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When George W. Bush publicly appeared at the Presidential Inauguration of Barack H. Obama, he was soundly booed for several minutes and deservedly so. We have Dubya to thank, for our dystopian post-9/11 world of constant psychological warfare being waged, against not just us but against the entire planet, for the continuing senseless slaughter of millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East and of members of the US and allied militaries, for the squandering of the public Treasury to bloat the Federal government into uncharted obesity, with the creation of yet more law enforcement agencies, like DHS and TSA, a State Department that should be renamed the War Department and a Department of Defense that should be renamed the Welfare Mother of All-Time and for enabling the Intelligence Community, especially the CIA to become even more unfathomably corrupt arch-enemies of the very people who they’re alleged to protect.

Dubya doesn’t deserve the credit for all of this, of course. He was merely the puppet charged with unleashing this Pandora’s Box of demonic whup-ass, which is now having some light cast upon it for the unwashed, thanks to the revelation of the method in WikiLeaks’ Vault 7.

Nearly ten years after leaving office in a cloud of well-deserved ignomy (although somehow evading Impeachment, to say nothing about prosecution for Treason), Dubya is being relaunched in the MSM as an adroit jokester and sensitive artiste. As presented here, in this clip by the wonderful twosome, Melissa and Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media, he’s been hitting all of the major Liberal talk shows, like those of Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres, to promote a book of his awful paintings commemorating military veterans, thousands of whom he sent to their deaths for reasons he has never been able to justify.

Dubya is awfully funny on Jimmy Kimmel, I must say. Got to hand it to him – but is it funny to laugh with the man who is the  embodiment of your own oppression? Apparently so, because in late February, Dubya reiterated the refrain of the Liberal media that, “Any ties between the new president’s team and Russia should be investigated.” All of a sudden, you have people like Joy Behar from ABC’s daytime television show, ‘The View’ saying “I like George Bush now!” and other celebrities I’ve never heard of, tweeting that they want to give Bush a “High-5”.

Melissa Dykes correctly calls this “The creepiest mind control experiment I’ve ever seen in my life.” Aaron cites the CIA’s 1966 Congress for Cultural Freedom, a false-front organization aimed at winning the support of supposedly Soviet-sympathizing Liberals worldwide. It has been spectacularly successful. These are the same entertainment industry people who would have been blacklisted and their careers destroyed by the House Un-American Activities Committee between 1947-1960. They have now become tools of the Deep State.

The video explains how the Congress for Cultural Freedom has since morphed into George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the incubator of the endless profusion of fake protest movements we’ve seen over the past year, one of which recently featured Madonna.

Russia might not be Communist anymore but McCarthyism lives on, in this contrived Russophobia of the Central Bankers. The work of the infamous mid-20th century US Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI), who headed the Senate’s entirely separate Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations is alive and well today, as the United States Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (!)

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  • Its hard to believe how quickly society [ or some people ] can forget whats really happened and why…..They have the upper edge but we have the truth……

  • Whether labeled liberal or conservative, the talking heads and political elite are the products of an intellectually and culturally inbred group who thought W was being cute when he, as president in the early days of the Iraq war, showed a video of himself searching for WMD in the Oval Office to the uproarious appreciation of the assembled WH press corps. After all, none of them knew of and certainly did not have anyone serving over there, so to them as with the economic collapse of 2008, it really didn’t matter.

    For those inside the club, impeachment is off the table, jail is a place others go to and 500,000 dead Iraqi children really is worth it.

    • The 500,000 dead Iraqi children was before the war – that was just from the sanctions under Bill Clinton. What has been done to the Iraqis is unfathomable.

  • The Bush family are reptilian embryos from the planet Zorgon; Poppy Bush (HW) is a satan-worshipping child cannibal pedophile pervert TRAITOR, and both he and his creepy son need immediate decapitation.

  • In my youth I knew a woman whom I described as the “first person to take her clothes off at a party.” She was an exhibitionist and very into herself. I found it truly sad. Then, one day she left her husband for a fundamentalist Christian. She married him and they became the worst kind of fundamentalist couple. Most people know the type: finger-pointing, hell fire and brimstone, hold your hand up to the TV and be blessed by evangelical preachers who tote pocket pistols of Bible phrases that are ridiculously nonsensical because they are seriously out of context? Well, a close friend of mine made this statement.

    “Extremists are always extremists, no matter which side they are on today.”

    That definition aligns with the easy Deep State manipulation of those who label themselves Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, et al and who stated intense hatred for Bush for decades. Now, with the slightest suggestion they are lapping at his bloody boots and stating intense hatred for Trump. It’s well known by TPTsB these people are easy to manipulate. Hollywood (sorry, have to spit now) has become the central mechanism to deliver conditioning since the MSM lost credibility in the wider public realm. As we’ve found out, that sect is a sick and twisted bunch who will do anything they are told by their gods. That’s the reason they are paid such ridiculous wages. Unfortunately, for intelligent, critical thinking people these actors occupy seats of influence which lead the willfully ignorant and conditioned public to follow.

  • Terrific commentary and clip!

    I have witnessed this man making a fool of himself on numerous occasions. He is either a drunk, mentally ill or both. Something is terribly wrong with him. It doesn’t matter to the MSM which specializes in freak side shows. The freakier the better for business and Americans love freak shows.

    Upon reflection, I don’t think he was ever in control of anything during his eight years in office and I am far from being alone in that opinion. He was the addle brained empty suit in front of the real power behind the throne, Dick Cheney, the CFR and the CIA.

    MSM is doing what it always does – side with the CFR/CIA shadow government on their yellow brick road to the wonderful Wizard of Oz. They’ve got to distract our attention away from that pesky Toto Trump and Julian Assange who’ve been pulling back their dark curtain of secrecy.

    • Perfectly stated: “MSM is doing what it always does – side with the CFR/CIA shadow government on their yellow brick road to the wonderful Wizard of Oz. They’ve got to distract our attention away from that pesky Toto Trump and Julian Assange who’ve been pulling back their dark curtain of secrecy.”


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