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No video I’ve ever seen has made as slum-dunk of an open-and-shut case as this one, that humans from Earth have never set foot on the Moon.

I never wanted to doubt that “we” went to the Moon. It was etched into my identity as an American since I was a toddler. I’ve seen other videos, which made convincing arguments against the veracity of certain photographs, that convinced me that some of the photos were faked. I figured it was difficult, with those cumbersome spacesuits and the challenging conditions on the Lunar surface to get a high-quality photograph. I figured that NASA wanted to make the most of their momentous achievement, so they did a little fibbing with certain images.

This video has ended any debate about the whole business of men landing on the Moon, in the words of NASA personnel, themselves.

If you’re skeptical of the “Moon Hoax” or if you know anybody who is, you and they should watch this video.

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  • Interesting, but if 1200 miles is LEO, then that puts it in the thermosphere, right? Where the temperatures can exceed the melting points of several materials. So the question begged is, “how have we even achieved LEO?” Don’t all the satellites in low earth orbit burn up?

    I did like the footage of the Orion spokesman talking about what they presumably still need to do to ensure that the spacecraft gets thru the Van Allen Belt… when that was obviously accomplished several times without incident during the Apollo program.

    And, yes, one questioner asks, “What happened to the Ionosphere?” Where is it in the scheme proposed?

    And what about Apollo 13, wouldn’t the LEM they were in, with its thin walls burn up in space, depending on the radiation exposure, I’m assuming, from the sun?

  • Thank you for this video. My father grew up watching the “moon landing” on TV. I never believed we went especially after researching the Van Allen belts and seeing the admissions of Nasa employees that we never left LEO on multiple sites.

    I have always been enthralled by physics. My grandfather taught me about Archimedes Principle of Displacement when I was 8 years old. I studied Physics independently at HS and college level. I however constantly found myself questioning the plausibility of the “moon landing”.

    When I first saw the shuttle they claimed to have sent in to space and the lunar module they claimed to have landed when I was at school, I couldn’t believe it. That lobster pot covered in aluminium? You really don’t need a high IQ to see we never went out of LEO. You just have to think independently and critically.

    “We destroyed the technology and it’s a pain to build back again.” My kid brother would call that BS out.

    I wish I could show my father how he was deceived/manipulated by television, but for now I accept our difference in opinion. I fear if people wake up to the early deceptions they were subjected to they might realise most of their life has been based on lies.

    Thanks again. Great video. I had seen the clip of the guy talking about Van Allen belts before but you added a great commentary.

  • Where are the NASA clips from? Can you give sources?

    The argument seems to shift between temperature and radiation levels. Needs a bit more work on it!

  • Earth still to today, do not have the technology in getting to the Moon!

    The rocket does not carry enought fuel to get that far.

    The tanks it’s got and the fuel it carry would only be enought to launch it at least into orbit and return.

    And, to get to the Moon would need to carry extra tanks of fuel.

    Look at the fact’s people, it simple to understand.

    Can you drive a car for the period of one year on only one time fill of gas?

    I do not think so!

    Crunch the numbers, and look at the big picture.

  • I say we never landed on the Moon, look at the first clue!

    After he planted the flag, it was waiving in the wind.

    The Moon does not have Air, so how can the flag be waiving as if air was blowing it.

    The Foot print, it’s done on very fine soil!

    The Moon should be more gavel then fine soil.

    • TO HENRIQUE: You don’t research very well, do you. The flag appeared to wave because of the WIRE sewn into it back on Earth. As for Luna’s regolith (it’s not soil), it’s a very fine powdery dust in part because of the lack of atmosphere. Just like Mars, which is extreme dust shaped into very fine particles. As for rocket fuel, the Saturn V’s rocket carried over 200,00 gallons of kerosene fuel and around 300,000 gallons of liquid oxygen. The mixture of hydrogen and oxygen liquid was highly effective.

  • Nice work. Nice to hear it from insiders. Are they conspiracy theorists now too? The human ego is what stands between lies and the truth and as the man said its easier to lie to someone than to convince them they have been lied to. Only the truth will set us free.

  • Your logic seems reasonable but it appears that physics does not agree with your logic. The website which is not connected with NASA, wrote this about the Thermosphere to expound on the nature of “heat” there:
    Heat and Quantity
    Even though the thermosphere is extremely hot, its low density means that it cannot efficiently convey that energy to objects moving through it. It has high heat, but low quantity. A mercury thermometer suspended within the thermosphere would read a temperature below freezing, as heat loss would exceed any energy the scattered particles of the thermosphere could transmit to the mercury. It is similar in concept to the heat generated by a candle flame, which is extremely hot at some points within the flame but is incapable of heating objects more than a few inches away. It is producing a high temperature, but a low quantity of heat.

    This disproves one of your major hypotheses which, paraphrasing, was the Thermosphere is too hot for a spacecraft to travel through it as the materials of the craft would melt due to the extremely high heat. This website used physics to simply explain why the heat found in the thermosphere does not transfer well to object as the gas there is extremely dispersed due to the very low atmospheric pressure, thereby the gas molecules cannot transfer the heat they hold as there are too few of them.

    Feel free to disprove this though it seems your entire theory is faulty.

  • What is ALLOW? Never heard of it. Is a secret Alloy? I used to teach at NASA and these people have given their life in this quest. Your theories make sense but we have seen many conspiracies theorists come forth with convincing “proof”.

  • My grand aunt Roxie never believed we went to the moon. The late Stanley Krubek says he built the stage for the moon landing in Arizona.The government has lied and continues to lie to its people.If you did something as fantastic as going to the moon you would not destroy it, but improve on it to go again. I am grateful for this information and have been informed on so many topics.

  • Question: if this is the case (which makes sense) then how is it that there are satellites orbiting the earth? Would these satellites not also have burned up before reaching space?

  • IMHO there needs to be a larger supply of tin /aluminum foil hats. Not sure whether some of them belong in NASA (Never A Straight Answer) or more or less given to those who claim that the Van Allen belts have such extreme temperatures. There is certainly no conclusive evidence one way or the other on this video which cherry picks a few random statements or misstatements by some astronauts.

    According to the ISS is already outside of at least a portion of the Van Allen Belt which expands into the orbit of the space station when charged by geomagnetic storms.

    Also how does the author “know” that the Van Allen belt has the extreme temperatures as claimed since according to him, all spacecraft materials launched into these belts would immediately be incinerated and thus no data could be collected.
    And how do all the other spacecraft without astronauts make it through the Van Allen Belt with such extreme temperatures on the way to the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. Or are all the other stories and pictures produced by NASA of the above also false?

    Scientists proven wrong:
    Lord Kelvin is probably the best-known. In 1895 he stated that “heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible”, only to be proved definitively wrong just eight years later by the non-scientists bicycle makers, the Wright Brothers.

    In my 20 years in Naval Aviation, and 40 years since, I have never seen the Military retire any craft/plane unless something better was introduced. Catapults became useless during WWI when biplanes could just drop bombs over the top of castle or city walls, jet planes replaced prop planes, SR-71 replaced the U-2, both now retired because they were in turn replaced by the TR-3B. Vertical take off rockets are being replaced by anti-grav. Why do you think that the Shuttle was retired. Because they have something better. Ben Rich, head of the Lockheed Skunk Works before his death said, “We have the technology to take ET home.”

  • Idiots posting here claim that the Van Allen Belts are only so many miles wide, and once passed through them the astronauts would be OK.

    Can these idiots get it into their thick skulls that the whole of space beyond the magnetosphere is awash with intense radiation, all the way to the Moon and back, a return journey of some 500,000 miles.

    It’s not just the Van Allen Belts where the radiation is intense. Idiots who make these ridiculous comments need serious help

    All the evidence you need to convince yourself that Apollo was one big fake.

    NASASCAM Start your investigation here.

    APOLLO FEEDBACK Read what the media say about naughty NASA.

    APOLLO FACTS Facts to be considered about Apollo, plus a Q & A section.

    APOLLO REALITY How, and where, NASA faked the lunar orbiting, landing, and lift off videos.

    APOLLO INSIDER USGS involvement in the faking of Apollo Moon missions.

    APOLLO FAKE The person responsible for NASA’s fake Moon pictures.

    APOLLO TRUTH The truth, and reason, why NASA faked the Apollo Moon missions.

    APOLLO DATA Misleading data regarding the Apollo missions.

    APOLLO FRY UP How deadly radiation in space prevents travel to the Moon.

    APOLLOSCAM More of NASA’s fake Moon pictures, with added humour.

    APOLLO LAUGH You’ve just gotta take the mickey.

    APOLLO VIDEOS Clear cut evidence of fakery in the Apollo Moon videos.

  • Although I dont disbelieve that we went to the moon, I do believe the televised or live feed landings and moonwalks were faked. Why? Because NASA was already aware of the alien presence and activity up there and couldnt risk something revealing itself in some way on camera during the live feed.

      • Well make that two of us in need of help because that is exactly what I believe happened. Look, we cannot base whether or not we actually went to the moon on the video. I believe NASA did the smart thing and had Kubrick shoot them one before they left just in case an ET presence was awaiting their arrival. It makes sense – at least to me.

  • I think we did go to the moon and are there now. We didn’t do it with rockets we used electrogravidics instead. Not only have we gone beyond the moon we have gone to the nearest star systems by way of the us navy’s solar warden program.

  • What an idiot. They are speaking as in ALL human travel. As a family that has an Uncle who has been in space, and has been on the international mspace station, I assure you we have been and will continue to travel into space.
    I always have a laugh at these videos. It’s hard to fathom how stupid these conspiracy theorist are.

  • The temperature in the thermosphere can truly range quite high. But the actual amount of heat in the thermosphere is quite small because of the extremely small amount of material (atmospheric gases) there. Their molecules are widely dispersed with large amounts of empty space between them. The important factor is not temperature but specific heat capacity of any target material and the availability of heat to reach that capacity.

    The nominal altitude range of the thermosphere is from 55 miles to 435 miles. The International Space Station orbits about smack dab in the middle of this altitude range. Its altitude is nominally about 250 miles, but it has an orbital range of a few miles and also drops because of orbital decay around 300 feet per day with intermittent rocket firing to boost it back up. Since the first components of the space station have been orbiting in the thermosphere for a little over twenty years, I would say that the high temperatures are not of much concern.

    The Saturn V moon shor in 1969 did not just pass through the thermosphere (which it could have done in about 80 seconds). Instead, the Saturn V is stated to have gone into low earth “parking orbit” for several orbits at an altitude of about 118 miles before a “translunar injection” rocket firing. Apparently there was no worry about the heat in the thermosphere back in the 1960s, and the ISS experience more recently bears that out.

  • Outer space is cold. Inside our solar system the lowest temperature is about 40 Kelvin (-233°C / -388°F), because of the presence of particles.
    Very cold! Outer space is about 3 degrees Kelvin, which is about -270 degrees Celsius or -454 degrees Fahrenheit! That means it’s only a few degrees warmer than the coldest anything can ever get!
    Climb Mt. Everest is it colder or hotter? You are closer to the sun. I disagree with your space temperatures.
    I think we may have been fed a line about the sun being hot. I have read articles about the sun being a cold fusion process. That said, your other points make sense.

  • The temperatures of the upper atmosphere aren’t relevant — sort of like why, when you’re grinding metal here on Earth and a tiny but superhot spark lands on your skin and you are not even hurt, let alone severely burned: the molecules of the outer atmosphere are, individually, highly energetic — there just aren’t enough of them to raise the temperature of even a bit of foil.

    However, some other things:

    1) Compare Anousheh Ansari’s experience
    returning from 10 days on the ISS, with the Apollo astronauts’ return from a similar time in space: she could barely move, could not stand or turn her head — yet they bounded about in the raft and on the deck as if 10+ days’ weightlessness was just like 10 days at 1G.

    2) Look at the returning astronauts: after 10+ days in a tiny spacecraft where every ounce had to be massively justified, they nonetheless emerge from the capsule clean-shaven, not so much as a 5 o’clock shadow on them. They had shavers on board? Shampoo, too, I guess.

  • After reading all this nonsense, I did figure out the pilgrim’s came to America on a Ocean Liner (Cruise ship) and not on a sailing vessel.

  • The Van Allen belt is 12,000 miles deep, or thick, and traveling at 25,000 miles an hour they would have received about enough radiation as two X-rays. Not enough to toast them.

    • The lunar landing module rocket system during the controlled descent on the Moon had a 1360 pounds per square inch thrust, if I remember right from many years ago, and that would surely have made a little crater in the dust as the lunar module descended, and the dust would have surely settled all over the lunar landing module itself, especially on the gold foil around the feet, yet there was no blast crater, no dust on the perfectly clean, shiny gold foil, and very thick deep footprints from the astronauts’ feet in the previously undisturbed lunar dust. Conclusion, fake landing. However, I sincerely believe that the US has been to the Moon in anti-gravity technology craft and simply not told us, because we would all want access to that, and if everyone can go anywhere, very cheaply, then they lose all control over us, how about floating Winnebagos in the sky?

    • So why does NASA itself say we still have yet to solve the problem of how to get through the Belts? Why does NASA not simply say what you just said?

  • What you say all requires a good answer but is not as necessarily compelling as you suggest. How reliable is the man who said that NaSA HAD DESTROYED THE TECHNOLOGY? And is it possible that somehow they had done so unlikely though it seems? And was the temperature less than 2000 degrees at the relevant times? And does the material suffice to protect against radiation? I would like to see a reliable scientist’s answers.

  • Umm wow people watch a video and just believe without real research. It. Would cost more in production value to go to the moon than actually going to the moon and we have a plaque that you can shoot a laser and will beam back. This is how rumors and conspiracies start.

    • You tell me how they got through the Van Allen Belts, and I will be on board. Oh, by the way, in 2013 a third Van Allen belt was discovered. You would think that would be old news if they passed through the belts back in 1969.

    • Seek help mate because you are posting utter rubbish.

      Answers to the stupid questions you ask can be found at the bottom of the APOLLO FACTS page, under APOLLO Q & A

  • Never believed they landed on the moon , even when i was a kid , we uset to laugh when the first man set foot on ther moon ,who was filming him do this , oh yer the camera in the giant studio lol

  • Alexandra,
    Years ago I was completely convinced of the moon hoax by a 23 minute video with the late Dave McGowan and Jim Fetzer.
    McGowan was so damned logical and smart in his arguments that you cannot escape the conclusion.

  • What about the flying saucers and nazi bases on the moon?
    Some claim that yes the nasa apollo stuff was a hoax but that there are bases on the moon and have been since 1944. What about travel through stargazes and worm holes?

    • Exactly! Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

      I seriously doubt that a human being has ever been more than 400 miles above the Earth’s surface.

  • First, you misrepresented the temperatures in the thermosphere. Though individual molecules of gas might reach those high temperatures, the gas molecules are so dispersed, since what little atmosphere is there is a near-vacuum, a craft or person would not feel hot, but rather cold.

    Second, if your claim that craft would burn up in such extreme heat going through the thermosphere is correct, then how do you explain the many deep space missions like Voyager and others whose craft have not only survived but continue to send back photos of planets, moons, asteroids and comets? Or are those countless reports all lies and fabrications?

    Third, you compare shielding against xrays to the shielding required for the types of radiation encountered leaving low earth orbit. Alpha radiation can be blocked by a sheet of paper. Beta radiation can be blocked by a thin layer of plastic, metal or wood. Gamma radiation, on the other hand is more difficult to shield. Yes, lead is a good absorber of gamma radiation. But a layer of water just 7 cm thick can also absorb enough gamma energy to downgrade the rest of the energy to lower levels of (non-ionizing) radiation. Cosmic rays are perhaps the most problematic, but they can be shielded or disarmed using hydrogen.

    I’m open to possibilities, but so far, no arguments I’ve heard favoring the fake moon landing hypothesis have held up to even cursory scrutiny.

    • OK I think everyone’s missing a very crucial factor here and that’s fuel. We all know how much fuel it takes to get anything out of our atmosphere and into orbit. In case you’ve forgotten – 144,000 gallons of liquid oxygen AND 383,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen equaling over 4 million pounds in weight. It’s an absurd amount of fuel and weighs nearly 20 times more than your basic shuttle. But OK that’s what it takes… supposedly. But here’s the rub kids – it will take at least that amount but likely even more to come back to Earth. And that little moon orbiter has what – maybe a few hundred gallons of fuel? No way are you going to able to slow down enough with that little fuel and sorry there are no heat shields or tiles that could withstand coming into Earth’s orbit at well over 40,000 per hour and being pulled ever faster by gravity. I know that parachute is really swell isn’t it! He, he. So if you think you have a real answer for this conundrum then please go Anders Bjorkman’s lovely website – and lay it out. If you can – there’s a one million euros prize waiting for you. Good luck!

      • And that also jibes with the jet fuel hoax, which you can Google (those exact words) or look up on YouTube. The weight of the fuel they claim is carried in commercial jet wings would never let the aircraft get off the ground and is laughable. So, what’s powering these aircraft? Apparently, a form of electrostatic levitation achieved through some special technology in the engines. It’s crazy, and totally goes with the space flight fuel and moon landing hoax. The latter was done so we could look superior to the Soviets, apparently with Nixon’s approval and Stanley Kubrick doing the filming (but forgetting to put stars in there LOL). Who knows what to believe?!? But, no logical mind, at least, can believe the official story put out by NASA and altered over the decades conveniently, as you point out in this video.

    • You are aware that when gamma radiation hits metal it produces xrays. So, if they managed to get past the Van Allen belts, they would have to contend with hundreds of thousands of miles of travel through space where there is no effective shielding from the full spectrum of electromagnetic output from the sun.
      Are you aware that in 2013 NASA discovered that there was a third Van Allen belt of radiation. How come they did not know this after having passed through the belts with the Apollo missions in the 1960’s?

    • You are correct, Polly! The velocity of the molecular movement is quite high up there, but since there are so few collisions with them taking place due to the rarefied gas medium, very little energy is actually transferred to the metal of the craft. So it’s not a valid argument on its own. But there is the issue of the Van Allen Belts radiation and the time needed to traverse them. Then add in the cosmic radiation, which is cumulative in the body as well, and I’d say you’re pretty much looking at a cooked goose!
      Water weighs 7.8 pounds per gallon I think, and one kilogram per liter, so that would be a LOT of dead weight even IF there was a way to use it to form a shield around a space craft.


  • I remember watching the moon landing on tv as a teenager. It did not look at all real to me. But rather like a cheap staging of a bogus event. I was amazed my family found that presentation real. I had no idea if tgey really went to the moon or not but i knew what they were showing as a moon landing was a fake. Oine has ever concurred with me when i have brought the subject up. So thank you for your due dilligence!

    • NASA filmed in a different coding than tv that shows in your home. They converted the pi tire to be able to broadcast the nasa signal.
      My uncle has been in space several times as well as the international space station.
      Where, by the way, several countries have also been.
      People also think 9/11 was faked, and Nazi concentration camps were a farse.
      This is how lame conspiracy theorist are.
      There’s an old saying…..look hard enough and you will find whatever your looking for even if it doesn’t exist. We have been to space and will continue to do so. As a witness first hand viewing my uncle launching, it’s laughable how much h weird shit people try to say is faked.

      • I have no idea what a “pi tire” is and neither does my search engine but I’m sure you have a completely logical explanation for why NASA would not use widely available and inexpensive technology instead of creating their own for broadcasting.

        9/11 happened but the way they say it happened was faked. Anyone with eyes can watch the pips blowing out windows proceeding the collapses of all three buildings. Building 7 makes it clear beyond a reasonable doubt that it was a controlled demolition. Simple math states that there is no way that jet fuel could have melted the steel in those buildings. Science is definitely not on the side of the official narrative.

        I don’t know of anybody who denies there were concentration camps. I do know of a man, David Cole, who went to Auschwitz and did a fantastic job of demolishing the holocaust narrative there. He is Jewish for what it is worth. Since the cold war ended there have been document releases from Soviet times that prove that certain parts of that camp were created/altered by the Soviets to frame the Nazis. The shower rooms converted into gas chambers being the principle counterfeit.

        Your uncle has been to space. I’ve been to Dachau. The idea that three crematoria could burn as many bodies as they claim is mathematically impossible by several orders of magnitude. Math and science work against the holocaust narrative.

        Do not ignore that the Allies in WWII were committing vast war crimes in order to starve the German population. They were attacking farmers in their fields and any means of transporting food from the farms to the factories to the population. It would be little wonder the Germans might have chosen to ration the available food for their own people instead of for the camps. That is what I would do. That and the resulting diseases are what killed so many prisoners. This is pretty well documented. Allied troops found dead disease ridden bodies stacked up in the camps. They did not find bodies stained blue from Zyklon B.

        Just because someone who is presented as an authority figure tells you something does not mean it is true. The Reichstag Fire, “Remember the Maine”, and Tonkin Bay should be evidence enough of that.

  • I would’ve figured that out on day one, but dad had to watch gunsmoke. I didn’t see the light in 1992. Anybody for flat earth?

  • We actually have tech that bypasses all that, and we already have bases on the moon & Mars…its all top-secret & black-budget. Why do u think NASA has made no progress since the 60’s? Because it’s a front! Go there! I was appalled by how run-down it is…nothing has changed since the 60’s.

    • Ingo swann’s disagrees with you strongly, his book ‘penetration’ covers activity in th moon on some detail and you are not included

  • This guy has found a way to make a lot of cash & is running with it guys. Electromagnetic radiation is not deadly over a short period. And can be adsorbed by some simple like polythene. And the Apollo dudes flew North avoiding the largest part of the V A belts. He also takes a few moments of these astronauts to use to his own means. Just like Bible thumpers do with the Bible.
    What a joke.

    • That clip of the NASA guy explaining how Project Orion will have to solve — future tense — the VABelt problem? I watched the full video at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and yes he does say that. Why does he not just say what you have just said? Why does NASA itself say the radiation is a problem yet to be solved?

      • Because the radiation is still THERE!!! He doesn’t say the problem of flying through it!!!!! Reading comprehension is your friend .
        There will always be a radiation problem. Just like there will always be a trash problem on Earth, just like traffic problems that are yet to be solved too. BUT we still drive on the roads right? Even though there’s a congestion problem???


  • Apparently, there are several retro reflectors located on the moon’s surface. I doubt very much that they were placed there by astronauts. Could they have been introduced by probes? Do you have an explanation for this?

    • There are no retro reflectors on the Moon’s surface.

      The answer to your question, and many others, can be found listed under the APOLLO Q & A section at:-

    • How do you know there is a laser reflector on the Moon? Have you you been there yourself to see it, or are you saying that because NASA told you that Armstrong & Co placed a mirror on the Moon.

      Boy you must be extremely gullible to believe every piece of BS that anyone tells you. I suggest you watch APACHE POINT on Youtube, then go to Under the Q & A section of that page you will find the explanation.

  • Hi nice job,and I know we never went to the moon but detractors will pick your lunar module melting point apart because it supposedly traveled through those areas as part of the Saturn 5 not on its own it was allegedly only used to enter moon atmosphere so I’d edit it out and prove Saturn 5 would melt

  • Really dumb. One word – ISS proves we’re in orbit. The Van Allen belt can be shielded. From – I went to school with Van Allen’s son and my dad worked for NASA. I have the actual data and I’ve done the math. It’s possible. Don’t EVER quote Millennials!

    This guy is just a conspiracy theorist tin foil hat wearer who needs to up his medication. He’s proven nothing.


    • HA HA! Actually the ISS is 1/12,000 the distance to the moon!
      ISS is just about 240 miles up. It used to be only 210 miles up. But they raised the altitude to save on fuel (docked shuttles use their thrusters to lift the altitude) because the higher altitude has less dense atmosphere thus less drag on the space station.

      So the truth is, the ISS is in very low orbit. And it is NOT in “outer space” by any means whatsoever!

    • ISS is your proof? It’s at low orbit. Shuttle astronauts that went up somewhat higher then usual all experienced flashes in their eye balls, because of the enormous increase in radiation. The Apollo crews never ever mentioned this, because they stayed in low orbit and thus never experienced any of the phenomenon.

    • If anyone here is dumb, it is YOU. The ISS is only 240 miles from Earth, and well below the magnetosphere, so as to prevent exposure to high intensity radiation past the magnetosphere, and all the way to the Moon which is 250,000 miles away

      So dumbass summing up we have ISS 240 miles away, Moon 250,000 away. There is a helluva difference IDIOT.

    • I should do the math again Dumb Ass, because there is a helluva difference between 400 miles up from Earth, and 250,000 miles from Earth

  • I guess it just goes to show we must not have a space station rotating around the earth today, or much else. No satellites, no telescope, because it’s too hot for the metal to hold up to the heat, right?? Photoshop has come a long way.

  • Is this the video where it is pointed out that the purported video of the astronauts being recorded while “landing” when the rocket engines directly under their feet would have drowned out their voices completely? Another nail in the coffin.

    This is an old thread. We know now from Peter Cady who was told by Gordon Liddy that the top secret in US gov is the “alien presence.” USSR and USA agreed to the smokescreen of Apollo astronauts on the moon using conventional rockets.

      • “This guy” is not the one saying the van Allen belts are impassable, he is quoting NASA itself. That clip is from the IMAX movie about the Orion Mars mission; I saw it in full at Kennedy Space Center. Why does NASA itself say the radiation is a problem yet to be solved?

        • Ugh, because the radiation is a problem, going through it to space is not. Traffic jams are a problem, but we still can drive through them. Dust storms are a problem yet to solved,. But we can still travel through them


      • The rocket engines would have reacted with the lunar module and the air inside. It isn’t just the air outside your car that lets you hear (and feel!) when its engine is running.

  • The biggest conspiracy is coming and it is conected to this moon landing scam that the demons have been pushing down the worlds throat for decades. I am someone who has done 2 exorcisms on perfectly normal seeming people so we can lay the groudwork here, people who seem normal like trump or the pope are possesed 100% by demons that is the only way they are allowed into their positions on satans current world system… and all homosexuls are possesed and many other billions of people have demons in them from their parents sins and their own. Only the born again Christian has hope and salvation from the demons that live in the human race after eves error where she became polluted

    The truth is there are no ufos coming from another world but ufos are real they were created by the vril and thule secret societies and passed onto the us government in the 1940s.You know the us goverment funded the nazis right, wire transfers from new york is what hitler used to build his weapons. … and ufos. Read about george bush false grandfather the banker who sent the money to the nazis with wall streets blessing….UFOS Created with nicholas teslas technology 70 years ago

    huge growing number of humans with demons blinding them because they buy into and participate in the conspiracy aka this modern world

    Satan and his slaves are building the lie using ufos and this faked moon landing scam to try to take the deceived to the new world order mentally and spiritually. there is much information about this online you can read about niburu and all the supports they are putting in place to spread their anti GOD hate. The point of it all is to send human souls to the earths core or hell. It stems from the deception that there is no GOD and all life all evolved from another world. Satan is using the tv, media and his “churches” to prepare the world to accept the antichrist and fulfill the prophecy the bible says that the antichrist will lead humans against GOD and Jesus.With the lie that there is no GOD and all life evolved from outerspace the world who is now oppressed by demonic spirits due to masses of people living gay,fornicating, tatooing their bodies praying to idols (catholics) for generations and passing these demons to their children etc the oppressed human race is now ready to receive the lie the antichrist and the united nations want you to receive.Just turn on the satanic church, I mean television , and you will see them trying their best to build a race of people who do everything they can against the creator of all matter and life. Now as I write this the history channel is spreading lies about Jesus on December 25th and the bible and in the comercials talking about ufos. The conspiracy is raging as the end of the world comes and they depend on you to look at porn or pray to the virgin mary or tatoo your body so you will all be blind by demons and against the light and be destroyed.

    Daniel 12:10

    “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

    it is not just the History channel that is in the conspiracy, the freemasons control all the tv and only the wicked are allowed into that club. For those who do not know the bible satan can easily convert these lost pagan souls to spiritually trapped children of the modern age.. GOD who is love that wants to clean the humans of their demons or sins so they can be with GOD in the afterlife after the test of this life has passed has made a way for those who want the truth but there are so many who dont want truth because of their sick human condition. This is why the end of the world is coming and the ufo conspiracy which will begin after the rapture is the begining of the tribulation that will last 7 years before the 2nd coming of christ. The war is here, are you just another zombie or a winner who will become a born again christian and escape with the rapture…………

    • Yes yes yes!!!!! This is spot on!!!!! May God open the eyes of the many that are being deceived!!!! God bless!!!

    • Your Actually Spot on “ Against Lies” you deserve acknowledgment for being ahead of your time. However youve made one critical error my friend, Trump is apart of the Alliance, hes on team good you humans had to recruit someone out of politics as none could be trusted. Hence why they constantly slag him off on mainstrem media , everyone needs to do them selves and their soul a solid and watch the documentary Above Majestic to follow up. Always relax before intelligent conversation and remove “ wifi” from the area.
      Trump has signed private documents to release anti-aging tech & free energy tech far superior moves than any other president that is not debatable.
      You fine gentlemen are brillant you can argue over suppressed technology all you want , your whole lives will be wasted arguing mission successfull for team evil thats the whole idea. While they are laughing at you all with warp drive, jump drive, zero point.
      Dont hear what im not saying , but you gotta work together time is of the essence. Watch Star Trek , you have it all.
      Thanks for your time , and may you find your inner light (7th dimension), you live on the “planet of the children” you are the least advanced of all the inhabited planets in this Galaxy, if truth hurts your on the right road dont stop.

  • Back in the late ’60’s, I was one of the tv producers to have brought the Apollo program via the Philcomsat Satellite from the US to the Far East. Initially, we were trained to use the new technology of electronic Chroma Keying. This could have been used to portray man going there.
    As a high school student, I learned of the Van Allen Belt and really doubted what was happening.
    Nevertheless, after seeing the first proofs against landing on the moon first aired at the Montel Williams show, doubts were certainly cast in my own mind. This video is further proof.
    But today, I also follow Dr. Steven Greer in Disclosure and Unacknowledged and have attended the yearly Contact in Desert event. Coupled that with the Dead Sea scrolls and readings of Bagavadhita and Mahabharata, my experiences with sighting of Un identified flying objects, my mind and my eyes are wide open and awake to what is real and what is deception.

  • We didn’t go to the moon because they don’t even know where it is!
    Please see my you tube videos “math challenges the moon landings”, pt.1 and pt.2. The math shows the distance to our moon is less than 4000 miles(6436km). All the data used is available on the internet.

  • Anyone believing in the moon landing claims just have not research the facts and will do everything they can not to research or only research what they want to believe.. It took me five years from staring at the evidence, offering public viewing of films with discussion to become convinced.. These resources have been collected over many years.. I hope it will be useful.. Please considering bookmarking and studying and let me know any information you can find there that is false. Evidence of fraud, US 1969-1972 lunar missions –

  • You are missing the point.. human biology is more at risk than satellite equipment. That is why all space flights since 1972 are ALL in low orbit.. Once when the space shuttle tried to go further, In 1998 CNN reported: “The radiation belts surrounding Earth may be more dangerous for astronauts than previously believed. The phenomenon known as the ‘Van Allen Belts’ can spawn (newly discovered) ‘Killer Electrons’ that can dramatically affect the astronauts’ health.” This happened at around 350 miles from Earth, not anywhere near the dense part of the radiation field extending from 1,000 to 25,000 miles from Earth..

    • None of you idiots has the data and done the math. I have. You can Easily get through the VAB with shielding and speed, course through the less energetic parts. See the magnetosphere. Idiots!

      • Then you need to do the math again because NASA have admitted space travel beyond the magnetosphere is a complete no no.

        Not very educated are we Doctor Moeebius?

  • Well, I have never been a moon landing denier, but this guy makes a good point. Worthy of taking a closer look at what we have been told.

    • The man-lunar missions stopped in 1972 when the Russians were able to confirm any claim.. Both countries now have many secrets on one another.. The big question for me is when will many more people question it based on these last four+ decades of remaining in low orbit with the Russians never claiming to have sent an astronaut into deep outer space. Why is the Orion mission withholding the measures of radiation taken in its unmanned 2014 mission?

  • The Thermosphere argument as presented here is disingenuous. Yes, due to solar flares it can reach said temperatures. But the density of matter there is so low, that any molecules at that temperature can easily be absorbed. It can’t melt anything, because the amount of energy is way too low.

    • We’ve never been to the moon because we can’t get through the Van Allen radiation belts. I think of all the poor dogs and monkeys (-all masonic symbols) NASA sent up that must have been cooked alive. Cruel. Why animal protection groups have never said anything I don’t understand. (If they are “Royal Societies”, i.e. RSPCA, then they are masonic and be collusive.)

      • Yes, the Apollo craft can get past the Van Allen belts. This was confirmed by a prominent space scientist.

        His name was… James Van Allen.

        What a pity he’s no longer alive so you could contact him and explain why he was wrong…

  • people accept the NASA explanation because it is NASA. They still believe.

    In the vaccum of space there is no dispersion of light and stars are brighter than earthlite. No stars in picture – fake.

  • Your arguments are pathetic. Taking quotes from astronauts out of context – she was talking about long-term life outside the Earth, not a two week trip to the moon – the problem the first scientist mentioned was about mars and beyond! They are talking about colonies – and then you wonder why people abuse you. I suggest you do some reading, particularly physics so you can understand why we cannot see the stars from the moon, before you offer this nonsense on YT.

    • Are you certain you are sufficiently rigorous in your own research? Are you yourself overly accepting of received information? How do you know what you are being told by the scientific community is authentic?

  • No wonder Armstrong never wanted to do interviews & Sibrel caught ’em all out also. Alan Bean & the VAB was hilarious “well, we must have went straight through ’em… now get the fuck out”
    9/11 was carried out by Mosad – it’s all about covering up their ongoing crimes & yes, the whole shitfight is a horror movie.

  • Here’s an interesting feedback email:

    “I appreciate it’s a painful realisation, particularly for Americans. The reason the Apollo deception was so important is because those Paperclip scientists wanted to conceal something fundamental about the nature of space itself – space is not really a blank canvas. Passing through enormous distances in space has profound effects on matter itself. Even Einstein’s relativity is just a clever mathematical distraction. The problem started with the Newtonian model of gravitation – hence they now have to pretend that the Higgs Boson exists and that gravity waves exist, to prop up this whole “scientific” house of cards. It’s not just Americans that have been misled – it’s the entire scientific community !! Miles Mathis has worked out exactly how they faked the “gravity wave” data:

    “Websites like have done a good job of collecting all the solid evidence that the Apollo missions were faked, but then they pretend that all the “bad guys” at NASA have now died or retired, and that we can we can now trust NASA implicitly. Please don’t make the same mistake – you’re too good for that. The deception continues, and is broader than ever. The majority of the images that NASA gives us of the other planets/asteroids appear to be fake. Their CGI capabilities are 20 years ahead of mainstream. Even the early 60s images of the dark side of the Moon appear to have been generated by crude CGI – in the 60s – but with their military connections, this is actually possible !! Another subject that the Paperclip scientists had a big head start in was computers. I know this is “conspiracy theorist’s conspiracy theory” but I’ve read enough about the spiritual background – Rudolf Steiner, Blavatsky and others – to know that this is exactly what the New World Order is about – creating a kind of spiritual prison that we cannot even think our way out of !!

    “Yes, I’m the guy who keeps going on about the Mars Rovers not being on Mars because that’s the current deception – they don’t mind slowly admitting they faked the Apollo missions because everyone is already in the clutches of the Mars Rover deception.

    “I know you probably won’t make yourself popular if you do run the Mars Programmes on FKTV, but that’s the nature of the Beast, as you know !!”

    • Thanks! Very erudite and I am learning all the time. Yes, I am suspicious about Einstein and other science masons, especially Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. It’s important to the masonic agenda that we believe in crap like ‘time travel’ and aliens. That’s right messing with people’s psychology so that science, superstition and fear (together with embedded masonic myths/ ritual and hoaxes in dominant fields of learning and knowledge) make people so confused that they do not notice the power abuses monarchy and freemasonry perpetrate.

  • Good morning, Alexandra. As you know, I’ve followed your site for a long time with good reason; you share the truth! I watched and listened to the video twice and I concur 100% with your conclusion. I read every one of the comments and was so grieved reading such stubborn (and successful!) Cognitive Dissonance and ignorance regarding the Moon Landing, one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated against the American people (and there have been thousands in 241 years!) 🙁 I’ve been researching the subject for three months now and the results prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that “it never happened,” period! There’s no time or space to share all the links, photos and You Tube examples proving my statement, but I’ll never forget watching the ‘press conference’ of those three men after they “supposedly” returned from the Moon. The very obvious guilt and shame on their faces from being forced to “continue the fraud and hoax” against their American countrymen was un-mistakeable! I felt sorry for them. Lastly, look up the Hebrew definition of the word: Nasa…it says it all!

  • The video ,to me, is not conclusive.What would contribute to the supposed hoax is one of the astronauts confessing that it was a staged event.A couple of NASA employees forgetting about the moon landing doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Nor does it disprove the radiation remedies weren’t successfully addressed back then.

    • I agree. The video by itself is inconclusive for the reasons you cite. It convinced me within the context of other arguments I’ve seen over the years.

  • NASA has rarely if ever, told truth. If a liar says they now tell the truth, do I believe them now? LOL. Athis latest scam cleverly confuses those who are still unsure, while seeing real whistleblowers say we did go, but – ‘unfortunate’ things were seen there…. 😉

  • Thanks to anyone who worked at NASA, which is a semi-military organization with compartmentalization of knowledge. The big picture is increasingly obvious. The Top 10 Reasons for Skepticism are posted on
    The USA is falling behind with a “been there, done that” attitude which gives time for China and Russia to catch up and surpass us and establish dictatorship colonies.
    Let’s make America first on the Moon again!

  • I am a photographer, and I remember seeing a documentary of an engineer who designed the moon cameras at Hasselblad (Sweedish camera manufacturer). The engineer admitted they could not make a camera that could withstand the extremes of the space environment. They made the cameras, anyway. I actually handled one of these cameras at a camera convention. I think NASA is just one big money pit. I had a friend that was a high speed camera specialist who worked a NASA to produce high speed photography of some kind of devise that kept breaking. Through the use of high speed photography the problem was revealed and repairs were made. My friend found out from the scientists who hired him had solved the problem after a few weeks, but kept the research going for many months to make extra money! I don’t believe anything the government says. Why should I?

  • I just saw your video on “NASA Never Went To The Moon.” I worked at Kennedy Space Center in 1967-68 and 1968-69 at the Manned Spacecraft Center near Houston. Although I was a young aerospace engineer at the time, I was directly involved in the first two Saturn V launches from KSC and was responsible for testing Frank Borman’s space helmet, which was oversized from the others due to his head size, for potential impact on the moon (in case he were to fall). I also met my wife there; she worked in the spacesuit lab. I have zero doubt that we did indeed go to and land on the moon.

    Your explanation of atmospheric temperatures is naive, and therefore misleading. Temperature as measured in a rarified gas does not have the same effect when the “hot” particles impact on a dense object such as the surface of a rocket.

    It is also true that subsequent NASA programs were reoriented away from manned moon landings, and the technology to return to the moon with humans does have to be rebuilt. In addition, after 48 years we now have much more understanding of the presence and danger of space radiation to lifeforms, especially long-lived ones like humans.

    I suggest you let go of your desire to prove your worth by attempting to undermine real history and go to MSC and really delve into what those astronauts are actually saying, and the context in which they are saying it.

    • Ryan, what you’ve done is amazing and I don’t mean any disrespect to scientists who have worked or who still for NASA.

      The views expressed were those of the Australian creator of the video on the Better Mankind YouTube channel, which triggered my interest, due to awareness of the Coronal Heating Problem: &

      I am not qualified to make authoritative statements on these matters but I’m allowed to respond to an array of apparent factual discrepancies and burlesque feather dances coming out of NASA.

    • Really….what are those [email protected] astronauts actually saying. Give me break. What a total joke. Pathetic 60’s technology and humans went to the moon. I guess we’re all living in the Truman Show. NASA et al, all a bunch of thieves and criminals. I guess that would include you too. Hope you sleep well at night.

    • Very nicely said. Not that they’ll believe you…

      I was wondering if you knew my grandfather, Eugene Clifford Faires. He worked on Apollo then, also. He was a welder, in his early 40s. I know that it has been a long time, but I just had to ask.

  • I noticed the dust kicked up from the astronaut’s boot on the moon’s surface went straight back to ground instead of floating upwards for longer as it would do in lunar gravity Dashed happy childhood memories.

    • Without the friction of atmosphere on dust particles on the moon, the particles of dust would fall back to the ground at the same speed as a lead ball. So even with the reduced gravity, the dust should have appeared to settle faster than we are used to seeing on earth.

      • So you’re positing that in 1/6th gravity, dust would fall as quick as a lead ball because there’s no atmosphere… hmmm – no wonder people are waking up.

  • Maybe you should have them see the following video.

    How is it possible that so many people can be this ignorant in 2017?
    I lived in Florida during the first moon landing. I have friends who watched the launch. Why is it so hard to believe that we can go to the moon? Do you believe in the Manhatten Project or was that a fake also? Forbidden Knowledge should be renamed to zero knowledge. You believe in UFOs but you don’t believe we went to the moon? Hell, you believe in God and you don’t believe we went to the moon? This is insanity and I refuse to be part of it. I am just about done with Forbidden Knowledge. I am ashamed to le let anyone know I am on the mailing list.

    • I don’t know, I would think that easily verifiable facts such as melting points and radiation, not to mention the comments of the astronauts and scientists themselves, would not require any “belief” in what we can or cannot do regarding space travel. It’s too bad when people are so emotionally invested in their own beliefs that facts are irrelevant. As far as the NASA link you provided, how is that proof of anything in this day of easily photoshopped pictures?

    • Ugh. Gary. Relax. There are some bonafide discrepancies here and after 9/11, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Global Financial Meltdown, nobody believes a thing the US Government and their CIA/NASA/Mainstream News Minions say anymore.

      Our reality is couched within the National Security Act. It’s a Hall of Mirrors and nobody believes anything anymore. The center cannot hold. This is the fruit of cynical leadership.

      A growing number of people the world over, including US Persons (and rightfully so) perceive that the USG sees all of us as so much manipulable and expendable fodder.

  • Thanks for doing the research. I watched the guys on ‘steam tv’ at the time, but it has only been with the introduction of the web that I have been able to consider the unthinkable. I did have some niggles at the time-radiation belt included and rationalised the awful photography as being inevitable with such a venture, even considered some of the photographs were fabricated because they did not have good images for PR. Having listened over the past couple of years to experts in their respective fields debunking aspects of NASA’s claim-the cameras being able to operate for example, one persistent chap who measured the capsule and decided the astronauts would have been incapable of leaving it in their bulky suits and being shooed off the site for his pains, are just 2 examples. Lack of stars? jury still out on that. The sun would be pretty fierce and possibly capable of requiring an aperture setting incapable of picking up subtle tones. But again, this has not been tested to my knowledge. Considering the political climate at the time, this bastion of democracy, honour and decency had to destroy the nasty commies. What a breathtaking expenditure for nothing it was! It elevates insanity to a whole new and stratified level. You are doing a fine job, keep tilting at windmills.

  • ” I WANT TO BELIEVE” However, I don’t believe I can after seeing this video, I have seen UFO’s a few times, and I know it can be done now, not with rockets, they are too slow, and would burn up going out, let alone coming back. That’s why the flying brick had such thick ceramic tile, and missing one or two made for a burn up on the way back down. I think, the rest of the comments cover a lot of questions and cause us to open our eyes a bit more. We have been lied to, experimented on, fed waste products to drink, in the name of “science” (LOL) then we have geoengineering, GMO’s that are resistant to aluminum. As the powers that be would kill us off without blinking an eye, I think it’s time to return the favor. As well as get access to those “black projects” that will enable us sheeple to take care of this rock we live on. I could go on and on, but, I’ve said too much as it is. See through the cover ups.

  • Another great story from a subscriber:

    “From 1/2/69- 6/30/69 all of us designers and engineers were drafting and designing by hand. The computers back then were main framed.

    “The [computer] in the capsule w/ four astronauts would have had to be larger than a house.

    “We all new that they were propagandists. We all new that they were planning a fake landing. I quit and bought a bar in SF.”

  • Whoa! This comment board is blowing up!

    I’ve received a ton of feedback emails, most calling this Aussie guy an idiot or a clickbait whore. The most interesting feedback I’ve gotten so far was this:

    “I was assigned to the USS Hornet CVS 12 when that ship was to recover Apollo 11 and 12. I saw the capsules come down into the Pacific Ocean. I think I believed [the Lunar Landings] until the ship returned to Long Beach Naval Base and all my Kodak Instamatic film was confiscated and I was told that I had never had any film to be processed.

    “The USS Hornet is now a museum in Alameta Bay just across from San Francisco. One of my friends that was assigned with me at that time was part of the restoration crew to bring the ship back to presentation quality. I returned a few things that just happened to go with me when I was reassigned. However, my friend, nicked named ‘Russian’ as his family name is [Russian] while we were in the Navy asked me if my Apollo 11 cruise book was still in very good shape and if I would donate it to the old jet shop that now was the Apollo 11 museum on board…and [I did].”

      • Debbie — A cruise book is photos of a US Navy ship deployment to a certain assignment. If you were on a ship and in the Tonkin Gulf during that war, you would be able to buy and picture with comments about some of the more interesting/important/disasters that happened while you were assigned to that ship.
        I was assigned to the USS Hornet during the spacecraft recoveries.

    • Sooooooo? Is the book on display? Can you see it online via the museum link? Or has it disappeared like your film? I’m interested.

  • In this day and age when we know without a doubt that all our governments, including Canada, lie to everybody like there is no tomorrow, and looking back with hindsight at the situation that existed in the 1960’s where there was so much fear of the Soviet Union (largely foisted upon us by our governments, thru their lies and exaggerations), it is easy to see how it would be so very important to the leaders of the time to wage this “information war” with the so-called enemies of freedom.
    there can be no doubt that there was a real struggle between the USA and the soviet Union to out-do one another, and that the USA would spare no expense or effort to delude all of us into believing that they had made this giant leap ahead of the dreaded soviets.
    I believed it at the time, and I’m certain that I am not alone. It just reinforces the fact that we should believe only a little bit of what we see with our own eyes, and nothing of what we hear or see via the internet or the main-stream media.
    We are all “sheeple” to some extent, and we need to be careful what we consume.

  • I think we did go to the Moon, using ET technology provided by ETs which NASA doesn’t want to share with the public.
    It’s well known that Stanley Kubrick was hired to create the phony footage of the astronauts on the Moon which no longer holds up under the scrutiny of our current vastly improved photo technology.. The Secret Space Program has spent the missing trillions on their secret projects , which are all about providing the elite with new playgrounds.

    • >I think we did go to the Moon, using ET technology provided by >ETs which NASA doesn’t want to share with the public.

      ET technology provided by ETs?
      GTFO? Really?
      Aliens came over from lightyears away to this planet and the technology they used is the same one used here in the 60’s which was basically put a few guys on top of a rocket with no way to control it or do anything and send it up?

      Then going full 180 degrees with the Kubrick story that ‘everyone knows’ (like the ones we used to hear about Rod Stewart/EltonJohn/Etc needing to have their stomachs pumped from too much semen… EVERYONE knew those stories.. oh, lets not forget Richard Gere and hamsters, even Stephen Lynch wrote a song about it 25yrs later)??

      Its hard to keep track when theories contradict each other, eh?

  • if they could lie about 9/11 they could lie about the moon landings. pretty much all the history we’ve been told is a bunch of lies…. holohoax, etc.

  • Congratulations and welcome home! What this clip forgot was the gold foil which I think has the lowest melting point of all.

    It was the lighting that first got my attention. Something was very wrong about it and no stars? Come on! Then Neil Armstrong jumped into that whopper. The closer I looked the whole story began to stink after awhile. Then when the NASA official said they lost all their papers and they don’t know how to go back, I became nearly hysterical with laughter. Same ole, same ole government MO after faking something, clean up all the evidence and disappear it!

    But if anyone dares to seriously question things they get smeared and threatened or worse.

  • This doofus in the video knows nothing about science and less about developing technology. This answers all the phony issues he poses: And this explains why Don Petit said we need to re-develop the technology: The more interesting question is why doofus and his ilk are so desperate to try to prove that scientific accomplishments are fake. Maybe he did poorly in school. Or maybe he scribbled out a book that he’s trying to sell on his own.

  • When one looks back at how NASA was created.. more specifically WHO created the space agency, it shouldn’t be a huge shock to anyone that they have been lying to us. Why would they do that, you ask? Perhaps it plays into the purported upcoming project bluebeam hologram deception that I keep reading about.. (and that Werner Von braun warned his assistant Carol Rosin about).. IOW how can we be supposedly invaded by aliens from another planet if WE can’t even get to the moon…. JMHO

  • My father was a NASA engineer. We went to the moon. These Brits are making retarded videos – their conclusions are against the facts. Every thing they argue is simply unintelligent and incorrect, although NASA does lie and fake photos. But his arguments are wrong – especially about the Van Allen radiation belt. I went to school with Van Allen’s son, and I’ve done the math, based on my dad’s data.

    • OK if what you say is true how did NASA overcome the radiation belt risks to human life SPECIFICALLY FROM AN ENGINEERING PERSPECTIVE? If the US DID send a manned craft to the moon in the sixties, what’s your explanation for why we haven’t been back since? Fine your dad worked for NASA, but as in all classified compartmentalized military environments only those with A NEED TO KNOW ever are in a position to know any facts, and usually they swear never to reveal details to anyone as long as they live.

      • We haven’t been back is easy to answer, there’s nothing there worth going back for! Should we go back just for kicks? Oh according to some noone has been in space, period!
        I think what’s worse than people thinking space travel is fake is the amount of people who think it. Taking words out of context, taking videos and trying to prove fake.

    • As I said in my response, there are “sheeple” everywhere, and it does not surprise me that someone who admits that he has a family connection with NASA would believe the lies, or at least be prepared to defend them if he knows they are actually total falsehood.
      Baaa Baaa!

  • Excellent content, and also very disappointing to my desire to believe that we did land on the moon. However, my reasoning mind must concur with you. It was a lie, but why?

    • The US Corp was very freaked out by the Soviets putting that dog and Yuri whatever his name was up in space and needed to (pardon the expression) Trump the Ruskies propaganda-wise. It was the Cold War ya know. Ppl would be very pissed off if they understood the depth of the lying on these subjects. Obviously paper clip Nazi SS Colonel & rocket expert Werner Von Braun was leading the efforts.

  • Anyone who has any doubts the moon trip was fake should watch the entire press conference the astronauts had upon their “return”: their
    obvious discomfort and body language tells the whole story.

  • I am a Vietnam Vet 1968-69….I believe NOTHING my Government tells me…..the people in congress and Presidential and Judicial are just talking heads….the real Power (New World Order) calls the shots….(see Henry Kissinger)

  • Humans have gone to the moon and there are bases with humans on the Moon and Mars.

    However a lot of the official Moon Landing images and video are hoaxes in order to remove any alien presence such as alien bases and spacecraft.

    • Perhaps a more advanced technology is being used by the deep state and the secret space program that enables them to shift back and forth between planets… or what if there really aren’t any planets at all but different dimensions? It seems apparent that the old fashioned method of blasting through space with rockets won’t work… JMHO

  • This one really had me thinking! If humans couldn’t have gone to the moon, then all of the videos and testimony of UFO’s on the moon are wrong and any claims of such by former Apollo astronauts would have to be dismissed.
    Include any testimony or video posted here or Youtube or anywhere else with these “eyewitnesses” of extraordinary events if those testimonies come from anyone associated or formerly associated with NASA or such agencies if they continue to promote the moon landing story as fact. And naturally we would have to dismiss anything from any disclosure project that relies on any of their testimony.
    Makes you wonder about which house of cards will fall next and it’s implication for what passes as a truth. Thanks for posting.

    • Have to dismiss anything from Disclosure Project? Maybe those who talk of moon landings, but other stuff?

      Remember Disclosure Project has nothing to do with landing on the moon and all about visitations of beings from other planets. This doesn’t disprove the major points of Disclosure Project.

      • There are some folks who testify for the Disclosure Project who were with NASA. For instance Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell and Carol Rosin. Won’t go through the whole list : If a witness has been proved to have lied about one aspect of the same subject, and this is all off-world subjects, not “apples and oranges”, it brings doubt to their other testimonies or claims. I mentioned the Disclosure Project specifically as these witnesses have not disputed the moon landing or their participation in it, as far as I know. This video made me question a lot.
        Btw, I hope that I’m wrong. I personally believe in what the Disclosure Project is trying to do. Ugh. LOL 🙂

    • My sense after letting this sink in was that the Moon Landings were a huge cover-up for UFO activities here and on the Moon. Either that or “we” went there but not with 1960’s technology.

      • Remember Dark Journalist’s interview with Niara Isley? She talks about being taken to the moon in the 1980s whilst in the military. She said the journey took 20 mins and there were established bases there.

      • I agree. besides, the issue here is whether humans could have passed the Van Allen belts and landed on the moon. Doesn’t mean we didn’t send many probes that landed, orbited & took hi-res photos.
        The ‘coincidence’ that NASA “oops” lost or recorded over all the original tape footage… just after we started seeing technical exposes like Jay Weidner’s deconstruction of the back projection system is also telling.
        On top of that see John Lear’s interviews where he says Russia & USA had an agreement: Russia would explore Venus; USA the Moon. I guess they agreed USA with Hollywood had the better movie fakery; all of this misdirection while they investigated UFO-ET situation.
        Somewhere I saw vid where they said USA hi-res satellite photos in the 60’s were stunningly clear over Russia. Down to reading auto license plates.
        JFK said “hey, lets turn the sat ‘scopes around and look at the moon.” When they did, whoops, alien structures clearly seen
        After that JFK approached Russia on the bigger ET situation and the secret cooperation began, with fake “cold war” budgetary increases to cover the new expenses for black projects.

        • Thanks. You kept me from having to write the same information.

          Never a Straight Answer (NASA) together with Hollywood, the past Cold War scenario and God knows what else makes a moon fake a possibility. That was before the phrase “false flag” crept into human consciousness and entered the lexicon. We, in the USA, believed our government “for the people, by the people” and our leaders were the best. Decades later, enter mass communication. We were awakened and had to grow-up. The awake population now knows that world governments are owned by corporations that deny ethics and will do anything–promote liars, thieves, murderers and creepy pedophiles who have no reluctance about duping and using us all for personal gain.

          I don’t know if the landing was faked to cover the typical criminal activities of the same or not but this guy makes some clearly valid points that produce BIG questions. NASA, nor any official agency will ever address these, we know. Like the rest of the false flags, set-ups and fakery these corporate/political criminals fund and subsequently peddle as real we may never know.

        • I think I read somewhere that there’s a ban on telescopes beyond a particular magnification capacity. Even though they could be produced for sale to the public, its not allowed. They don’t want people to be able to see the moon close up.

          • I’ve no doubt. Sounds quite accurate. Super advanced technology developed on taxation, blood, sweat and tears is suppressed daily worldwide. We know this (praise be to Steve Greer, et al) Who benefits? The breakaway civilization. I’ve no doubt of this, based on direct and implied information. It’s so simply. It’s the basics–follow the money. Don’t know about the UK but the “lost” (stolen) trillions of dollars in the US goes somewhere. I don’t see the simply expense of healthcare getting funded easily.

          • If we didn’t have to pay for our stupid fiat currency and god only knows what else we’d be rich! Employed people are sleeping in tents on traffic islands in the UK because they can’t afford mortgages or rent. The breakaway civs are useless parasites. Grrrrr!

          • Millions of Americans have been walking away from their “upside down” homes. Their mortgage payments are as much as 100% higher than the market values of their properties. This is true all over Florida, where my father died late in 2014 in a nice part of Delray Beach.

            Rather than being able to leave his real estate asset to his children, we had to maneuver us to walk away from his mortgage so that his pension could pay for his final 6 months in assisted living and allow his house to revert to the mortgage holder, in a December 23rd 2016 hearing – for $100!

            Before the courts gave it to the mortgage company for $100, his property was worth half what he paid for it and it was unsalable. We were trapped into forfeiting his asset to the bank.

          • Alex I’m so sorry to hear this about your dad, so unfair, the undeserving banks profiting in this way. you have negative equity in The US? In the UK we have run away house price inflation and similar with rental prices. Two of my dearest friends are really struggling they both have short term housing soon to expire, educated but unemployed.

          • Alex’s experience with her father and yours watching your friends run out of options are revealing for today’s financial climate. Perhaps Clif High is correct about the dollar and how to think of it. Take on as much debt as possible because you will not have to pay for the goods next year. Our home is on the market. We are looking for other housing, maybe. (Or maybe we’ll just live under a bridge and wait for the fallout, I don’t know.) Decided to look at the NW coast and the big island of Hawaii to get away from the mainland. There are as many foreclosures in both places as there are sales. I don’t know what the percentage one is of the other but foreclosures are clearly rampant and can be seen on No one is mentioning this point in the MSM at all. Nevertheless, something is up in the US. Frankly, I’m getting that same niggling I had in 2005 before the Wall Street crash before we heard “Give us the CASH! If you don’t you’ll all die when our banks fail.” And, Obummer did so with the US public parroting the necessity of the hold-up. Ridiculous.

            The UK situation, when people work and can’t even provide basic housing for themselves due to the extreme expense–well, that sounds as if a Marie Antoinette moment is fast approaching. Remember that the French Crown, et al allowed the banks to take the people’s lands and they became destitute. Next stop? Revolution.

          • I don’t know if this will appear next to your comment Elle but this is for you. It really does feel like meltdown is getting close doesn’t it. So sorry to hear you’re having to move, or is this a happy move? I hope so. I was thinking about George Leonard’s book about the moon. He said in one of the NASA photos he could see a building overlooking the moon’s Alpine Valley region. He said this find made him feel so much better as whoever built it would have to have an appreciation of beauty. Amazing,..real estate on the moon, foreclosures here. Btw I finally managed to buy some bitcoin ?

          • Got it. Voluntary move, btw.

            That is a fabulous sentiment, “whoever built it would have to have an appreciation of beauty”. Love that.

      • the cover up explanation is so dumb too, ‘we destroyed the technology’ then there’s a moon lander in a museum for everyone to look at!

      • I suppose Arthur C Clarke was just another British twit, who was harassed by Intel agencies for what he knew about the space program, right?

      • As a British person, I would like to point out, for the record, that the guy who speaks in the video is Australian. His accent is indisputably Australian. He may be a twit, but he isn’t British. I expect an apology to my nation from Dr Moebius !

        My opinion? I doubt the moon landings were possible with 60’s tech, but they may have used secret advanced tech, such as is supposedly now being used in the SSP ( Secret Space Programme).

        If that’s so, then the real reason we haven’t been back is because the Moon is a base for ET’s and they have warned us off. There is a lot of whistleblower testimony on this as I’m sure Ms Bruce and others amongst you are aware.

      • I don’t think this guy is a twit no matter where he’s from. He’s managed to verbalise what a lot of us have obviously been thinking. Why do you always have to trash people Dr M? Can’t you make your argument without being that way?

        • People attack someone’s character and intelligence, when they can’t argue based on facts, or refute the facts. It’s usually a sign that they have no facts to argue from, and their only purpose is to discredit the one who has presented their information. As soon as people use name-calling, we can assume they are out to discredit the source because they can’t discredit the facts.

      • Yes, Doctor Moebius, sad that “denial” is not just a river in Egypt.

        It’s tough not to be an aggressive apologist and insulting to others, as you were defended from insult here, when everything you thought you knew comes crashing down!

      • Doctor Moebius

        Go to and there you will see numerous comments from people who worked on the Apollo program, and claim it was faked.

        Go to and there you will find answers to the stupid questions that you keep asking.4

        Idiots like Doctor Moebius need a brain transplant.

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