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In 1993, Clif High began his Predictive Linguistics experiment of releasing his web bots on the internet, to scour areas rich in posted language, such as comment sections and later, social media. He used radical linguistics to reduce extracts from these postings to create an archetypal database. He would then calculate the rate of change of the language based on a system of associations between words and of numeric values for emotional responses from those words and then derive forecasts of the future from these calculations.

Due to the rampant censorship of the internet in recent years, both algorithmic and outright, Clif High’s web bots can no longer effectively produce the Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis reports that he published for many years. However, he did have these applications up and running for over 20 years and he still has all of the long term data that they accumulated.

Clif joins Greg Hunter to discuss predictions about the current time period from datasets produced years ago. Back in November, Clif had predicted that an event or series of events would lift our mood in mid-January but that it would be brief, because we would still be faced with billions of vaxxine deaths and injuries.

This prediction appears to have been fulfilled with the recent US Supreme Court rulings against vaxx mandates and the several European countries now ending all vaxx mandates and Clif thinks it may only be a matter of weeks before the restrictions and forced injections are over, but he says, “The real horror is yet awaiting us, and that’s when all of the people who have been harmed by these injections wake up and realize they have been harmed and will have the natural emotions that accompany that.”

The CDC is now reporting a 40% increase in death totals for 2021, the same unprecedented figure recently reported by some insurance executives.

The CDC claims the huge increase is “unexplained” but Clif attributes this to the vaxx, “I think we are looking at three years here before it peaks: 2022, 2023 and 2024. There is a lot of stuff in the data that says 2024 will be the tail-off of it.

“So, we have a number of very rough years ahead of us. Each year in succession will have more people dying than the year before. There is also going to be more infirmities, more illness and more of a drain on the system.

“In this three years, we will take the globalists to task and hold them accountable for their crimes. We are going to have a ‘red pill’ moment that’s coming soon. It’s not going to take months. It’s not going to take weeks. It’s going to take a short period of time, and many of them are going to go ballistic.

“So, I expect frequent, irregular, episodic, periods of chaos. They won’t be lashing out at society at large. They will be lashing out at their abusers…You will need to stand back. People will need to understand that there will be a section of the social order that is going to go crazy in anger, grief and all of this.

“These will be very violent reactions to having been poisoned, and some of them will be spectacularly so in terms of the violence of it. It’s not going to be wise to hang out around these elite guys.”

Clif High also gets into the crash of the Petro dollar and the financial system as we know it in 2022, how the Fed is dying. He gets into China, Bitcoin, precious metals, the 2022 Election and why 29 Democrat Congressmen are not running for re-election.

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  • Yeh, as ive said repeatedly over and over again, these people, not the elites at the very top of the pyramid, the rothchilds and the Rockefellers, Windsors, ect ect, no they’re going to go after the ones who reportedly told us to get the kill shot, without giving informed consent to the public, so fauci, gates, Johnson, whitty, Justin trudeau, ect ect are all going to go like Mussolini or gadaffy theyll be strung up from the lampposts, mobs of people will first surround their properties block the exists, and firebomb their homes, like jokin piper the famous SS leader. If history teaches us anything its that people never ever forget, think how long they chased nazis for, over half a century, these people like bill gates for example they dont live in the real world, the become arrogant and create this world where they are at the center and they have so many yes men around them, that they lose track of the real world. Yeh this is going to end very badly for the politicians mostly, may even be revolution on its way in the next 2 to 5 years.. 🤔

  • Yep! Johnson is pumping out loads of tweets saying how successful the jab has been & that’s why we can drop the laws! Thanking medics etc & all the other rubbish. Non stop! Papers have been served for the police to close the jab centres as they are crime scenes but they’re ignoring it. Papers were served & accepted by Hammersmith CID in London, The Hague and 1100 pages of evidence sent to every police chief in the UK. There’s videos of police stations being served. One such video shows the Solicitor listing every single crime. This is over but they’re still dragging it out.

  • I have every reason to be suspicious at the recent abandonment of the koala pox vaccine war. I suspect that technologies are about to be used in April . The boat incident…..false flag attack in a boat race? Or, a combined false flag op that eradicates senior staff/ witnesses. Pzifer staff…refuse that special staff outing on the river.

  • The med beds and the disease-healing technologies that the Galactic Federation can offer humanity will be the answer for those who have been harmed. The word must go out.

  • I know you love Clif’s mental acuity. So do I. Just the idea of his “web bots” scanning the web for humanity unconsciously leaking psychic glimpses into the future is incredibly noetic.
    I purchased his Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (ALTA) Reports right up until censorship of the Internet reduced the volume of unrestricted data the web bots depended upon.
    The “Sun Disease” was a prevalent subset under the “World-Pop” category from 2012 on up to the last report. More than a billion people dying off. The disease, and the “medicines” the government used to address it, would physically and mentally debilitate whole swaths of humans worldwide. However, due to propaganda the truth would not be known until after many deaths.
    Now, we can look back and see “sun” represented “corona”. Obviously, Clif could have deciphered it then. No one could have.
    Although the timing was off, the prediction was right on.

  • The jabtards will run to the hospital and be so let down by the failures in Obummer care and the lack of what can be done by big pharma drug peddlers business model of sustaining the sick people as a new stream of revenue not cured and not healthy for life. This bunch of unhappy people will take the only out left a faster drug OD death rate another win for the drug peddlers. We already have been overthrown so lets hope the new crowd the border jumpers are smarter and will resist any new tricks the has left to keep us down and out.
    Cliff “cryptotard” High wants to game the system while being gamed by the system anything the FED wants to strap on will definitely not be in your best interest … Ouroboros much.
    Gold is a loser as a currency the only value gold has is in what you can make out of it otherwise it’s just a heavy shiny brick.

    • You obviously have never studied the history of money. Gold and Silver have always been valued as currency. Every civilization used coins of silver and gold to facilitate trade in lieu of barter.
      The US Dollar was backed by gold. The British pound was backed by Sterling Silver. Nixon stopped the convertibility of US Dollars to gold in 1971, after France attempted to “cash in” it’s hundreds of millions in Federal Reserve Notes for the gold equivalent, $35/troy ounce. Other countries were talking of doing the same thing. Nixon discovered there was not enough gold in Fort Knox to cover all of those pay outs. To avoid the depletion of gold stock, and the bankruptcy of the US Treasury, Nixon took us off the “Gold Standard”.
      Just because the “markets” have suppressed the real value of gold and silver doesn’t reflect it’s true worth.

      • The first use for slaves on this planet was to mine gold and where is all that precious store of value now. The idea that gold was money has caused millions of deaths from the theft thereof. In order to stop the criminals from pillaging for profits money has to be registered and made impossible to counterfeit in this way you cannot steal something that does not belong to you. Gold and silver will be returned to value through industry and become commodities based on their usefulness and stop the rape of mother earth . People who trade in black market stolen property will be the last harbor for the pirates among us.. We buy gold comes to mind. As useless as the police force has become with regards to property rights and their outright illegal confiscation of private property this has to become a mandate.

        • What in the hell are on about? Millions of deaths from the theft of gold? I suppose you’re referring to the Anunnaki when stating the first slaves mined gold.
          That has nothing to do with the historic use of gold as money, starting about 600 BCE. Gold’s intrinsic value as a commodity is what gave it value as money to trade for goods and services.
          Register money to make it impossible to counterfeit? Governments can’t even prevent their currencies from being counterfeited. Registering it is meaningless and impossible to regulate.
          There will always be thieves of anything of valuable. Not just metals. How about art that is produced by someone’s own hand. How to you expect to prevent that? And, money itself. Dollars. Everyday there are thousands stolen from folks. We have laws that say you can’t or you’ll be punished, yet they still do. The best way to curb thievery is to instill better morals in our children. Teach them right from wrong.
          Stop the rape of mother earth?
          Admittedly, there are corporations who mine and extract metals and crude oil without regard to nature, and better stewardship should be required harvesting those elements. But, our modern civilization depends of those commodities, plain and simple.
          The earth has an abundance. The oldest trick in the world is to claim how rare the object you are selling is to the person buying. That includes gold, silver, gem stones. Especially, crude oil. Which is abiotic, produced deep below the mantle from the interaction of carbons, heat and pressure. Not dead dinosaurs. How do we know? There has NEVER been any dinosaur remains, or ancient plants that were found with crude oil. Or, vice-versa.

          • you seem to be rather butthurt by my verbal assault on your hero Cliftard regarding fake money . should I apologize to Clift so you may heal in peace and stop punishing yourself with those stupid comments you write ? They use mercury to mine gold and silver, real nasty stuff and the reason you shouldn’t eat the fish from many of the rivers and lakes and reservoirs in CA.

          • Exactly ! The Russians are well aware of this . The earth contains stupendous quantities of Methane at depth and as you say , pressure and temperature turns it into oil .

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