the only way to avoid an eternal life of damnation burning for all eternity. It’s really a sad day you wanna post about politics and team soros?? We are beyond politics at this point. I highly suggest you think about who you support why you support them and where you get your ideas and opinions from. Hopefully. I’m not suggesting to much for you to comprehend or fire at least1 brain cell; afterall, if you fired 2 your head might explode. Thinking is very important

    • Hello, I’m a nice, kind Jewish Liberal. I was curios about your opinions. I would like to understand why you hate me, even though you never met me. I don’t hate you. I am a bit afraid of you though. I lost many of my relatives to Nazi hate in the Holocaust, including my grandparents, great aunts and uncles. I think we all benefit from honest storytelling.

      • Patriots don’t hate you. You need to look into the people that are being called Jews. It’s not about you or the people killed in the Holocaust. I think there is some good information on The Edge of Wonder videos. I wish I could explain it but I’m fairly new to studying this evil. Maybe someone who might see this can give you more information. Please understand, you are most loved.

        • i replied to her before i saw the video, said something like dont know why he thinks he hates you. Well, i’ve watched only a few minutes, and now i see. WOW this guy really has no idea what scripture is about, otherwise he wouldn’t be blaspheming YHVH with images of the tabernacle etc. I pray to God he has an open mind and will see the error of his ways. The Aaronic priesthood was never about child sacrifice, read a few passages and you’ll see

          Gonna watch the rest now. TTFN

      • Not sure why you think he hates you, although i often wonder what the fuck is going on in people’s heads, talking about jews running hollywood and the banks, like they really understand scripture??? I’m pretty sure Nehemiah Gordon could school all these freaks. Yeshua is our cohen gadol, our great high priest, circular reasoning to hate jews, if the Bible is fake why care at all?? God be forever praised #HisnameisYehoVAH

        Have a blessed evening

      • Believe in doinfg good and NOT evil don’t hate you…. there is a divide in this country, actually all across the world. There are people of all religions and seculars also who believe that they are distant lineal bloodlines of Lucifer and follow this path. Others do so simply because they want to. They are satanists and do some of the most sickening and awful things. Things that can only be described an pure evil. Yes there are some Jewish, some Christians, many faiths, occupations, colors, classes of economy…. This is not of battle of politics, races, religions… this is a massive battle of good vs evil… The Lord in Heaven vs the devil. Humans have been caught up in the middle of it for centuries. God gave reign over the Earth to Satan, but also gave mankind freedom of choice. The devil can toy and tempt but cannot take the soul of humans without the human’s choice. Many have so chosen! If you are a kind caring human, you still have your soul. If you have chosen to give it to Lucifer and worship him, HE has your soul. Very complicated but also VERY simple. Which side do you stand on?

      • The Holocaust. Yes there were Jews there were many different religions, ethnicities and more. Hitler was a Rothschild – Rothschild & Rockerfeller are Khazars – they have been pillaging this planet for eons. Khazars are NOT really Jewish. They declared Judaism to take over much of what the world it it’s power hungry were willing to give up and join their avaricious group. They are the sick minded, they made $$$$$ from both sides of every war on the planet. Hitler was their tool to test their Socialisation of the planet. Pulling the Holocaust, and yes it was despicable, but if you recognise the Khazars as Jews you have a big problem. It is NOT us you should be afraid of but; those who profess to be “kin” who are against you. Obviously the Jews who entered the camps were too nice or too poor for the Khazars. BTW Jesuits are infiltrators of the Christian religion. They too are Khazars

        • Well said. I would only add that ‘Freemasons’ are also Jesuit: ‘Free and Accepted Masons’ = ‘Freemasons’. On top of this, the Jesuits/Freemasons constitute the ‘beast from the earth’ also known as the ‘false prophet’, symbolized by the two ‘lamb-like horns’ (appear to be Christian) and draconian speech (authoritarian deceit).

          • Be cautious with duckduckgo now. They were bought by Yandex and I have discovered they have been working with the Australian Federal Court to censor search results. If they’re willing to censor results for the Australian Federal Court, who else might they be willing to censor things for?

    • If anyone has access to this video it needs to be made public. This evil must be stopped at any cost. I will lay my life down to expose this if I must. I have been aware of these satanic monsters since the 90s with the Franklin Cover Up case. This evil must be stopped at any cost.

      • it is available on the dark web. Made public? Bad idea. have you looked at some people’s responses? They can’t even comprehend pedo code for communication. If they can’t handle emails how would they handle this? Very disturbing. So disturbing it made seasoned detectives vomit. But in any case I too have know about this since I was very young. My brother was sexually abused by his boy scouts leader in 1982-1983 and our attorney told my mother then that this was a huge pedophile ring and the rabbit hole was deep and he could not blow the lid off because he was one man and did not have the money or power to take it on. Sadly my family knows about this to well. What makes me angry is children are suffering and dying and you still,have these people that choose to put their head in the sand and won’t get over their cognitive dissonance. Hopefully for the children everyone wakes up quick!

    • Oh it exist alright I remember watching it around 2 years ago, it sickened me to my core I could not sleep for a long time, its made me ill my mental health is still suffering now. I can say without a doubt 💯 % that is Hillary clinton in the clip with Abadeen . They take a face off a young girl while she is still alive and then take turns wearing it. I just hope the girl gets justice for this sick devilish crime. They need to hang for this .

        • I hope all you people asking for video evidence are law enforcement, who needs to see that shit? why would you?

      • You are in deed correct& maybe others will see you’re confirmation & believe. Yes, the things these sick,sick, evil people do & have done is so sick it’s unbelievable so many will not believe or turn their heads to this but,, these things are true. 9 out of 12 police officers that saw the laptop are now deceased … weird circumstances behind their deaths.

      • Sure are a lot of lying scum nazis in here pretending they’ve seen this nonexistent video.

        • Lying scum Nazis….you literally just described the demonrat party. Why do you retards still try that pre-k tactic? Is it pure stupidity, or do you hate yourselves so much you think it works? Own your shit beta-boy. Even your name’s a self-reflection… pedophile supporting lying scum Nazis to the rotted core…hell awaits. Ready to pay for trying to steal our election too? Post your snot-faced tantrum vids from mommy’s basement while reality bangs your head filled ass harder than mommy’s boyfriends ever could.

    • Whatever information is actually in this video is lost with that horrible background noise that’s supposed to be music. I only made it part way through before that noise gave me a migraine. Remove the unnecessary noise track so people can get the information.

        • It was removed by YouTube and search results.

          I’ve replaced it from a version on Bitchute but haven’t yet figured out how to make their code display properly.

          • Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the picture in the above is not real. See the comment below about Abnegation.
            I have spent a good amount of effort searching for anything to substantiate the “Frazzledrip” rumors since 2016 with no result.
            I smelled a disinformation op back then and I still do today.
            Note, I’m not saying such things don’t happen. But, that the evidence for this particular claim is never produced by those who hype it yell about it endlessly.

            • I saw the video before it was purged off of the internet! It was sickening and the cries of the child were met with laughter from the two witches (Clinton & Huma)! It was horrific! What’s more horrific than the act itself is that it is being covered up!

            • That picture is real, a lady was attacked by her estranged husband’s pit bull, apparently. Album cover of a metal band, Abnegation “Verses of Bleeding”. It’s not the horrific Hillary video, but still quite horrific. 🙁

          • How can we save frazzledrip to a hard drive for posting?

            I’m an old guy, so I need details, step by step.

            • First, you need to find it online, which means you need to find it on the Dark Web.

              In any case, it is VERY illegal to view or possess this kind of material. Doing so would be life-destroying, resulting in jail time and permanent Sex Offender status.

              I never saw it as I was not willing to take that risk.

        • Wake up to who your true enemy is. Satan is not your friend. He desires all man die in the most torturous ways possible. Jesus is the only way to avoid an eternal life of damnation burning for all eternity. It’s really a sad day you wanna post about politics and team soros?? We are beyond politics at this point. I highly suggest you think about who you support why you support them and where you get your ideas and opinions from. Hopefully. I’m not suggesting to much for you to comprehend or fire at least1 brain cell; afterall, if you fired 2 your head might explode. Thinking is very important

        • It’s on the dark web. Buy a cheap laptop (NOT A GOOGLE LAPTOP). Repeat: (NOT A GOOGLE LAPTOP). You can buy one for $200. VPN, TOR, Onion. Buy a USB drive and download everything to it (Not your file explorer or anywhere else on your laptop). Download or watch what you want and get out. If you get infected, it costs you $200. Big deal. Do quick in & outs. You’ll find out who the real scumbags are. And you’ll be shocked. Hillary Clinton is a worthless POS and she has been dealt with.

          • Could you send me the Video ?? I am too afraid to go on the Dark Web, But would like to see this, and decide for myself..Thanks..

    • Catholics are not Christians!
      Catholics are a works Salvation cult!
      Christians trust Christ’s Sacrifice for our sins and accept Him as Savior by Faith, not our own works, huge difference, Christians go to Heaven most Catholics will go to He’ll unless they accept Jesus as Savior, not their christening, communion, confession, good deeds,etc.

      • Not all genuinely righteous people of this world are Christians. Many genuinely righteous people don’t identify with any religion. Religion is a control construct. Before usurped eons ago, humans inherently lived in harmony with eternal,Universal moral law, DO NO HARM, which immutably and objectively defines all righteousness, the core lesson taught by spiritual teachers, including Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, etc. War, carnism and circumcision, are all immoral, unnatural, satanic blood sacrifice rituals to which many of all religions have capitulated, by choice, for eons. Law of Cause and Effect governs us regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. We reap what we sow as free will divine co-creators. Freedom is only manifested through our choices of behavior that cause no harm to other divine sentient beings. (Theft of another’s life, freedom, property, well-being, security and trust.) DO NO HARM is profoundly simple. We don’t need religion or the 10 commandments or someone claiming to have a special direct pipeline to our divine Creator, to align ourselves with Nature and Natural moral law. Empathy = Freedom. Moral relativism (satanism) = slavery, aka, prison planet. Our choice. Take a look around. How’s religion and Christianity working out so far?

        • Why is this a place for an anti-Christian rant, which is all it is? Accusing Christianity of causing the world’s ills, is like blaming the dentist for a toothache. Claiming, effectively, that the emphasis on correct moral teaching there, is countermanding human “empathy” is just an intellectually barren premise. Not doing harm, is by no means always simple. Traditions that proceed from shared experiences as well as supernatural kinds of revelations, are an implicit part, of the riches of mankind’s history, that should be paid attention to. Everyone “going it on his, or her own,” has seldom been a great recipe, for meeting the demands of public life, or understanding and living up to the great truths of our existence. “Doing your own thing,” should be precisely that-so why push it on others?

        • Many religions have food core values but I myself and Christian. Religion was made to divide us. And ill admit many Christians look bad but Jesus is real. So is holy spirit.

        • Religion is poison, man’s way to God. Jesus never taught religion, He taught salvation thru one way…Himself. Yes, many human teachers along the way ascribe to the Biblical truths of “do unto others” or “do no harm”…but that’s not talking about salvation. Good works get you no where, they are as filthy rags according to the Bible. So say what you will, believe what you will but without the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross will get you nothing but eternity away from God, i.e. hell.

        • Nonsense. Sin = missing the mark. To claim anyone is “genuinely righteous” is to be ignorant of this fact: All have sinned (missed the mark) and fallen short. There is none righteous. No, not one.

          We know 100% that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah, the Annointed One, the Holy One because we have a more sure word of prophecy. Daniel 9:24-27 tells us the Messiah would appear after a set time period of 69 weeks of years, begin his 7 year ministry and be cut off half way through, but not for himself. It gives us a starting point of that time period: the decree for Israel to return to autonomy i.e. Artaxerxes decree in B.C. 457. Translated into English as “Seventy weeks” the word shabuan denotes weeks of years “{shaw-boo’-ah}; also (feminine) shbu.ah {sheb-oo-aw’}; properly, passive participle of shaba’ as a denominative of sheba’; literal, sevened, i.e. A week (specifically, of years).”

          This amounts to 490 years with the Messiah appearing after 483 years and beginning his ministry. Counting from B.C. 457, 483 years brings us to A.D. 27 and a man from Galilee named Yeshua (through Greek into English as Iesus > Jesus). After 3 1/2 years he was put to death (cut off) but not for himself, but rather as a perfect sacrifice for others. His message continued to be preached to Israel for another 3 1/2 years by his disciples until Stephen was martyred. At that time, the 70th week was ended and the Gospel began to be spread to all other nations.

          Since Daniel was written no later than B.C. 167 (complete copies found in among the dead sea scrolls), it is clearly prophetic. Since the prophecy was fulfilled exactly, this proves the identity of the Messiah. It’s Yeshua/Jesus, not Buddha or Muhammed or any other spiritual teacher. He’s the only one who arrived right on time and fulfilled prophecy to the letter.

          BTW, Muhammed = “I saw a star (prince) fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

          And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.”

          “And it was commanded that they should not hurt the grass, &c. — This verse demonstrates that they were not natural, but symbolical locusts. The like injunctions were given to the Arabian officers and soldiers.

          When Yezid was marching with the army to invade Syria, Abubeker charged him with this among other orders: “Destroy no palm- trees, nor burn any fields of corn; cut down no fruit-trees, nor do any mischief to cattle, only such as you kill to eat.”

          Their commission is to hurt only those men who had not the seal of God in their foreheads — That is, those who were not the true servants of God, but were corrupt and idolatrous Christians.

          Now from history it appears evidently, that in those countries of Asia, Africa, and Europe, where the Saracens extended their conquests, the Christians were generally guilty of idolatry in the worshipping of saints, if not of images; and it was the pretence of Mohammed and his followers to chastise them for it…” – Joseph Benson

      • Catholics believe that Jesus died for our sins. We belong to the church created by Jesus Christ himself. Stop spreading disinformation and learn what we really believe.

        • @Michelle B
          Sorry kiddo but you are severely detached from reality ! Catholicism is the great Harlot the Bible talks about, she is the great whore and God tells us to step out of her ! Take a close look at Catholicism and it’s synagogues of Satan , they are FILLED with satanic/luceferian symbolism, not to mention the sickness within the walls of the so called church . They have falsely aligned themselves with Christianity and Satan had bastardized all faiths as we know them . I suggest you better educate yourself before posting such drivel, you sound extremely ignorant. Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds

        • I have never understood why good people still support the catholic religion! They must not know the founding of the catholic religion, they must not believe all the millions of $$ paid out by the catholic church for the PE-DO PRIESTS! Really? And rather than having them arrested and prosecuted, the catholic church leaders simply moved them around to different parishes. Sinful! A “good” person can support the evil that’s been going on in the catholic leadership for centuries? They built the catholic religion on their assertion that Peter is was the “rock” Jesus said He would build His church on. WRONG. Jesus would never build His church on a mere man, esp. a man who would deny Him. Jesus indicated He would build His church on THE WORDS PETER SPOKE when Jesus asked him “Who do they say I am.” Peter replied, “You are Christ, the Son of the living God.” Those words are the rock that Jesus said He would build His church on. Millions of catholics give millions of $$ to an evil, vile entity. The vatican is going down in flames, it probably already is emptied out. Anyone seen the pope recently?

        • “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

          Papal Rome is the Antichrist (in place of Christ) claiming that they can forgive sins which is the domain of God and Christ only. They wanted to stone Jesus for blasphemy when he forgave sins, “Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? who can forgive sins but God only?”. The general laity like yourself may believe true Christian principles, your papal hierarchy on the other hand believes and practices satanic Babylonian, Persian and Greek paganism disguised as Christian doctrine.

      • Yes! By faith alone! That’s why the Catholics leave him hanging on the cross in their churches. It’s to deny Christ’s asention into the Kingdom. Christians know that our Lord Jesus Christ is alive and has risen and sits on the right hand of our Father God Almighty and the Holy Spirit. Jesus our Redeemer. Perfect in every way.

    • The ripped up face that allegedly shows the young girl got killed is false! This the picture of bulldog or Pitbull attack on young woman by her ex-, friend as far as I know..and it is also on the cover of the metal band Abnegation-verses of the bleeding… check it’s the exact same picture! This picture above can’t also be real.. because it says that these evil bitches cut the skin off her face.. something like that looks different

      • Thanks Francis. I mean I think hillary is evil and most probably a full-blown witch and could be an accomplish in all kinds of evil, but when people make up stories and they are debunked, that does more harm. The evil ones will be revealed, I believe that, and I also think it will be soon. We cannot live under the false rule of a president of the defunct United States Corporation. I do not believe for a moment that is God’s plan for America and the world. Not at this time anyway.

          • Nah mate, satan has already lost. He empowered the papacy to persecute the saints and control the world. They were allowed 1260 years to do this. Now, that power has been diminished and their final doom is near. I suggest you read/re-read Daniel and Revelation. We’re getting very close to Revelation chapter 18 currently.

    • The music was so distracting, aside from that has anyone actually seen the video. So many people talk about “seeing” the video and how horrifying it is but I guess they are all on the deep web and only come here to tell us about the outliers of it. And “Barbara Bush” I mean actually Barbara Bush, doesn’t text anyone, she doesn’t pick up the phone to call, she “twitters” for the world to see. She outs her and husbands compatriots on “twitter”. Does any of this make any sense too you? Please let me know where this video is other than a secret place that only a few can see it. If this were the case you have hard ass evidence to at least call someone in and ask, is that you? We do have a justice department. I guess we will just keep waiting for something to happen other than low level offenders going to jail. And ps: Alex Jones, for the better part of a year claimed he knew who Q was, he was buds with Q and when Q called him out ol Alex and Jerome Corsey turned on Q in an instant. They buddied up and did a team anti Q video. ugh

      • ps: Alex Jones, for the better part of a year claimed he knew who Q was, he was buds with Q and when Q called him out ol Alex and Jerome Corsey turned on Q in an instant. They buddied up and did a team anti Q video.

        I just watched a video of Alex calling Q fake and I remember seeing something about Q pointing out Alex but I cant remember where I found it and what was said. Is there a way you can share them

      • Catholicism and Christianity are the same thing. “Christ” ianity is the belief that Christ is the Messiah. Catholics definitely believe Christ is the Messiah. Catholicism is just a branch, if you will, of Christianity like Methodist or Baptist. I think what you mean to say is that Catholicism is different than Prodastant.

        • Completely incorrect. Bible says worship no man on earth. As soon as you’ve got a pope forgiving people for sins you’re FAR away from christianity. Catholicism is not a branch . It’s complete intentional misdirection

        • nope totally different. i am a christian have many christian friends and family and none of us follow anything catholic.

        • No! Quit spreading EVIL LIES! Catholicism is NOT Christianity! In Christianity, Jesus is our Savior. Catholics believe in “Teaching Authority” and the sodomites called “popes”. Catholicism is an evil control system. Christianity (Truth) sets men free. Catholic people may be sincere in searching, but they are misled and gullible — and catholics support demoncrats like joe biden, etc, who practicie infanticide millions of times over. You are doing Satan’s work for him if you claim that Catholicism is a “branch” of Christianity! Catholicism is evil!

        • @Michelle B
          Sorry kiddo but you are severely detached from reality ! Catholicism is the great Harlot the Bible talks about, she is the great whore and God tells us to step out of her ! Take a close look at Catholicism and it’s synagogues of Satan , they are FILLED with satanic/luceferian symbolism, not to mention the sickness within the walls of the so called church . They have falsely aligned themselves with Christianity and Satan had bastardized all faiths as we know them . I suggest you better educate yourself before posting such drivel, you sound extremely ignorant. Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds

      • Right, Geo. They are not even in the same universe of spirituality. Catholicism is the greatest con on mankind ever perpetuated, other than the 2020 election fraud!

    • Has anyone noticed that in the christian religion, you get down on your knees, drink a shot of wine, eat a cracker, and are told that they represent the body of Christ? Has this come from Rome? Why does this sound so similar to what these pedos do, except the sexual part, although, with some priests, that happens as well. There is some indoctrination going on for thousands of years, and no one sees it! Yeah, I know I’ve lost mind. I never used it anyway.

      • That’s not “the christian religion.” Its Catholicism. Entirely different from Christ and how his followers became known as CHRIST-ians. Catholicism is the best example of a wolf in sheeps clothing. It is at it’s TRUE core a doctrine of wolves covering itself with The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

          • Protestants hold that the communion bread is symbolic — illustrating how Christ became the Passover lamb, taking away the sins of the world like the literal Passover lamb (also symbolically) took away the sins of the Israelites. When we eat it, we are to remember him. (“Do this in remembrance of me.”) We do not have to believe that it literally IS him.

            in Catholic doctrine it is claimed it literally *is* his flesh, miraculously “transubstantiated” by the priest .

      • Catholic priests have assumed the role of Christ – by making people kneel before them. Its evil and completely unbiblical. I understand its sometimes complex wading thru Christianity and the misaligned churches who alter the message of the bible to suit their own evil desires – the REAL and correct idea behind communion is for believes who have been saved and is only to remind ourselves of Christs sacrifice for our souls. It does noy by any means make anyone “righteous” or “holy” or “better” – Only CHRIST can make us acceptable to God the Father – not a single or combination of “things” can even compare to what He has done – anyone who tells you otherwise is literally a heretic. Salvation is 100% by faith – the works follow as a result of the saving faith – not the other way round.

      • Christianity is not a religion, at least it did not start out that way. To follow Jesus is a spiritual journey and has nothing to do with religion, which is mans’ way to get to God. Jesus Christ did not come to earth to start a religion, He came to make a way for man to have communion with and salvation through God the Father. This was done through Jesus, the Son’s death and resurrection. NO RELIGION needed. No need for “membership” into a religion or a certain gathering of people. I stopped going to a building filled with religious people taught by a religious person (pastors) about 5 years ago. I grew weary of these 501c3 organizations that kiss the boots of a corrupt gov’t so they can maintain their tax-free exemptions, the sin, hypocrisy, man-made rules, secrecy and money grubbing in these gatherings they like to call “church”. They are not the church, we the people are the church, not the stupid, elaborate edifices they (pastors) build for their own egos. I have a closer walk with the Lord Jesus than ever before.

      • Catholicism = Babylon the Great and the Whore of Babylon. The papacy is antichrist. This is why you don’t like them. You’ve just be led to believe they represent Christ. They don’t. Never did.

    • It’s findable online by searching…but be warned, not only from the perspective that police have warned that you could be arrested for downloading and viewing it, but also, people who have seen the video have had personalities altered. It is evil incarnate. So says the NYPD officers who watched it.

      My beef is, if it’s that bad, why are these two women still not in jail cells, and perhaps, solitary max facilities…

      2 justice systems. And until THAT fact changes, nothing else substantial, in America will get any better.

      • JT, you’re spot on. I’ve heard the stories of grown men breaking down and crying after watching some of this vile stuff. I’d stay away from it and not just for the reason of the potential of being arrested. For some, it will damage them beyond repair other than by a miracle of God. With so much evil on a video, I am certain there are evil, very evil, spirits attached to it.

    • FBI was instrumental in coverup of 911, and EVERY fake “Islamic fundamentalist” attack since then, that they set up THEMSELVES as entrapment. So they could then claim to have “saved America from a Muslim terror attack.” That is FACT.
      Alot of these FBI guys are ALSO into the pedocrimes- this is not a CLinton issue, but a POWER issue and global. Everyone in high power is vetted for compliance and locked into the cartel by blackmail using horrible acts.
      Dealbreaker? With this kind of evidence? Why is Hillary not indicted? 2 yrs is long enough to investigate this.

      • It has been suppressed. It was Wikileaks who said he has info that would send people in Dem Party to prison. They had to shut him up. That was another reason they came up with fake dossier on Trump. Hillary, of course paid millions for that. If they had not protected Hillary and the truth had come out, the Dem. Party would have been destroyed. Remember Clinton said if that F…..B…….d Trump were to get elected ,they would all hang. She added if she were to go down Congress would go down with her. Now use your imaginations and figure it out. That is a major reason they are out to frame our duly elected president.

        • Absolutely, Renie. We are in the worst battle of good vs evil that has every been put upon mankind, imo. Who could look at the last 5 years of all out hell against President Trump. It was unworldly, not human. The hate that was manifested against the best POTUS we’ve ever had in America, was not normal, it was right out of the gates of hell.

    • Couldn’t you find a more ethically sound source than this David Zublick? His drama-mongering is the least problem I have with him, never mind if all the factual information he provides is good.

      But the amount of time he spends peddling their “information bundles” at up to $125 which will enable people to go to the “Dark Web” (I suppose they simply mean TOR…) to look for this gruesome video, it gives me the foulest taste in my mouth about this guy’s sense of decorum and general integrity!

      • I searched for a video that was saying everything in the report and couldn’t find anyone else.

        I agree that he is hideous.

      • I have no idea. I posted this URL to my 2 FB accounts and they are not frozen, so I don’t think it has to do with this post.

        If FB froze my account, I’d be glad.

    • uggh… this guy.
      I’ve had to speed up the vid in order to tolerate his sensational drama-mongering. I suppose it’s helpful to those who have been sleeping through a century of actual reporting on these pedo crimes…

      I believe 100% the pedo crimes are real and more horrific than most people realize. I also believe they are much broader and more common than people allow themselves to believe.

      I think more and more people are realizing the majority of elected officials and others running this country are corrupt but understanding the mechanism of corruption, of which these pedo crimes are a central fulcrum, are part of the place people pretend they don’t “need to go”. They do and if you can’t manage LEARNING about the horrific crimes that they are actually LIVING through day in/day out, at least enough to help others understand so that something can be done, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

      Government, people in powerful positions have been corrupted in many ways since the beginning of time. In modern day, pedo crimes are the new homosexual deviancy, as a primary point of leverage that underpins control and authority. Countless means of surveillance and technical interference ensures this capability and our surveillance society (that has also been prevalent for decades, it isn’t something new) makes just about everyone vulnerable. You don’t even really have to be guilty of anything. But there is enough real crime and corruption going on in DC that accusations are enough to make just about anything believable.

      Most people are unaware of the child p-rn found on 5000+ Pentagon computers and the 400+ NASA computers a few yrs ago. One of the following is true: there is an unconscionable number of people participating in these crimes, or there is an unconscionable number of people being blackmailed or manipulated by these crimes.

      I have no doubt there is evidence on the dark web, given what we know of who controls it. But that info is there for a reason. We’re still caught in the middle of the DS’s civil war. The framing of presentations like this one, focused entirely and solely on the Clinton cabal, while likely involved, is a red flag. But the only way to understand/acknowledge that context is to know how big and deep these crimes go, throughout the Republican/conservative leadership over the past 4-5 decades and beyond and overseas.

      The early #pedogate research, dubbed #pizzagate by infiltrators who did a successful job at sabotage it (think 9/11 research) went deep into historical precedence for this pedo crime culture. It’s ugly, it’s more horrific than you think, and it’s necessary to understand in order to believe.

      I often share this sequence with those who resist awareness of just about any controversial subject:
      > In order to understand the truth about ‘x’ you must understand it in context of what is going on in our wold today–globally and the the issues that directly affect you and your family, you have to understand where to go for information.
      > For far too many people, that’s still MSM. So in order to understand how and why MSM could be propaganda, you must understand it’s structure and ownership (96% owned by 4 entities).
      > To understand the depths of this monopoly as a problem, you must understand the relationships of these entities and what else they control and the history of this evolution in context with other history.
      > And when you can gear them to understand this context, is when reality starts breaking down and they start realizing that the elected officials and high level talking heads in DC are not in charge. And they realize how easily these puppets are controlled, it’s why legislation barely makes sense, it’s why nothing effective is ever done in DC, it’s why there is ALWAYS so much scandal… and they start realizing the humanity under it all and what these controlling mechanisms could possibly be. And that’s where the pedo crimes fit into the picture as really a small piece of this gigantic f’ing machine of destruction.

      And then that’s when they stop talking to me.

      • Meant to add that the DS civil war, which has fractured intel and military and other entities is also evident in MSM over the past few years. Trump campaign was a catalyst in all this.

        I believe this civil war peaked over 9/11 and why so much of the intricacies and mechanisms of 9/11 execution and the official narratives of them are so bizarre, sloppy, unsophisticated, if not entirely physically impossible. And why we’ve had so much “inside info” provided to researchers, most of it is good. And why so much of the research community was sabotaged. Covert factions interfering w/ each other.

        I love Dr J.P. Farrell’s explanation of Level 3 regarding 9/11…

        • “And then that’s when they stop talking to me.”

          Then,that’s where I would start talking to YOU…

          we should

      • 👏👏👏 I couldn’t have said it better myself. You really do have to know or have to have been studying and researching for answers to the nagging questions about how the world is run, for a long time to even consider the current atrocities and horros that do occur in our society, as instances that could even be possible to exist. Anyone barely coming out from questioning 9/11… Has a long way to go, but it’s better than being caught off-guard when the info could’ve been useful.

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