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    Right after getting approval to inject everyone’s children, Pfizer has secretly added the drug, Tromethamine to the already-dangerous gene-editing concoction.

    So-called vaccines that appear to be causing heart attacks in otherwise young, health recipients, including pro athletes.

    Tromethamine is used to stabilize the blood in heart attack victims. Pfizer claims that Tromethamine is being added as a ‘buffer’ to replace phosphate-buffered saline, which is a water-based salt solution.

    But Tromethamine is not anything like a water-based salt solution. It is another dangerous petrochemical with a long list of side effects.

    It has never been tested with the so-called vaccines. And it is only safe within the circulatory system.

    A known side effect is tissue damage, if any Tromethamine leaks from the vein – and every single child they inject will be injected into their muscle, not the vein, which means every single child will be at risk for tissue damage, along with ADE, autoimmune disease and death.

    We are at war and the attack is brought to you by Pfizer & Co.

    From the very beginning of the manufactured COVID plandemic, it was never about the children. We were always told the children will be fine. It was about the elderly and the sick.

    And then they realized we will submit to anything, so why not go for our children? If we allow it, they’ve already conquered us.

    And many of our children can see exactly what’s going on, even if their parents can’t. They’re all experiencing evil at the highest level, right now. Many will be deeply inspired to fight back.

    So why would these barbarians let them live, knowing that we will let them inject our children with an experimental drug that has demonstrably been shown to do great damage – all under the guise of protecting us from the Common Cold?

    The hospitals were empty during COVID. And they are now overwhelmed by the vaccinated.

    The same company profiting off this deadly scam openly has its hand in the FDA, is immune from liability, calls anyone who questions them ‘criminals’ and is secretly adding new drugs to an already-deadly cocktail, upon approval to inject our kids.

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    • If you look up Gulf War Syndrome, the cause is listed as: “…exposure to a combination of pesticides, vaccines and other chemicals.” (While overseas in the war)
      The resulting conditions look similar to current
      ‘ vaccine’ damage .

    • Slower acting version of the same poison with possibly less heart attacks and strokes in 5 year old kids. What did they test the new and unimproved kill shot on ? rats , bats or nothing at all. Just more of the same justification we have to shoot Im’ to find out crap. Let’s declare open season on the baby killers , no limit and bounty applies.

    • They test for the flu since they’ve never isolated Covid-19. Which makes me wonder how they can tell there is a delta variant. They never isolated the virus but they use a test to show the damage of a solution does on monkey kidney cells then show the cellular debris as proof of the virus. So, they can use this method to claim an UNENDING! amount of variants. A lot of cancers and “viruses” are probably just different forms of parasites. Since the tests can’t differentiate between cold and flu and covid then doesn’t that mean ivermectin cures both the cold and the flu? Welcome to “they’ve been lying to us our entire lives about everything”. Get your Ivermectin while you still can!

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