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    REQUIRED VIEWING! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives VERY important information!

    She talks about instances of hyper-immune response in test animals during previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines, like SARS and MERS, which has been a persistent problem.

    All seems well for awhile, until the animals are exposed to the wild mutated virus. To her, it’s clear that the same will happen with humans.

    Dr. Tenpenny and other scientists predict that millions may die from the vaccine but it will be blamed on a new strain of COVID – to make an argument for even MORE deadly vaccines.

    “We’re at a critical juncture in time for all of humanity on a lot of different levels. And we are past the time of hand-holding, pussy-footing around, being careful to not offend anybody and being so gentle with the snowflakes – we just can’t do it anymore…

    “We’ve been doing these vaccinations in America for a month. And in 30 days, we have over 40,000 adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event database…we have over 3,100 cases of anaphylactic shock, we have over 5,000 neurological reactions, which can range from headaches, to numbness and parasthesias, to headaches, to dizziness to vertigo, to feeling like you can’t feel your hands and your feet – in 30 days!

    “And it’s been estimated that less than 10% of adverse reactions that occur are reported to theirs…

    “Can you think of one single product, in any industry – ANY industry – for as long as products have been made on the planet, that within 30 days, we have 40,000 people complaining of side effects – that not only is still on the market but is full-court-press and we’ve got paid actors telling us how great they are for getting their vaccine.

    “And we’re offering people $500 if they will just get their vaccine. And we’ve got nurses and doctors going, ‘I got the vaccine! I got the vaccine!’ Well, they’re not going to be so happy when they start to get their Bell’s Palsy, when they start to get their neuropathies, when they get their cardiac arrhythmias, when they get their ITP, their autoimmune reaction that causes them to die of a blood disorder, they’re not going to be so happy then.

    “But we’re never going to see pictures of those people.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The long term side effects effects could be devastating for billions of people who get the coronavirus shots, if they live long enough to see long term effects.

    • SHE DO NOT KNOW WHAT SHE TALKING about. she should go read mind comp or see the adolf hitler the greatest story never been told. the Germans hated the jews befor hitler came to power she telling lys or she do not know

      • The Germans never hurt Jews until Hitler opened the doors for pain to the Jewish community. Hitler killed
        Jewish, German, Polish, Italian,”, ETC

    • Fantastic ladies, so informative, I’m so very grateful to you both and to the other brave souls that come out to tell us the truth.. God bless you.

    • I’m so appreciative of all the information you have put out for us. I’ve not been a mask wearer and will not take the jab. The Holy Spirit laid the verse “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind.”. I’m not just giving over my constitutional liberties, they’ll have to take them from me. I’ll fight to keep them. I’m 67 yrs old, God is my Lord, Savior and the Great Physician, and has promised to meet All of my needs, He can it lie, my trust is in Him, not the gov.

    • There is a billion dollar business opportunity….selling natural remedies that can save the lives of hundreds of millions who have been injected already.

      Nature will wreck havoc unless it is mitigated by remedies. Big Pharma is probably preparing their antitodes to make even more billions… more chemicals, more big $$

    • I grew up thinking I was not so smart and my sister was….well, she and her family took the va, me and my family did not. Guess in the long run, I was the smart one.

    • Please help. i got the shot by accident and now all my roses are dying. I am sure that they are connected.

    • Reinette – The vaccine itself isn’t the mark of the beast. It is a prototype for it, the same types of tools (vaccine passports + blockchain inserted chips for a digital currency) can be used for the beast. Taking the mark is something that someone with faith would recognize and refuse. That’s how I know the vaccine isn’t it. But you are right to put up a red flag because it is a test run.

      A great place to learn about end times prophecy is

      • I completely agree with You. Of course this vaccine is not the mark of the beast, bit it is a previous control experiment for the human kind. Hard times are coming soon for us. God bless. Ely

      • Please stop using the term “blockchain” when you have no idea what it means. A Blockchain is a system of decentralising a database, tyrants have no interest in decentralising anything.

    • I have a stepdaughter that wanted to go to South Korea so she got vaccinated.
      Recently after her second vaccination she seem to have no problem but we have a dog and a little bichon. All of a sudden which we have been giving her the same food but now she has diarrhea and she has forgotten to go outside and poop and PP. she has a doggie door where she goes outside but now something is really wrong with my baby and I think it has something to do with my stepdaughter getting vaccinated the rest of us in the household I’ve already had The virus and have the antibodies. Has anyone else noticed any problems with their pets that live with them if the person in the household has been vaccinated?

      • Yes, it’s widely. reported tat pets are getting sick from those around them who are vaccinated.

      • Anecdotal story. to make a link to the vaccine/job/shot whatever you want to call it.

        Show me facts before ranting that your dog’s diarrhea has to do with your stepdaughter.

        Give your head a long hard shake before making outrageous assumptions.

    • I know so many family and friends who got this shot. Its heartbreaking I wont get it NEVER. I tried telling my family and friends and they thought and still think im crazy to not get it. My husband my self and two of my children had it and we arent getting it. This is horrifying that globally they are killing people!

    • I don’t understand how something so important and potentially dangerous as this, is not getting recognition throughout the entire media. I personally pass on this information to many people willing to have an open intelligent and common sense mind, but sometimes it’s very hard to educate the people who have already bought in to the plandemic out of pure fear. It’s going to take a revolution of sorts bc our government politicians and legislators are mostly corrupt and are probably in on it. Just like the 2020 election where there is now forensic proof through captured packets of how the machines were hacked by China and other adversary countries. Will anything ever get exposed and the evil doers held accountable? I know David Martin had presented evidence regarding the plandemic and all the crimes committed, to all the senators DOJ and FBI, but guess what? I think the deep state is so deeply rooted that nothing may ever see the light of day. God help this country and all the people who have worked so hard to bring the truth to the American people and the world. Maybe our prayers will get this information into an honest group of hands who actually have a conscious. Follow David Martin at and the new developed by Mike Lindell. He’s going to have a symposium exposing the hacked election in August, South Dakota, which will prove President Trump won by over 10 million votes!

    • The reason why the “vaccines” needed refrigeration, is that when you are attempting to change DNA, you need live virus to ‘seed’ adhesion into the DNA…

      The extreme cold temps, were needed to put the mRNA components into a hibernation/stasis state, until injected…
      at which point the human DNA became subject to the mRNA adhesion of the hosts DNA, which incorporated undefined manipulation of the human genome.

    • Can you please address the safety issues that arise when one person in a household gets the vaccination and the other doesn’t? How safe is unvaccinated person and what precautions should they be taking in order not to have a reaction to spike proteins given off by the vaccinated person. How many relationships are going to end because of this!

    • wife insisted i get my “moderna” vaccine to be safe, told her i didn’t need it being healthy, but she insisted. so i got first dose about 1 month two weeks ago, about three weeks ago went for med checkout, they did “blood work” and i told them i had been injected with the first dose of moderna. about two weeks ago had second shot, one week ago, saturday after 2nd injection, woke up with violent diareha, as of this message it is still with me, have called and made appointment with gastrologist, of course all are backed up, earliest appointment is in september. i have never felt this way before, not sure if any relation to shot or not, just seems odd exactly 2 weeks later it hit like a ton of bricks.

      • This is the just the beginning. Nature does not care if your medical appointment is in Sept. It will do its work if the vaccine is already wrecking your body.

      • @geofg,
        Look at Alexandra Bruce’s comment from July 16. She cites some antidotes to the vax. Good luck.

    • Hello,
      Is it possible to have the link of the study which speaks of the death of animals?
      Unless it doesn’t exist xd;
      Have a good day and thank you in advance.

    • My wife and her family are doctors in the medical industry and have all received the vaccine. I have held out due to research I’ve done because something doesn’t seem right. My wife is furious with me and won’t discuss it with me. I have 2 young kids, 10 and 12. They are trying to vax my 12 yr old and actually bring vax squads to his school. I said no. There are too many adverse side effects coming out about these mRNA vaccines. Look at the data on VEARS. The data shows something is not right.

    • I am scheduled for a knee replacement surgery in August, I just found out that it’s mandatory to CV test by swab, does anyone know how to get around this… and what are the complications from the test?

      • Get a blood draw at the lab and see if you have the antibodies . Some people have had covid and no symptoms . The swab test is being pulled off the market due to safety issues. Swab test was wrong 97 percent of the time it wasn’t created to test what they testing if for. Our friend tested positive using the swab test for covid we suggested blood antibody test, and it was negative for covid Top immunologist do not subscribe to rapid testing methods straight from the chief immunologist of the medical school here.

      • I had to have a colonoscopy in December and was required to get the CV swab test. It was uncomfortable with the long swab pushed down my nostril but had no complications from it. The uncomfortable feeling went away after about 5 minutes.

    • This World is overpopulated….America is overpopulated and trying to make an Economy from rising population through mass Immigration {past 40 years} and constant inflation of property and home values…only works if you have millions of people on the move buying at inflated prices and pushing the markets higher an higher….if we had Depopulation on a huge scale….the whole Economy collapes like the card house it really is…but Depopulation is inevitable…the Automobile is a Dinosaur…yet no one allows himself to see it coming…the young are still making many many babies…assuming the Government will keep helping them and supporting those with Childrean..and populations believe the Polititians and Scientists can solve all problems with the issue of 10 billion humans…killing of the Earths other species…one by one…yes we are in the 6th great extinction….but see not…. the possibility of our own demise…the perfect solution to a Vaccine being a manditory….ticket out of this world…is ? if that Vaccine attacks the human Mitocondria….what actually keeps you Alive….and i suspect that there are {two} Vaccines….a blue and a red….and the Useless Feeders…get the red pill….but it is only a waiting time bomb….awaiting a catalyst yet to come….a real Pandemic is too messy and too unpredictable and millions would be panicing and migrating..spreading..but a controlled and guaranteed….lethal injection….gives the Elites confindence in their Goal.

      • You and apparently 99% of other humans do not understand, this is the end of the world, GOD did not have his plan when making this world that all his powerful creation was to be all for a groupd of child raping devil worshippers interjecting all humanity with nanotechnology to enslave them through the new illuminatti 5g network and so much more you can see easily

        • You are right — it is the end. When the rulers of darkness are taking the extremes steps we are now seeing, such as depopulating the world, we are seeing the end before us, and soon the Second Coming. 2033 (+/- a few years) will be the second millennium anniversary of the Passion of Christ, and of the Resurrection. It synchronizes with the collective crucifixion of humanity in the Great Tribulation followed by the Second Coming and the collective Resurrection of the dead.

          Jesus is King.

      • My husband and myself will not be getting the jab,his x-wife has and she had her 34 yr old mentally retarded son get the jab,Chris is on 28 pills a day and I can’t tell you how messed up he is and he can become violent over nothing. We have Chris with us 2 days a week.Since his shots we have had a case of intestinal flu. With the vaccinated people projected to become sick with the variant what should we be doing as non vaxxers?

        • IF my late brother with downs had lived I would have been given guardianship over him. As well, I would have also faced the wrath from my sisters and brother to have him vaxed, and it would have been great. I pity those right now battling for their disabled ones.

        • You should be taking zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin C, and quercetin for good protection.

          • @Jones, Robert R MD

            Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin from what Ive read are very effective vs COVID too, what do you think?

        • I have an expert MD doctor who is very knowledgeable of supplements you can start taking now. You can email me at [email protected] I can give you his number , he will answer your questions. He is an expert in the medical field, Virus, etc… he helped me with a 12 year old boy who was on hospice , dying from End stage Lymphoma. Him and I reversed it using safe very effective supplements /nutrition. The boy is now a young adult(17) cancer free still. This doctor is my friend, he also helped me via telephone get hundreds of Covid infected people better using one supplement. I know this sounds to good to be true. I’m a nurse if 17 years, I have not and will not take the those vaccines. It’s all lies, I take supplements that work to help modulate and increase the immune system to perform as it should. We can talk if you want to by phone. I’m available anytime. Email me first. God bless.

    • I’ve been at war with my daughter Dad about getting the poison vaccine shot she is 17 years old and he took her to get the 1st dose but I’m Not allowing her to get the second one I’m refusing to get it and I’m so angry about this crap

    • I have never had vacations until the covid vacations. I got the vaccine because I thought I would never get out of quarantine. I felt pressured to get it. I could cry.

    • Thank you so much for telling the truth.
      Fennel and White pine are the antidote.. and I hope it really works for those who realize after getting the shot. Hopefully those who are trying to save us from this agenda put out enough saline solutions that we don’t have Many falling down dead when the next variant arrives!
      Seems the prophecies are surely being fulfilled according to the Bible.

    • They will never tell us of these future deaths being directly related to their precious Vaxxine.

    • Dear Dr Tenpenny
      I have decided not to get the vaccine after listening and reading about the risk. Many heroic doctors have spoken about safer methods that could be used to safeguard the populace but politics and money is forcing the use vaccine.
      What I cant understand and the counter argument for the use of the vaccine is, if the risk so great, why are politicians and other Elites getting the vaccine.
      “How do I counter this argument “ with family members and friends.

      • This *is* the clinical trial. A percentage of the all the vials are “controls”, aka they’re saline.

        Those receiving saline are not affected by spike proteins, etc.

      • Send them to Dr. Valeri Zelenko’s web site. Or have them listen to Dr. Tenpenny, or to America’s Frontline Doctors, or to Dr. Joseph Mercola.

      • Who’s to say those politicians and others are actually getting the real vaccine and not simple saline injections?

        • exactly The politicians and those in the Elite Club did not get the REAL vax that Gov’t forces upon society with fear The elite / Gov’t , b.gates, Dr fraud & the rest of them involved removed the medicines and when the Front Line Doctors made a video early in 2020 about preventive medicine their video was taken down Everyone should have questioned ” why ” & started to research back in March 2020 which I did & after countless hours spent ( not complaining ) I live in Ontario Canada anyway, including my research I also listened carefully to ” Key words ” from enough gov’t officials such as ” Opportunity ” & their body language became too obviously mocking Don’t get me wrong okay I don’t deny there was a lab made virus that leaked & killed millions of innocent people I just didn’t believe it was a call for a ” Pandemic ” lockdowns let alone gov’t mandate restrictions, covd jails etc etc The face diaper was another slave tactic Oh gee I could go on Thank you for reading my brief vent

        • There’s a snippet of a video that shows Kamala and others received the shot by the nurse feigning it. The plunger was was not depressed but made to look as it was.
          It was on Telegram under vaccine injuries.

      • Who said they are getting the vaccine? Oh, I know they show the shot but a simple movie prop looks just like the real thing and you can not tell the difference. Also, see above where they are using saline solution.

        Politicians lie, telling you they got the shot is just another lie to them and they are ok with that.

    • Some of these vaccines are saline because all people would have death or side effects. That is why you register first so they can screen you. They know people will take another one when they claim a new variance that requires a booster. We know that people will not listen even on their death bed from the poison. Never knew humans were so big of block heads.

    • In the province of quebec , canada we are in code green restriction on assembles church we have the mask and the six feet . We tought that green was open, no now we have a new code, bleu. If 75% of the population get the 2 shots we will go into the bleu code at the end of august Who knows wath that means. Young and old are waring mask even if they are by themselves in the forest on bike or walking …85% of elderly people got the experimental vaccine and know they just annonced that the 12-17 can have only one dose…In canada it is very bad

    • I unfortunately have family and friends who got both shots. They all seem just fine and it’s been months. How long will it be until they start getting sick? Hopefully it never happens and they continue to be “healthy.”

    • Dear Dr Tenpenny,
      I was at the Tampa Health & Freedom Conference Clay Clark. Loved the conference. You gave so much information.
      Thank You.
      I live in a condo an I have always gone swimming in our pool. Is it safe for me to go to the pool with so many people getting the shot? Thank You for the information.
      Kind Regards,
      Pamela Groves

      • I am Dr. Ure, You can find paths to all of my articles and videos on my website. I have been attacked by the system for simply trying to take care of my patients. I would highly suggest you stay away from all vaccinated people. Something is being spread but we do not know what it is. Tenpenny also just said I do not know. Just play it safe.
        Dr. Ure

    • what should i do? i had the 1st vaccine of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine – am i still in trouble with having 1 shot?

    • What all about the COVID-19 vaccines that are worse than getting the disease itself? And why is that so?

    • I have said all along that the shots were bad, we were being chipped, and experimented on. Some believed, some didn’t. These posts are telling what a lot of us “knew” months ago. Wish more had listened to their gut and not Dr Fauci.

    • The pandemic is a mirror image of the Rockefeller Foundation’s “Project LockStep” from 2014. In their scenerio, they used Ebola as the proposed killing agent. That didn’t really work out (remember the Ebola scare?); so, they looked for another agent and that was the beginning of covid… End game is population reduction by about 90%; e.g., U.S. population to around 99M.

        • Agenda 2030 a global effort to save the planet eliminate ALL poverty and hunger by reducing humans, reducing use of A/C, water, food, etc.

          this WHO/global initiative “save the planet” site explains all the changes we will endure to somehow give ‘equality’ to all 7 billion…by slowly reducing ALL humans to under 500M.

          • They did raise the number on the population to 1 billion. The 500M is what is on the Gerorgia Guidestones. But, those were erected in 1982, I believe. The elites have since doubled the number of people. So, they may initially reduce it to 500M and then have a ceiling of 1B.

          • Internet search “Georgia Guide Stones”. In 12 different languages, it says world population needs to go to 500 million people. No signature on the guide stones. No one knows who put them there.

      • Yes, for those who have not looked, check out the Georgia Guidestones, which list the goals of the globalists, the first of which is to “maintain a world population of 500,000,000. That is about a 95% reduction. How do they intend to do it? What do you think?

    • Yes depopulation is the goal. Don’t forget to mention it all goes to the root cause: the new world order AGENDA.

    • The problem with people close to me is that they are listening to their doctors and to NPR, all promoting the injections. The issue is the authorities that people normally respect. – I can’t get anyone to listen.

      • You have to keep trying!
        The Truth must be shared!
        More Vaccine injections will cause more Deaths!
        Research Suramim and Pine Needle Tea to stop the production Spike Proteins!

        In case you haven’t figured it … show the people how typing the word … bitchute and a title to a lost video ( censored ) or a related question will reveal the Truth that is Censored!

        Stay Strong!

      • Robin I almost think its too late. I have been red pilling for a long time. Most have not listened to me and have take the jab. Thank god my immediate family has listened. Just be true to yourself and others. Remember, its everyone’s choice. You can give them the info but if they still choose a different path, that is their decision. We all have a choice.

    • C V can be easily terminated in 24 hours with heavy doses of colloidal silver MMS1 and garlic essential oil and has been pr o ven countless times!

      but the worst of all this is this disaster
      is that all these poppas vaxed idiots are permanently HIGHLY Contagious !
      contaminating all public interior air space with toxic contagious exhale!!!
      an easily provable fact!
      Every store is now a serious health hazard! …worse than before the vax/bio weapon

        • Norman—–is there truly an antidote to the Covid-19 –vaccines–all of them?
          Many that took these vaccines are a big concern—if you know kindly advise me.

      • How many commenting on here took the vaccine shot? Don’t need name, just if you did or didn’t and maybe why. Just for my own info because I am curious.
        You need a mask to keep from breathing the toxic air. Not to necessarily keep you from giving covid.

        • The mask does not protect you. The virus is 1,000,000 times smaller than 1 cell in your body. The virus goes right through the mask. We have been lied to about everything.
          People that died from a heart attack, cancer or an accident were classified as dying from the virus if they tested positive for the virus.
          The virus test gives over a 90% false positive rate due to the way the test is processed in the lab. This was done on purpose to get people fearful. Fearful people got the vaccine.

          • ha ha excellent comment…everyone that went to a Clinic in 2020…had Corona 19…..everyone that died…died of Corona 19…no one had the usual Flu….no one got prescribed the usual…medications…like the one Trump touted….it is scarry when you can get so many Hospitals and Clinics and Doctors and Nurses to play the game….and promote a lie and amp up the Fear and fake the real cause of death….but the human race has been dumbed down…and are like sheep in this millenium.

          • Hospitals got paid much more by the federal government for each one that died of “COVID”. What an enticement!

        • I and my sisters do not take the Flu Vaccines unless forced by our jobs with the institutions….the government has forced military and DOD employees and schools etc to get many vaccinations…so you can expect to later be forced to take a Corona Virus vaccination….at penalty…or by physical force…my Aunt in 1979 took one of the first Flu Vaccines and was paralysed from the neck down for one year….and spent the rest of her life disabled…many died of the same complication..related to vaccines..would i trust one made in a hurry….No…and i believe it will be used in this next year to begin Depopulation of the Planet.

      • It may be that they are shedding but I do not think the unvaccinated have anything to worry about. Our healthy immune system will fight it off.
        I refuse to be afraid of contact with people.

    • Facts:

      Obama (a man is detest) stopped gain of function research.

      Trump immediately restarted gain of function research upon taking office.

      Trump funded Gated/GAVI and did a commercial for them.

      Trump paid hospitals and doctors for every death listed as “COVID” and for EVERY positive Covid test.

      Trump paid thousands of dollars to hospitals for EVERY patient placed on a ventilations, which ended in their death.

      Trump created Operation Warp Speed with DARPA.

      Trump pushed the VAXX and to this day still pushes it, and considers it his biggest success.

      Trump allowed the ANTIFA and BLM to burn down American cities and did nothing.

      Trump declared a National Emergency and allowed governors to lock down America and destroy the economy.

      Trump is the Orange Judas, and to this day many consider him their savior.

      • Mr. Lucky, this site is for the Critical Thinkers, perhaps your knowledge and energy would be better spent on other sites. We wish you well.

      • I am a news fanatic and heard a recording twice of Trump saying he knew covid19 was dangerous but said otherwise because he didn’t want the people to panic!

        • You mean bc he wanted to be re-elected, at any cost. that dude never cared about anyone but his own rotten self.

          • OH HENRY…What smart man you are. You have a handle on truth and can critically think like no other……….NOT !!..LOL

      • Wow…You’re a huge SHEEPLE. A product of the MSM propaganda machine. It’s people like yourself that are easily brainwashed. You’re embarrassing yourself with your TDS tirade. Literally everything you blamed him for is disgustingly false. You blame him for an economy that was was the best in our nation’s history. You are a complete moron and incapable of critical thought…obviously.

      • That’s a lie! It’s was stopped, then restarted under Obama at the U of N Carolina. Then shipped to the Wuhan lab via Hunter Biden on Air Force one where they added the hiv delivery system to it.

    • Intention to arm. An impossibility in the past. A walk in the park today.
      Whoever authorised to ‘execute’ these injections and so does, is an whoever that has obviously intention to cause arm to an other human being.
      Excluding Sputnik V for the time being, proper information about these gene drive tech brews, starting of course from ModeRNA’s, has been around well before Dec 2019.
      Ignorance is not an excuse. In any health care system.
      Ps this link may contain info of your interest.

    • I’m happy l was directed to this. I have an immune deficiency due to several 2 month runs IV, of the antibiotic Vancomycin. I will direct others to watch this.

      • More than 1/2 of the immune compromised people, who got the vaccine, had none to little antibodies in their body. Why? The vaccines were not tested on immune compromised people. I do not trust them at all.
        It seems that evil has taken over the good, for now.
        It takes about 12 years to make a vaccine that is safe and effective. These vaccines are NOT FDA approved vaccines. They are approved experimental vaccines. It is insane to give billions of people an experimental vaccine, unless you want to depopulate the planet on purpose.
        Internet search “YouTube Michael Yeadon | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown”.

        • Someone I know said today the vaccine is approved. Both my other friend and I looked at him and said “no it’s not fda or TGA (Australia) approved) he has had both Pfizer shots, the day after his second shot he ended up in hospital for 5 days. Then when we saw him his eyes were bloodshot, but yeah he thought the vaccine was approved…. 🙁

    • Just my opinion alone. I am 66 years old I have been around you can say. But I have come to one fact I know as true. There’s a lot of good people in the world. But at the end of the day this world is being run by totally insane people that would rather have evil rather than good. These people need alot of help. We really need to work together and find a way to help these people just LEAVE the planet. Anywhere more than one way to do this. They do things for evil we can turn it back on them with just one goal whereas they have many. Stick to one an stay on point. Get shed of the evil rather than letting it go on. Using government is going no where.
      The military and good old boys will have to do. Besides uncle sam don’t even know who or what they are anymore.( Gender wise)

    • Greetings from Hong Kong Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:

      Question: will colloidal silver clash with the current corona vaccine?

      • Colloidal silver is the best defense for any virus or bacteria.

        There is NOTHING better to prevent infection.

        Get a colloidal silver generator and produce your own.

        Very cost effective.

        • CDC: No sound scientific studies evaluating these health claims have been published in reputable medical journals. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have taken action against several companies for making unproven health claims.

          When taken by mouth, silver builds up in your body. Over months to years, this can result in a blue-gray discoloration of your skin, eyes, internal organs, nails and gums. Doctors call this argyria (ahr-JIR-e-uh). It’s usually permanent. In rare cases, high doses of colloidal silver can cause serious side effects, such as seizures and organ damage.

          Colloidal silver may also interact with prescription medicines, including penicillamine (Cuprimine, Depen), quinolone antibiotics, tetracycline and levothyroxine (Unithroid, Levoxyl, Synthroid)

          • We been using it for years for many things no one trust FDA these are the people saying take the jab . If you believe them take the jab and be happy and leave us alone with our colloidal silver

          • NASA uses it. I’ve taken it every day for over 20 years. No blue-gray yet. Last checkup I had about a year ago, everything was almost as close to perfect as you can get.

            But, here’s what I do (I don’t know if it makes a difference or not):
            1. My silver maker is a nano particle machine.
            2. I make an herbal tea combo (green & black tea, peppermint, chamomile, and cinnamon as a base, somethimes add some different herbs). I make 3 gallons at a time and then dilute it again by 60% H2O for a total of 3.8 gallons. So it is mostly water. I use Stevia to sweeten it and add about a pint of nano particle colliodal silver to the original batch. I then fill a glass with ice & add the tea. So, it is pretty diluted. I drink close to a gallon a day +/-.
            3. Over the space of about of about 5 days, I ingest about 1 to 1.6 ounces of silver per day.
            4. I use highly purified water from a water store to avoid contaminents.
            5. So far, no issues. I am still on the pink side.
            6. I do need to mention that I rarely get sick & when I do, I recover very quickly. Whether the silver has anything to do with that, I am not sure; but, it is certainly not hurting that I can tell.
            7. Like I mentioned above, NASA uses it on their space outings.

          • They are afraid of us,that’s why they are in a fury to push more craziness. If we don’t stand our ground and continue to push back we will lose our ground. Thank you doctors that stand for humanity,the rest….well they will fall by a greater United power!

    • Hi Ellany,
      Where would I start to find those protocols, would I need to go dark?
      I know Google has censored a lot, I’ve had trouble finding out the contents of the shot itself.

    • What about the SM102 ingredient / which is 90% chloroform with a 1/2 life of 180days degrading to phosgene lethal at 9PPM???


      CAYMAN Safty Data Sheet

      What Ingredients are in the COVID-19 Vaccine?

      Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine
      • 95% e ective
      • Number of shots: 2 shots, 21 days apart
      • Approved for use in people aged 16 years and older
      • Ingredients: messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA),
      lipids (((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl) bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]- N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3- phosphocholine, and cholesterol), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose
      • Explanation of ingredients:
      – Lipids: Nanolipids, or tiny fat molecules, protect the mRNA
      and provide a “greasy” exterior that helps the mRNA slide inside cells. Nanolipid components in the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine include: ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1- diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]- N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3- phosphocholine, and cholesterol
      – Salts: Helping to balance the acidity in your body, the following salts are included in the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine: potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, and dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate
      – Sugar: Basic table sugar, also known as sucrose, can also be found in the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. This ingredient helps the molecules maintain their shape during freezing.
      • Does NOT contain: Eggs, Preservatives, Latex
      Learn more, read the FDA full Pfizer-BioNTech Fact Sheet:
      Moderna Vaccine
      • 94% e ective
      • Number of shots: 2 shots, 28 days apart
      • Approved for use in people aged 18 years and older
      • Ingredients: messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), lipids (SM-102, polyethylene glycol [PEG] 2000 dimyristoyl glycerol [DMG], cholesterol, and 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine [DSPC]), tromethamine, tromethamine hydrochloride,
      acetic acid, sodium acetate, and sucrose
      • Explanation of ingredients:
      – mRNA: Like the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, Moderna’s also uses
      mRNA technology to build antibodies against COVID-19.
      – Lipids: Nanolipids help deliver the mRNA to the vaccine
      recipient’s cells. Nanolipid components of the Moderna
      vaccine include: (SM-102, 1,2-dimyristoyl-rac-glycero3- methoxypolyethylene glycol-2000 [PEG2000-DMG], cholesterol, and 1,2-distearoyl-snglycero-3-phosphocholine [DSPC])
      – The remaining ingredients, including acids (acetic acid), acid stabilizers (tromethamine and tromethamine hydrochloride), salt (sodium acetate), and sugar (sucrose) all work together to maintain the stability of the vaccine after it’s produced.
      • Does NOT contain: Eggs, Preservatives, Latex
      Learn more, read the FDA full Moderna Fact Sheet:

      Getting vaccinated is one of many steps you can take to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.
      For some people, COVID-19 can cause severe illness or death. Getting vaccinated not only protects you from COVID-19, it
      also protects those around you by preventing its spread. Stopping a pandemic requires using all the prevention tools available. Vaccines work with your immune system so your body will be ready to fight the virus. Other steps, like masks and social distancing, help reduce your chance of being exposed to the virus and spreading it to others. Together, COVID-19 vaccination and following CDC’s recommendations to protect yourself and others will o er the best protection from COVID-19.

      • You’re either NOT aware or you’re purposely with holding ingredients.
        Good luck to you in your fantasy world.

      • “C”: Congratulations! You have mastered the CDC/Fauci/NWO talking points.

        After 15 months of lies and fear porn, I believe nothing the CDC recommends, especially the experimental injection, er, I mean, the “vaccine.”

    • Everything we have all been going thru was pre-planed at least 4+ years ago with Fauci and friends like Gates desire to implement . You can search for the info on the $millions of tax payer $ sent to the the Chinese lab to do research on weaponized Corona viruses but what you really need to see and hear is this short video clip of Fauci
      saying there will be a “SURPRISE OUTBREAK” during the Trump administration . >4+ years ago!

      • Colloidal silver is the best defense for any virus or bacteria.

        There is NOTHING better to prevent infection.

        Get a colloidal silver generator and produce your own.

        Very cost effective.

    • Do you think as I do that the President and the elite have not actually taken the vaccine or did they get a different one?

      • They had a needle as we use in the Entertainment.
        Look up Marah Carrie’s shot video. You can see the fake needle.

      • Norman—–is there truly an antidote to the Covid-19 –vaccines–all of them?
        Many that took these vaccines are a big concern—if you know kindly advise me.
        I do think the Biden group simply took a B-12 SHOT OR THE THERAPUTICS REGIME.

    • Dear Miss Senum & Doctoress Tenpenny

      I thank you both for an excellent show on the truth of the Coronavirus Disease-2019 Pandemic. I did not know of either of you, and for this I’m grateful to The Pilgrims Of Saint Michael of Quebec who forwarded you to me along with three other just as important LINKS, that I shall PASTE below.

      What you’re to be complemented on is first, you Miss Senum, are a superb interviewer for you ask the question and you listen. And you Doctoress Tenpenny explain ever so clearly in proper English profound scientific facts for the many not familiar with Biology to easily apprehend the subject being discussed.

      The only criticism I have is because of the adversity we face, and this is an understatement, for we’re in the darkest of times, I should stay on the subject at hand, and in composing this I’m saying one should not speak of the hidden history events and players like The Illuminati. when you do this then many, many won’t give a damn to pain attention to other horrific facts as to how we are being controlled and our lives are restricted as with the Vaccine being used as a necessity-threat to getting a student loan, or the California clientelism of pseudo-social justice assistance where by The Center For Disease Control becomes the lease holder of a person’s home and property. And you give in to what the mainstream media wants, the cannon fodder to claim you and I are deranged. It is positive to allude to the Illuminati, but a specific truth to be spoken of in a different filed of battle at the right time.

      One tragic fact afflicting our Western Culture , or perhaps the world, is that no one has an Historical Consciousness ergo no Historical Memory. Here in America the knowledge of history of the average American is worth no more than the waste in a septic tank. The paradox is that in The Land Of The Free And Home of the Brave we’ve a very controlled culture, which argument is too complex to go into right now ad would lead us astray. My point is the following: The truth of the economic power of Red China lies in the fact that it has always been aided and abetted by Western finance and others, above all it’s an American financial construct. A chimera external enemy whose monetary force came from elites within America. As for Chancellor Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, this is a no no. Why? Because Miss Senum, once you give as a cross-referred example National Socialism, or Communism, Fascism and so forth, the average person then believes they comprehend just what is taking place here in America and elsewhere. It is all very clear yet untrue, and the effect causes them to be affected with apathy and complacency: an ignorant sedation. They now believe they have the answers or they just discard any active militancy to go forth and battle as counter-revolutionaries to what’s actually occurring. The Jews as a disease is a very weak metaphor for what is taking place to-day.

      We’re confronted with what I call a Technology Of Evil of Satanic proportions. This is simply my intuition and observation of what is occurring. Not a theory, just my subjective cognitive experience. This takes me to an historical catalyst which is a fact: Doctoress Tenpenny asks whatever happened to priests. My dear, your question deserves an answer: The Second Vatican Council killed off The Roman Apostolic Catholic Church. This caused a subversive theological chain reaction that affected all other religions. God Bless, Aristo Boho – You’re Both Very Brave!

      Who is Above Governments
      In this essay, founder of the Pilgrims of St. Michael, Louis Even, tells us that governments have ceded to international bankers their sovereign duty to create their national money supply.

      Facts and Your Rights
      Ontario Emergency Room Doctor, Mark Trozzi published a personal testimony in which he addresses his concerns about the response to the pandemic. Notably, Dr. Trozzi has not seen any covid-19 patients while working in emergency departments of Ontario hospitals.

      John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms runs through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with a Rebel News reporter. Concise. (19 minutes)

      Statement by Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth

      • God bless your ignorance, the whole interview is beyond your 3D mind…the rest of us understand clearly what they both meant… God bless us all

    • Biden is threatening the American people he said u better take vaccine or else on fox News twice I heard him

      • You know that something is wrong, when they are pushing this vaccine, like it is mandatory to take it. That is just one reason to not take the vaccine.
        No other vaccine, ever, has been to take it or lose your job.
        This is taking away your freedom. Because they are so addiment about taking the vaccine, I will not take it. They have already taken away freedom of speech. Now they want to be able to put, whatever they want into our bodies and we cannot say NO. I wore the stupid mask, but they will not make me take the experimental vaccine. Many people at work, said they will not take it too.
        It may be the mark of the beast. You cannot have a job without the mark of the beast. No vaccine passport, no job.
        Internet search “”. Become a free member. Check out the video on June 11. Above the video you can go to another website to print out a 5 page form. Give this form to your employer if the vaccine is mandatory or you will lose your job.
        After they see this form, you will be told that you do not have to get the vaccine.

    • I am so frightened how can we reverse this vaccine I heard taking a hot bath with alFalfa an organic dish detergent and then washing with Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap! Also taking a medicine in all African medicine name Suraman ( might be spelled wrong) thank you for helping so many people

      • don’t be frighten certain protocols are available to remove the vac19 from your body, they (social media) DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK) just want to scare you… you will soon find out who is trying to scare us all.. God has the final word…Im not worry I been don’t my own HOMEWORK FOR YEARS

      • Don’t take the VAXX.

        If you have taken the VAXX, do not take a second or third shot.

        Each shot builds upon the last.

        There is NO way to reverse the VAXX, that is why it is essential not to take the shot, and if you have taken the shot, DO Not take a second shot.

      • That protocol is to remove the nano (Morgellon’s) from your body. Gene Decode. Suramin from certain pine needles (tea) and/or dandelion root will help with the spike proteins transmitted by the jabbed.

    • My 14 year old grandson just got his first shot. I’m so upset! IF, IF I can stop him from getting the second shot, do you recommend this?
      And recommendations?

    • Robert Welch, My Concept of Freedom (1964)

      I want for our country enough laws to restrain me from injuring others, so that these laws will also restrain others from injuring me. I want enough government, with enough constitutional safeguards, so that this necessary minimum of laws will be applied equitably to everybody, and will be binding on the rulers as well as those ruled. Beyond that I want neither laws nor government to be imposed on our people as a means or with the excuse of protecting us from catching cold, or of seeing that we raise the right kind of crops, or of forcing us to live in the right kind of houses or neighborhoods, or of compelling us to save money or to spend it, or of telling us when or whether we can pray. I do not want government or laws designed for any other form of welfarism or paternalism, based on the premise that government knows best and can run our lives better than we can run them ourselves. And my concept of freedom, and of its overwhelming importance, is implicit in these aspirations and ideals.

    • What saddens me the most is that this behavior modification through various platforms, including our educational curriculum and mainstream media, has been in overdrive the last ten years or so. The majority of the whistleblowers waited until it redlined to speak out either because they just “saw the light” or for fear of ridicule (conspiracy theorist) or reprisal but then again it is and has always been God’s will. Even if enough educated, willful people coordinate, mobilize, and make the perfect chess moves it is too late for the human race. This doomed course is already concretely embedded in our future. I have known about this subversive methodology, and countless others, used by the “Powers That Be” for many years through patriots like Joseph McCarthy, William Milton Cooper and Robert W. Welch. It is possible to plug one hole, but because the holes are many and strategically placed the boat will still sink. Meaning “they” have been playing this game of “Risk” for many, many years. They have had the best Social Engineers that money can buy predicting how society would react to countless scenarios given thousands of factors. We have been slowly, methodically manipulated down this dead end road. They made their job much easier along the way. Their biggest obstacle was eliminated when they removed Prayer from our public schools as they continued to wage war with GOD attempting to remove him entirely from the family unit. I will go down fighting but the results, including the collateral damage, of the carnal battle for this earth was decided long ago. The spiritual battle is the one that decides who we are, where we belong, and where we will spend eternity. That has not been decided yet……..

      • The behavior modification I am referring to specifically is the complete acceptance of this narrative that the effectiveness of this “vaccine” (bio weapon) is scientifically and medicinally verifiable and it is our duty to our fellow men and women to receive it with gladness and joy. Our society was infiltrated at least 150 years ago possibly longer than that. This indoctrination and subversion has been a slow, methodical process up until the last 10-20 years. To see this indoctrination on full display saddens me to the core of my soul…..

        • Mr.John Web,( I just want to say thank you for your comments, my rely are not necessary for you but just as INTEL for others to know) I agree with everything you have mention, I am a mother of children in the current education one can understand better than I can…years ago when common core started and I found out Bill Gates was behind it all,I was disgusted.. my mothers intuition knew something was wrong, but I’m as a woman at that time I Knew I would get no where… at that time (shame) on me for speaking out against it, I spoke out to the point that even our local news media would not put any of us mothers on TV, (they interviewed several of us moms but our opinion was not matching the BULLSHIT (they), meaning the (EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, main GUY in charge ) told the public.. Now 2021 LOOK at us NOW WE ARE ALL IN MORNING OF OUR BEAUTIFUL SPIRT GOD GAVE US, just because some of us fell for the lies social media is still giving us…WE SHOULD BE following our intuition, mothers instinct, our spirit or GODS message what ever YOU want to call it.. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR PLEDGE EVERY MORNING BEFORE SCHOOL…THEY TRY TO TAKE GOD AWAY AND NOW you are all wondering why?WE ARE ALL ASKING WHY THIS IS HAPPENING? Please, who we kidding, GIVE THANKS EVERY MORING AND EVERY EVENING if NOT DON’T COMPLAIN

    • Exactly what I have been saying – I am not willing to play Russian Roulette with the vax. I will take may chances with COVID. At least if I get it I didn’t intentionally put it in my body. LORD help us.

      • Exactly, Audrey. I MIGHT get “covid”. If I get the jab I DO get the poison. Not a hard choice.

    • Thank you for standing up for all of us!! I sent your name to George Norry of Coast to Coast AM radio in hopes that he will call you and have you on his wonderful radio show.
      Love YOU and Thank YOU, Dr Beverly of Canada

    • Will there be any way to connect the development say of an auto-immune disease post vaccination to the vaccination?

      • At this point there is no reversal fix. Maybe in the future frequency medicine will be able to help, but you have changed DNA now. All you can do now is inform others of the danger of this gene therapy injection, which is not a vaccine by definition. May our good Lord be with you and give you courage of a lion to help others with the knowledge. Here is a list of videos you may love to watch and share:

        These have Dr Tenpenny and more.

      • GG – you go straight to God ( Jesus ) and ask Him? It was your mistake that you didn’t ask Him first. Only HE can guide you.

    • As a Traditional Catholic we have been warned from a Heaven against taking any Covid19 vaccine. It will lead to a worldwide genocide.
      Nefarious types (Davos Gang and Illuminati with satanic foot soldiers, the Freemasons) who want The Great Reset, released this virus.
      These people are satanists, just like Hitler and Stalin – no compassion and perfectly possessed.
      Build up your own immune system, be a rebel and protest on the streets at the taking away your freedoms.
      Avoid the Death Jab, return to God, start praying – Rosary daily.

    • My concern for this kind of claim is that in 3 – 6 months, when things are getting back to normal, nobody here will hold Dr Sherri Tenpenny to account for her prediction. I would love to believe that she set her own expiration date for this misinformation but sadly, people will likely overlook this impending error.

      In other news, I got my pfizer dose 1 yesterday. My left shoulder is sore but I feel otherwise fine. I also am hopeful that -as herd immunity increases- COVID will be over soon.

      • Several thousands of Doctors have been warning about these injections and they cannot be detoxed. You will suffer if you take them either now, later or you will die. We are not meant to change our human status to transhuman with animal cells and other aborted fetus cells and all the other carcinogens in them. We have immune systems learn how to boost it naturally.

      • Dr Sheeple. I would stay at injection 1. I live in a small town of 8500. 3 people have died after shot 2. Several have verdugo, muscle weekness where they take hours to get going in the morning, dizziness and my mother in law is loosing her eyesight 3 months after the 2nd shot. This is gene therapy injections. COVID IS A BIOWEAPON. A weak one, but this experimental injection is sterilizing men and women, causing blood clots in the ederly in my town. Now think about this on a global scale. You are misinformed, this is a military operation from the 90s, which I was briefed on while I served in uniform and eugenics and genocide is happening simultaneously. Get your head out of the sand and into the fight if you care anything for your family, friends or fellow mankind. Shame on you for your willful ignorance. Listen and research the truth of the matter. Many have been bewitched, it will come down to you being compliant as a slave or standing with honor as a sovereign being.

      • Dr. Tenpenny may be off on the Large scale vaccine deaths; (But how will you know when the Media lies about covid deaths Now?) AND, there are many Deaths due to Vaccination that get labeled “Covid” Already; and I know people in ICU from the SHOT that probably won’t make it 6 months. Lucky to last two years after the jab!

      • Clearly, you are a simpleton. Herd immunity is achieved through exposure to a pathogen and NOT by being injected with a disease incurring injection that contains no attenuated pathogen. You have been infected with herd insanity and are a real danger to those who have not succumbed to peer pressure to be likewise inoculated with this disease incurring injection. You understand NOTHING about immune response or pathology.

      • Dr Sheeple, what kind of idiot are you ? “When herd immunity increases???”
        Herd immunity was accomplished long ago. Kids were exposed and never got sick. There is a natural herd immunity. The people getting covid now are the ones who got the jab. Studies show that instead of decreasing your chance of infection, those vaccinated have a 50% GREATER chance of getting infected by Covid.

        You outsourced your intellect and yoy trusted LIARS.

        You WILL die from the covid jab unless you got a placebo which I doubt.

      • “Covid will be over soon.”

        How clueless can you be.

        Covid will NEVER be over.

        It is a flu virus being used to bring about the Great Reset.

      • The virus is never going to end. It is going to be with us for a long time. Things will never go completely back to normal. Taken away all of our freedoms is their goal. Taking away everything you own and be happy about is their goal too.
        Hyperinflation will make the taxes you pay on your home. too expensive to pay. Then you will lose your home for not paying your taxes. Wait, 5 years or so, for this to happen.

    • How do I save my sister when I can’t send this important message?? She is illiterate can’t read well she can’t write well by her listening to this information she can learn. She’s not smart enough to go place to place on the Internet probably due to all the vaccines and her reactions to the vaccines! This will kill her! I have to try and save her! Thank you so much for this information!

    • Nutritional supplements, vitamins/minerals are hated by Big Pharma because reasonable regular use of these things make people HEALTHY. This cuts into Big Pharma profits. Some people can live their entire lives without seeing a doctor at all. This is poison to the profit margin for Big Pharma and its “running dogs.” They HATE your HEALTH. No other way to explain this disastrous situation.

        • Dr. Tenpenny may be off on the Large scale vaccine deaths; (But how will you know when the Media lies about covid deaths Now?) AND, there are many Deaths due to Vaccination that get labeled “Covid” Already; and I know people in ICU from the SHOT that probably won’t make it! And Big Pharma does NOT want us Healthy!! No $$$$$ in that. Mr. Vaccine Shill!

        • Jeffrey. You seem like an arrogant little puke. You are probably not old enough to understand or care about how you come off to other people but you’ll never convince anyone with your rotten demeanor. You offer no counter arguments and have a personality that ‘s about as appealing as Stalin.

    • The virus does exist, we went to the Moon, the Earth is not flat, and there seem to have been more than one bullet in the Kennedy thing. And I’m avoiding the jab(s).

      • Jay- the virus is the flu. We did not go to the moon. Impossible even today. You do not know the shape of the earth and I can guarentee it is not a spinning ball. More than 1 bullet hit Kennedy.

        • We did land on the moon! Stick to what you guess to be true – and leave history alone

          • NASA’s own website has videos of astro-nots and scientists stating that we have not left low earth orbit and that with the Orion launch, they would test shielding to see if it would work so that NASA would be able to send people through the Van Allen belts (this “dangerous area”) before they attempt to send people through it. NASA is lying about EVER leaving earth’s boundaries. Even Bill Nye said on video that “Earth is a closed system” and that “we cannot leave Earth’s low orbit”. Look those references up and see for yourself!

    • Hi, how I some up to what’s going on. It started with chemtrais) someone mentioned it to me on twitter. After lot research I knew it was legite. I started listen to Jordan Maxwell explaining how the world really works. I’ve posted what I can on twitter about gas but been taken off. It’s really like some sci to horror but sadly true no one around me is aware of anything & look at me like I’m crazy. My daughter is aware she’s always been apart from the crowd and has her own thoughts , I’m lucky in that I know she would never get shot.we had experience with doctors when she had had reaction to Pensacola at 9 years old have her lots health problems we don’t trust the medical industry because of this. I just hope people will wake up in I’m they are doomed all follow all rules. I don’t wear mask. God help us all this woman. Is amazing💗

    • The typical way to find out about things is to google it. Well google says the “vaccines” are safe. If you try to research the vaccines you only get information from the side that wants you to take it. I believe in my heart these jabs are dangerous. I don’t have any proof yet but I’m thankful to you doctors for helping my understand what is going on. My cousin’s wife had a full term still born baby girl not long ago. During their time in the hospital there was another still born delivery. I’m not sure what caused these babies to die but I’m suspicious of the jab. Thank you for leading and teaching us. Love Coreen

    • Its VERY important to understand EPSTEIN GUILTY Trump’s ROLE in this so you dont make the SAME MISTAKES or support him as he MAKES MORE! CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a DNA ALTERING NOT-a-vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. Trump PARTIED WITH Clintons, Gates and EPSTEIN and AS A DEMOCRAT!

      • It’s a weaponized coronavirus, modified with CRSPR technology. The military has gene therapy injections for over a decade that can remove a whole race or species. This is a spiritual war and YHWH is long suffering that none should perish. Turn your eyes upon Him, he is the only salvation from this destruction. Acts 20:21. Or be cast in the Lake of Fire for eternity. Satan is devouring many right before our eyes. You have to give consent over your body and soul. Will it be Christ everlasting life or Satan to everlasting damnation?

        • Yahweh is a god of death and destruction.

          Yahweh was aways telling the Hebrews to invade and kill their neighbors.

          You are supposed to fear Yahweh.

          Is that the kind of God you want to worship?

          And by the way…..there is no Satan.

          Satan is a projection of your fear and unresolved issues.

          Satan is also a control mechanism by organized religion to have control over you.

    • Predictive programming via the mass media featuring zombies in everything the last 15 years. CDC having a “zombie outbreak” guideline. Hmmm…

    • My hometown is where Reinette moved to. While Dr. Tenpenny should be respected, Reinette is an idiot and a nut. She insulted local law enforcement in the name of her liberal virtue signaling.

    • why is no one mentioned canada and holland for this virus….there is a rumor that the original virus started in holland, then transported to canada , where CCP scientists were working on it in canada….then the story goes that the ccp scientists mail this virus to china back in 2012 or 13, …..

    • “What happened to the ministers???” … There are commercial entities. This is ABSOLUTELY critical to understanding status. It is as simple as this… What government creates, government controls. With the “blessing” of 501(C)3 status of these “churches”, government created them.

    • Is there NO PROGRESS on a machine like a Dyalysis (sorry bad spelling) machine that removes impurities from the blood? A souped up version, to remove the
      triggered poisons might already be getting worked on, to save the military at the very least.
      ANY knowledge on he world possibility, should be broadcast all over the

      • Who would do this? The people and establishment trying to kill us in the first place? What sort of illusions are you still living under?

        • Why not, world population is at 8 billion. Resources are being used up, planet is being destroyed and automation can take the place of billions of those worker drones. India alone has a births over deaths rate of over 50,000 per day. Think of that, even if covid is killing an extra 2500 a day they are still growing by 47500 people per day. That is not sustainable, that is 50,000 more mouths to feed everyday! In one country, that is more food, more sewage, more garbage, more resources needed etc. This makes perfect sense.

      • Hi Eric, sadly no, dialysis takes over the key tasks of the kidneys, removing waste materials, toxins (like ammonia), excess salt and fluids from the body, something to remove the virus is not possible as viruses attach and invade individual cells in the body. Anything that would remove them would also remove a patient’s white and red blood cells, platelets and microphages which would kill the patient quickly. Even a full transfusion would leave some of the virus in the patient’s body and viruses grow very rapidly hence the word viral for rapid growth.

    • Thank you ladies for opening the eyes of the sheeple. Great info that was easy to understand….CV 19 for dummys

    • Globalist elites agenda to depopulate and control leftovers. VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE. Fauci, Gates, WHO, CDC, NIH, UN, involved in this deception. Satan and minions working overtime….God help us!

    • As I could not find a contact page for this website, I am asking you to UNSUBSCRIBE ME from my email asap! I did no request your website to pop up every day on my screen. Thank you.

    • Covid is not real. The vaccine is real. Think about it. The vaccine IS the virus. People will start dying by the hundreds of millions in about a years time.

      • Covid is real, it was engineered in China as an excuse to “vaccinate” and depopulate the world. They don’t care what people die ofas long as they die.

      • Ben, I agree Covid isn’t real; however, what’s real is the spike protein, which is the virus .. And, yes, people will start dying by the hundreds of millions in about a year’s time.
        The reason Covid isn’t real is that the virologists who were trying to find it and purify it failed, because it didn’t exist in the first place. It’s not a vaccine; that’s where you went wrong. It was an experimental substance containing the spike protein that’ll have people who were injected with this poison start dying by the hundreds of millions in around a year’s time.
        Those who made this poison and pushed it on unwitting guinea pigs have committed Crimes Against Humanity and violated the Nuremberg Code – and, as such, must suffer the consequences for these crimes.

    • Happy to see honest reporting on this experimental vaccine. The poor souls that took the vaccine will be tomorrow’s headlines as the MSM will blame new variants for increasing deaths from COVID.

      • The mark of the beast is your identification. The beast is not the devil. The beast is human. You are the beast. The mark will contain the beast’s name or number assigned to it and no one will be able to buy sell or trade without it. The place where the prediction was wrong was that they thought it would be a tattoo. It isn’t. It is your identification. The mark of the beast is not a mark from Satan. It is like a brand on cattle.

        • the bible never miss anything the time will come read around there ready patents for those things like tatoos which are chips

    • Y aint u doctors going 2 the news stations with this stuff go ask newsmax n oann rightside they like 2 hear these things from the ppl they would want 2 hear this from doctors u guys have the evidence n proof make petitions .i know i will sign this put fauci in prison n bill gates god bless u n thank u 4 tell us n i have shared this stuff around 2 thos who care

        • Hi Ivy ,
          I just wanted to say that many dyslexics can not write correct English , how ever hard they try and I believe that this was a discussion about vaccines NOT english ability . I fully comprehend that some people are still sadly unaware of dyslexia and the problems that people face because of this . I strongly suggest you access Professor Beve Hornsby . Her work is second to none . Unless you are the type of person who regularly insults people on purpose for no reason ?

    • Would not accept it for a billion pounds. I know there is no cure for taking it. But I would love to hear what someone could do who has taken it. Could roughly do to try at the very very very least start protocol of something to try to limit it? from a Doctor. Aware how sounds ridiculous it is to ask. Its because have friends who know have taken it. Are any Doctors speaking out about this..

    • For all the Pro-vaxxers that honestly believe that this drug, not vaccine, will somehow help prevent the death from COVID you are mistakenly naive! I cannot there are medical doctors endorsing a NON-FDA experimental drug that does not prevent COVID and also does not stop the transmission of the disease. In fact many people have died and have had horrible side effects from these experimental drugs. No animal studies on these drugs, nadda!!! When millions of people start dying suddenly from these drugs in the near future it will be on your conscience that you supported this genocide! No real doctor would support a drug that compromises a person’s natural immune system!

    • I really want to know if anyone has any idea how long after the jab that the transmission is strong? Have family members who all rolled up the sleeves, a mom who refuses to and they want to visit her, I am very, very concerned.

    • The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

      We are in the age of pharmakia , a medical industrial complex far more dangerous than any army throughout history .
      This is the age of bio warfare .

    • The beast is the NWO , One govt , One currency , One religion

      3 in 1 The ultimate satanic mocking of Christianity.

      God shall give them over to reprobate minds because they choose to believe a lie rather than accepting the truth.
      Evil men waxing worse and worse
      Deceiving and being deceived.

    • In 2011 I got Mom’s sleep apnea. Years later I got emphysema. I used two inhalers. March 17, 2020 I came down with the Coronavirus. (I turned 64 March 8th). I started running a fever, lost my sense of taste and all the other stuff. I do not do shots for the flu or anything so I rarely get sick. The second day I let my doc. (Pcp and DO) know that I was fighting some kind of bug, that was Friday. On Monday I notified my doc I’m having to use my inhaler more often. So I will need a refill sooner. He told me not to worry about that and as long as I can breathe okay to not go to the hospital no matter what. He called in a z-pack 5 days and prednisone 5 days. I got an emergen -C and took more vitamin D. I listened to Dr. Brownstein for years. I took all the medicine. I go like 2-3 days and then I can tell lungs weren’t over it. So he called in another round. By this time I didn’t have a fever. I just couldn’t taste anything. Used that up and then a few days later it just wasn’t right I can tell when my lungs are not right. So I called my lung doctor and he called in a stronger antibiotic and more prednisone for 10 days which pcp Doc should have done the first time. I was fine after that. No I never needed to go to the hospital. I sat around played games and watched TV.

      It’s a respiratory virus which is dangerous so they tell you to go home and wait 14 days when you test positive. That should tell you right there, they don’t care if you die.

      I never been one for shots because I think the shots make you sick. So I had the flu shot twice in my 64 years. Any news better but the doc asked me every year if I want a flu shot. And everybody’s asking me if I’m going to get the vaccine. Why it’s been a whole year and I haven’t got it again I think I’m quite immune to it as I am. Even if I wasn’t immune to it I’m not taking a vaccine created by the death cult running the country.

      • I’m a nurse at nursing home only reason I got shot was so I don’t have to take the tests anymore wish I hadn’t. Have to reverse it 1s shot was fine 2nd one couldn’t breathe peed on myself been almost a week dizzy fatigued couldn’t drive 4 days. Been drinking pine needle tea helps some. Took detox bath w himalayan salt today felt like my wheel body was on fire. I would rather work at dollar store than go through this again. I’m usually healthy have not been this sick since I had a miscarriage 30 yrs ago without any medical attention and lost all kinds of blood. Don’t do it!!

    • Dr. Tenpenny is perfectly qualified to share her research and inform people accordingly considering her medicine background. The question is, where are YOUR qualifications to critique her.?You obviously understand nothing about Human Biology or Human Anatomy because if you did, you would not need to ask for any “links” to understand what she is speaking of on this video. Your ignorance in this matter is pretty obvious. In other, words, “move your lazy ass and get educated”, which would allow you to do your own research. Stop being an ignorant!!

    • “This virus, it is changing, it is mutating, it is becoming more deadly, it is becoming smarter, and god forbid we could one day soon face a variant that is resistant to our vaccines,” said Ford in a virtual press conference from his late mother’s home in Etobicoke.

    • There have been reports for that the hospitals have been empty with so called covid patients for months. They have been claiming that the hospitals all full and the doctors and nurses are overwhelmed by it all which is not true . Nurses shave been speaking out on videos that this whole pandemic is one big scam and that they have been getting paid big bucks to put down every patient that has been tested for this fake virus as the covid or they died from the covid. If they speak out about it they will lose their jobs. They don’t have the covid when they get to the hospital, they get the covid from the shot that they are given them, then the the patients perishes. The covid is in the shot. Someone commented on a video that they watched of a nurse who was bragging about that she was getting 70, 0000 dollars for each patient that was put down as having the covid.and that was more than she has ever got paid in her lifetime. Nurses and doctors making tictoc videos of themselves dancing in the hospital when they are supposed to be overwhelm with so called covid patients. Someone needs to go to all these hospital and do an investigation of what’s really going on in there. They keep fudging the numbers higher and higher everyday, who is counting these people I fast to come up with such high number everyday??????????? It’s a big scam, there is no virus, we have been duped big time. Forcing us to wear masks when we don’t need to, so they can deprive us of oxygen and the right to breath. Oxygen helps the immune system it’s a proven fact!!!! We are all being scared here to have our freedoms stolen for us. Do not take no shot from any hospital, you have no idea what’s inside them. Don’t put your life or your family life at risk. Don’t believe everything that they are telling you from the doctors, from the media. Don’t trust them. Why do you think they have been pushing this vaccine so hard for months?????? There is something in that vaccine that they want us all dead?????? There is no virus. Viruses die everyday they come and go and you move on. Besides the vaccine has not been FDAq approved and it takes years to test it to see if it will be safe for humans not months. They are using us as test subjects. Don’t do it please everyone. Take care of yourselves I other ways. You do not need a vaccine to be healthy! Stop wearing masks they don’t prevent anything but deprive you of oxygen you not suppose to wear them for long periods of time anyway! Take back your freedom people, take it back.

    • Wish we would STOP saying side effects…they are INJURIES…..a duck is a duck. And the fact that they still have NONE of these possible I juries on the site is so frustrating. They are listed for all other RX ALL of the possible injuries should be listed for every shot as well. Quite devastated, family got them. They were informed of all the possible injuries. But those are false. Dr. Tenpenny is fake. All these wonderdul brave Drs that have been speaking out to save people are all fake. That is what they said after they got the shot! They weren’t complaining with info when they followed the natural protocol to overcome covid. But now to prevent further damage it is all make believe….it is sad. Makes no sense and SO hypocritical. Thank you Dr Tenpenny for keeping on speaking and trying to wake people up!!!

      • So glad we have Dr Tenpenny to speak the truth about this shot it is not a vaccine. Also Robert David Steele speaks the truthe about the fake vaccine. Doris Bradley

    • Got the vaccine I am going to die?????? I am terrified now! Why did Trump push this??????????? Can I fix it???????

      • Don’t be afraid. Scientists in Australia have developed a medicine to reverse the inflammation caused by the vaccine and prevent deaths. All will be well. Blessings to you.

        • Can you please tell me what this medicine is? My husband is being forced to get the vaccine, and I’m terrified of the results.

          • Pardon me Kris,

            You said your husband is being forced to take the shot? What are the circumstances for his being forced? Is it his place of employment? Please explain. Thanks.

          • This is an experimental “vaccine”, it has not been approved by the FDA, it is against the Nuremberg Code to coerce or force anyone to get this injection at this time.

            This will help your husband. Just say no and use the law, it is on your side. Employers may be getting bad legal counsel. Give the employer the benefit of the doubt. The state governors throught the Health Director are threatening to not renew business licenses if businesses don’t comply. We are all enslaved under this tyrrany. Be kind, be helpful, educate and share the knowledge.

            • Faithful…
              THIS whole thing is BULLSHIT.
              It’s MEANT to be be BULLSHIT.
              The point I’m trying to make here is this. NOBODY SHOULD be TELLING anyone what to do, or what they have to do. This shot is voluntary. If you’re stupid enough to get it & then want to turn around & sue the hospital & the doctor, you have no legal recourse. Therefore, the state governor’s stating they aren’t going to renew certain permit’s, licenses, etc. As well as any employer forcing this down your throat, ARE in fact discriminating & breaking a law that DOESN’T exist.

      • I do not think He pushed it. The people wanted a “vaccine” and he trusted the scientists to develop one. I think he was ill advised, but did state it was not mandatory. Now it is being used to allow certain “freedoms” I too wonder if there is something someone can do.


      Antibody mediated enhancement of SARS and other viruses is known to occur, and is a theoretical danger of vaccination. It’s why we have a placebo group in vaccine trials! How else would be know the vaccine was safer or worse than nothing, if people got the natural disease later on?

      Some 36,000 people and their controls were used to answer that question in the mRNA vaccine trials for COVID-19. Did people who then got COVID-19 (there were 170 of these) do worse in the vaccine group? Yes, 162 people had to be hospitalized and one died. Was there evidence that the 8 people who got COVID-19 in the vaccine groups did worse? NO! There was no lung bleeding and suggestions of antibody enhancement in these 8 people! In fact, they did well and none of them died.

      Vaccine kept people who got COVID-19 later, out of hospital (remember all this is blinded so the patients and doctors have no idea who got the real vaccine, and have to judge severity blindly). The vaccine groups did better in all ways, whether they got COVID-19 or not. They even had fewer natural deaths (strokes, heart attacks). There are no vaccine deaths lurking in the shadows– there’s no place to put them!

      By the way, there are not 3100 cases of anaphylactic shock in the VAERS database. That’s a bald lie. There typically 20 per month, and they are NOT shock. Just anaphylaxis, which is generally just wheezing. People recover quickly and do not die.

      • Links to all of this??? That is done by companies or professionals that are not profiting off of the shots? She had said only about 10% were reported. 3100 is rough estimate based on that.

        What is the death rate for covid? .02% depending on age correct? Rate after the shots? 1% that is what they advertise…that alone says your more likely to DIE after shots.

        • It’s anaphylactic SHOCK she claims. But in that, you’re on the floor. It’s not something that is 90% missed and not reported.

          Of course the studies are done by companies that stand to make profits off them. These studies are monitored carefully by outside monitors and agencies, however, and are peer-reviewed, then data sifted again by the FDA. We’ve had three vaccines pass that kind of scrutiny, which is severe.

          The general population infection mortality rate for COVID-19 is about 1/2% to 1%. It will kill about one in every 100 to 200 infected. It kills up to 5% of people over 80.

          Nobody says your mortality risk is 1% after the vaccine. The vaccine rate is so low it hasn’t been measured. Nobody died of the vaccine in 36,000 people over several months in trials (the only COVID death was in placebo). There were some natural deaths, but the vaccine doesn’t make people immortal. There were more or these deaths in the saline placebo group than the vaccine group. There is no huge group of deaths to cover up. Death rate in placebo group is so close to death rate in vaccine group that the difference hasn’t been measured.

          • This vaccine is a total experiment never before done to
            humanity. Each individual has their own immune system
            to fight off certain viruses and disease. What gives the
            Pharmaceutical companies the RIGHT to play God and
            Inject a substance that will alter your immune response to
            a virus you may get. This is a sinister act upon humanity
            so some pharmaceutical labs can be given CARTE BLANC

          • You sound like you are reading propaganda out of a book. I’m 77, got covid, cured it at home (my husband also) so I have first hand experience with it. There is so much we still don’t know, like, does it affect different blood types differently, or, What is the percentage of deaths with people who are overweight, or underweight, or, what pre-existing conditions that cause death are the most prevalent, etc etc. This so-called virus is not the killer but can be the starter down the road to death. I’ll not be getting a vax. That’s the real knock down. And there is no fixing it after you get it. Chance, Risk, Hope, Pray.

      • You need to be deprogrammed so you can think critically, logically, and realize your rant is nothing more than science fiction. But that assumes at one time you could think objectively.

      • Lol not one thing you said was true. No one here is uneducated enough to believe you. If you scurry off now, we wont have tell you how we really feel.

      • How do you call yourself a doctor…… hardly,’ I wouldn’t let you treat my dogs. It’s all about money. It is mass genocide, world wide. The globalist are working on killing as many as possible. I don’t believe you are a medical doctor for a second, witch doctor I would agree.
        Dr. Liberal demon

      • At this time there is no turning it around. Your DNA has been rewritten and your macrophages have been damaged. Educate yourself and share with others about the dangers of these injections. I am so sorry. This psyop is cracking the minds of the people and the evil of this world continues to barrel forward with this genocide. The transmission of the spike proteins seems to be predominantly through skin to skin contact. Masks never worked, they only harm the wearer.

    • I have been following your research, Dr. Tenpenny on the COVID vaccines, and have also been keeping up with Mike Adams’ research on his Brighteon HRR website. I have not been vaccinated by a doctor’s advice. I want to know why your information isn’t getting out to the TV and radio media. Why haven’t you appeared on any TV news shows? It seems to me this information needs to get out to the public. I believe in what you are saying about these vaccines, and the “depopulation” scheme. I feel the vaccinations should be halted ASAP before any more Americans are destined to become very ill and die. I would appreciate a reply.

      • Jaquelynn – the mainstream media is part of the same control system as Big Pharma and the banksters that want to kill us.

      • Tenpenny – one of the disgusting “Disinformation Dozen” who will be responsible for the deaths of people who choose not to vaccinate because of your false information! SHAME on you Tenpenny! You are neither an infection disease specialist or scientist! Where are your links to prove your outrageous pseudo-science claims?!

        • Seriously believe she is spreading disinformation? Well I hope you received yours, and realize the potential mistake you have made…Do you even know what is in these vaccines? Have a niece whom is a registered RN on the front lines everyday, she knows what in them, and refused to take it, so now she is in private RN services….. My advice is go next to a new 5G network tower with your smart phone, and see how you feel afterwards….Proof will eventually be shown, but be blamed as another strain of COVID. I wish you would wake up, she is not lying.

          • You are correct. The 5G towers are capable of giving pulsed 60Ghz which in the military were used as “Crowd Dispersers” When this frequency was pointed at a crowd and pulsed, the crowd would run away because their skin felt like it was on fire. What it was doing was changing the water molecules in the body. FROST BITE on steroids. Any radio frequency introduced to a virgin community will cause illness, disease and even death in the immune compromised. Your wireless technology coupled with weak immune systems and dehydration and metal toxin buildup is the perfect storm for illnesses and death. I’ve worked in this industry for many years before I retired. The warnings are there, the FCC is very aware of the dangers to biological organisms. But the demand for the technology and the easy wealth earned is a risk we all have agreed too. When you sleep, turn off your wifi and the ele electrical breaker for your outlets in your bedroom. You will feel better immediately. Hardwire your computers in your offices. Most businesses are hardwired because wifi is easily hacked into. And very unhealthy to work around for 8 to 10 hrs a day.

        • I’m sad for you that you have no idea what’s really going on. 🙏 Lots of research out there you can do on your own to learn the real agenda. It’s hard to believe, but sadly very bad things are happening from evil people behind everything you hear from mainstream media. Sending you love and prayers.

        • Cindy, Dr Tenpenny is rigjt on the money. I’m a doctor and a cloning expert. This is not a vaccine. It is an injection of genetically modifified material. It will kill you or severely disable you. I am in my 60s and healthy thanks to my wonderful God-given immune system. I would never trust my immune system to an “experiment” by big pharma. When you get sick, you have only yourself to blame. Dr. Tenpenny tried to warn you.

        • WOW Big Pharma sure does have an endless supply of paid trolls don’t they?? You can always tell by their disgusting,hate spewing replies.. Cindy clearly needs a real job.

        • Lady it is now may 2021, there have been an astounding number of deaths and injuries. So it’s sad you are brainwashed by big pharm controlled media. We are on a way to the complete tyranny and the ruination of our Country. So SHAME ON YOU!!!!
          May God protect us…… especially from others who are blind like you

        • Cindy, do us a favor and go get vaccinated. Tell us about it in a year’s time if you are still around.

        • Where are the links from the so called covid gurus that prove the virus even exists? Where are the links from the so called covid experts that prove that the vax actually does anything except inject us with toxins? You sound like a vaxed person who needs to be SHAMED. You vaxed people have taken the koolaid and now want everyone else to.

        • Trump is not a Jesuit. Had he not pushed this “vaccine agenda” through, they would have been able to force these shots. At least we know these have not been cleared by the FDA or tested properly. Trump pushed the drug therapies but they kept silencing him. At least now, those with half a brain in their head can make the choice for themselves not to take something that is experimental.

    • My mom got this. I feel like crying she is my best friend but she won’t listen to me and not get the 2nd vaccine because her heart doctor told her to do it.

    • Reinette please take the great information you shared in this interview and create a podcast as a monologue. When you have a guest, please ask them thought provoking questions and allow them to speak the majority of the time.

    • Hi my question is “can a person that has take the covid shot from Pfizer, both shots, get another person infected by close contact…girlfriend?

      • Maybe….. if within the first 2 weeks after. Many women report menstrual problems after sleeping with their vaxed husbands. You might become infertile or if you get pregnant you might abort or have a still born. Lots of unknowns. My daughter’s husband got the shots, she did not. Now her signs are a shifted personality. Never happy, always tired, seems subdued and has even more migraines than she used to have. I hope she won’t get worse, but she’s definitely not the same. Just sayin’.

        • Pene, My work just highered a man that has been fully injected. I have been moody and soft headaches through the day working around him. When I leave work, by the time I get home, I begin to feel better. The next day, same thing. I started drinking pine tea from the pines in my backyard. Headaches went away, mood is better but not perfect.

    • This is the final battle of good vs. evil.
      Isaiah 28 discusses the “covenant with death”. Revelation 9 (the 5th trumpet) explains God’s response to it. At the following you will find the end dating of events:
      The “mark of the beast” is soon coming so do your homework- look up “charagma” and “luciferaise” as starting topics.

      • “This is the final battle of good vs. evil.”

        Really? Don’t you think that’s a little over the top? If it is, I want better monsters and more popcorn.

        And you should check your blood pressure.

        • And you should just shut up. You’re not making things better. Trying to scare and intimidate people is not very doctorly. This is not propaganda, this is science. Viruses are in your body forever and you can either learn to control and live with them, or they take over your body. I know. I have herpes. I have learned what to eat, or not, what homeopathic remedies to take, etc. If you want to help, stop telling people they are wrong for their beliefs. God, the force, the vibration, the frequency, whatever you want to call it is real. The vax changes your frequency. It’s not a good thing. That’s why people die or get harmed or act differently after the vax. It needs to stop. It’s obviously wrong in so many way.

    • This is the final battle of good vs. evil.
      Isaiah 28 discusses the “covenant with death” that is now in action. Revelation 9 (the 5th trumpet) explains God’s response to it.
      At the following youtube you will find the end dating of events:
      The “mark of the beast” is soon coming so do your homework- look up “charagma” and “luciferaise” as starting topics.

    • I have been listening to many of your recent podcasts and my main question is – how do I protect and take care of my own immune system when I am forced to be around so many that have taken the poison jab. I am a female and do not want my body harmed! what can I do to protect myself?

      • You need to focus on your immune system every single day. Take vitamins and supplements that can enhance and strengthen your immune system. Start with Vitamin D & C and L-Lysine. Zinc is also highly recommended. Take a good multivitamin also. If you are overweight, STOP overeating and cut out sugar. Get a good nights rest and if you have trouble sleeping, do something about it. I take handfuls of supplements every day. I’m 77, strong, a woman, and mask less the whole time. No vax. Your body, your choice. What would you prefer? Try to cure yourself at home or get the vax and wonder every day what’s going to happen (am I safe am I going to die or get sick, etc) At least doctoring yourself will give you some personal control. And above all, think positively. All the above will be weakened if you constantly live in fear. Get over it. DO what you know is right for your self.

    • There are going to be a lot of pissed off people once they learned they are all going to die, who are they going to hold responsible for this attack on humanity?

      • It don’t matter who they try to blame, they will be dying anyways. The real question is what will happen to the ones who refused to take the fake vaccines? They won’t be dying, and will be a threat to the elite globalists.

      • Not who are they going to hold responsible, but how will they hold anyone responsible when they are in the other world?

      • They will be dead so those who are responsible will be home free. Whole families will be wiped out or left infertile and sterile. It should be obvious to everyone that when the druggies won’t be held responsible, there is something very, very wrong.

    • Johnson & Johnson is not mRNA. How does it kill people?
      AstraZeneca is not mRNA. How does it kill people?
      Sputnik is not mRNA. How does it kill people?

      • I believe they introduced those vaccines to say, “see, the conventional vaccines don’t work.”You’ll need to take the mRNA one now.” Of course, they have been pulling those conventional ones. Not that conventional ones are anything great. The other thing, is this virus, which is obviously engineered, does not produce good anti-bodies, they are short-lived. That is why people catch it again and again.

      • J&J is simply the spike protein directly injected into the body. So, J&J skips the step of the MRNA directing your body to produce the spike protein.

      • Think in terms of inflammation. Inflammed heart, or other organs, especially the lungs. Did you watch Tenpenny’s video. She explains it quite well. ANY thing that gets in the body is a risk. Some will survive, some will not. Do you think you can win the Russian Roulette game? Take a chance. Do you think if you got the flu you could die? Maybe, maybe not. What is your current health condition? I have many friend who got the jab for many different reasons. Could not take the badgering by the vaxed. Did it because their spouse did. Was uninformed as to the risks, and thought if was going to keep them from getting the virus. We are all different. We are all going to die eventually. The big question is – how do you want to die?

    • Dr. Tenpenny, thank you for the education. I have listened to many of your podcasts and read many articles on the potentially irreversible effects of taking the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Your education stopped me from getting either of the vaccines. I refuse to be a guinea pig for this experiment and take this vaccine. I fully understand the scientific explanations of mRNA processes, risks, and the spike protein’s potential detrimental and possibly life-ending effects. In your many discussions and interviews, you consistently talk about what ‘can’ happen and present statistics of voluntarily reported ~2,050 deaths and ~50,000 adverse effects, which is most likely a 10% reporting number. I am not here to question these facts. But, what I would like you to address is has ‘any’ of these ‘can’ happens, happened to anyone? The first of these vaccines were administered in late Dec 2020. It’s now four months into this experimental vaccine and is there any validated deaths or adverse effects caused by the mRNA delivery risks and the spike protein that you are warning about? You mentioned miscarriages have increased by 6000%, is the cause because of the spike protein? The six-month mark is just around the corner…do you expect a mass ‘depopulation’ to begin that soon?


        Not much is happening. Only Tenpenny who keeps saying “any time, now.”

        >>Over 245 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through May 03, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 4,178 reports of death (0.0017%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports. A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths. CDC and FDA will continue to investigate reports of adverse events, including deaths, reported to VAERS.<<

        • So say you. You once again are repeating information that we the people out here in the real world cannot verify. Can you offer any help other than regurgitating propaganda? You sound vaxed. Your speel sounds like so many like you. Scolding and fearful. Bad bedside manner.

        • Not here to challenge the numbers. As many have said, VAERS reports are approximately 10% of reality. To use the number of deaths you identify (4,178), why are these vaccines continued? In past vaccines, 60+ deaths stopped distribution and inoculation immediately and now it’s ok to press forward with over 4,000+ deaths and counting? How is that a good thing? The repeated comment that ‘no evidence’ exists is a malpractice answer. No one in the medical field is seeking the correlation of evidence revealing the causation of these deaths. To use what a death certificate informs, what medical records reveal, and an autopsy is not sufficient. That is no more than looking at the body topographically. What is the cause of these deaths if not the vaccine? To accept there is ‘no evidence’ exist answer is the primary reason why not to take any mRNA vaccine method. We must know before it’s pushed to the masses. Investigate, learn, tell the world the truth!

          Since you seem to spout government numbers, what are the numbers of deaths from COVID-19 versus deaths with COVID-19? Why is our government, medical field, and pharmaceuticals lying about the numbers? Could it be the monetary benefits all are receiving by pushing this pandemic solution? Why is the media, the medical field, pharmaceuticals, and politicians pushing this propogandist agenda? Why has the FDA not approved the mRNA vaccine delivery method in the past 20 years? Could it be because animal tests in vivo resulted in deaths of the animals? Why is the FDA, NIH, CDC, and the WHO waving their tried-and-true science testing standards to push this vaccine method? Your willingness to accept superficial and corrupted data as your decision measure only reveals to me you are part of the problem, naïve, and incredibly gullible. If you are vaccinated with one of the mRNA vaccines, I hope you’re right for your own sake. I will wait for the science to be completed and all the rules, regulations, and safety standards are followed. Besides, Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Ivermectin primary care is 99.1% effective in reducing symptoms, treating and shortening the duration COVID-19, and does not permanently harm the body. This outpatient primary care option offers better efficacy than any of the vaccines purport today, plus your body builds natural immune antibodies.

    • Only a fool would trust our current corrupt Government agencies. Dr. Fauci is knee-deep in his connection to the Wuhan Lab and the pharmaceutical industry. Follow the money.
      There is absolutely NO WAY my wife and I will allow this poison to be injected into or bodies.
      We both take 1/2 ounce of Colloidal Silver in the morning and evening, No bacteria, virus or fungus can live in contact with silver. It’s the weapon that God gave us against these three. Unfortunately, it is a natural element, can’t be patented and there is no money to be made by the pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, what is beneficial is ignored by these companies. They are definitely NOT on your side.

    • So we just wait around to die??? Is there anything that can be done to slow process of destroying your cells ?
      Why hasn’t anyone told people thus could happen

      • Not trying to sound unsympathetic, but perhaps you should researched the possible long term side effects of the “poison” you allowed to be injected into your body? We cannot listen to anyone who does not have our own best interest in mind! There is clear proof that these vaccines are not thoroughly tested. How could they be? They were rushed from the onset last summer and no double blind placebo tests were conducted. Which takes many months to years to complete. That one fact alone should cause anyone to think twice about getting any vaccine!

        • Not trying to sound harsh but I can tell you a lot of people didn’t and aren’t going to research this before taking it. The whole “it’s safe” and “do it because everyone else is” mentality is very easy to fall prey to. I have loved ones who have gotten the shot and think I’m a nut job for not doing it. I just pray they will all be okay. I mean it’s literally being peddled EVERYWHERE now, even at hospitals and Walmart parking lots. “Come get your FREE shot!” It’s evil.

          • This may sound harsh, but blind faith in what a peddler has to sell, is an option. It is not a mandate.

            And, you’re absolutely correct – many of those who willingly choose to blindly follow the herd instead of engaging their brains, will openly ridicule those who question or make a personal choice not to go along with the crowd. Calling you a “nut job” perhaps helps to quell the chatter of their underlying dissonance. The arrogance of lemmings, albeit non sequitur on its surface, is a common phenomenon in this strangely socially ‘woke’ universe today in which freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength..

        • Double blind placebo controlled trials lasting about two months each and involving a total of 72,000 people were conducted on the two mRNA vaccines, and the results published in the New York Journal of Medicine.

          Yes, they were short trials. But since 162 people got sick with COVID-19 and had to be hospitalized in the saline groups, and only 8 in the vaccine groups, clearly there was protection from the vaccine.

          Do we know about long term effects of the vaccine, such as those happening after 6 months or more? No. How could we? But vaccines generally do not cause long term problems — if there are safety issues, the show up when people vaccinated get the natural disease. There should have been 160 of these, or so. But they didn’t happen. The vaccine is safe for people when they get COVID-19. Antibody mediated enhancement doesn’t happen or we’d have seen it even in a 2 month trial.

          But what about sterility in 3 years or cancer in 5 years? What about it turning you into a giant fly in 20 years? We’ll have to wait and see. Life is risk. Dr. Tenpenny is always going to claim something horrible is “just around the corner.” Any time, now.

          • Yeah, i’m sure the evil people that unleashed the engineered virus and then the fake vaccine did not manipulate that trial and results.

          • Rabble on Dr. Steven Harris. Can you please tell me why the FDA has not authorized these so called vaccines? Could it be because they haven’t been tested enough to give proof they are not harmful?
            And what about the mice that they tested that died from lung failure? Go get yourself educated Dr.

          • Steven, it is not around the corner. IT IS HAPPENING NOW. Either you are isolated from everyday people, ignorant, uneducated or part of the problem. Thousands have died in the past 6 months. Many more have been injured. This is not a vaccine, this is gene therapy with GMO particulates. If you were worth your salt, you would know this. This campaign has nazi germany written all over it, from the letter issued to me a year ago to put in my car, to prove I was an essential worker to drive to and from work, to the health questionnaire I had to complete daily, to the face covering nonsense that would protect me from a virus so small it freely passes through the mask but traps CO2 and toxins exiring my lungs, changing the temperature in my mouth and decreasing the oxygen intake. Not being able to work without complying. Never until this day having an isolated/purified sample of C19, and the fact that vaccines have a weakened form of the virus, which these injections do not. And worst of all, at least 6 treatments available today, with low to no side effects, yet governments around the world are invoking the EUA without following the rules of when and how an EUA can be used. And businesses being threatened by state governors to not renew business licenses to do commerce if the busi esses did not inforce these tyrranical “guidances”, treating employers with penalties as if the “guidances” were laws. So Steven, as you can see, it is difficult for me to believe you are any Dr. Of honor, but rather a hack who knows little of what is happening, really, and you walk on your oath with contempt. Shame on you and all your colleagues who have sold out the people and true health to be drug pushers as your soul rots away. You conscience has been severed. You no longer can see the truth and when these souless tyrrants have genocided the elderly, the weak, the ignorant and our children, they will come for you, when tou are no longer useful. But, I also took an oath to protect the constitution of the united states of america and its people from enemies, foreign and domestic. And I will continue to honor my oath. Just because you have “MD” in your title does not make you infallible, careful sir, who you trust, they may be your true enemy. The military always knows the most truth of any situation. Don’t ever underestimate that power.

        • >>They were rushed from the onset last summer and no double blind placebo tests were conducted. <<

          Double blind placebo controlled studies were conducted on all three of the vaccines in use in the US. And published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Go read.

      • Everyone who was already awake to how the whole system is corrupt, rigged, and run by demons (literally) has been trying. People just thumb their nose and laugh us off as “conspiracy theorists.” The media is owned by big pharma, who are in turn all controlled by the wealthiest people in the world. The COVID vaccine was obviously engineered when you look at the facts surrounding that as well. They set the trap, and people are heading straight for it.

      • Well if they told you, you wouldn’t take it would you? This in the problem. No informed consent.

      • Hi Connie ,
        I am not a doctor but I do suffer with long term serious health issues and there are some wonderful holistic doctors online that you can access loads of knowledge for free and it definitely is working for me and my son , I nursed us both through covid last year at home. They teach you ways to detox different parts of the body safely and how to support general and specific organs etc… How to make your body alkaline to fight inflammation through food and drink choices , herbs , supplements , essential oils etc.. Also the importance of being happy etc.. Anyway I comprehend your fear and this knowledge has given me confidence and hugely reduced my fear levels because it gives you control . Please remember as well that EVERYONE is guessing at the moment because no one knows as there hasn’t been time . So I truly believe that these doctors have helped me and so many other people as well . Also there are machines which use frequency to vibrate and kill cancer cells etc.. so if loads of people are adversely affected they could possibly pool money together and buy one to treat themselves. Off the top of my head I would say – go organic — look into biosolids and plastics if you don’t think it necessary
        Coronavirus found in stool of former patients more than a month after they test negative
        Wednesday, May 13, 2020 by Franz Walke
        Really I think that it comes down to lowering the overall toxic load on the body so that if you still have a few things that you can’t get rid of , you can kind of keep them de-activated . I don’t know if the last link will work or not . I am not very good with technology . Lol . Also if I have spelt anything wrongly , I’m a bit dyslexic . So erm good look and I hope this helps . Try not to be afraid that does encourage weakness in the body .

    • This is all scriptural in the Book of Daniel AND Revelation. This is the Beginning of the “end of Days” Find Yahshua while you can!

      • It’s JESUS. And, it’s not the Hebrew spelling for Jesus. Hebrew died as a language and it was revived from scratch. Today’s Hebrew isn’t even the real Hebrew spoken thousands of years ago and revived in the 19th century. Get SAVED by the name of JESUS CHRIST. Admit your sinner, Hell is real, Salvation is a FREE GIFT of GOD and will last FOREVER, Jesus PAID for your SIN, Call upon the name of JESUS Romans 10:9. In a nutshell, you must believe with heart that Jesus died for you, was buried for 3 days and RESURRECTED. Profess this, believe it and call upon his name to SAVE YOU. Hell is eternal and Heaven is eternal. It’s your choice as to where you spend eternity. 2 Corinthians 6:2) ” … behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.)”

      • Jesus Christ is prophesied in the Old Testament. Notice the unpronounceable Name for God, YHWH, in the Name. Strong’s Hebrew: 3444. יְשׁוּעָה Yeshuwah (Salvation) — 77 Old Testament Occurrences
        Here are a few:
        Genesis 49:18
        BIB: לִֽישׁוּעָתְךָ֖ קִוִּ֥יתִי יְהו
        KJV: I have waited for Thy Salvation, O LORD.

        Exodus 14:13
        BIB: וּרְאוּ֙ אֶת־ יְשׁוּעַ֣ת יְהוָ֔ה אֲשֶׁר־
        KJV: and see the Salvation of the LORD,

        Exodus 15:2
        BIB: וַֽיְהִי־ לִ֖י לִֽישׁוּעָ֑ה זֶ֤ה אֵלִי֙
        KJV: and song, and He is become my Salvation:

        Deuteronomy 32:15
        BIB: וַיְנַבֵּ֖ל צ֥וּר יְשֻׁעָתֽוֹ׃
        KJV: the Rock of his Salvation.

        1 Samuel 2:1
        BIB: כִּ֥י שָׂמַ֖חְתִּי בִּישׁוּעָתֶֽךָ׃
        KJV: because I rejoice in Thy Salvation.

        1 Samuel 14:45
        BIB: אֲשֶׁ֣ר עָ֠שָׂה הַיְשׁוּעָ֨ה הַגְּדוֹלָ֣ה הַזֹּאת֮
        KJV: this great Salvation in Israel?

        Greek: 2424. Iesous, ee-ay-sooce’ ; of Hebrew or. 3091; Jesus (i.e. Jehoshua), the name of our Lord and two (three) other Isr.―Jesus.

        Hebrew: 3091. Yehowshuwa, yeh-ho-shoo’-ah ; Jehoshua (i.e.Joshua) the Jewish leader.

        Hebrew: 3442. Yeshuwa, yay-shoo-ah for 3091; he will save; Jeshua is the shortened form of Yehoshua, i.e. Joshua.
        Jeshua the son of Nun (Nehemiah 8:17).

        Hebrew: 3444. Yeshuwah, yesh-oo’-aw ; salvation, deliverance, help.

        Sharing a Bible codes article: The Name of Jesus Revealed in the Old Testament “Yeshua Is My Name”

        • Christina, that is awesome. The good Lord showed me this 30yrs ago. He told me his son’s name is in the father’s name, sooo… I began to study. Simply put, I was introduced to “YHWH”, then I was introduced to the father’s name: YeHoWaH, then I was introduced to the son’s name: YeHoshua, otherwise for short: Yeshua.
          God is faithful in all things. And he sent the comforter to teach us, the Holy Spirit in us. All we have to do is learn to go to Him, rather than man, when we want knowledge and wisdom.Amen.

    • I want to share this video but the comments are preventing me from wanting to do so. Please remove the comments so we can just listen to the expert.

    • The mentally mature members of the army, I see as the only force who could take down the eugenic epigenetically molded powers to be. A culture which eradicated indigenious indians is hardly to be expected to have empathy with a human being. They do not consider themselves as participants of the society. Because it’s their purposefull construct. Be wise, do the unavoidable when necessary and the possible will come into be. See it, feel. Recognize the truth by exploring threw questioning everything. Ones own believes at the very roots. The time to compromise is diminished. There is no time to be outside the Truth. Because we expearience the decieve prior to the end of time.

    • Good people of America YOU must listen to this Doctor, you are being LIED to by your own Government and by Big Pharma about this so-called Vaccine, the COVID19 VACCINE is all about Sterilizing massive amounts of people in order to have less people in the World. I have Not had this Vaccine and I don’t intend to get it. STOP PUTTING THIS POISON INTO YOUR BODY!

      • Yes. Those who have had the jab develop a prion disease. This is an abnormally folded protein that attacks the brain tissue over time. This is contagious via sharing bodily fluids or saliva. Therefore, it is good to know who has the jab if you plan on being intimate together or even just sharing a drink. In the long run, those who see clearly will have to come together and be away from those who chose the jab…people will begin to die off, unfortunately.

        -Health is the only immunity

          • That is my question too!
            I think dr tenpenny said it is self replicating? That will be a death sentence.
            When will Americans just say NO?

    • ❤🙏🏾🙏🏻
      God bless you and give you peace.. we cannot see for other people- praying your Sisters eyes are opened..

    • It already has been happening. A very large group on FB, just taken down I might add, of people all over the globe reporting ALL the things Sherri talks about here and yet none of it is being reported!

    • Research The Temple of Sarapis and who worships Sarapis The Temple once contained the Library of Alexandria. When you research this do not deny what you see but ask the creator of all living things to give you his name. We have literally been lied to about everything. The direction they claim is up, Isiah reveals is where Lucifer exalted himself. The sun rises East. The Calendar is much simple. Do not go online for it. Study Enoch. The Calendar begins spring ends winter. The 7th is kept the 7th. A day and night cycle is 18 hours. This is in Enoch and also backed by Vortex Time. I did make a video titled the capendar that keeps the sabbath. Then there are two enemies we view as one. Satan as revealed by Job goes to amd fro. This is who Satanists worship. Then there is Lucifer who is Stationary in the North. The battle in politics is Lucifer and Satan. Lucifer will appear has the light barer saving us from Satan whom the world believes is Lucifer, believes is Jesus. 😔 Research The Temple of Sarapis. Please excuse the hypocrisy in my gmail name, before I found the truth. HalleluYAH. When you understand man made in his image Yah Y chromosome trees stand in praise Y. That is what trees do. He is everywhere and will see. May Yah bless the reader who reads and seeks truth. KumbaYah

      • In the Christian Greek Scriptures “Jah” appears four times in the expression Hallelujah. (Re 19:1, 3, 4, 6) Most Bibles simply carry this Greek expression over into English untranslated, but G. W. Wade renders it, “Praise ye Jehovah,” and the New World Translation reads, “Praise Jah, you people!”

    • Thank Yahweh/God for this interview 💕🙏💕! None of the pharmaceuticals are designed to heal you, just relieve the symptoms. I have successfully removed myself from 13+ medications by eating a natural unprocessed (as much as I can unprocessed) diet. I’ve built up my flora in the gutt and my Lupus and fibromyalgia are almost to no flare ups! I use CBD/THC natural tincture oil for pain. It’s just AMAZING! Make time to build a relationship with Yashua/Jesus ,pray, read your Holy Bible, strengthen yourself physically and spiritually in order to stand in these times!

      • You can get Ivermectin at any feed or livestock supply store. Every rancher has ivermectin in their barn or pickup truck.

        • Yeah, take horse-paste ivermectin. But stay away from those bad pharmaceutical chemicals. LOL.

          • Are you trying to claim it’s not the same medication? We all know that it is. You may have spent years in medical school but that doesn’t give you a lock on the free flow of information. Are you wearing your mask everywhere, doc? Have you seen the science showing the viral particles are roughly 1/1000 the size of the holes in the masks? BTW folks, Ivermectin should be 0.2mg/kg not 10 as prophylaxes or double up to 0.4mg/kg for disease if you are showing respiratory distress. Get a steroid if it gets chronic. See how much advice we need from you Mr. M.D.? NONE!

    • I would love to know how she went through life not ever having to produce proof of vaccination whether it be school or education.

    • Now it makes perfect sense why Dr. Fauci and the “experts” are so concerned that the people who’ve taken a C-19 vaccine are to remain vigilant in continuing to wear masks, social distance, no groups, especially with the non-vaccinated, etc., etc! The longer they keep these victims of vaccines from having adverse immune responses from being reintroduced to real-world viruses or diseases , the more time they’ll have to infect as many people as possible with their very profitable experiment upon all mankind, with their evil agenda and poisonous concoction, IMHO! This whole thing may sound like some kind of crazy conspiracy theory that’s very difficult to believe, though there are many patterns, facts and questions that cannot be ignored any longer & must be investigated ASAP! Thank you, to you two amazing ladies for informing & educating us with your expert opinions and indisputable facts!

    • yup dummy no minded school of Rockefeller medicine shills paid by the same system that supports bad medicine anti-doctors.. I do not condone nor will I comply. civil disobedience is necessary.

    • Dr Tenpenny is amazing. I guess. I say that because, when all this mask, lockdown, and vaccine business started I kept the facts simple in my mind, knowing what I pay attention to, the facts that depopulation control was the goal was so easy to recognize.
      Dr Tenpenny just confirmed my intuitions.
      Thx Doc.

    • In Australia we are saddled with an ever growing lineup of fools both state and federal government private sector and regulators telling us lies about how the TGA has thoroughly tested the vaccines and how good they are yet elderly are dropping of like flies in aged care facilities followed by being vaxxed I’m mystified as to why these idiots tell us it’s ok to inject chimpanzee ardenovirus into our bodies not to mention that mRNA shit

      • Couldn’t hurt… right?
        I am no expert, but I would think you want to really load up on the D3 and C… zinc picolonate too… for life…
        Also… look into a supplement called BHT.

        Hang in, keep your chin up.

      • Contact Mike Adams with he’s mentioned several things you can do if you’ve only had the first vaccine.

    • Does anyone have any information on how to deactivate the mRNA vaccine. Maybe something we can take? Maybe something that we can do after the fact? I’m sure many of us have loved ones that are blinded by the media that have taken the vaccine. I do know that 2cc’s of nebulized 10ppm colloidal silver will eradicate any cold or flu extremely fast as my auotimmune fiance and I have been free of being sick the past 2 years by using it at any early onset. But I’m not sure it will do anygood at stopping the triggering mechanism of the antispike protein production once it starts. This whole situation is just terrible.

      • Maybe. I heard this in a podcast the other day.
        “Morgellons Protocol” excuse spelling.
        [email protected]

        It describes a bath. Gives ingredients. That when taken under a black light, will identify the ……i can’t remember what they’re called, but you’ll be able to see some fkind of ibers leaving the body.
        I think I understood the podcast correctly.
        Could all be hoax. A lot of that going around these.
        I like Juan O Savin and I believe it was a guest he was speaking with.
        I will not take a vaccine of any kind. I’ll die first. That mindset is already made up.
        Good luck.
        To your loved one’s, “its too late to fear the VACCINE after you’ve taken the VACCINE.

      • I know nothing about medical care, but i know that JESUS CHRIST came in this world to save any people, He’s the only who can heal our spirit, our soul and our body. I suggest you to cry to JESUS, he’s able to reverse the effect of this vaccine. His blood can purify us from any kind of poison. (see) Mark 16:17-18 “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

        just believe in JESUS CHRIST.

    • Hello all – This was a wonderful and important discussion for my ears to hear!

      I am a person living in the Uk, who’s family was destroyed with a single vaccination (measles), which completely fried my sisters brain. She cannot walk, talk, feed or toilet herself, as a 41yr old woman. And GSK even refused to give a sample of the vaccine strain that destroyed my sisters life all those years ago to the courts, when it was requested for testing during the 10yr long court case!! My mother won the case proving that the vaccine did in fact cause the injury – Yet around 2013 my Mother was contacted by the NHS to ask if she would like to have a gene test done, where my sister would be tested to see if she had the Rett-Syndrome gene – And of course, like magic the test showed she indeed has the gene, so therefore GSK were absolved of responsibility, and my family members now believe it was Rett syndrome all along, completely missing the fact that it was the vaccine itself which caused her brain to be fried. Also they forget how much the Dr’s were consistently trying to convince my mother that my sister had Rett syndrome all along, throughout the court case – That the vaccine was in no case responsible for her sudden condition!! Nobody recognises that the gene test was a trap which big pharma created to make themselves seem somewhat innocent. Now my poisoned family think it’s necessary to have her vaccinated against covid – but they are brainwashed through their NHS careers and brimming over with fear of it all. Somehow, they fail to see that this vaccine poses dangers since it has not been tested – not that there has ever been a true safety testing alongside a placebo, but nevermind, eyy :/

      I would love to know if there is anybody out there with a similarly sad story to share – This whole rett-syndrome thing being so-called proven to be to blame for my sisters condition, even though she had blood coming through her ears and was suffering acute pain in her head and screaming horrendously, while pulling her ears and shaking her head. She was bright as a button, and had never been this way prior to the vaccine, and was learning to read, write, walk and talk beforehand – She lost interest in playing and in interacting with anybody very soon after. So I see through the BS the medical establishment have tried to spoon-feed my family with. Anyway, I keep going into rants about this, which isn’t so healthy. But people really need to know that these cases DO exist, and lives and families ARE destroyed with these satanic shots. It’s far from innocent, and it is NOT about health and wellbeing!

      All of that aside – I urge you to take time to watch this series, by the Epoch Times group…. You can also read the text, which really helps it to sink in. It’s free to watch and read at:

      It explains where we have gone wrong. It is Marxism and the introduction of Atheism etc etc.

      Sending you all so much love

      – Joanne <3

      • Just finished watching the first episode of “how the specter of communism is ruling the world.” Thank you for sharing. We are living in a society that has lost its moral compass. What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. There is hope, the hope that only comes from our Lord and Saviour. We must pray for peace and for our salvation. God help us all.

      • Thank you for sharing your heart breaking story. I can only imagine the torment you must feel being in a situation where you feel so powerless.

      • ❤🙏🏾🙏🏻
        God bless you and give you peace.. we cannot see for other people- praying your Sisters eyes are opened..

    • I’m thinking the vaccine might be just as fake as the pandemic. If it was just another flu shot, how would we know? Or if they were giving the mRNA shots to some people, regular flu shots to others, and harmless saline injections to still others, how would we know?

    • Please Reinette, SHUT UP and let the doctor speak!!! As with so many amateurs on the internet, you don’t let your speaker speak!!!! I don’t care about your opinion, I want to hear what Dr. Tenpenny has to say

      • AMEN Sister.. the shot fired around the world but NOT heard by billions.. God bless and save AMERICA as ok only you can kn Jesus’ Name.

    • When I go to Dr. Tenpenny’s address on my phone I got an immediate notice on my screen that my phone has been compromised. On my computer, I get an immediate screen to update my Adobe Flashplayer. I think both of these will lead to problems on the device and have been placed by the dark side to keep people from seeing her information.

      • You nailed it Jay… ! Recently, I went to the USPS from my phone about some mail business and some turkey had arranged an official pop-up-warning about how dangerous and infected that site was. If wee can’t go to the Post Office site, where can we go?

    • My good friend is determined to get this vaccine because her mother is a doctor who’s main agenda is to get the entire family and close friends vax’d .

      She isn’t healthy at all, she has a bad colon and several other problems… she refuses to listen or read anything I send her. I fear for her safety.

      We are going into some dark shit and it seems no one wants to listen or seek both sides of the story.

      Help 😬

      • let them all die… it is hard to say but i learned you just cannot make decisions for others or even advise unless they seek it.. they are already dead you see.

    • Pretty heartless for the host to essentially brag about not taking care of family because of an opinion. Jesus said the love of many will wax cold.

    • Ok. Dr. Lee Merritt says you can ward off coronavirus with supplements like Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Melatonin, NaQ. She has a video. I also drink lemon water infused with true cinnamon and star anise. The anise is a good for fighting colds and flu too.

    • Thank you so much Dr. Tenpenny for inlighting us on your knowledge of this vaccine. It’s a Damn shame what they are doing to people and don’t care about any of us. I have to go outside the circle to do my own research and I’m adding you to my list of resources.
      Thanks again for a great show ladies

    • Dr, Tenpenny, I will not get the vaccine but I do have three out of state family members that have gotten the two dose mederna vaccine. I am very afraid for them. I heard an interview with General McInerney where he stated that he had gotten the first shot and then learned of the dangers and he said he’d been since talking to several well known specialists that told him there are things he can do to offset the vaccine that he did take but he didn’t state what those things were. Do you know of anything people can do if they have had the vaccine? Is there any hope of reversing or lessening the effects/results of the vaccine? Any help or suggestions would be of great help to people.

      • Astragalus immediately after the vaccine to upregulate Treg cells and minimize auto-immune reactions. Long term, water fasting to autophage (eat) the immune cells that have been programmed to react.

    • Cuomo in NY wants to push a vaccine passport. This is a dangerous slippery slope independent from whether one is pro-vax or not. Democrats pushing this is dystopian nightmare.

    • I have 4 Autoimmune diseases and would never get the vaccine. Even though my doctor suggested the vaccine.

    • I have Fibromyalgia and Gastroparesis. What can I do to help my immune system? I’m not a vaccine person. I did have childhood vaccines.

      • Dear Sheri, Fibromyalgia is often Lyme Disease misdiagnosed, there is lot of Infos on Dr ….Be your own Doctor, have a great time !!!1

    • Here in the UK all you see is are media.who tells they stand up to the powerful 4 us.just q/sing just cheerleading.and your seeing reports and post’s saying people are dying and there not picking up that people are being damaged .and all u see from are dr’s and journalists is cheerleading.scarry stuff.

    • If our Government is setting us up to depopulate America, then it’s time for a change, Our Government we the people can no longer remain passive and like guinea pigs, they made us believe that this pandemic that infiltrated America from China, only to create an alternative to agenda to decrease the Populations of America, its time to wake the American People up and hold those accountable for such a dastardly plan to kill Americans. It almost seems as if this is the annihilations of mankind to recreate a New America with scheduled inoculations I found this hard to phantom, there is treachery going on within our Government a covert operation to dissolve our humanity, through the use of scared tactics its working and if this is true the Media needs to restore its Truthfulness that affects them as well in this diabolical plan to depopulate Amerca!


          OPEN YOUR EYES.

    • It would be nice if Reinette would actually stop monopolizing the interview and avoid getting off on her own experiences; and display the courtesy of letting Dr. Tenpenny explain her vast knowledge without endless interruptions, instead of making her listen to her own rambling. It is too bad when interviewers lack the skills and the awareness required to do their job properly.
      Makes one cringe to listen to this display of self-importance at the cost of Dr. Tenpenny.

      • I thought I was the only one who saw that until I was scrolling down and read your message.
        Agree when you have a guest on your show, it is exactly that. Your guest has the floor and microphone.

      • Well, since the same people that are forcing the 1st dose on people also want them to take a 2nd dose, I would use common sense to think that the 2nd dose should also not be taken.

    • This backs up what happened to me 20 yrs ago after a Dr pushed me to get a tetanus booster.
      The day after the shot: fever, half my right side went numb, I developed chronic nerve pain throughout my body. Hands & feet burned, tingled, and went numb. I couldn’t hold items in my hands due to extreme pain/stiffness. None of it left!!! Suddenly many drs, many pills, tests…I couldn’t work anymore, exhaustion & pain sapped me of my life.
      I had 5 kids who I wasn’t active with anymore. The Dr & health dept abandoned me. As did the CDC.

    • I thought Reinette was to interview Dr. Tenpenny? Although Reinette’s information was good, she went on an 18 minute rant before Tenpenny ever spoke again. That only happened because Tenpenny jumped in.

    • My neighbour got it on a Sunday and by Tuesday the dizziness started and each day after was worse. I drove him to the hospital Saturday and he was told that the vaccine didn’t cause this. He was diagnosed with Vertigo. Then his legs went and he couldn’t walk for 3 days and the pain was awful. Of course they did a MRI, blood tests, cat scan and so on. It is killing me that his children are still going to force the second one on him and that could be the end. This was the excuse they needed to make him sell his house and go into a care faculty. He moves at the end of the month

        This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service.

    • How terribly sad that people who thought they were being responsible will be the victims of their own doing. Thank God my wife and I have been skeptical al along. People need to get this information out asap.

      • True vaccines take a long time to develop. Once they’ve gone through the process of animal studies and other requirements for releasing to the public, we can be fairly certain they are safe. Not so with the COVID-19 shot. It was rushed. No animal studies. It’s totally experimental. The people who take it are the guinea pigs.

        • Even animal studies cant be trusted. See’re-useless by Dr. Vernon Coleman (4-1-2021) Drug companies are in bed with the government. They will deny anything that will decrease their profits. You’ve heard of New World Order or Great Reset or Klaus Schwab?? Covid is just the beginning . Dr. Michael Yeadon, former V.P. at Pfizer says “Do Not take the vax. Why do you need a vax for something that is 99.9% curable?????

      • Be focussed of stopping neurological tocxicity of DDT and correctly treating the few actual real polio cases without cancer biocontaminants in the injections.

      • Don’t be fooled..lots of deadly and debilitating effects from the polio VACCINE!Short term and long term.

      • Rhonda that was a vaccine. This is genetically modified material. This is not a vaccine. It’s a kill shot.

        • Alas, she is real. My own esteemed profession sometimes produces a paranoid. Nine out of ten doctors are really glad they aren’t seriously mentally ill. But the degree on the wall is no guarantee you’re not batcrap crazy.

          • Don’t you have some lipitor to go and sell, since you still believe high cholesterol causes heart attacks? Of course you are going to be pro. You think we can’t see right through you the way you claim you know all about Dr. Tenpenney? Are all batcrap crazy people this thorough in their explanations? I’d be willing to bet you would only test TSH and try and hand a hypothyroid patient a little bit of levo! You are the fraud that has been brainwashed by the AMA. Nothing you say here on this forum carries any weight. This is what you fraudsters are all about in the western medicine world. You managed to poison us with things like fluoride. People need to be aware of how long you folks have been poisoning us. You think the cabal will consume you last?

    • Medication and Operations thats what Drs are all about…I only take OTC’S…and plentyt of Vitamins..And Trust In My GOD..

      • And trust in your GOD? How come so many GOP people who say that also have firearms for home defense? Riddle me that?

      • GMO Baby… My father also went for the two shot, He never came out of the Jab chair and went by ambo-cab to the ER. A school friend made it to the hallway and off to the ER. My sisters husband, his mother on the second shot couldn’t feel her toes and then the legs, she’s in Hospice. My good friend 73yrs, on the second…, went to home Hospice. All are in their 70’s and one 83yrs. My dear, everything is a lie, through out the TV, ie cable, netflix, 5G, NPR, msnbc, etc.!!!!! Prepare for the Culling, WWIII is Us against them, 6 million free masons and the .001%, ie the Rothschild and the families such as the Queen of England, Rockefeller’s, and others. The Roths have 500 trillion in the kitty. You can’t take the vaxx-mRNA out of you, it is the 666 blood of who dwells below us. GMO Humans are now simply going to get Culled from their Herd of Humans. “The Hunting Games” – The >.001% will watch the none GMO and GMO hunt each other , you might have seen it on netflix, ie controlled by a bad group of Cullers. CullingoftheHerd

      • Research detox method… detoxes can include salts baths, vit c detox, keep your body alkaline. unfortunately you can’t detox this new inoculation but exercising your immune system cant hurt. Get your blood drawn and find out what is lacking. Take vit D make sure ur levels are on the higher end not at the minimum levels that are recommended. Look into staying alkaline so you might want to consider going vegan. Exercise and diet are important. No GMOs foods. Eat all organic. Any natural ways to prevent the virus naturally should aid in keeping ur immune system going. I would see a naturopath dr and chiropractor. Take glutathione to aid ur liver as you detox. You can take tinctures like turmeric for inflammatory problems. Also cilantro tincture can help detox heavy metals. These are just ways I help my son who is vaccine injured. He got encephalitis from the DTaP at 18 months. I hope this helps

      • Yes! You can pray & take the best care of yourself you can. Look up SHOT IN THE DARK – DR. SHERRI TENPENNY EXPLAINS COVID INJECTIONS AND THEIR DIFFERENCES at Bitchute because Face Book had it removed. She explains there about after taking the vax! Be well.

      • Yes! First, do not fret, worry or live in further fear. To do this, accept everythinf as is. I am a recovered alcoholic and this is a ‘similar’ situation where one day you wake up and go, ‘can I recover?’ . Get your vitamin D levels up and do all of the natural things that will help your natural/innate immune system. Zinc/C/Quercetin, good sleep, exercise, nutrition, social interaction, etc etc.
        This has been discussed in other groups and your best bet is to not continue the shots and go as natural as possible, supplement where needed, Vit D is a huge factor, get it from the sun as much as possible. Fear of your choice will suppress the immune system, you are going to be fine….

        • Who pays you to follow this woman around? A doctor with nothing better to do? Dr. Tenpenney speaks so clearly and concisely that we’re smart enough to figure out whether she’s a nut job. It’s very obvious she’s highly intelligent and has spent hours and hours doing research. Go troll elsewhere.

      • It’s so perverse how these people conflate “anti-vax” with “racism” and “cyberhate”. is an ADL project. ADL is a Rothschild-MI6 entity that is not really about defending against anti-Semitism but about defending the Globalist-Bankster narrative against the truth.

      • Raymond V. Gilmartin, you should google this person since he was the CEO of Merck. He helped to murder 60,000-500,000 elderly people with a drug he knew was both useless and poisonous. What was his prison sentence?

        He became an adjunct professor at the Harvad School of Business to teach the next executive general to reapier the US population. He also chaired, directed a number of pharmaceutical boards there after. He was never investigated and he walked from Merck a year later after the Vioxx scandal with a handsome payout.

        Might not want to be an orwellian psychopath if you can help not being stupid.

    • They won’t be responsible for your death according to the clause written in the agreement that you sign, so they cannot be sued, plus it is reported that getting the vaccine invalidates your insurance policy. If these things are true, people are in big trouble.

    • Interesting how pro choice people are pushing the vaccine, yet they claim “My Body, My Choice” regarding abortion. AND Why are they removing any information about the truth of the vaccine from YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets? Because they don’t want YOU TO KNOW the truth! Their agenda is at stake.

      • So true. Only the TRUTH seems to be a threat. The lies live on & on without the least bit of opposition.

    • This lady is a known anti-vaccinator who doesn’t even believe in vaccinating your children with the normal vaccinations, no wonder she is so against the Covid vaccine. She also has no research or data tied to her opinion. Be careful what you read, folks! I’m a PICU nurse and had a 9 month old die last week from bacterial meningitis – a preventable disease.. but he was not vaccinated. Do your research before believing everything you read.

      • I am a Combat Veteran that retired after 20 year working in a specialty that focuses on Biological warfare, which includes infectious diseases. I am not an anti-vaccinator, but I am against this vaccine because it has not been fully approved. I support the basic vaccines and I’ve even had the smallpox vaccine, which completed full testing. I have also received the Anthrax vaccine, which is still not fully approved after over 40 years of testing. As a member of the US Military, we are subject to this type of experimental testing because we signed away some of our rights when we joined.

        As for COVID-19, we don’t need a vaccine. The numbers have been drastically inflated, which the CDC just admitted within the last 48 hours. Approximately 6% of the cases and deaths have actually been the result of COVID-19. That means 94% have been lies to the public to create fear, so they could manipulate the masses. That means that for every 100,000 deaths reported, only 6,000 were actually due to COVID-19 and 94,000 deaths were FALSELY reported as COVID-19. The vaccine is actually killing more people the virus would.

        Do your research before you buy into ANYTHING pushed by the mainstream media and social media. Research Tip, follow the money.

        • Nope. Average deaths in the US are 2.85 million a year. This goes up and down about 5%, as a natural fluctuation.

          Last year 3.35 million deaths were recorded. It was up 16%. Either there is a national epidemic of bicycle accidents are all those things are mis-recorded, or else the 375,000 COVID-19 deaths in 2020 are real and not misdiagnosed.

          • Wrong, you are not taking into account age cohorts and end of life.
            In 2020 the “Baby Boomers” first year hit 74. Death rates are going to go up as that particular group of people dies off.

      • Tiffany, if you need a pro-vax board registered physician, who is also an attorney, google Dr Simone Gold and take the time to listen to what she has to say. She is not against vaccines, but has severe warnings about experimental vaccines. She is well researched – has all the science and papers to back her information.

      • OMGoodness! You’re a nurse? I have nurse nieces & it took a lot to wake them up. It’s your turn. You couldn’t be more wrong, Tiffany. Take a look at her extensive library of research & be amazed>>>

        There you will be met with>>>


        You’ve just taken a giant step to find a goldmine of links to scientific abstracts and full-text articles detailing the dangers of vaccines. You will also have access to ways to protect yourself and your children. By joining the DebunkingVaccination site, you will gain access to the unique compendium of research material that is difficult to find elsewhere but easy to find here.”

        That is EPIC, if one is honest. She is not an anti vaxxer She is, like many, an ex vaxxer. She will give them if one wants them given but she gives informed consent.

        This is the real Dr. Tenpenny>>>

        “Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three medical specialties. Widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the adverse impact that vaccines can have on health, Dr. Tenpenny has been a guest on hundreds of radio and national television programs (including the Dr. Oz Show and the Today Show Australia). She has lectured at Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve Medical School, and has been a speaker at conventions, both nationally and internationally, as a recognized expert on a wide range topics within the field of Integrative Medicine including breast health, breast thermography, women’s hormones, medical uses of iodine and the adverse effects vaccines have on health.

        Dr. Tenpenny is the author of several books, including best seller, ‘Saying No To Vaccines’. She is contributing author for several other books including ‘Textbook of Food and Nutrients in Disease Management’. Her articles for magazines have been published in over 10 languages around the world.

        From 1986 to 1998, she was a full time Emergency Medicine physician and the director of the Emergency Department in Findlay, Ohio. Dr. Tenpenny’s corporate experience includes serving as the Medical Director at Sanoviv Medical Center, a 40-bed hospital located in Rosarita, Mexico in 2008 and Chief Medical Consultant for Parker Hannifin, a Fortune 250 Company with 60,000 employees in 48 countries, from 2012 to 2014.

        Currently, she attends to patients three days per week at Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, located in Cleveland, Ohio, where patients from nearly all 50 states and 17 countries have gotten well using a combination of conventional and holistic therapies. ”

        Obviously, Tiffany, you are the one who needs do proper research. I just proved it!

        Don’t feel bad, though, about eating crow. We have all been there! The conditioning aka brainwashing goes deep & affected us all. But now it’s time to wake up!

      • As a PICU nurse you should know the meningitis vaccine is not recommended for young children ever, so it would not have been preventable if the 9 month old had been up to date on their vaccines. You want to talk about fear mongering and lack of credibility🙄

        As she says, do your own research people, because clearly there are a lot of uneducated nurses!!!

    • Do you know anything about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? My husband and I (age 70)
      all ready decided to NOT get vaccinated.

      • Good none of them are safe – our bodies were made to have resistance from disease .We need to keep them well oiled by taking vitD 3 , zinc etc

    • So, with 100% protection for the manufacturers and the people having no recourse for death or debilitating diseases, the hospitals and death certificates will list “cause of death” as the Covid-19 virus!!! That will keep the truth from the general public that it’s the vaccines that are ‘killing’ their loved ones and not have people in a panic about getting the vaccine. Sheesh! What a con and scam. I pray people will get smart about this issue.

    • CDC owning the loans on a house:

      “Certified Development Company (CDC) (504) Loan Program ”

      SMH. Do your research. What else is erroneous in this podcast?

    • covid-19 is pure myth ; there is no such virus as SARS-CoV-2 outside of news reports. It does not exist in actual reality

    • The saying ‘big pharma doesn’t create cures, they create customers’ that’s not just a saying.

    • This is a “Vaccine” that has been, in part, funded by Gates, who for a decade or more has advocated for de-population, and the Rockefeller Foundation that is in agreement. So why would ANYONE take an untested “Vaccine” produced by people that think there are too many of us on this planet

      • This is a very good point, and brings up another: Overpopulation, which is the #1 problem, environmentally, yet NOBODY is talking about it, and it is verboten to speak of birth control amongst the more conservative set, as Catholics and Muslims combined still want soldiers to their medieval armies. That said, our borders are swelling with immigrants fleeing their totalitarian and corrupt governments, and that subject will bring arguments from the left and right on what is “right” in terms of human nature vs rights of citizen’s and all the politics involved. It still doesn’t change the fact that unless we reduce the population, and it’s effects on our ability to live on this planet, we will destroy our ability to do so. That is so obvious if you have been studying it scientifically, as many of us have since the “ecology movement” of the 60s. Therefore, if you are a head of state, and/or a concerned oligarch with the financial ability to make changes, then you have no choice but to visit this subject and try to figure out how to save the population from self extinction, and of course, you are going to select yourself as one of the survivors, first by the instinct to survive, and second, as one of the self chosen few who should be saved due to your level of intelligence as well as education, and self appointed importance. There is a joke about the smartest man in the world jumping out of a failing aircraft with the hippie’s backpack instead of the last parachute…. So, it is easy to believe that these self chosen few have conspired to come up with a solution, since AIDS didn’t work, nor has world wide conflict, we just keep making babies with careless disregard! In China, where the powers that be try to limit population growth by financial penalty, their women just go to Taiwan to have illegal babies. BY CHOICE! With careless disregard for ANYthing except their own desires to have children, arguably against the ability to give their children a planet that they can actually survive on. This level of selfishness is universal. You have to try awfully hard to fight the instinct for sex, and once pregnant, to fight the maternal instinct to carry that pregnancy to full term. We are doomed as far as I can see, and lack the intelligence as a race to deal with it, first by the instinct to procreate, second by the instinct to hoard, (greed), third by the human nature to not care about anything but one’s self. “What’s in it for me” is universal. Enjoy the last few years of life on earth since we as the lowly subjects of governments and elitists, have not much in the way of choices. You can choose to NOT get this vaccine, or others, as there is some proof of the vaccine bases causing autism, a 20th century disease, like cancer, and not cured, only treated, (your greed factor of the AMA,, and give yourself a fighting chance against this scenario of depopulation, at the expense of potentially contracting covid and whatever it’s actual ramifications are. You can store food and ammo, and set yourself up to try and survive, however, if you are not already heavily invested in that, it will be difficult, since the economy is in the trash globally, guns and ammo are unobtainium, and remote property at a premium, but as a pseudo “prepper” (really only doing what my grandparents did for lean times), I can tell you from experience, community is a necessity. No man (or woman) is an island. You can’t go it alone, and so, do your best and make good choices to survive within your budget and scope of your sphere of influence, and try to enjoy life while you have it. Nobody knows what is going to happen from day to day. Spare yourself the doom and gloom. Get out and exercise!

    • What happens when you need a blood transfusion bit you don’t want blood from someone who has had the vaccine?

    • I get the fact that these vaccines have been rushed. I imagine due to the fact that millions of people are dying from covid so there was a driving factor to get a vaccine out the door much quicker without all the extended clinical testing normally completed.

      That being said you would have to be a complete nut job to think vaccines for polio, smallpox and influenza to name a few haven’t saved lives. If you are ok with millions of people succumbing to these diseases I guess it would make sense to you that vaccines should be avoided.

      It’s like the one guy in the room who tells the story of the person who drowned in their car when it went off the road and landed in a river and was wearing a seat belt, thereby qualifying that seat belts don’t save lives and they are deadly so don’t wear them….ignoring the fact that thousands of lives are saved by seat belts every day in the world.

      So my question to the “doctor” is that when your prediction doesn’t come true, how many people will have taken your advice and succumb to the covid virus, are you then going to post a video apologizing for the miscalculated advice or just quietly fade away.

      When you start giving so called “medical” advice, you better be prepared to stand the test of time, especially when you are playing with people’s lives.

      We’ll see you in 6 months, and expect another video chat with an update as to how your “medical” advice panned out. You will either being saying “I told you so” or alternatively you will be apologizing for putting people at risk of dying a preventable death.

      Think long and hard about that.

      • Quit blindly accepting the propaganda that mainstream media is feeding you. This virus is far from an actual pandemic. The WHO’s updated definition of a pandemic, now includes not only the COVID-19, but also every single flu virus. Prior to the recent update, none of the flu or flu like virus (all Corona virus, which have been a known percentage of the annual flu season for over 60 years) fit into the definition, The previous definition covered Ebola and other infectious diseases of that caliber. 99.9% of people survive it, like any other common flu. Like the annual flu, the vast majority of the 0.1% that have died are those with already compromised immune systems.

        While in the military, I have personally taken the Experimental Anthrax Vaccine, which is still considered Experimental after 40+ years. Vaccines for Polio and Smallpox went through all the proper stages to become fully tested and approved vaccines, which was no simple or speedy process. As for the flu “vaccine,” do some research. The flu vaccine was only intended for those who fit into the 3 high risk categories, but the industry quickly discovered how much money could be made by pushing a vaccine to the masses, despite the fact that 99.9% of the population doesn’t need it. But at least the flu vaccine has actually complete all the required phases necessary to become a fully approved vaccine, which can’t be said about the experimental shots currently being pushed to the masses.

        If you are one of the many who blindly accept the nonsense from the mainstream media and run out to get your shot so that you can be one of the obedient sheep, you’ll be lucky to be around in 6 months to hear anyone say “I told you so.” However, compared to suffering through any of the many adverse effects of this experimental injection for the remainder of one’s life, those who die from the shot may be the lucky ones.

        • Who’s blindly accepting nonsense?

          Lets start with CDC owning the loans on houses… CDC being Certified Development Company (CDC) (504) Loan Program , not the Center for Disease Control.

          Yes, Dr Tenpenny has really important points. But she also doesn’t. Who knows what will happen with the vaccination in 6 mos, if nothing will you all push it back another 6 mos? Sort of like how the date trmpy is supposed to take back his throne keeps doing?

          Yes, there is a LOT of bs going on around the ‘message’ and a lot of scary things from big pharma, most notably the complete squashing of HCQ and Ivermectin.

          But that doesn’t make Dr. Tenpenny right, even though I’m sure you’re hoping everyone who takes the vaccine suffers and is wrecked for life so you can be right.

          • This virus does NOT need a vaccine, let alone and experimental vaccine. The CDC admitted within the last 48 hours that ONLY 6% of the deaths reported have actually been due to COVID-19. 94% of it were LIES. But the medical industry was getting extra funding for the lies. Money is the same reason why HCQ and Ivermectin have been squashed. Both are super cheap and a highly effective option for the very small amount of people who need it. So there is almost no money to be made, especially compared to a new vaccine forced on every person on the planet.

          • and there it is, he’s an anti-trumper, CNN following fool. No point in wasting time with people like this.

            • Maybe Steven Harris haha md, is actually snake gates. If not, just another wacko troll

      • Millions have not died from Covid and that’s where your argument ran short. We aren’t discussing smallpox and every vaccine that has ever been created here. It’s about this one, an experimental vaccine using humans as the guinea pigs. When you look at the CDC’s reporting of deaths from all causes year after year, the death toll has not increased, however, the flu disappeared (all tossed in the Covid bucket). There have been countless doctors that have testified to the fact that they were forced to put Covid as the cause of death, regardless to any previous conditions or what they felt the cause really was. The numbers are tainted but it looks like you’ll continue to follow the MSM ticker anyway. The AMA, CDC, NIH, WHO, etc have been playing with your health for decades but I’m sure they’re honest now. Considering social media giants had to quickly install their army of “fact checkers,” all of which are associated with Big Pharma, should tell you all you need to know. Anyone willing to take a shot without any real testing that’s tied to a non lawsuit disclaimer is very telling. This is a far cry from the seatbelt argument. Fauci can’t even decide on masks (which are ineffective). If you honestly think a mask made out of paper or t-shirt material will save you from a sightless, odorless virus, you haven’t been paying attention. I’m not saying this to be a jerk or to argue with you but common sense needs to be employed. In the end, the choice is yours of course but we also have a choice. To an industry that has received trillions of dollars and still doesn’t have a cure for cancer is one I do not trust. Instead, they build cancer centers which tells me they have no plan to ever release the cures, that is, until people stop buying into their lies.

        P.S. Why didn’t the media have a death ticker for the Swine flu?

    • The holocaust is a lie, stop perpetuating that falsehood. If you want people to believe you know wtf you are talking about with vaccines. No one who has looked into the holocaust believes it happened.

      • I do not know how old you are but I can assure you I have nursed many in England and Australia who survived those camps and suffered for years from physical and emotional scars from the trauma. I also knew military people who freed those from the concentration camps and it affected them emotionally for the rest of their lives.

      • I personally visited the Dachau concentration camp in France when I was in the CAF during the 90s. If you don’t think the holocaust happened you are a complete moron. I’m surprised you have the ability to even use the internet successfully.

      • I don’t believe it’s a lie. I believe it was perpetrated by those pushing for the ‘One World Government’, the same as in China currently with the Uighur Genocide; And it’s planned for ‘White People’ because ‘be less white’ and stuff.

        Dehumanization is the first step in genocide. That’s how you get people on board. People are easy to manipulate. Innocent Jewish people were dehumanized, among many other groups, such as Gypsies, gays, blacks, etc. however, where you’re trying to ‘blame the jews’ should NOT be pushed towards Jewish people in general, but to individuals who betrayed their people and the world. Rothschild should be to blame, NOT the Jewish people as a whole. His banking institutions had put Hitler into power, and Hitler killed a lot of Jewish people; in turn, the Rothschilds are untouchable now because ‘oh he’s jewish just think of the holocaust’ due to the victimization and it puts a bad rep on all Jewish people to those who don’t agree.

        No Rothschilds were harmed in the making of this Genocide*

        There were innocent people who were killed. Don’t just throw them away. Don’t believe the Nazi propaganda that claimed places like Auschwitz were ‘getaways’ because next up, we’re gonna be going to ‘Covid Camps’ but it’ll be a ‘good thing’.

        The Holocaust isn’t a lie, and we’re up for another horrible disaster coming up soon. Brace yourself, and save your family.

      • So William would you tell me what happened to my great grandparents and my entire family clan of 200+ people, last seen getting on a train to Bergen Belsen? And then of course the city records for Bochum have detailed info on my family and their death in the camps. But of course you know better, and all those records were all made up to perpetuate a lie. Obviously Germany wanted to make themselves feel really bad, so they destroyed their cities (carpet bombed Mainz) and made up all these records that they installed in cities all across Germany just to fool the world.

        If there is one thing Germany is good at it’s bureaucracy, anyone wanting to find out about the holocaust can find all they need if they actually get off their ass and look.

        Oh, I forgot, and my great aunt Rose tatooed a number on her arm just to fool us all.

        People like you are such scheisse.

        • Please tell me where is Eli Wiesel’s tattoo? I would like to know? I’ll give you the answer .. it doesn’t exist. Also there have been credited people such as Fred Leuchter, David Irving, Max Weber etc have been to Auschwitz, Treblinka and others you will see there were NO gas chambers. What the ovens were used for was incinerating infected clothing from lice so that typhus would not form. From lice you can get typhus , from typhus you die. Politically It was a Banker’s War, all wars are. The jews were prospering at the expense of the Germans , not to mention the Treatise of Versailles, which was seen as a Peace Treatise but not for Germany. You need to view 2 important films: Europa: The Last Battle and or Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told. See also the website

      • Ask George Soros about the holocaust, he was working for the Nazi’s helping to put his neighbors away into those camps.