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Clif High joins Greg Hunter with the latest on the predictions of his data mining program.

Previously, Clif’s Web Bots had predicted that on or around October 28th, there would be a major event that would trigger “emotional release language” on the same scale as what we saw after the fall of Kabul last August. He caught a bit of flack when this prediction apparently failed to materialize.


Greg believes that the predicted event was actually the default of Evergrande, the second-largest property developer in China. Clif agrees, telling Greg that the release language on October 28th was obscured due to the cover-up of the Evergrande bond failure but that this is only the beginning of the ripple effects that this event will continue to have. “It’s like watching an iceberg turn over. It takes a long time,” Clif says.

AP just released this story, saying that this default is “currently causing around 10 billion US dollars in losses at the ten largest pension and investment funds specializing in Asia…Of these, US$7 billion have already been incurred in real terms and a further US$2 billion will be realized when insolvency is filed. A further US$158 billion in losses on Evergrande from CDS investments by international investors is expected.”

“In other words,” Clif says, “They didn’t make the bond payment and nobody in China was reporting this because they were told not to and the Chinese press, in fact was told to ‘make as though’ they had reported successful interest payments on the bonds.

“So we’re in a position where the press is colluding with the CCP to cover up the cracks in their system, as the cracks are actually happening…The CCP does not like to admit faults and now they’re working in near realtime to cover up existing and currently-unfolding faults in their relationship with the world.

“That had a knock-on effect almost immediately. It hit the 2-year Australian bond market, which was a terrible bond sale…you have to understand that this is a repudiation of confidence in the Australian government. No one wanted to put money, even for two years into the Australian government, because they think it’s going to fall, because of its close ties to Evergrande and the two other large bond issuers relative to Australian real estate. Because all three of those Chinese companies are incredibly interlinked and incredibly weak, the supposition is that the Australian real estate market is going to collapse.

“It is correct, in my opinion that that is going to occur but it’s not going to be limited to Australia, as we see happening now, with the Turkish lira today and the knock-on effect of the Evergrande bonds on Turkey…

“They opened up the lira for trading and it’s my understanding within just minutes, it had lost 4% of its value. This confirms this is an ongoing problem relative to the collapse of the current fiat system, globally.”

Greg asks, “[Evergrande] is just getting started. Tell me how it’s going to unfold, here in the US.”

Clif replies, “In the US, it will have the same kind of effect as we had in 1932, shading into 1933. So we had the ‘Black Monday’ stock market crash in 1929. But that didn’t really cause the great depression. It was the bonds failing in 1932 – coincidentally, in October – that then rippled on in to 1933, as they cascaded around the whole shaky bond market in the world and came back to the US, about May-ish. And so, I suspect we’ll get the same kind of effect this time.


“And what will happen, then is that by May or so, we’ll get to the point where private bonds won’t be able to be issued, government bonds will be greatly suspect, if they are issued and hugely discounted for performance.

“And it comes down to this: Does outside capital, wherever it may come from, have any confidence by May of next year, that any bond issued under the Biden Regime would ever be paid back and would anybody having that capital start to question whether the Biden Regime at that time, say by May of next year, is even going to be legally-backed?

“In other words, if there’s a government shakeup of an extreme nature, are those bonds issued by the previous government going to be honored?

“Such things don’t normally occur. That didn’t happen in Korea at the division by the UN…didn’t happen at Vietnam.

“Repeatedly, when one government takes over and throws out another government as being illegitimate, you would get a bond repudiation and so the capital, the people that had invested in those bonds would be 100% losers.”

Greg asks, “So you think by 2022, we’ll be in the New Great Depression, is that a fair term?”

Clif nods in the affirmative. “This is really strange kind of a depression. So, my datasets…were constructed on a set, theoretic, mathematic understanding and I used fuzzy inclusion techniques for the datasets, in order to get the temporal markers to basically bubble to the surface and the temporal markers have tendency to associate with each other over time, as the data accrued and we get to this point where what I always termed as ‘the introduction’, the period of time we would transition into “SciFi World” was going to be extremely chaotic.

“Some of that chaos would influence, say the price of metals, it would influence the price of cryptos and so on and it would be happening in a period of time when there was going to be clearly signs of food- and supply issues of all kinds and also, basically, an admission of a great global depression at the same time as we had this resurgence or nascent ‘Renaissance’, as we worked our way out of it.

“Now, the datasets for the ‘Renaissance’ were suggestive that one could say a cause for that would be the elimination of the parasitic global elite, because they would no longer be sucking off the product of our effort and our labor, we would get that much more benefit for people putting capital to work, in a way that had not been seen, since perhaps 1845 and the inflation that came with the California Gold Rush. That was a productive inflation.

“So, we’re going to get into something that’s going to be the battle of productive inflation in the cryptos versus counter-productive and deflationary hyperinflation.

“In other words, we’re going to have a period of time, where the fiat currencies will hyperinflate and everybody will recognize this as a sign of a depression – just as there’s no goods to buy with those hyperinflated fiat currencies and everybody’s attempting to get out of the fiat currency system, in a way that has never happened in humanity. We’ve never had the alternative.

“In previous times, during the Great Depression of 1931 and 1932, 1933, the government forbade you to exit their dollar scheme, they forbade you to own gold and establish yourself as an independent operator, outside of their banking system.

“They will attempt to do that this time, but the government is so weak, that such may be one of the last temporal markers of the failure of this central banking system, is them trying to rule by diktat, so to speak.”

Greg asks, “What happens to the price of Bitcoin? Obviously, goes up; the price of gold, silver, all of that; that goes up?”

“Here’s the thing,” Clif responds, “Yes, but it’s only going to go up relative to the fiat currency, which is on a massive rush downward, because they’re printing so much of it.

“The datasets used to have a point, sometime around January, where we would have a ‘crash’ in Bitcoin relative to the dollar. That was just one way of interpreting the information. Now, that we’re here in this time, it’s much more apparent that it’s not going to be a crash of Bitcoin, it’s going to be the inability of the dollar to value itself relative to Bitcoin.

“So this period of ‘Unobtainium’ that we’re entering in now, where certain assets are going to basically disappear from the markets…because the people don’t want to accept fiat currencies for those real assets and at some point, this will extend to properties and so on, and we’ll have a property price crash, because no one wants to take the dollar. So it doesn’t matter if you offer someone $1 for the Empire State Building or $99 trillion – they don’t want any dollars for it, so you just can’t buy it.

As for when we might expect the majority to understand that the vaxx is killing people, Clif says that the genocide campaign is failing and we’re not going to go 10 years of this.

“Bear in mind,” Clif says, “They wanted to have us locked down for 8-10 years, as the vaxxine was ‘developed’. And then, because we would have had so many millions of people kill themselves, and they would have been gangs of roving ‘Mad Max’ kind of thing going on for years and years throughout the developed world. Everywhere, we would have had reduced seriously in population numbers. Maybe we would have had a billion people die off under those circumstances but even in their conservative estimates, they were saying 460-some odd million people would die through that period of time and then they would introduce the vaccines and because we would all be already locked down and used to it, they would simply go door-to-door and inject us and we would have no opportunity to object to it – you just take the injection, you would think it’s legit and so on, because they worked so hard for ten years, etc. – the saviors and so on – and then everybody does and the Powers-that-Be have their planet the way that they want.”


Clif thinks we’re very close to a catalytic event that will cause everything to gel in the minds of the Normies and they will understand that the vaxx is genocidal but regardless, he still believes we are currently on track to lose 1-2 billion people from the vaxx.

However, he thinks that they can continue to cover it up to the point where mass graves become necessary and that starts to leak out.

“Bear in mind, they built a concentration camp in Australia and it wasn’t until…it was completed that we actually start seeing that it actually is a concentration camp and not a quarantine camp, because it’s double-fenced [etc]…That process involved 18 months, they were constructing that and we only understood its true nature at the very end. I think that kind of thing is going to occur globally…

“The good news is, in my opinion is that things that will occur here, in the United States will shake up and break up the plan globally, faster than we might otherwise anticipate. It will ripple out to Australia, the UK, France, and so on, the events that will be occurring here over the next 5 or 6 months.”

As a side note, Clif does have the very positive news of hearing many reports of vaxxinated people doing his protocol and feeling a lot better.

Clif has been seeing an event that lifts our mood in early-to-mid-January and he thinks maybe it could spell good news regarding the stolen election and the Communist takeover of the US but he doesn’t have anything at the level of detail that would allow him to associate a personality (such as Trump) to it.

He sees election chaos in 2022 “But I don’t even know that we will even have elections in 2024, because say that we have a resolution of things in 2022 and so say that Trump came back. Is this his second term? Thus, is he under a term limit? Was he gone for a year and thus, he’s able to run again? Is he an interim guy? How will we restructure this? Will we have another election right away, maybe in 2023? So, I don’t see 2024 as a regularly-scheduled presidential election…Plus, there are other issues.


“The bigger issue is the war. The fact that the Globalists and the CCP attacked us will be resolved down to the talking point of “We were attacked. It was worse than Pearl Harbor. We have to respond to it. We’re at war. We’re at war with the CCP and there were also these other complicit parties and how far that complicit party thing extends, I don’t know.

“How much will they tell us about how many of the other groups are involved. So how much of an exposure will we really get and how long will that take? I suspect easily, it would take 3 years to build the narrative, build the structure so that people would understand the evil components at work within the Vatican now and how they participated in the stealing of the election.

“It would take 3 years to provide a regular Normie with enough information to grasp what went on. So, we’re going to be involved with it for a long time.

“Now, they may decide that it’s only necessary at this point, in order to get this particular thing resolved, that we just get to the point where the USA population understands they were attacked by the CCP and by all these 5th columnists infiltrators and stuff.

“I really think they’re going for the whole enchilada…the exposure of the central banking system. And in my datasets, way back when, some of the stuff was published in the reports, those datasets would have a wartime economy in the United States with fighting in North America happening for 6-8 years…

“NOT civil war…fighting people inside the country but they’re not part of the country…the datasets included all of the weirdness of the space alien invasion; the idea that humans had to deal with that as all this other stuff was going on as our entrance into SciFi World.

“Image-wise, we’re looking at something so chaotic, you could not put it into a movie. You could not create visuals that will give an impression of the chaos, various kinds of chaos and competitions and so on that are going to be hitting us over these next 10 to 18 years, as we enter into the Ice Age…

“There’s nothing in the data that says that there’s going to be a functioning political infrastructure system for the United States as has existed through into 2022. There are things within the datasets that suggest that there is the outbreak of the idea that we are at war and the alteration of the social order for a war that is unlike wars of the past…

“Succinctly, we’ve got a situation where we’ve got a 200-year-old ideology that is attempting to take over the planet. This 200-year-old ideology of Communism was a failure in the beginning and has never had any success whatsoever. The longest it held on was for maybe like 30 years in the Soviet Union, and then it’s 100% totalitarian dictatorship.

“But the nature of Communism was all about objects. So when Marx brought up the idea of Communism, it was the control of production, it was control of capital, people should own the output of their production, etc., etc. It was all about the objects of production. It was a failure by 1920, because humanity had moved from a focus on objects to a focus on systems. We were starting to get into systems.

“So there was this very famous, post-Marxist, postmodernist Jean Beaudrillard who was talking about the failure of systems of systems and we’re at that point right now, which is the failure of the systems to interact and work with each other anymore…

“Even if there were not an organic response to it at a coordinated level, these people would just be failing at just their own incompetence. There’s math involved, right? They’re trying to do things to a social order that is very, very, very diverse and they’re trying to do things as though the social order was NOT diverse.

“So those things they did as Bolsheviks to take over the Soviet Union worked because of the nature of the peoples that were there…You can’t do that sort of thing in the United States, where we truly are a melting pot and you’ve got so many diverse cultures that your medium of expression is bound to fail in attempting to go from culture to culture to culture. And we’re seeing that failure now. Now, more people oppose BLM than support it.

“So what’s going to be the impact with BLM on the Rittenhouse verdict? Will they attempt to riot? And will it show how weak they are? Will they encounter opposition and will that fail? We’re gonna see all different kinds of things happen here, because the nature of the Communist takeover is failing because they’re just using the same playbook over and over and over again and we know what this is, so now, we can just move a few things here and there and watch it collapse.

“The issue is what do we do afterwards? Because we won’t have a central bank, it’s dying on its own. Regardless, if we had none of these political issues and so on, the central bank would still be dying, because of the nature of the currency. So we know the systems are long n the tooth and they don’t really serve us anymore and as far as the central bank, they never, ever did…


“The ultimate paranoid understanding is that this is the collapse of the civilization to some degree. And in order for us to understand this, we should extract ourselves from as many of these failing systems as possible. So, if you can extract yourself from the money system as much as possible, from school systems – any of these systems, because they’re all gonna fail and you don’t wanna be dragged down with ’em…

“I know [remote viewers]…that have got an incredible track record and these guys have viewed a period of time…in which members of Congress are rushing out of meeting rooms and heaving their guts out in the hallways, vomiting all over, in the hallways, because of the emotional shock of the death of the dollar.

“So the death of the dollar is not going to be a slow thing. It will come to the point, probably fairly rapidly – it might even be in just a couple of weeks, here – because we have this drop-dead date on December 3rd.

“But anyway, the remote viewers see the halls of Congress littered with people fainting and as I say puking, just because of what they’ve learned, right then at that moment.

“So this is the kind of thing to imagine; that we’re coming to an end of a civilization from which, in my opinion we will be able to rebuild a civilization and for the first time, a true Constitutional Republic, as had originally been envisioned but had been taken over, at least in my life, since 1913 by the central banks. Once the central banks are out of the way, then all different kinds of things become possible.”

In the meantime, stock up, if and while you can – and then start figuring out how to make the things you need.

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  • If i only know where to buy ivermectin.We need a recepy from the MD
    and online webpages are all not to trust. Would be much appreciated if some one can help me. I live in the Netherlands. Thank you for the great video,s you share! 🙂

  • patience grasshopper Rome was not destroyed in a day. modern day guru psychics are like weather guessers someday they will be right the rest of the time just flapping like a flag in a hurricane . When will the storm pass that we have been told is upon us so many times. Simple just go look out the window when the chemtrails and HAARPing stops then the storm has moved to somewhere else as the seasoning of globalist weather modifiers forecasts a dark winter and all carbon shall be outlawed to fix it. Hell’s kitchen is open and they’re serving freeze dried pigs in a blanket and recycled water to wash it down. When the collapse comes it will signal the rebirth of the people who dodged the misguided clueless hidden hand bitch slap of all time. WOO WHO!!

  • Greg wanted to hear that this is going to end–that is the massive vax scam. Oh well…. I am not seeing it here in old CA. I am in the restaurant and overhear a conversation: one guy says, have you gotten your booster. Not yet says the other man but probably this week. Then he says he’s going to vaccinate his 10 year old who is eager to get it due to peer pressure, but he might hold off on the younger who has already had covid. Very tribal.
    A friend told me she overheard a conversation with two men talking about vaxxing the kids and saying… what if you had one of those (blank blank blank) women who wouldn’t let you do the kids. Well, says the other, I would just take the kids down and get them their vaxes blank her.

    What could change this narrative that has a life of its own. We anti-vaxers are underwater here. What could possibly collapse this intensely status oriented thing. Drive a certain car, live in a certain house, sell yourself into a certain group, get vaxxed, more vaxxed…

  • The non vaxxed illegal aliens are meant to fill in the gap and step into the shoes of the dead ones usurping their hard earned tax monies. A washout! These new Americans are uneducated perfect slaves!

  • The way things are nowadays, you could predict something big happening on any random date, and you could find some momentous thing happening at that time without fail. And if nothing seemed to be happening, you could say it was because it was something that moves slowly and behind the scenes.

    I guess you could say I just wrote, “How to be a Prophet for Dummies.”

  • Well now, we don’t have long to wait and see if Cliffie’s high looking glass is truthful or just another lying spirit.

      • I agree! Dr David Martin and alot of others!!..i just don’t know who to trust anymore! EVERYONE controlled opposition?..i think they are!. or they wouldn’t be allowed to be on the internet..js

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