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Sarah Westall is releasing a new docu-series, ‘Mind Control and 5th Generation Warfare’.

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Alexandra Bruce

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    • Ed Sez –

      Sean Hross talks about ” tbe Horus Matrix”.

      I sense it is an occult/egyptian form of
      weaponized anthropology, design to generationally enslave.

      I have my own, vague ideas about it
      (welfare state + single moms= boys without fathers,etc = yuval harari…lol.)

      Would you care to share your own understanding??

      Links and/or relevant book titles welcome also.

      • Women want a safe haven to raise families…..most of them do not sense the danger…..

        Men want to fight the enemy, to maintain a safe environment, for the family…..they the alpha male sense danger.

        The burning of women, who were called witches, in fact, were the women who would not mix their genets with the aristocracy bloodlines……other women went along for any rewards, such as a better lifestyle etc.

        Men were killed in war, part of the reasons for war.

        Now with chemicals and media, the alpha male is disappearing, and beta and gamma males are in large numbers….they won’t fight against the agenda.

        Switzerland is Female, Helvetia.

        Other cultues as well are the Female, throught their Gods.

        That is basically it.

        Horas or Horus….IHS, the Vatican…..Issis, Horus and Set.

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