The venerable Max Igan interviews George Webb, the creator of the hard-hitting “Where is Eric Braverman?”  YouTube series, which is a deep investigation of the dread Clinton Foundation.

Webb’s investigation has revealed a very ruthless and nefarious criminal element, which has infiltrated US politics and which is destabilizing not only the US government but the world.

The Clinton Foundation has been in the business of manufacturing war for many years. The entire situation in the Middle East is tied to the Clinton Foundation, with its horrors stretching back to Bosnia in the 1990s, human trafficking then and now. The list goes on and we’ll leave it to George Webb to fill us in.

It’s important that people understand that the wars in the Middle East are not American Wars. If they were, maybe Americans would actually be paying more attention to what’s going on. Americans have become demoralized that their military has been wreaking carnage all over the Middle East. They feel guilt and shame, so they don’t want to look at this situation.

Once we understand that the US government and its military have been hijacked by a group, which is equally intent on the destruction of the US as it is on that of the countries which it has used the US military to raze to the ground, we might snap out of it and do what it takes to make this stop and thus, enable life to improve all over the planet.

So, it’s very important to share this information, in well-presented interviews like this.

The only way out is through.

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  • I hope he continues to follow this saga of criminality. It really helps the rest of the world put it all together. And, if we are lucky, one day the sleepers will find it and have that “oh sh*t!” moment.

    It’s a big job following criminals. Keep it up George and thanks for all the work.

  • I’ve spent years researching on the web. I spent more than a few years looking into 9/11, JFK, and other aspects (CIA operation Northwoods), as well as WIKILeaks. This bloke is absolutely right – the US gov’t has been a puppet of an ultra-wealthy faction that both the Bush’s, or the Clinton’s are a part of – whether Skull & Bones or Bohemian Grove Bilderberging Annunaki, the truth is, both groups are megalomaniacs. And the MSM has proven itself a puppet of the “cabal” (to quote James Spacer as Red Reddington in TV’s “The Black List”. Easy to see why he’s beloved as an assassin himself – “it’s not killing that’s the problem, it’s who you kill..”)

    So yeah, What He Said! Go Mr. Webb


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