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Leading 9/11 researcher, Christopher Bollyn joins Sean of the SGTReport to have an updated discussion of 9/11, with new, mind-blowing details that I’ve never heard before.

9/11 lies protected the guilty and took the US into the longest and most expensive war in US history, which continues almost 17 years on. As the US slouches toward conflict with Iran, this further confirms the truth of what former NATO chief, General Wesley Clark said about the US’ decades-old plans to invade 7 countries in 5 years, culminating with Iran was true.

Bollyn says, “I approach [9/11] as a crime that was not investigated and has not been solved. I’ve given my best effort to solve it but we have to understand that 9/11 was never investigated as a crime…

“…it was a completely fraudulent investigation…the World Trade Center towers were a crime scene of mass murder, first and foremost. The evidence from that crime scene should have been preserved and analyzed, like any other crime scene. It was not. It was destroyed and the destruction went on 24/7, beginning from day one. This is criminal, in and of itself. This is a crime, which means that people like John Ashcroft and Michael Chertoff and George Bush should be held accountable for destruction of evidence…

“The media is part of the whole criminal network that’s running our country and the Western European societies…

“They tried to blame the military and they tried to blame the CIA and the FBI for failing to understand the whole problem. This is another setup. By putting the blame on them, by showing them to be rather inept or incompetent, in preventing what happened, it brought about the complete restructuring of the American intelligence community. The US military and intelligence community were reformatted after 9/11…

“9/11 was actually done in order to kickstart the war on terror. The war on terror is an older construct. The war on terror was rolled out onto the propaganda stage in 1979, in Israel at the Netanyahu Institute with Menachem Begin and and Bibi Netanyahu leading the show and and what they basically were calling for. Netanyahu wrote several books about the subject afterwards in the ‘80s. They were calling for the United States to lead the Western democracies militarily into the Middle East to basically vanquish the terrorist threat to Israel and to destroy those nations that harbored these terrorist groups and this is where the whole ‘7 countries in 5 years’ memo comes from; the idea that the United States after 9/11 should go in and take out Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, etc.. etc., ending with Iran…

“Iran is the last country in the game. This is the agenda. This is what this is what 9/11 was done to create… This is the game plan. This is what’s been going on for 16 years. This is what the American taxpayers’ money’s been spent on and borrowed…$600 billion dollars a year for this. Donald Trump was right when he said the other day we’ve spent $7 trillion dollars with a ‘T’, $7 trillion in seventeen years and what did we get? Nothing. We got worse than nothing. We lost a lot of American people, a lot of young young lives and we’ve killed over a million people. So, it’s been carnage for nothing…

“Who benefits from the the huge expense of the war? Well, the banksters; Rothschilds and the people who financed the American government, who buy America’s debt. What does that mean for us? It means we’re…enslaved to the lie of 9/11 and we become physically and spiritually enslaved to those people who lie to us…

“9/11 wasn’t just about getting us into illegal wars of aggression, it wasn’t just about the Greater Israel project, it wasn’t just about unconstitutional ‘wars without end’, which the Neocons called for…but it was also about covering up major financial crimes, including $240 billion in Treasury fraud.”

In September 1991, shortly after the end of the Cold War, a group of elite bankers and intelligence insiders led by George HW Bush financed a $240 billion covert operations war chest through the purchase of 10-year securities that, as it happened were scheduled to come due on September 12, 2001.

“Project Hammer was undoubtedly used for a wide variety of illicit intelligence operations but mainly it was used to finance a covert economic operation against the collapsing Soviet Union, whereby unknown Western investors bought up much of the Soviet industry with a focus on oil and gas, crashing the Russian economy, looting its central bank, orchestrating what became known as the ‘great ruble scam’ and a wide variety of other clandestine state-assisted operations, designed to thoroughly prevent Russia from ever contesting the US as a world superpower, while in the process lining the pockets of these economic hitmen who swooped in to devour the collapsing Russian economy after the fall of the Soviet Union –  a spectacular investment for all – at least, until money-laundering investigations began tracing all the money – or when the 10-year deadline came up and the securities became due and began the routine process of authenticating and ownership checks.

“Evidence shows that several federal and private investigations had already stumbled upon the Hammer Fund, that were compiling evidence on it, up until the 9/11 attacks. These included the Office of Naval Intelligence or ONI, which was moved to the outer ring of the recently-renovated section of the Pentagon that was targeted and destroyed on 9/11…

“The ONI had been investigating crimes associated with the plundering of Russia. 39 out of the 40 people who worked in those offices were killed on 9/11, including the entire chain of command. The Pentagon’s Financial Accounting offices in that same wing were also an obvious target, as were the passengers onboard flight 77. Many of them coincidentally held Top Secret clearances and were connected with Pentagon Black Operations.

“Agents of the Office of Naval Intelligence had also been investigating financial transactions which were linked to securities being managed by those securities dealers in the World Trade Center that were also targeted…

“These huge crimes, these huge frauds, like Enron, like the Black Eagle trust fund like WorldCom; the evidence of these huge crimes was being stored in the basement of Building 6… the vault of building six was cleaned out the night before 9/11 happened. Somebody went in there blew open the vault door and cleaned out the vault. We know this from the videographer, Kurt Sonnenfeld who went down there with his video camera for FEMA and filmed it and he’s now… in exile of in Argentina. So, the destruction of evidence is absolutely a very big part of the crime.

“9/11 is such a huge crime that it’s like one of those Russian dolls. It’s a crime within a crime…

“There was gold that was also being looted from below Building 4…that that’s on the record because they found the truck… the driver had to flee before those buildings came down and it was still loaded with gold.

“In Building 6 was the El Dorado Task Force’s offices… the watchdog group tasked with money laundering investigations. After 9/11, they were redirected to investigate terrorist financing. So, this whole thing conveniently erased the $240 billion with the Treasury fraud…

“The media says it’s Occam’s Razor; these conspiracy theories are far too convoluted and complex to hold water. Obviously, what really happened was the official story… It was Osama bin Laden directing some guys from a cave in Afghanistan now when you get down to these details you just can’t make up the coincidences like 41% of the fatalities in the Twin Towers came from just two companies that managed US government securities; Cantor Fitzgerald in EuroBrokers and conveniently, Flight 11 flew into the secure computer room just below the floor of Cantor Fitzgerald,  whose computer room was at Marsh & McLennan…

“A critical mass of brokers from the major government security brokerages and the Twin Towers had to be eliminated to create chaos in the government securities market. A situation needed to be created where in $240 billion of covert securities could be electronically cleared without anyone asking questions – which happened when the Federal Reserve declared an emergency and invoked its emergency powers…the Securities and Exchange Commission declared a National Emergency for the first time in US history and invoked its emergency powers under the Securities Exchange Act Section 12K and eased regulatory restrictions for clearing and settling security trades for the next 15 days.

“These changes would have allowed the estimated $240 billion in covert government securities to be cleared upon maturity without the standard regulatory controls around identification of ownership. The towers needed to be demolished to create a big enough mess, that the illicit activities taking place behind the scenes that morning could be hidden in the confusion of that day…

Bollyn says, “This war is taking the food off of our table, literally and figuratively. The American people are suffering greatly, economically, spiritually, morally because of the war that we’ve been deceived into fighting…9/11 truth is the peace movement because when you when you understand 9/11 truth, you’ll understand that the war a complete fraud and it needs to stop.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Boleyn is an American hero. Besides the Israelis, the other government involved is the US. Well, compromised, coerced or bribed officials in our increasingly corrupt government.

    Will James Bond come to our rescue and assassinate the proper paymasters (Rothschild/ Luciferian / Zionists ) – that there are Jews intimately involved is happenstance- they’re all just mentally ill, greedy power perverts, regardless which false division of religion mantel they wear.

    Time to overthrow our corrupt government….. because the US is now the bad guy.

  • Here are listed, by order of rank and seniority, some of these knighthoods:
    President “Sir” Ronald Reagan; Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Bath (GCB).
    President “Sir” George Bush; Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Bath (GCB).
    “Sir” Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state, Presidential adviser for national security, and former member of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board; Honor­ ary Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (KCMG). This rank is normally given to top British diplomats.
    “Sir” Hugh Bullock, retired investment banker, aged 98, and raving Anglophile; Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE) and Honorary Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
    “Sir” Douglas Fairbanks, actor and military man, who served as aide-de-camp to Lord Mountbatten, as well as performing tasks for NATO, SEATO, and the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff; Honorary Knight of the British Empire (KBE) and member of a dozen other orders of chivalry.
    “Sir” Grayson L. Kirk, former president, now president emeritus, of Columbia University; chancellor emeritus of the American Society of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
    “Sir” Paul Mellon, “Lord of Loudoun County”; Honor­ ary Knight of the British Empire (KBE) and Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau.
    Gen. “Sir” Norman Schwarzkopf, Field Commander of Operation Desert Storm; Honorary Knight of the British Empire (KBE).
    Gen. “Sir” Colin Powell, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Honorary Knight of the British Empire (KBE).
    Gen. “Sir” Brent Scowcroft, former Presidential adviser for national security and now George Bush’s top adviser;
    Honorary Knight of the British Empire (KBE).
”Sir” Caspar Weinberger, former secretary of defense;
    Honorary Knight of the British Empire (KBE).
    The Queen, as the only figure in the British Empire who can declare war and as the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, had demanded daily briefings from and issued orders to Prime Ministe. Immediately after the war, Elizabeth paid an official visit to the United States to distribute awards to Bush, Schwarzkopf, and Powell.
    Rothschild’s wealth and power no comparison to the evil queen. She owned the British land and treasure dept. The Australia, Canada and United States still her
    Colonies, in addition to all the commonwealth nations devoted to her.
    Rothschild and Vatican are only her agents, she is the head of the church.
    Unless we understand clearly who is the real game player, we will be misguided and always targeted the wrong entities, which severely defeat our purpose to dispose the real criminal and mended our atrocious world caused by the Un-named person.

  • Where does one begin…

    Bollyn’s research is VERY good. He’s uncovered a great deal of detail, which has helped researchers piece more together.

    But that’s what 9/11 research is all about–piecing info together. I agree with nearly all of Bollyn’s statements and many of his conclusions but Moussad is not entirely responsible for 9/11. I understand how his research has led him to that point and the human nature to need a solution, an answer and someone responsible.

    Stepping back to look at the 9/11 research on aggregate, I prefer Farrell’s “3 Levels” theory and Moussad seems to be a Level 2 operator, as was intel, Bushies, et al.

    An important clue to Level3 as described by Farrell was the detailed threat phoned into the WH after the bldgs hit, citing top secret codes to AF1 and red buttons-n-stuff. The fact that there was VERY little left of the 1.5 MILLION TONS of building debris left for any kind of forensics investigation that should have occurred, is also a clue there was much more going on than involves Level2.

    A few more morsels:
    There is a theme throughout the WTC 1,2,7 and Pentagon building renovations in that they were extensive.
    WTC1,2 –multiple groups of consecutive floors AND and group of core elevators were under renov.
    WTC7 –the renov was old but the bldg was built on top of a ConEdison power station that was too expensive to move; therefore the building was built like an iron tank on top of it to protect it.
    Pentagon –as mentioned, ONI was moved to outer ring exactly where it was recently extensively renovated and you can find all sorts of qualifiers as to the security/protection level of this renov…or if you follow some research–“retrofitted for controlled demo renov”.
    Additionally, the meme that “no one thought anyone would fly planes into WTC” is reminiscent of the NASA’s “failure to imagine” motto when things went wrong. Actually, the Chief Engineer has gone on record about designing into the steel structure the ability to withstand a hit by aircraft–and I’m not talking about the Robertson shill.

    Other analysis I’ve come across involving market activity that day included 7-10 seconds that a financial co’s servers were hijacked that morning, which I believe people are tying to nefarious activities involving Deutche.

    The FEMA videographer’s wife was suicided during the period in which he refused to turn over his footage to FBI. Eventually, he posted all 4 hrs of it on YT but I didn’t notice anything that wasn’t already known by then. It’s also possible it was scrubbed.

    Catherine Austin Fitts speaks of pallets of records being moved into the Murrah building days before the “attack”… Same thing was reported re: WTC7. CAF also talks about how the “RAPE OF RUSSIA” Bollyn describes is being brought to the United States, right under our very eyes where sovereignty is being destroyed. We’re running out of time.

    I recently read a theory re: WTC across the globe have been used as DS HQ.

    Fresh Kills is a land dump in Staten Island, NY–not NJ.

    Nice to see Guiliani being tied to WTC–the recent bullshit about him is more evidence of Trump’s alliances.

    It is VERY important to revisit 9/11 research if you’ve ventured away for awhile. 9/11 fatigue is real–there’s such a hard-hitting destructive campaign against the truth movement that people like me got worn out. But in understanding the 9/11 research and how it was targeted, etc. it seems a little easier to see through all the other theater going on. It’s important to keep the dialogue going.

  • The disclosure of the 9/11 event will blow the cover of the perps right out of the water.Those of us that have done the least bit of research on this subject have a pretty good idea who those perps are ,thanks to people like Christopher Bollyn .Stay safe Christopher ,when the time comes your research materials will be invaluable .
    Many will not be able to believe the skulduggery involved by the very government that claims to protect it’s citizens.

  • One last comment.. Please forgive the multiple posts as the subject of what was done to this country on that day back in two thousand one really gets me going. I too began digging into all the facts about the attacks and the more I dug, the more “coincidences” I began to find.
    The attack was our reichstag fire.. No this isn’t the “fourth reich”, it’s just that the luciferian psychopaths running this joint have the nazi playbook – IMHO..
    When Christopher mentions Kissinger (one of the fathers of the gnu whirled odor) and the committee to investigate the events of that day he failed to tell us that ole henry was originally the head of that committee.. at least until the Jersey Girls cornered him and began asking questions about his dealings with the Bin Laden’s. He promptly quit. At least that is what I have read…
    Thanks for posting this video.. It NEEDS to be seen…

    • Agree on most points. See my post above.

      And this video must be seen by every American, before they become Amerikan ( if it’s not too late already).

  • The way the late (imagine that) Barry Jennings told it, Rudy was supposed to be at building seven in the command center that morning. Barry was quite surprised to find the room empty but still hot food and steaming coffee sitting on the table. Apparently Barry wasn’t “in the club” like Rudy was as he evidently didn’t get the “don’t go to the Solomon brothers building” memo….

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