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Dr Judy Mikovits joins Ann Vandersteel, who asks her whether COVID-19 is a real virus.

Dr Judy, who worked at Fort Detrick and who worked for years with Anthony Fauci at NIH replies, “No, COVID-19, the disease is not caused by SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus.

“SARS-CoV-2 is not a real human virus, it’s a monkey virus grown in the vero monkey cell line, always has been, just as SARS was created in that cell line and the variants are in that cell line.

“So the disease, COVID never satisfied any of Koch’s Postulates or the Hill’s Criteria for a causative agent of a disease, because in order for the virus, SARS-CoV-2 to have caused COVID, everybody with evidence of infection has to have disease.

“And what we know is, essentially, nobody with evidence of infection by that fraudulent PCR test – that is not testing for SARS-C0V-2 – and PCR does not test for an infectious virus.

“Nobody’s sick. This has a 99.7% survival rate, so there’s no such thing as an ‘asymptomatic carrier’ of a disease-causing virus. A virus either makes you sick or it doesn’t.

“And what we know is this disease called COVID was caused by contaminated flu shots – which are all contaminated with coronaviruses – and they are, every year and that those viruses recombine – the test was testing for the influenza, so this, at 4,000 people a day, in January of 2021 were dying of influenza and the CDC was labeling it, calling it “COVID”.

“We know that 5G and the measures; the remdesevir, so that which is killing people by shutting down their kidneys. Everything that’s been done: the masks, the shots, the isolation have caused the death and the destruction worldwide, not SARS-CoV-2.”

Ann says, “So, essentially, COVID-19 is a marketing hype name to promote fear and get people running to the doctors to get these PCR tests, which are, of course, completely falsely-calibrated and they’re not measuring  COVID-19. So, has COVID-19 ever been isolated in a lab, then?”

Dr Judy replies, “SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated from vero monkey kidney cells – in a lab, grown in –”

Ann interrupts, “But not in people.”

“Not from people-to-people,” Dr Judy says, “Not from a person with disease and sending it to another…It’s a lab virus. All the variants are, they’re sequences in a database and they always have been, since 2003 and SARS.”

Ann asks, “OK, so these COVID vaccines – or what they’re touting to be vaccines, these shots. I call them Clot Shots, Kill Shots. What are they, if they’re not supposedly treating or preventing coronavirus?”

“Well, they’re synthetic, they’re gene therapy, number one. They’re not vaccines, they don’t meet the legal or scientific definition of a vaccine, which is usually a piece of a virus or a bacteria or an ‘attenuated virus’, means weakened, you took out the part that usually kills you and then you use that in a vaccine…

“The simple answer is they are injecting in you a deadly synthetic virus. Synthetic virus. You are expressing the deadliest – the spike protein from HIV, the XMRV and SARS, so the three deadliest plandemics of our time. You’re injecting the disease and you are shedding and spreading it, if your immune system cannot break down that synthetic lipid nanoparticle. 

“It’s a synthetic virus. It’s not a vaccine, never was, never was intended – and it’s why we’ve been spreading the news.”

Dr Judy says that the spike proteins in the flu and COVID vaccines are shed and spread and have been for years but the good news, she says is that whether you get a real virus or a synthetic virus, the treatment is the same: ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and ozonated creams on your skin.   

“Keep your immune system healthy, don’t ever wear a mask, because that cripples your own immune system, as you know from our book, ‘The Truth About Masks’

“The good news is, as long as people stop, right now getting any other shot, we can heal this world. Because any other shot is going to kill you and I mean a flu shot, because they have coronaviruses…

“This is how they’ve driven this agenda for the past 30 years. They’ve weaponized SARS, they’ve weaponized Ebola – and that was 2014, when Tony Fauci released that virus on the Sierra Leone, on the Liberians, you know by way of a vaccine program.

“You know, ‘We’re gonna go over there and help you!’ with Christian missionaries, and that’s all described in our New York Times Bestseller, ‘Plague of Corruption’, which came out April 14th, 2020.

“I was first on the Epoch Times, April 8th, 2020, telling them all of this, showing them the Journal of Virology paper that showed hydroxychloroquine is a prophylactic treatment strategy for HIV, for SARS. And that means it’s a vaccine!

“Every 21 days, you got a booster shot, so the entire world could have been saved by hydroxychloroquine, just as in this book, ‘Called for Life’, by Kent and Amber Brantly. He’s the doctor that got infected with Ebola when Ebola was aerosolized.

“And this was in the summer of 2014 and this was the cover-up by Tony Fauci of the William Thompson confession, after 15 years that MMR, giving Blacks and people of color, Hispanics, before the age of 3 had a 2-to-4 times greater risk of getting autism or severe neuro-developmental disease from that shot.

“So yes, MMR in susceptible populations, three RNA viruses that’ll cause autism. So what does Tony Fauci do? Oh, he released contagious Ebola on Black people, to take everybody’s attention away, just like the game they played in COVID, to take everybody’s attention away from the corruption…

“We caught them. Not ‘we’, Judy Mikovits, the Royal We: Children’s Health Defense, The Highwire, the Informed Consent Action Network. Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit. Proved that vaccines are not safe, have never been tested since 1989, not a single double-blind placebo controlled study, safe study has been done, as required by Federal Law, by the HHS.

“That was the proof in the Fall of 2019…Was COVID started because they cloned the deadly H1N1 in 2005 – cloned – from people who died of the Spanish Flu?

“It’s all in here. And in our latest book, ‘Ending Plague’, because we tell you the solutions are there. We tell you ozone therapy, we tell you Type 1 Interferon, we tell you Peptide T and immune modulation peptides could have stopped AIDS, could have stopped all of these diseases.

“And the biggest thing our books tell you is that, ‘Never again get another injection’ and you will live and we as a world will experience health.”

MANY, MANY vital details in this talk, check it out.

The Vaxx Kills.

Stop the #CLOTSHOT!

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  • XMRV retroviruses are actually lab artifacts derived from two xenograft cell lines. Judy published a lab artifact and had her Science paper retracted for being scientifically invalid. Ignore pseudoscientific nonsense and lies about COVID-19 from Judy. SARS-CoV-2 is a natural coronavirus that has killed over 15 million people worldwide.

  • Ok here’s a fact my boyfriend died of something that affected his lungs never smoked a cigarette in his life ever when he died his lungs were black and his kidneys were fine so now now that you’re the genius tell me how he died he never had the shot and neither did his sister which by the way she gave it to him because she lived next door to him I know the deal I saw him everyday and he wasn’t sick until she came to his house and less than a week later he was deathly sick and 5 days after that he died so you tell me what’s really going on seeing that there’s no such thing as the covid and this is the influenza these are facts

  • More misdirection. There has not been and never will be an actual isolated Sars virus, ever. If you read the actual published papers on isolation and purification of the virus you will see they never actually isolated, purified or sequenced anything. In fact, that has never been done for any infectious virus, because they don’t exist.

    All organisms are isolated, purified and sequenced the same way. Whether that is a monkey, marsupial or bacteria. However, in the case of communicable virus’, never been done. Why? Because they don’t exist. All of the virus symptoms are a result of poisoning or toxins, or toxic poisonings. From Polio caused by DDT or HIV caused by Amyl Nitrate, all of them are environmental toxins. That includes Covid19, and this controlled opposition shill doing her paid rounds is an agent of disinformation, perpetuating the myth of infectious disease and the false medical model based on a theory of cellular structure.

    I’m not getting my hopes up that anyone actually investigates what I’m saying, I think humanity has already proven itself to be ill-equipped to discern belief from knowledge. However, I just hope humanity proves me and the globalists incorrect.

      • If you are so damn lazy you can’t do your own research, you don’t deserve answers, buddy. Just like a liberal-always demanding free shi**!

  • Anne Vandersteel keeps referring to Covid19 like it is a virus, it is not, it is a label put on the symptoms caused by a seasonal corona virus. Basically Covid19 is late stage symptoms of a traditional cold or flu that the CDC guidelines are exacerbating by restricting early and effective treatment. When Anne says “Covid19 has never been isolated” it is non sensical because Covid19 is not a virus, it is an alleged disease that is supposedly caused by the SARS-coV-2 virus. That is the main thrust of the greedy, unethical people pushing this fake pandemic and that is why we know it as a “Plandemic”. I wish Judy Mikovits would have come straight out and corrected Anne instead of being polite and subtely trying to point it out in her answers. It would be very easy for Anne to be discredited and dismissed by the opposition for not knowing this distinction. The term Covid19 stands for “corona, virus disease 2019”, the term SARS-coV-2 stands for Severe Accute Respiratory Syndrom-Corona Virus-2 (second itteration of the virus). I love Anne for being a true patriot but she needs to get up to speed on these things, especially if she is going to interview brilliant scientists and doctors like Dr. Mikovits. You can tell Dr. Mikovits was a little frustrated the second time Anne referred to Covid19 not being isolated.

    • I had same feeling.
      I also would like Dr. Mikovits to come together with other doctors such as Dr. Andy, Dr. Young, Dr. Martin and few others that mentioned of vaccine as bio weapon, because this topic is so much into detail, and things need to be concluded, otherwise it somehow causes slight difference in theory and confusion.

  • I don’t understand antibodies for the vaccinated. Red Cross will not take the blood of the vaccinated due to a lack of antibodies, very interesting. By antibodies, I think they mean natural antibodies.

    I know that natural antibodies in the vaccinated is reduced, but not sure how much. The vaccinated have more antibodies that are very specific for this covid disease. Lets call these antibodies, vaccine antibodies. They are trying to sell vaccinated to get another shot, a booster, because the vaccine antibodies have shown to decline.

    So we have 2 types of antibodies then, natural antibodies and vaccine antibodies. Here is what confuses me. If the vaccine antibodies in the vaccinated wane away, do their natural antibodies increase? Or are the natural antibodies forever gone?

    If over time both natural and vaccinated antibodies are gone for the vaccinated it would be a terrible place to be in. There is alot of talk about antibodies, but no one really breaks it down and everyone fails to mention which type of antibodies they are talking about.

    Thankfully I’m not vaccinated, but unfortunately so many around me are and they are not aware what trouble they could be in.

    Thanks to any responses to my comment.

    • Hey. Actually good question. I am a Dr. and my take is you are very close to accurate. Antibodies are White blood cells and T cells response to seeing a foreign or dangerous germ in body. The SARS II or CV19 (same) is manufactured (gain of function) and is the flu- w/ attempts at making it more virulent. The body (if healthy) will gobble it up naturally. The Vaxxx is an mRNA protein, inserted with protected lipo material to fool ur T cells and get it past them into the cell. Then ur cells generate spike proteins- but ur t cells don’t recognize it as foreign b/c your cell mitochondria made it and sent the signal. Your whole immune cells break down @ 25% each shot u take with this new tech. And much of the ingredients are carcinogenic and toxic. Look up SM-102- The fact they won’t share the ingredients fully- should alarm the world. Basically, the tech is blocking a proper immune response, false signaling, and eliminating the production numbers of soldiers in your blood to fight. To go further- lookup Dr. Geert Vanden Bosche worlds too vaxxx virologist- cheers.

      • With all due respect: you better watch the video and stop sharing such nonsense as SARS2 and C19 are the same, and other things you’re mixing up.

        Just because you’re a doctor doesn’t mean you’re right. Watch the video! Right at the beginning Judy Mikovits explains that C19 is not caused by SARS CoV2!

  • Viruses are parasites by definition. That is the reason that anti-parasitic medications work in killing viral disease.

  • There is no covid virus, actually there are no viruses. Viruses are parasites by definition. That is the reason that anti-parasitic medications work in killing the disease

  • Oh my GOD! ….. shut up – shut up – SHUT UP!
    Put your cursor on the pause button because in 10 minutes your ears will ring! She doesn’t pause, It took 3 minutes to get a straight answer minus why Adam & Eve, Moses, Rome, 1492, and the mars space rover play into where we are today so read my book.
    No, it’s not a human virus.
    Can you get rid of the spike proteins others shed,
    yes, Ivermectin. Not pine tea. THE END

  • I’ve heard of Dr. Malone, but looks to me that when he speaks, he is moderately supporting virus theory
    Why does he not come out and speak clearly that virus does not exist outside of computer?
    He sort of talked like there is still useful vaccines, but not this one – come on! There is NO useful vaccines!
    Good for him to come out of speak out, but he should not confuse people

    The ones I truly like is Dr. David Martin, he’s plain and clearly makes sense when he speaks

  • I wish she had said about pine needle earlier
    I had already recommended it to others, also because it was widely available 🙁

    • She said it months ago… I follow her work, and I can assure you she did. Suramin, which is better if obtained from the white pine needle, but BEWARE… Not the yew pine. Do research, for you can find it in many places in the USA.

  • they already have the next one planned? Brought to you by the couple from HELL!
    Fauci’s history
    This breaks my heart, this doctor is practically in tears, pleading to get someone to listen so nobody else has to die!

    I hear Australia, WA passed the Omnibus Covid 19 Recovery bill? People are saying it is straight out of the NWO wet dream from hell playbook, not only that, it is retroactive, going back like a year?
    How do you make laws retroactive, where people could not have knowingly broke any laws when they had not yet been written? If they do that in the US, I am sure they would try to lock us all away for trying to spread so called “Covid19 misinformation” I can easily see that happening, don’t think I will be hanging around in this dimension much longer, I would rather go on my own terms!

  • I respect her, yet feel as a few thing needs to be cleared up little bit
    1. what’s the thing causing the symptom, is it Parasite or Spike Protein or graphene?
    2. what about suramin that she mentioned before?
    3. She was the one mentioned about Suramin. I hope she will have more explanation about this matter.
    Would be nice if all of the doctors such as Dr.Robert, Dr.David, Dr.Andrew, Dr. Zelenco and her come together and speak, so we will clearly know what they are referring to in common
    Am I missing something?

    • The vaccine contains mRNA that has been modified to present instructions to our cells to produce spike proteins so that we become spike protein factories more or less. Klaus Schwab calls the shot Gene Editing. The spike proteins cause little tears in our blood veins and we start making clots. You can get a d-dimer test to see if you have this issue. The d-dimer test finds very tiny clots in the blood that will eventually grow bigger and bigger.

      Supposedly suramin fights flu symptoms and works to resolve autism but in very tiny amounts. You need a Dr to help with that. Do not attempt on your own. The shikimik acid in the pine needle tea rids us of the spikes. I use only 3 sprays of Pinon Gold pine spray daily and Nanosoma every day.

      Nanosoma I have heard clears the graphene oxide. But not as a cure, but stimulates the body to repair itself. So if our cells had been damaged, the nanosoma stimulates the body to heal itself.

      I am taking Zeoboost to detox heavy metals in the body as well.

      I like Tom Paladino’s Scalar Light therapy. He has a 15 day (no cash or cc necessary) free trial for his therapy which includes a pathogen Cleanse every day. I was amazed at the result as was my daughter who continues the therapies altho now paying. This therapy clears all pathogens and toxins from the body is what he says.

      Nanosoma has published papers, Metadichol patent, fastest patent ever approved, with multiple research articles published and some wonderful interviews that explain how it works in the body. Google Dr Richard Presser and Nanosoma interviews.

      And Paladino has a Facebook page plus his page

      Also Orwell City on Telegram has some therapies for clearing the Graphene Oxide issue. It isn’t easy to find the specific video, but if you want to watch it please email me.

      My email is if I can find any answers to possible questions
      I am not a doctor, nor can I offer medical advice. I am just trying to navigate the issues which are being thrust upon us.

      • Thank you
        Used to believe in pine needle, and relieved to know that it ain’t completely wrong using it – as long as I don’t get the poison ones, correct?
        I’ve been using it without getting side effect or anything, and am healthy today

        Other topic that confuses me is that they talk about parasite, mRNA, metals, nano bots…

        And I still suspect that such as chemicals and radiation is the cause of symptom, which creates the deposit (spikes/genetic materials) from our cells when they are trying to recover themselves, but she calls it “spike protein”… but the question is how does this spike protein from blood comes out of our body and infect others through air? It doesn’t seem to add up

    • I’m wondering the same. I saw an interview with her a while back, where she says there is an antidote, and it is Suramin. She said it’s been used forever to cure African Sleeping Sickness [I believe that’s what it is called). She may have said it was in a prescription med…. maybe that’s where the disconnect is? Would love clarity from her.

    • A lot, it seems… Suramin is as good as Ivermectin for the treatment of certain parasitic-related maladies. They are both secure… They are no thing of recent times, but being so “cheap and easy to get” for the general public, the “farm a- assas ins” do not want us to know. Have been used for over 60 years, 100 years approximately. I have used Ivermectin with optimum results, myself and my family. I have also tried the white pine needle tea, even as juice, as to get the suramin for health, and thank The Lord, I am healthy!!! In my opinion, we are being bombarded with parasites, and may be that is why such good old remedies spare lives for pennies; and bak zeens are the origin of many maladies in the world, even in dogs, and cats. Think about it.

  • A former Vice President of pfizer warns…36:25
    An excellent explanation of our current situation from Dr Mike Yeadon. He is the former Vice President of Pfizer. He has a 1st class Honours Degree in Biochemistry and Toxicology and a research based PhD in Respiratory Pharmacology.
    Please watch it’s a long one and if you can’t watch it all cut to a very poignant statement at around 36:25

  • Does anyone know how close you need to be to someone that is vaxxed in order to get contaminated with their gross spike proteins? And for how long? If I walk by vaxxed people can they contaminate me?

  • So happy to see Dr. M here.
    Many thanks…and I am forwarding this
    great, great interview.. kindly, Connie


    • DoodalBug,

      Word-search, “C-60”

      “C60 is recommended to neutralize spike protein, detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102. Charcoal (2-4 capsules a day): Charcoal is the pre-eminent detoxifier and when taken on an empty stomach, works its way down into the intestines and activates a blood purification process known as ‘interstitial dialysis’.”


    • is turning blue like a smurf a side effect ? big medicine tried to get rid of silver use in all preparations except one brand new babies they would put in in their eyes nothing worked better with no toxicity as an antibacterial. you know back when hospitals used to treat little people as precious cargo instead of as pincushions.

      • One turns blue when they take extreme amount otherwise it’s very safe. Plus they put that out there on the media to scare people away from even considering it par for the course ; if it works it will be demonized by the media

    • I make colloidal silver and have used it for many things. It can be great for a lot but I disagree that it is the correct action for Cov19 or for help from the jab. There are quite terrible side effects for some people and long term use of colloidal silver can be deadly. Just ask the cult leader of Love Has Won. Oh wait she is dead so you can’t. She sold colloidal silver and swore by it. Eventually she turned purple and died.

  • Ever wonder how China had the lowest death totals in the world. It’s simple they stockpiled hydroxychloroquine beforehand and saved themselves. This according to a whistle blower who fled from china after she divulged her role in the building of such a virus. Dr Mercola interviewed her look it up. This video presumes there was no virus or the virus was a nothing burger. Both the virus and the shot were designed at the same time by the same people to be used together to flatten the curve just the population curve is all . First they tell us lie after lie about where it came from who did it ,what stops it dead in it’s tracks and why they did it. The .gov uses the stupid act same one the media perfected and we are now accustomed to when they try not to explain anything of consequence to us the dumasses

    • Have you looked at past data of China for previous flu season? It was considerably high, but because low during corona hoax.
      I observed similarity with other countries.
      It could be some radiation or pollution traveling through air slowly.
      Also the low number should be real number, other numbers are hyper-inflated

  • This is very scary!!! Would I have the right to go to the Sherrif and have them arrest doctors for going against the Nuremberg code?
    Those who are sleeping laugh at me saying come on its science! This isn’t 1945. I live in Potsdam New York 13676. I’m an aircraft mechanic and I see so many of who I once looked up to get these jabs and boosters. Talking down to me as if I’m scum for not getting the jab. What is the way out of this?
    The (White hats) I thought were coming but I can’t stand by watching kids get injected.

    • HERE YOU GO!

      Dr David Martin has presented both criminal and civil crimes that Fauci and his cohorts can be arrested for today, and prosecuted. In fact, he said Rand Paul could have had him arrested when he was appearing b/fore Congress for his crimes.

      Here’s the specific criminal and civil crimes.


      18 USC §2339C – et seq. – Funding and conspiring acts of terror
      18 USC §2331 §§802 – Acts of domestic terrorism resulting in deaths of American citizens
      18 USC §1001 – Lying to Congress
      15 USC §1-3 – Conspiring to criminal commercial activity
      15 USC §8 – Market manipulation and allocation
      15 USC §19 – Interlocking directorates

      35 USC §206 – Disclosure of government interest
      35 USC §101 – Patenting nature
      21 CFR §50.24 et seq. – It is unlawful to conduct medical research (even in the case of emergency) without an independent institutional review board approved protocol including informed consent free of coercion.
      15 USC §45 §§5(a) – “Unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce.”

      [Criminal] are felonies punishable by 99 years in prison and up to $100 million per incident fine.

      Recently (this week) Dr. Francis Boyle, attorney who drew up the Bioweapons treaty/code that the UN signed onto years ago has laid out a plan that ANYONE can use – we only need ONE State Attorney General to convene a grand jury for crimes against humanity, murder and conspiracy to commit murder. There is ample evidence to convene a grand jury.

      Dr Francis Boyle, It’s all laid out here:

  • Okay, wow, just listened to this, and checked it is totally cancelled, not there at all, error 404 or whatever.

    Dr. Judy is a heroine, have been aware of her work since VAXXED came out.

  • MSM is trying to make fun of people wanting to protect themselves with cheap and proven drugs. Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. It also beats Pfizer’s new wonder drug hands down, and costs next to nothing. Ivermectin doesn’t make tons of money. So they know the Covid shot is on its final gasp, so they take it add something different to it, rebrand under another name and charge 20 times what they would for ivermectin. I cannot wrap my head around this nonsense. When I explain this to my relatives they label me as crazy and ask me if I know better than science. I don’t make up these information out of my ass. All this information is true and proven. For some people it is near impossible for them to wake up. They are comfortable in their clown world life. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

    • I too cannot understand how so many ppl will not research or read the great info that is out about this scam. This whole story is exposing so much evil and corruption and the population can’t wait to get back to football games and vacations. Please let us see the exposure of all the deception.

  • I’m curious. I browsed “” and it shows only “Coming Soon” with a picture.

  • It is great to know that the COVID-19 treatments are universally effective, regardless of how one is exposed to the spike proteins. Thanks to Dr. Mikovits for her undaunted efforts, and the host for getting all of this vital information out!

  • I love hearing from this courageous heroine, Dr. Judy Mikovits. I’ve got one question:

    It was white pine, not any pine or fir, that was supposed to have the African Sleeping illness antidote, Suramin in it’s needles. Does it or is it a scam? Thanks 🙏

      • That’s confusing, because she was the one, who mentioned about Suramin.
        Does that mean Pine Needle does not have Suramin or what does she exactly mean…?
        Hope she will clarify about this matter later.

      • Spot on, Alexandra as usual. Someone hijacked Dr. Judy’s work and created the rubbish concerning Pine Needle Tea to mislead the public.

        All of the remedies are in her books and where to procure them.

        If your audience does not take the time to read the excellent transcripts you provide and click the links rather than videos with the spoken word [of which we only retain less than 50% in this toxin laden world] much of the confusion could be eliminated.

    • She clearly stated that the white pine needle tea will not work, and there was a treatment using a VERY low dosage (1 drop in 60 days), but taken off the market by Bayer. Not clear as to the name of the drug, but I think she said even that was just for certain uses that would not work for COVID-19.

      • Ok, the white pine needle tea may not work as well as the SURAMIN Judy talks about, but, as my comment above mentions, it does have good ingredients that can only help, see the link I put above for example. Judy I am sure would support throwing everything possible at the problem. Of course, to misrepresent her previous comments to the point of misquoting her for commercial gain in order to sell masses of pine needle tea is not right. I have not done much research but maybe somebody could establish for certain whether or not ‘white pine’, PINUS STROBUS, needles have even the minutest amount of SURAMIN – it sure has lots of other gooddies as that link shows.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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