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by Tore Says Show

What was Fast and Furious really about? What is realy happening at the border?

Actual movie starts 20 minutes in.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I’m disinclined to litsten to potty mouth Tore because she is so dark, dreary and depressing, offering no clear way out of the hell she paints for the simple minded majority. I wonder for whom is she carrying water?

    I am not judging her, simply questioning what in the world her plan to deliver us is, when I have already repeatedly provided the keys to unlocking the identities of the men and women behind the curtain of confusion, namely the founders, owners, operators of various private funds and the “schools” that teach each next generation how to steal other peoples property and get away with it. If you wish to know where has the nations wealth and your liberty gone—there is where you will find it again! Most belong to the same private club I dare not name lest I be the cause of their wrath being brought down upon poor Alexandria who is precariously doing communications yeoman’s work on our behalf!

    Their end game provides the same result as Marx, a two tiered system of ruling elite and peasantry. Any other end is an illusion.

    Its the damnable “benevolent” funds and they have beguiled the nations six ways to Sunday!

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