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by James Patrick

Central Bank Digital Currencies are being pushed worldwide by central banks and governments.

Are we witnessing the natural evolution of money in the digital age, as many say, or does this innovation represent more of a system of controlling people rather than a new form of money?

Does the public benefit from having their every transaction monitored? Is the innovation of “programmable money” a good thing?  If money transforms into a programmable indelible ledger, micromanaged by centralized institutions on the planet, can it truly be considered money?

In an interview shot for the making of this documentary, Martin Armstrong discusses his perspective on where the United States is and his outlook on the ambitious CBDC plan being pushed worldwide.

Ultimately, he believes the push to install a CBDC system will lead to the breaking up of the United States and will push economic activity back to the level of barter if it nears success. Such subjugation runs against common sense, nature and economic forces and will lead to collapse and a reset of government.

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  • Martin Armstrong is an economic delusionalist like most “economists”, he has some good points but thinking that “the people” are going to have a choice is utterly f***ing naive! If “they” are ushering us into CBDC’s then we need to get rid of the monetary system entirely! That is the only solution regardless of how hard you worked for your “stuff”. Recognising that you have an addiction (to Money and Monetary Policy) is the first step. There could be a genuine voulentarist anarchy as a species without a monetary system of our outright control! Anything else is preventing human social evolution.

  • He’s dead wrong about the Fed. Fiat currencies are always manipulated for profit by the extant power structure to the detriment of the population. Our monetary system involves a symbiotic and parasitic dynamic that includes the Fed and our government. To pretend that large financial interests are controlled by the politicians flys in the face of obvious fact. Armstrong has interesting insights but his financial success relies on the fact that ordinary citizens have to “invest” (his business)to stay ahead of inflation. In a commodity based currency system ordinary individuals can actually save and remain out of debt. I’ll go with Ron Paul anyway over Martin Armstrong.

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