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Canadian comedian, Ryan Long is on tour in Atlanta: April 12/13, San Diego: April 19/20, Houston: May 5, Austin: May 3/4, Auckland NZ: July 24, SYDNEY: July 25, Melbourne July 27, Brisbane: July 31, Perth: Aug 1,

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Irony is that I saw someone on actually doing what Ryan Long is satirizing about. People taking satire literally is the real reason satire dies a little death every time.

    • One of the defining elements of the past 8 years is how satire has become indistinguishable from reality.

      • So true Alexandra! Can satire be called satire anymore then? I wonder if it’s because people don’t understand humor or aren’t practiced enough at laughing, especially at ourselves. Comedy is said to be Canada’s largest gross domestic product exported to America. I come from the land of cold comedians like Ryan Long, so if we don’t make fun of things we don’t survive winter usually.

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