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    This clip is an interview with the producer of the film, ‘VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe’, Del Bigtree, who says he’s been a producer of many shows on medical topics, which are well-regarded in the medical field. He says he was willing to put his good reputation on the line because of his admiration for Andrew Wakefield, whose work was originally published in the most important medical journal there is, The Lancet.

    In this interview, which was given shortly before the announcement that his film had been pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival, Bigtree suggests that Wakefield was maliciously attacked by a powerful industry and that the details of his study were distorted, leading to the loss of his license to practice medicine and the retraction of his paper by The Lancet. Bigtree claims that Wakefield was working on creating safer vaccines at the time that he was medically disbarred.

    Moreover, what of the CDC whistleblower, William Thompson?

    That’s who this film is actually about. He’s the one who came forward and said that the CDC’s studies were fudged. Why is everybody only talking about the “discredited Andrew Wakefield”? Thompson’s story around 2 years ago and it got very little traction. Now, once again, attention is being diverted away from the CDC whistleblower – who is the subject of this film towards a smearfest of Andrew Wakefield, whose medical career was already torpedoed.

    Although directed by Wakefield, the film is NOT about him or his work, it is about the trials and tribulations of CDC whistleblower, William Thompson. World-renowned actor, Robert DeNiro recently announced that his young son was afflicted with autism and that he’d included ‘VAXXED”, in the Tribeca Film Festival, to encourage discussion about this malaise, which has risen, in the past century, from one child in 1,500 born having this to what now headed towards one child in 80 born somewhere in the spectrum of the neurological disorder called autism and Aspberger’s syndrome.

    The pressure from Big Pharma was allegedly so intense against this film that DeNiro was forced to withdraw it from the festival. This is the full uncut interview, that ABC World News conducted with Del Bigtree, producer of ‘VAXXED’, of which only 5 seconds was aired.

    The furor that resulted from the cancellation of the film’s screening at the Festival created enough of a publicity campaign, that it will actually receive a theatrical release at the bastion of Independent Films, the Angelika Film Center.

    It looks like the zealotry of the medical and media establishments may have backfired, in a climate where increasing numbers of people no longer give full credence to the pronouncements of the authorities.

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    • The CDC, the FDA, the medical journals, and the medical profession are all part of the same fraudulent club, the mainstream medical establishment, that’s highly biased towards their own lucrative products and highly dismissive of alternative healing approaches and that protects their massive profits at all cost, including lying, fabricating study data, suppressing whistleblowers and alternative therapies every day.

      One of countless examples is the phony ‘war on cancer’ that’s driven by corruption and fraud (read the well referenced afterword of this article on the war on cancer: do a search engine query for “A Mammogram Letter The British Medical Journal Censored” and scroll down to the afterword).

    • Thank you so much for having the courag3 to not let this go away. I believe my daughter died from shots she got at a late age. The antibiotic as we all know the FDA does not test drugs like they should, they will argue and say we are nuts and do not know what we are talking about. If I had it to do over, I would have given my child protection from homeopathic treatments, which our good FDA does not acknowledge, if you ever have an injured loved one especially your child you would have a different take on things. But with certain people whose agenda is to kill 90% of the world’s population why would you do a game changer and save our children. Wake up people……once again thank you for having guts to investigate this, why does anyone need to fear the truth.

    • I’ve kept abreast of Thompson & Wakefield’s research/discovery. I’m very concerned that so many who stnad in the way of Big Pharma are being removed with impunity. Now they even got to De Niro for goodness sake. Who’s next? The i dustry has been successful in creating an atmosphere if fear to keep everyone toeing their line. Where will it stop? And who could stop them if those who have the knowledge to do so are removed? So what do we the ppl do about this situation? Well we still have the freedom to choose not to vaccinate our children. Consequences? Sure but they are consequences to everything. The corporations’ unwritten laws are as strong as the will of the ppl to abide by them, just like any other laws. We have entered an era of civil disobedience, praised be the conscious ppl out there.

    • You do know that after WWII that we got a lot of Doctors from the Nazi’s in project paperclip, well I can think of a couple of the company’s they work for, one named Bayer, and I think the other(not sure) is Merk. Bayer made some gas, for some ovens, not the burning type gas. But it still amazes me that they were not found guilty of crimes against humanity. Then there was General Motors, And Ford, who made assembly lines in Germany in 1935 before upgrading the ones in this country. Sorry I changed the subject. At any rate, the truth is out there, even if we need to dig for it.

    • We need more independent studies which are not funded by pharmaceutical companies!
      And maybe vaccinations should be put off until babies are older and their immune systems are more developed…

    • So what do we do with concerns about medications or vaccines? Ask the producer to show how safe is? Will they show you how many people or children were tested that had reverse effects? Most medical doctors and it seems even the CDC are OK with this and advocate vaccine safety as if you are crazy to question their actions. Too many people I have worked with have been prescribed the wrong medications. Doctors that do not confer with one another about what they are both prescribing to one patient. I have listened to a doctor tell me to try a medication just to see how it works, When what it is used for is something I have no problem with. How does any medication or vaccine have that privilege to be allowed to be marketed to the public with side effects as possible death?

    • Robert DiNero isn’t a coward. He just has too much to loose, ie his life. He knows if he continues in this vein, his body will be found floating down the river, beaten , shot in the back and ruled a suicide. And that’s AFTER he’s been accused and convicted of kidnapping children, killing them, and selling their body parts on E-bay. These ghouls are other worldly in their ability to control and terrorize the masses. If Someone, SOMEwhere had the ability to lead the masses against them, the battle would be bloody but short. There’s so much more of us then there are ‘them’. I’m glad I don’t have any babies or young children in my life…but I did hear a rumor that us old folks were going to be forced to take a vaccine against some rampant virus….any truth to that?

    • Lets face it…Anyway you look at it….I’m sure in my mind the industry knows the truth,,,,so there fore some vaccines lead to premeditated murder of the beingness of young humans..This is happening too many times to be a fluke…Again,,just follow the money trail…..

    • Back in 1980 when my children were little I had a “feeling” no mmr shot which I did not give them, now 30 plus we are still looking at this problem. Children are our most precious gift interested to us . It is with much sadness that children are being damaged and doctors and researchers are being killed ,and others are being threatened. This is a free society or to say it better an illusion of a free society. Bless all of you for your dedication. Be safe. Concerned grandparent

    • There are so many laws that reference the word “conspiracy” because they are, indeed, so prevalent ….especially when money is involved. Mass media is geared up to protect corporate profits (both theirs and of their big pharma advertisers). Fascism is the collusion of government and corporate power. As it relates to vaccines, the mandates to have them and intentional cover-ups are simply medical fascism. Hail to Del Bigtree for producing this much needed documentary. Hail to all who see it and share it. Hail to all who JUST SAY NO TO BIG PHARMA DRUGS AND VAX. Another excellent book / resource to read as it relates to the history of this topic is Dr Mary’s Monkey.

    • All US regulatory agencies have been “captured” by the industries that are to be regulated. This is to be expected in a country where money is the ultimate value.
      The USA is a suicidal society that will disappear in 50 years.

    • The theme vaccines should be discussed EVERYWHERE. With a little intelligence and open eyes, we all will come to understand, that its all about money, with the pharmaceutical industry.
      Congratulation Mr. Del Bigtree!.
      You are indeed a big tree which hopefully grows soon its fruits, since its roots dig deep into the soil .
      In love with love.
      Ma Satprem

    • I am shocked that de Niro is such a coward! From now on he is just a good actor for me, not a very intelligent or courageous one.
      I wish him joy with his kid and could give him many tis for healing,which he never gets from a medical doctor.
      Ma Satprem Yeshe Dolma

    • When our son got the MMR vaccine, my (ex-) wife commented that “the light went out of his eyes” (actually, a few days after the vaccine). The PTB (Powers That Be) keep telling us there is no connection between Autism and vaccines, but as typical of American greed polluting everything we do, they are liars. Shame on the media, and thanks to Del BigTree for producing this movie. STAND WITH DEL! SEE THE FILM! WRITE YOUR SENATORS!!

      In other words, GET OFF YOUR ASS!

    • Andreas kalker biophysic been doing conferences about how children’s got Autism. and number one is vaccines. Him and doctor kerry Rivera are been treated Autism case’s with amazing results . I’m shearing this information to all the parents with autism children. truth is coming out we need to Educate ourselves.

    • Big pharma are in it for the money and do not care about any one. And I hope more and more people will stand with Robert DeNiro to get this film out to the world

    • When one door closes Many more Open!!! Keep the focus on Opening the doors that us how the Light gets in! in Light & L o V. marchia!

    • The whole case should be blown wide open, the very idea of people deliberately producing harmful medicine must be one of the most appalling crimes imaginable.
      Anyone ever proved to be carrying out this practice should face the death penalty, that is to say the senior executive of the company doing it.

    • Every time I tried to link this VAXXED film to my FB page, a completely different film came up. As the parent of a child who at 3 years old cried and screamed and pounded the sides of his head “I want a new brain”…and has continued to this day, at 26.
      I am now 63 and I will work till I drop because someone has to love him. Someone has to help him. That would be me. Now if I were to have a young child who was capable of growing into a productive society member, maybe just maybe I could retire. But that will never happen. I am among the millions of seniors who are now caring for children and grandchildren with autism there is ONLY one identifiable variable, UNSAFE VACCINES. Check out the NAGALASE study compelling evidence of the deliberate introduction of nagalase into the vaccines…..the truth is before your very eyes.

    • I left the field of “pharmaceutical rep” for a big name company due to the damned fraud involved in this field. These people can cry and scream anything they want but big pharma is just plain in it for the money, they’re money hungry and they hype up anything that will put money in their pockets and dis or bad mouth any proof against their money makers. They’re a bunch of damned whores period. Politicians are in their pocket because of bribes and special favors. Yes there are good people in this field but the assholes that exist in this field will make the decisions that screw us all.

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