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    Oh my goodness, I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. These children are so adorable! Their reactions are pretty uniform. Covering their eyes in horror is pretty widespread. It’s fascinating and hilarious and I’m not sure if it was well-advised to do this to these kids. I wonder if this might not be considered exploitative.

    I’m very glad I was quietly given some illustrated books with cardboard cut-out animals…

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    • Why the PC ‘family’ mixtures? wo mixed race one with lesbian parents to a poor little boy, and one with no father? So you’ve become part of the globalist deception by deception, eh?

      • I was annoyed by the whole PC approach, one Asian mixed couple, one lesbian couple with a son, one very blond woman and child, etc. As Alex noted, it’s clickbait production willing to use children to make a profit. Nothing new there.

    • Agree with the rest. All, with perhaps one exception (little girl who couldn’t pronounce “vagina”), were too young to address the subject. Although I did enjoy the little boy whose brother?/friend? had already told him the details but only because his father was so surprised with his knowledge and precise language.

    • A few of those kids were too young for such a discussion. Secondly, the mom should have discussed with her daughter alone. Why did they right into the sex act instead of explaining puberty first? Huge fail on parents for not properly introducing this delicate subject.

    • Do you read the body language of the children? – Not happy.
      It aint the appropriate way, in front of a kamera, with flipboard etc.
      The miracle of love, of sex is downgraded to mechanical details (politically correct though)

    • We are quickly moving into a time when intercourse no longer produces children. Humanity will have to repopulate with laboratory DNA. We are on the cusp of this evolution now and this primitive stage of human evolution will archive in the past.

    • you know what. I think it’s too early to have that kind of conversation with these kids. You see, they were too embarrassed to talk about it.

      • I completely agree. It was rather abusive to force it on some of these kids. Wait and let the kids ask their questions.

      • Yes, it is all about couriosity of the young ones.
        By education this way, curiosity becomes hindered and can even become killed, where the young ones grow older as a robot, repeating the old.
        Intelligence becomes intellect.

        Now artificial intellect even is known as artificial intelligence.
        The robots concour the world.

      • Hi, João! I agree and I’m glad I didn’t have a camera in my face by parents who were put up to “having the talk” on TV. The more I look at this and the other videos produced by this Seattle-based company, the more I personally feel that this and other videos by that company are exploitative. They are good clickbait but in the case involving young children, I don’t think this was right.

    • I’m going with the light of truth bestowed at any age past 7 when the east believes our spirits fully attain and inhabit the physical body.
      I’ve often thought that young boys should be sheparded by an older woman in the various nuances of being with a woman. Boys, then men, are clueless, or ‘maybe’ less so if raised with sisters, and that lack of knowledge shrouded in our culture’s intense emotionally blind and almost hysterical infatuation with the very source of human perpetuity.
      I totally recall the same emotions these kids are expressing, particularly embarrassment and curiosity…THEN the hormones hit, and guess what, these conversations become priceless if they happened…aka, room for personal exchange with a sex partner, rather than male thuggery vs female sensitivity about it all.

    • To an old country boy like me, this is all pretty silly. City kids are severely disadvantaged having not grown up viewing the barn yard almost from infancy. We had sex ed before there was sex ed and thought noting about it.

    • I believe, if the kids didn’t know this, you shouldn’t teach them until older. Can this be the beginning of “sexual promiscuous-ness”? Way to early, then.
      I watched my first dirty flick at 12 years old. Certainly did me no good. What about younger?

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