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Posted Monday evening to TikTok by @dobbs_73

this video seems to be a chilling commentary on the utter collapse of order in the US Navy, amid the collapse of the US Southern Border.

A Black American Marine soldier is seen in the back of a paddywagon, speaking to a fellow Marine standing outside of the truck. The first Marine says, “Listen Man, I’m really on orders. And you probably don’t believe me. You don’t even care and it’s ok.

“But people are getting hurt and this ties into a whole bunch of stuff. They’ve been selling our weapons and our &@%# military equipment over in Mexico to the cartels!

“As in, I’ve been able to prove that and that’s why I’m supposed to go back to the Master Chief Petty Officer Davie, because there’s boats, if you ride around in Chula Vista and go right over to the industrial plaza by the Food for Less and there’s these Navy boats, that came from the SEAL boat installation that they took out, and they’re taking them apart and they’re taking ’em across the border!

“All this stuff is going across the border and I’m not lying to you, Man!”

The other man answers, “Well, Marine, I wish you luck, Semper Fi! I’m a former Marine myself”

“We’re going to need a lot more than luck. If those cartel members use that stuff against us – and they are going to use that stuff against us – we’re going to need a lot more than luck.”


“Good Speed”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • thank you for identifing the color of his skin, because until i read it in your description i never even noticed as i honestly dont think it would have crossed my mind it it wasnt for your attention to detail as a journalist and drive to provide us with the news and details that matters, when few of the others out there tend to provide these days…

    i love ya Alex & i genuinely appreciate all that you do and have done
    but as one of your #1 favorite & most inspiring American heroes once said ” c’mon man”

  • the skim is running low so the DOD has to have a garage sale to keep the power on using the flow of guns for drugs (faster and furiouser ) . the drug commodity is easily moved into the country and delivered to the streets lined with the former middle class hooked zombies looking to zero out and move on .

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