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    Many people reading this may have heard of Masaru Emoto’s wildly popular photography books on frozen water crystals. The premise of his work is that the shapes of the crystals reflect the vibrations water’s environment and the consciousness surrounding it. Emoto was informed by the principles of homeopathy, whether he knew it or not.

    In homeopathic medicine, successive dilutions of antigens shaken in water produce harmonics and sub-harmonics of the chemicals’ molecular patterns. These dilutions are then used to make remedies that stimulate the immune response of patients, without actually exposing them to toxins of any kind, whether they be antigens or pharmaceuticals.

    Despite the fact that its effects have been exhaustively proven in countless laboratory studies, homeopathy remains one of the great bugaboos of so-called skeptics worldwide.

    In her book, The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, Lynne McTaggart tells the cautionary tale of allergy specialist, Dr. Jacques Benveniste, head of the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and whose lab technician accidentally stumbled onto the basic principle of homeopathy in 1984.

    Due to an error in calculation, a solution had been diluted to the point where very few of the antigen molecules remained. However, the white blood cells were reacting as if they were being attacked by a high concentration of antigens. After intentionally repeating the dilution mistake and getting the same results, another doctor at the lab, who also happened to be a homeopath, remarked that these experiments were illustrating the fundamentals of homeopathy. At the time, Benveniste didn’t even know what homeopathy was but he asked the lab technician to dilute the solutions even more, to the point where none of the original active substance would remain.

    In these new studies, no matter how dilute the solution, which was, by now, just plain water, Elisabeth kept getting consistent results, as if the active ingredient was still there…

    Benveniste’s findings were replicated in laboratories in France, Israel, Italy and Canada and all thirteen scientists jointly published the findings of their four year study in a 1988 edition of the prestigious and conservative British journal, Nature. The popular press jumped all over the story as a validation of homeopathy and declared that Benveniste had discovered the “memory of water,” though he already understood that these results had repercussions far beyond any theory of alternative medicine.

    McTaggart wrote, “If water were able to imprint and store information from molecules, this would have an impact on our understanding of molecules and the way they ‘talk’ to one another in our bodies…In any living cell, there are ten thousand molecules of water for each molecule of protein.”

    Nature was aware of the implications of these findings for the accepted laws of biochemistry, so they agreed to publish the article only after taking the extraordinary step of placing an editorial addendum at the bottom of the article, inviting readers to pick holes in the study. Four days after publication, Nature Editor John Maddox showed up at Benveniste’s lab with “quackbuster” Walter Stewart and professional magician/debunker-at-large, “The Amazing Randi.” Under their supervision, Benveniste’s team performed four experiments, one blinded, all of which were successful. Despite the fact that none of the three skeptics were trained in chemistry, Maddox and his team disputed the findings and claimed that Benveniste’s lab had not observed good scientific protocol. It discounted supporting data from other labs.

    Nature’s results had a devastating effect upon Benveniste’s reputation and his position at INSERM and his career was basically destroyed over the controversy. He was somewhat vindicated thirteen years later, in 2001, when four outside labs, in a series of double-blind experiments overseen by skeptical chemist Madeleine Ennis, reproduced the same phenomenon that he had reported. Until jos death in 2004, Benveniste doggedly continued his search for a mechanism by which to explain the results of his laboratory work, which consistently showed that water retains the memory of the electromagnetic vibration specific to a chemical.

    This film picks up where Benveniste left off, with the Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Dr. Luc Montagnier.

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    • What a wonderous time we live in when spirituality and quantum physics come together in complete agreement that “we are one”. Indivisible. One.
      Hurray! Harreson Waymen

    • If water memory was real, and could be used to prove homeopathy works, then my city’s drinking water would remember being sewage water, and the resulting memory should cause the effects on humans that come from drinking sewage. Yet the citizens of my city remain healthy and alive. What gives?
      Perhaps water just has “selective memory”?

    • Hahnemann was the founder of homeopathy. His principle was because of a lack on love, all kinds of pain appear. He found remedies for these pains.
      For me it is important: Why there is a lack of love??
      He minded, this will take some more time for discovering universal love, where humanity is not yet ready for it today. Therefore he found homeopathic remedies for a relief of all kinds of pain. Yes homeopathy helps, however love must be found in order to heal people.

      Besides: By discussion and meeting many homeopaths I realised that many of them wear glasses. By pointing to this phenomenon, they said: this is a beautiful remedy for relief of the eyes. In my view, such glasses show the lack of love.
      How is it possible to sense what life and love is, by damaged sense organs??

      Now the question is: What is universal love………..

      • God of the bible is universal love. Bible says “God is love” (1Joh.4:8) and also shows that by His words we are healed (Luke 9:6). For me it’s really exciting how sience agrees with the Bible. Please read a book from Christian brain sientist Carolyn Leaf to discover more.

    • Has anyone ever heard of he double blind test? It’s just (to me) proof that we are all connected, and just looking at, or thinking about something affects it.

      • James, can you tell more about this double blind test?

        I agree, that all is connected. This is the base of Einsteins relativity theroy, about all rellions and about special relations. I perceive them even on a sub-atomic level.
        In this case there is no independency!!!!!

    • I’ve taken particular inspiration from Masaru Emoto’s work in providing various stimulants to water and finding direct cause and effect via ice crystal’s under the microscope.
      I’ve been ‘programming’ my spring water for a number of years now using higher minded words and phrases printed on plain paper taped to glass bottles, left to stand 24 hours, statement side in. Terms like ‘love and light’, ‘patience and tolerance’, ‘heal physical’, ‘heal spiritual’, ‘compassion and love’, ‘divine intelligence’ and others, depending on where I’m led.
      Being a long time user of homeopathic remedies, herbs and diet, this was not foreign to my psyche…

    • All scientist have their intellect, intelligence by which they think, feel, sense and acts by instinct and intuition. These are the spiritual intruments of an organism.
      When these scientist discovers any frequency of disturbing and of healing by any artificial instrument, now I say this can be done wihtout an artificial instrument. It can be done by the own mind/consciousness, where self healing appears.
      It seems to me that observing science is caught in a vicious circle, cutting by machines and than healing by machines. The results are robots of any kind.

      I guess, now the RNA comes in focus.
      The RNA is acting by meditation, transforming the DNA.
      Where the DNA has two “snakes” connected, the RNA has a singular snake and a doubled snake for transferring the right, the truth into the DNA. The singular act is the right act for a human being, which is beyond any dualiyt of good and bad.

    • The main stuff for any organism is Carbon, Hydrogen,Oxygen and Nitrogen.
      I perceive that carbon is a frame, a structure by which orgamism can organise survival, life and being.
      Hydrogen as a part of water, is the carrrier of mind/consciousness.
      Oxygen as a part of water, transforms the mind/consciousness.
      Nitrogen gives an energetic being a form.

      Now, I am interested in Helium and want to discover its spirituality.

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