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Forbidden Knowledge TV is dedicated to bringing you that which is so dear to us but which has become very unprofitable…it’s called the truth.

But we carry on. We have rebuilt our site without outbound banners and structured it in such a way that is hopefully easier for you to navigate. With your support, we hope to keep it this way. If not, you’ll see ads creeping back in – but the rates paid today are not sustainable and we’ll still need all the help we can get.

We have valuable information that we feel the world needs to see – yet this position makes it harder than average to keep our site going. Not only does it require that Alexandra work full time for no money… but also, as the years have rolled forward, it’s become more unwieldy, more expensive, and it’s been stacking debt and strain on her without relief in sight.

Conjuring a subversive ploy isn’t really our style, so we just thought we’d explain ourselves to you openly.

The future of this site is up to you and any level of contribution is absolutely vital and is greatly appreciated. If you’re as strapped as we are, then you can at least cheer us up by dropping us a line  and just letting us know you appreciate this.

We are very grateful for the generosity of all past and present contributors, we appreciate your interest in higher thinking and we genuinely hope our information has helped you to make more informed and powerful decisions about matters that affect your lives

And we intend to continue to do so.

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Future Plans

1. Soon we would like to add a user submitted articles section to allow our readers to submit their own content. It will be confined to a specific area called User Submitted and will not interfere with current site functions. Being able to contribute gives you a chance to share more current, more obscure, and more forbidden knowledge.

2. We would like to add a forum where users can discuss topics of their choice. It’s a lot of maintenance to do properly, and requires dedicated people, time, and effort. A quality experience on the forum is important for our sensitive style of information. This would benefit greatly from having reasonable funding.

3. More original video content like documentaries, interviews, and FKTV produced exclusives.

If you have any questions or you wish to contribute in any other ways, please use our contact page.

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