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    Dr Jane Ruby has her own show now on Stew Peters’ Rumble channel and on Wednesday, she was joined by board-certified embalmer and funeral director, Richard Hirschman.

    As part of the embalming process, the veins of the deceased are first drained of all blood. In the middle of 2021, Hirschman says he began to discover these “unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials” completely filling the vascular system, having totally clogged all of the arteries and veins of the deceased.

    “I don’t know how someone could live with something like this inside of them,” he says. The cause of death for most was heart attack and stroke but he says doctors making these assessments can’t see what he’s seeing and he has never seen anything like this in over 20 years of practice.

    These are not simple blood clots. They’re compounded with long, stringy, white, elastic structures, that he can rinse under water.

    These cases began appearing about 6 months after the vaxxine rollout, which makes sense to him, as “I can’t imagine something like that happening overnight.”

    Over time, he’s gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80% and many colleagues tell him they’re seeing the same thing. “I’m very concerned for the future,” he says.

    “My fear is this: If this is caused by the vaccine, which my gut is telling me it is – I can’t prove that – but if this is caused by the vaccine, imagine the amount of people that will be dying in the future. Because, people can’t live with this kind of substance floating around in their vessels and it’s amazing how many people are dying of heart attacks and stroke, lately.

    “If one of these small fibrous tissues gets up into the brain, they’re going to have a stroke. If it gets into your heart, it’s going to lead you to a heart attack…I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but at the same time, people need to know this. If it is the vaxxine that’s causing this, we need to stop it. Whatever this stuff is, if we can figure out what it is, then maybe we can figure out a way to dissolve these things to help save peoples’ lives.”

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    • Clearly this is what’s happening inside the body of vaccinated people causing their deaths since start of vax roll out.
      Thank you for this info. .Dr. Ruby.

    • I understand exactly how a person doesn’t want to stifle hope of friends and loved ones who fell for the media driven bulls%*t. This is about all I can do, too – ‘ask’ them (I can’t inform or ‘tell’ people anything anymore because their blinders are constantly on) to please just take an aspirin every day. Anyway, this latest discovery makes you wonder what’s growing inside their other vital organs. This is unthinkable, mad science at its worse. So-called science labs that conduct this sort of lunacy need to be destroyed and forever banned from the planet.

    • Until there is scientific evidence along with data regarding the information, I’ll believe it when I see it. I know mainstream media and the government will memory hole this if it is true. Nonetheless, this is way too hard to believe and I believe Dr’s Malone and McCullough’s knowledge and expertise are second to none. Something about this story smells like a rope-a-dope.

      • Surely what is already proven is enough for you to open your mind to this reality .I’m sure these professional people who risk alot telling us the truth would not do that if it weren’t the truth, their not being paid to warn us. like the pharmacy companies are the politicians and the mainstream media. To dupe us to lead astray like cattle to the slaughter.

    • I have to submit my honest thoughts. I am taken by this, and horrified of course. I think its possible. I am organic myself and urge others to be so as well.
      But –
      As someone who has to view all news with a critical mind, I am wondering why it is that the worst “horror show” material comes always out of the Stew Peters brand of materials and no one else covers it at length. I refer back to the little monster that the research doctor said stood up on her slide as she worked… It made a splash then nothing. Didn’t she keep the monster as a sample? didn’t she get it analyzed? where are the results?
      Now this – Going public with this before the guy can go and get these things lab analyzed and certified that they happened is honestly journalistically irresponsible in my eyes. I appreciate the rush to get the material out, but it leaves holes you can drive a truck through. And really? the embalmer actually has doubts about sharing this information? And his fellow embalmers wont even do a shadow report or anything to back him up?
      Why is this kind of thing always coming from one source and Infowars never picks it up, its not on other alt news sites? no one seems to coroborate it or pick it up and run with it. And the story dies and nothing happens. And then there’s another new horror trend a couple of months later that never gets followed up on.

      So unfortunately it begins to look like some kind of scare narrative…sorry but if things are as bad as living self assembling creatures and worms in this injection people should be able to put together a panel to discuss these things and get a consensus and get it out there in a responsible way. Until they do I have to remain a skeptic. The Association of Embalmers or whatever professional organization these people belong to could come forward if enough of these guys are REALLY seeing this.

      And I’m still waiting to hear more on the lab results of the testing on the self assembling little creature on the microscope slide.

      • You will believe it when you see it? Are you just listening to this broadcast and not watching it? It’s a VIDEO and there are PHOTOS. You can see it. None of us understand it, but with enough honest science, much could be learned. It will never happen because, as Fraudi has proclaimed “I am science”. This is largely true because he who controls the purse controls the research and the conclusions. Duh.
        As for the self assembling particles, I think I have seen longer versions of these before as the multicolored fibers growing out of the skins of people who call it “Morgellons disease”. This of course is labeled by pseudo physicians and “scientists” (and perhaps a know it all you?) as “delusional parasitosis”, that is crazy idiots who are imagining these things exist. REAL scientists would examine these as carefully as possible and collect as much data from as many affected people as possible. They would apply every research tool possible in hopes of eventually figuring it out.
        As for scientific evidence, there will never be research into anything like this unless some expert decides to self fund it. And with the CENSORSHIP mentality from those controlling the money, no matter how much data would be amassed or how good the research quality, it would be dismissed. And if dismissal failed, the researchers would be discredited, slandered, libeled CERNSORED and even killed.
        Do you perchance see a familiar pattern here????

      • I just did a lot of studying on nanobots or nanorobots and nano technology. It’s like a psyfy movie and wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t read on it. After having a doctor look the vaccine under a microscope and seeing all the crystallized diagrams in different shapes proved that it was nanobots, because in some cases they use crystal like material. It depends on what job the nanobot has. They can do anything and self replicate and build itself once in the body. As I read further on it it said by the year 2030 everyone will have these in their bodies. Then I also saw how our brains can be hooked up to the internet. They actually said by connecting everyone around the world to the internet we can become one super power brain. This is all legit. Just research it. Point is the nanobots can carry blood clotting meds and release it wherever it’s assigned to in the body. They react by certain chemicals, body heat, or certain chromosomes.

    • I saw a clip of experiments done on spiders that were given graphene oxide. Their silk strengthened to a material they compared to Kevlar. As Graphene oxide is also added to some of the vaccines, I wonder if may be the cause of this fibrous tissue’s thickening and durability. I’m no scientist but something is going on here.

    • aplastic anemia and its reverse

      The condition needs to be differentiated from pure red cell aplasia. In aplastic anemia, the patient has pancytopenia (i.e. also leukopenia and thrombocytopenia) resulting in a decrease of all formed elements. In contrast, pure red cell aplasia is characterized by a reduction in red cells only. The diagnosis can only be confirmed with a bone marrow examination.[citation needed]

      Before this procedure is undertaken, a patient will generally have had other blood tests to find diagnostic clues, including a complete blood count, renal function and electrolytes, liver enzymes, thyroid function tests, vitamin B12 and folic acid levels. Subsequent tests may aid in determining an etiology for aplastic anemia and include:

      History of iatrogenic exposure to cytotoxic chemotherapy: can cause transient bone marrow suppression
      Vitamin B12 and folate levels: vitamin deficiency
      Liver tests: liver diseases
      Viral studies: viral infections
      Chest X-ray: infections
      X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, or ultrasound imaging tests: enlarged lymph nodes (sign of lymphoma), kidneys and bones in arms and hands (abnormal in Fanconi anemia)
      Test for antibodies: immune competency
      Blood tests for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
      Bone marrow aspirate and biopsy: to rule out other causes of pancytopenia (i.e. neoplastic infiltration or significant myelofibrosis).

      The hypothesis of aberrant, disordered T‐cell populations as the initiators of aplastic anemia is supported by findings that immunosuppressive therapy for T-cells (for example, antithymocyte globulin and cyclosporine combination) results in a response in up to 80% of severe aplastic anemia patients. [19]

      CD34+ progenitor cells and lymphocytes in the bone marrow over-express the Fas receptor, the main element in apoptotic signaling. A significant increase in the proportion of apoptotic cells in the bone marrow of aplastic anemia patients was demonstrated. This suggests that cytokine‐induced and Fas‐mediated apoptosis play roles in bone marrow failure because annihilation of CD34+ progenitor cells leads to deficiency of the hematopoietic stem cells.

      • Thanks so much for the lesson. Oh how I wish this is the explanation. Any chance you could collaborate with this embalmer fellow and investigate?

    • I’m guessing it’s the bigger version of parasite looking stuff formed by graphene, but don’t really know how it works.
      Somebody needs to look under microscope again.

      And I’m extremely mad at all fake news medias and authorities from the world for not even touching this topic, when it takes only a minute to do research.

    • Forensics, Forensics, Forensics!

      I want to know what that substance is. Hey, embalmer — any embalmer — send that substance to a lab and get this analyzed. The WORLD wants to know!!!

    • So has anyone else ever played with a blood clot ? I have . The white fiborous is plasma . I get nose bleeds since I was a child and as a child I would take the clots and rinse the clots to the point of white fiborous stuff only . This was way before covid or MRNA shots .

      • It had crossed my mind that this was coagulated lymph fluid or white blood cells but the man saying this is an embalmer with 20 years’ experience who’s seen plenty of clots over his career but nothing like this; a complete clotting of the vascular system with white, rubbery stuff, starting 6 months into the vaxx rollout and now affecting 80% of the bodies he works on – and all of his colleagues reporting the same thing.


      i just joined; check it out; it’s about law common to i; it’s not common law or becomig a state citisen, but i believe it’s about upholding your rights as a man or woman, how to write a correspondence or notices to the man or woman acting as a doctor, nurse, irs agent, your public servant, LEGAL vs lawful, i.e. wo/man(lawful) PERSON (LEGAL, MONOPOLY PIECE) it’s not about giving up your monopoly piece (ALL CAPS NAME), there are times to use it and then there are times to use your wo/man card and how to sign or should i say autograph ( left side is of the dead, right side is of God.

      by: travis

    • Horrendous ! Those responsible for this
      must face charges of crimes against humanity, murder , genocide and pay for these crimes dearly.
      Dr Ruby and all other medical professionals who have been so brave and selfless, coming forward to tell the entire world about these heinous crimes, Thank you!m

    • I am not a doctor. My opinion is that jabs and COVID created these “worms” which are probably spike protein build up. This explains why people recover so quickly after taking Ivermectin. I think Ivermectin dissolves worms in animals thus protecting them. It would make sense that Ivermectin would dissolve these clots as well. Politics backing the jabs needs to stop and people should be allowed to take Ivermectin to save their lives. This should work for both the jabbed and unjabbed. Do it now!

    • Franky (@DarkiFranky) Tweeted:
      ☑️ Belgium 🇧🇪 Brussels

      🔴 Massive protests EVERYWHERE in Europe against vax mandates & passports

      #wewillALLbethere #Belgium #Brussels
      #NoVaccineMandate #NoGreenPass #Liberty

      • No. He’s not a doctor. There is no short supply of samples to conduct pathology tests though, as the percentage of bodies presenting with these “worms” has gone up to 80% in the past month.

    • I have not had any covid injections. And from this point will never have a single other ‘vaccination’, these genocidal drug companies have earned my complete distrust. Many jabbed people that I know talk about having shortness of breath and feeling tired easily since being injected. Meanwhile I am taking ivermectin and vitamin D and N-acetylcysteine to try and protect myself from the shedding coming off of so many around me.

    • I guess that’s what billions of protein spikes looks like, since mRNA jabs turn the body into a protein spike factory.

      • Inflamation is a symptom of Covid and apparently the vaccines. These may be accumulations of white blood cells aggregating and forming clots—-like multiple cysts?

    • You need to tell people. It’s bs you don’t want to get this information to people. Maybe this is why ivermectin is off shelves.

      • There is a drug called Fenbendazole that is very similar to Ivermectin that you can purchase OTC per Clif High.

        • Much as I respect Clif High’s opinions, I just looked a fenbendazole again and still don’t think it will affect S A R S 2 viruses. Quercetin+zinc has worked for me all along. I added dan*de*lion leaf tincture lately because a German study indicated it inhibited spikes from attaching to A C E 2 receptors. I just washed, trimmed and ground up grocery store d. leaves in a blender and added a couple ounces of vodka and take a teaspoon of it daily. Not tasty, but if you keep it on the back of the tongue and wash it down quickly with liquid, it is hardly noticable.

    • I was eating dinner while watching this and I had to pause it. OMG horrible stuff. God help those that have been jabbed.

    • Surely the medical mafia establishment have operated on one of two of the dying clotaholic victims bodies or analysed some of that donated sludge blood and are just hiding the results. They can’t possibly be that incompetent at saving lives to still push the jab knowing they are responsible for killing millions of jab happy people a year. The fact that these idiots volunteered for experimental gene therapy trial testing doesn’t give medical professionals the right to wantonly exterminate the fools. We need more whistle blowing from the health care exterminators to get a complete picture of the genocide operation ongoing worldwide.

      • If only this was not a spoof, which it so evidently is!

        It is like a whole-life confession! From a man that has murdered millions at his wretched ‘Evil’ determination.

        If you believe this, you will believe anything … even Boris!

    • in case the chemical analysis of the white fibers shows indeed fibrinogen, using digestive enzymes like the human neutrophil elastase could help to dissolve these cloths. Using entire spectrum of digestive enzymes and other natural remedies for any worm infestation equally could be of help for the injected victims!

      • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I don’t see fibrinogen (yet?) but DO SEE ELASTIN IN THE “STRINGY THINGIES”. This crap is very very weird and hard to characterize, but progress is being made and you just helped BIG TIME. Do you know a source for human neutrophil elastase, or elastase in any form?

    • GEEE folks!

      PLEASE SHARE IT EVERYWHERE, the already injected will understand that they need to fight and get help a.s.a.p. This needs to be researched right now, please understand this. It is not a time to keep this crime secret.

      • Chris, How can you be on this website and still be this naive? Do you think the MSM sticks with their singular vaccine focus because they just haven’t been able to find the truth? Send this to all the people you mentioned and you will hear nothing. Their plan is to eliminate a large segment of the human population. Their plan is working exactly as they wanted. Most people have no desire to hear the truth….sadly.

        • Mike, I admit, its naive to say that. It is my deep believe though, that the massive deaths will wake up every single one, including the hypnotized criminals, who should turn around before they end on a guillotine… The masses will wake up in the face of their own death and injuries. That will be absolutely not possible any more to hide.

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