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by Greg Reese

The Japanese are normally not inclined to protest. But thousands of them are now marching together in protest of the deadly experimental shots and the W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty. They are being ignored by their government and media, and they deserve our recognition and support.

They are launching a class action lawsuit for the families who lost loved ones to the deadly shots. And for those whose lives have been destroyed. And the plaintiffs are being heard as they share their painful stories.

Plaintiff Number 7: And then came the autopsy, a time when my son, once full of life, lay alone in a cold dark room, in a silver aluminum box waiting to be autopsied for an entire day. That image refuses to leave my mind, I can’t forget it. Don’t look away from reality. Why is vaccination not halted? How long will this situation be ignored?

Medical professor of Osaka City University School, Masayasu Inoue, has recently delivered a warning to the world that Japan has contracted with the W.H.O. to develop a new vaccine for disease X. Which is expected to be deployed worldwide later this year.

Masayasu Inoue: A plan was set up to shorten the time to develop vaccines, which usually takes longer than ten years, to less than one year. Operation Warp Speed. This operation was used to cover up the misconception of the genetic vaccines under the pretext of saving time. And an extremely dangerous medicine was selected.

I believe that the fraudulent use of experimental gene therapy to healthy people, particularly to healthy children, is an extreme violation of human rights.

The Japanese government is the first in the world to approve a new type of vaccine called “self replication replicon vaccine.” And plans to start to supply it this fall and winter.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, is providing a huge amount of subsidies for this project. And the factories to produce new vaccines are being built one after another in Japan.

Furthermore, the Japanese government is currently soliciting large scale clinical trials worth nine hundred million dollars from pharmaceutical companies that are taking on the challenge of developing vaccines to prepare for the next pandemic by “disease X,” proposed during the DAVOS conference this year.

If Japan were to become a vaccine perpetrator, it would leave irreparable harm to future generations. Therefore, the actions of the Japanese government must be stopped by international collaborations.

It is difficult to stop this movement because it is now politically hopeless to change the situation of the Japanese government. The message I would like to convey to the world, is that when disease X occurs in the future, you should never trust the Japanese made vaccine.

A final draft of the Pandemic Treaty is expected to be presented for adoption at the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024, which will undoubtedly be setting the world up for another planned assault under the guise of world health.

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  • They still got a long way to go.
    From what I observe, most of the population doesn’t have a clue on “Terrain” just as most of other Asian countries as they’ve learned to behave as “socially acceptable” but rarely on thinking by themselves, which is also why there isn’t too spectacular inventions out of Asian countries.
    Oh speaking of Asian countries, what happened to Thai Princess stuff? Yep, nothing happened (as I expected) as still vast majority of these people wear slave diaper until this day, crazy huh?

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