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March 15th looms and is likely to become a very significant date in American history. US Congress will meet about the debt ceiling, which has been agreed to be capped at $22 trillion. Will they pass a law to raise it – or will we have Armageddon?

With $200 billion in the US Treasury and a operating rate of $75 billion per month, it is said that there’s only enough money to run the government until June 1st.

Andy Hoffman weighs in, saying that everything is shaping up to bode well, for precious metals and Bitcoin. In his opinion, centralized monetary currencies have destroyed the world and his opinion,

The Winklevoss brothers, who were involved in founding Facebook are trying to launch a Bitcoin Exchange Trade Fund (ETF), which if successful, SGT’s Sean says could set the Bitcoin price to over $3,000. [As of March 10th, the ETF was not approved, which sent the price of Bitcoin down by ~$100].

March 15th will mark the 100th anniversary of the abdication of the Czar of Russia, paving the way for the Bolshevik Revolution.
It will also be the:

– 50th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty
– 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration
– 100th anniversary of the US entry into WWI
– 300th anniversary of the 1st Grand Masonic Lodge
– 500th anniversary of the Protestant-Catholic split

I wonder what else March 15th will be the anniversary of?

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  • Some fact checking reveals that:

    The creation of the state of Israel was May 14, 1948 not March 15 1967
    The attack on the USS Liberty was June 8 1967 not March 15 1967
    The Balfour Declaration was November 2 1917 not March 15 1917
    The US entry into WWI was April 6 1917 not March 15 1917
    The 1st Grand Masonic Lodge was June 24 1717 not March 15 1717
    The Protestant-Catholic split was October 31 1517 not March 15 1517

    The Tsar’s abdication is the only major event that happened on March 15 2017.


      • Ah, that makes more sense. The way you reposted Perloff’s article is the source of the confusion. Never mind, Perloff seems above board but I am always suspicious of anti-Zionists. Christ is a Zionist, and anti-Zionism equates to antichrist teaching in my opinion. Anti-Zionists condemn the Jews for doing what they need to do to keep the genocidists off their backs, but don’t seem to have any answers as to how we put the ISIS genie back in the bottle, for example. As far as I am concerned, Christ is the Messiah who will rule from Zion, and while the current Israeli regime is not the Kingdom of God (obviously), its very existence is prophetic in its nature and is a sign for all of us that the actual Kingdom is not far away. Not that I expect the average non-Christian to understand or agree with that position, but just putting it out there… after all, Christ when He returns will not rule from Rome, Washington DC, London or Moscow, He will rule from Jerusalem, according to the Scriptures.

        • With James Perloff’s impressive PhDs from MIT & Oxford and his Jewish name, I assumed his information was “Kosher”, so to speak but I definitely should have been more careful in my research before I repeated his list of 2017 anniversaries.

          I’ve gotten completely smacked up and down for repeating Perloff’s bullet points. He is apparently half-Jewish, ethnically and anti- the current State of Israel (therefore the very strident, anti-Zionist tones).

          He suffered from vaccine injury-derived autism much of his life and became firmly committed to Christ as an adult. He claims his symptoms have since vanished.

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