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    I missed this, when it came out in late September 2015.

    John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, the lead man from the legendary British Punk Rock band, the Sex Pistols appeared on Piers Morgan’s show with a previously-banned 1978 clip from an interview he did on BBC Radio.

    In the old recording, the young Punker said he wanted to make a film about people he wanted to kill. The interviewer asks, “So, who else is on the goner list?” to which, he replies, “It’s endless, believe me…I might kill Jimmy Savile. I think he’s a hypocrite.”

    As he listens with Morgan with a studio audience, he responds to the old recording, “Weren’t I right?” The audience bursts into applause.

    The recording continues, “I think he’s into all kinds of seediness, that we all know about but are not allowed to talk about. I know some rumors! I bet none of this will be allowed out.”

    The 1978 interviewer raises concerns about libel, which is prosecuted as a crime with a much greater degree of ease and frequency in the UK than it is in the US. The young Johnny Rotten responds, “Nothing I’ve said is libel.”

    Piers then questions Lydon as to whether he knew then about Savile what everybody has come to know about him, now and he adds, “Yeah. I think most kids did, too. Most kids wanted to go at ‘The Top of the Pops’ [the most influential pop music show on British television at that time], but we all knew what that cigar-muncher was up to. I’m very, very bitter that the likes of Savile and the rest of them were allowed to continue.” He also notes that as a result of these comments, he was banned from BBC Radio for quite a while.

    Morgan says, “It’s shocking. He got away with it for another 30 years.” Lydon responds, “Not only him, there were a whole bunch of them.And these are the purveyors of good taste, huh? Well, I’m still here. The rest of that are still alive, I say there should be jail time for them. Jail time!” The audience applauds again.

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    • Sad living proof that sometimes how you say something matters much more than what you say, if you don’t conform they won’t listen, you will be hated, excluded and possibly executed…

      It’s nice to see him again, he made it through, I’m happy for him, he looks better than ever.

    • He kind of looks like the Zippy (not Ziggy) comic strip main character of the same name without the stubble, clown outfit and bow on his tuft of hair (well, do it looks from the front). As should be asked of “socially-aware/woke” comedians who can make light of themselves, do these culturally subversive rockers ever mock their world views—like how they get quiet about mocking those in charge when those in charge, at least of popular thinking, are their kind of people?

    • We all know that pierce is a stooge puppet. They are all in bed together (probably quite literally) and PROTECT each other. Raping and killing children is rampant in the upper echelon circles…perverts! SICK EVIL!
      Hollywierd is full of them….they all NEED TO BE HUNG!

      hey, and WHAT’S UP WITH THAT UNAUTHORIZED MISSILE LAUNCHED FROM A SUB A COUPLE DAYS AGO….NO ONE EVEN MENTIONS IT….trying to take out Potus again?? wasn’t he up in the air?? same with Hawaii?? GOD BLESS POTUS….he’s actually draining the filthy swamp and taking down the new world order!!

    • Not so amusing that the UK was the nursery of muggery, thuggery, and buggery, not only legitimizing but up lifting such behavior. Even W. Churchill: ‘I know Willy’s a bugger, but he’s never tried to bugger me!’ Also, Boston U did an in depth study that the average person could determine a person’s sexual preference in less than a minute; try and find that study now. Web censorship has always been.

    • If he knows there are more people who carried out similar abuse and these people are still alive, why have the police not arrested him for aiding and abetting? Anyone who knows something and says nothing is just as guilty as the perpetrator.

      • The police cannot arrest someone on suspicion of aiding and abetting a crime, simply on the basis that he may know about it (unless you live in North Korea)

      • It might not be a crime but in the UK, people sue like crazy for these things – and according to Wikipedia, this goes back to the 13th century:

        In the US, it’s very rare unless the Parties have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). If you are a public figure in the US, you are seen to have no grounds to file such a case. Defamation comes with the territory of fame. You can file a Civil case for Damages, if you can prove it.

        However, Melania Trump, married to the highly litigious President recently won a Defamation case against a blogger who alleged she’d been an escort prior to marrying Trump. I guess her lawyers were able to establish that she’s a Private Citizen…

      • No, it’s libel if it’s in writing or on film. A radio or television broadcast would be libel.

        • If I recall correctly, I don’t think that’s true if the one slandered is a public figure and by that, I mostly mean an elected official.

      • Savile was a popular media personality in the UK who was friends with Prince Charles who was discovered to be a total pervert, pedophile and necrophiliac. He died recently, never facing charges. People are angry because they believe that the Royal Family protected him.

        • Lyrics for the Sex Pistols’
          “God Save the Queen”

          God save the queen
          The fascist regime
          They made you a moron
          Potential H-bomb

          God save the queen
          She ain’t no human being
          There is no future
          And England’s dreaming

          Don’t be told what you want
          Don’t be told what you need
          There’s no future, no future,
          No future for you

          God save the queen
          We mean it man
          We love our queen
          God saves

          God save the queen
          ‘Cause tourists are money
          And our figurehead
          Is not what she seems

          Oh God save history
          God save your mad parade
          Oh Lord God have mercy
          All crimes are paid

          When there’s no future
          How can there be sin
          We’re the flowers in the dustbin
          We’re the poison in your human machine
          We’re the future, your future

          God save the queen
          We mean it man
          We love our queen
          God saves

          God save the queen
          We mean it man
          And there is no future
          And England’s dreaming

          No future, no future,
          No future for you
          No future, no future,
          No future for me

          No future, no future,
          No future for you
          No future, no future
          For you

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