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    I don’t personally know that Agenda 21 is what Deborah Tavares and many others claim but I will faithfully transmit their message. For years, Tavares has been working to spread the word about what she believes to be various campaigns of stealth genocide associated with the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21.

    Agenda 21 is a non-binding action agenda to foster “sustainable development” through combating poverty in the Third World, changing consumption patterns, population control, nature conservation, pollution control (including “atmospheric protection”) and strengthening the role of NGOs that would promote all of the above.

    Originally proposed at the 1992 Earth Summit (UN Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Agenda 21 has been elaborated upon substantially since then. It has the support of most European and African nations and Australia. George W Bush and Nancy Pelosi were among the 178 US officials who signed Agenda 21, which in the US is mainly promoted through local government bodies, including 528 US cities.

    With regard to the population control aspect of Agenda 21, it was recently reported that in 2015, the US fertility dropped by 600,000, it’s lowest ever. Tavares is adamant in her message here that the new 5G technology – which may already be operative in your wireless router – is a “sterilization technology that is part of a eugenics program”. She says it is an electromagnetic weapons system that operates at the speed of light, “that can kill and torture – and does – and enslave,” and from which there’s no escape.

    Barrie Trower, a former member of the British Royal Navy and microwave weapons expert has points out the widely acknowledged fact that there have been no safety tests conducted on these frequencies, whatsoever. Trower says, “It’s not just the general public who don’t really understand it, the scientists who have produced it have absolutely no idea of the mathematics of the waveform that it’s going to produce or that it is producing…

    “Leading scientists in 40 countries have warned that the waveforms from 5G can be particularly harmful not just to humans but to all living species.” In 2016, Obama’s FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler even made rather intimidating statements about why the US would not be held back in its deployment of 5G by safety testing.

    Sean at the SGTReport discusses the laws, including Executive Order 13821 which are aggressively expediting the roll-out of 5G and he shows us the new “Artemis” routers that we’ll soon be seeing everywhere. In December of 2017, California’s Department of Health issued an advisory against cell phones and in 2016, the US National Toxicology Program released a report on its $25M study, concluding that wireless radiation increases cancer.

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    • I’ve been looking for something on the symptoms of 5G exposure… can’t see m to explain why I’m sick when I’m home, but not when at the office. I’m in Austin and they have been rolling out 5G already. Can anyone help?

    • WOW, what has been known as fear porn is now becoming a reality of death porn…Trump is a stooge as all US presidents…Wake up sleepwalkers, voting is like masturbation, just to please yourself in your own small little world…

    • There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the actual meaning of the word eugenics in the title of the article, an error which just about every other author makes as well, after they have been thoroughly conditioned to believe that eugenics is thoroughly evil, when eugenics merely means to improve the breeding of the physical bodily vehicles of the souls of any human people.

      The term eugenic as used today by most authors is actually a mistaken terminology, other terms like dysgenic (exerting a detrimental effect on later generations through the inheritance of undesirable characteristics), or even malgenic (producing disease) might be considered instead, as they actually convey the intended sense of causing harm to peoples, whereas eugenics (a set of beliefs and practices that aims at improving the genetic quality of a human population) is not actually appropriate here within the title of this article, taking into consideration the actual meaning intended to be conveyed to the readers in relation to the highly damaging effects to the genome of 5G radiation.

      It is not evil to help to ensure the greater liberty, happiness and spiritual progress of all people by helping them to incarnate in more intelligent, more handsome, or beautiful, fitter, healthier, bodies with more balanced personalities, that are even better able to adopt more compassionate and elevated spiritual philosophies through more compassionate and noble personality, traits contained within the DNA, which any souls coming to inhabit any bodily vehicle can then be aided by in their spiritual search for any valid spiritual path that will enable them to transcend this material world and return to their original source dimension, and the actual eternal spiritual personality of each and every soul itself within the material vehicle and material mind can then be aided better to reawaken within such a framework, to return to the beginningless eternal spiritual dimension that one and all come from, though some cannot accept that truth of our mutual origin, like the Tribe that considers that only they alone are actually living souls, that only they come from God, and that no other souls are living souls, and that no other souls come from God.

      It is that very same Tribe that creates all the false propaganda to make people hate the very idea of eugenics, whilst secretly, they themselves employ that science in a hidden manner behind their own borders, but in a very twisted manner. Eugenics can be implemented in a very gentle and kind manner, as its intended goal when employed by an actually spirtually-minded people is ultimately a benevolent one, not a cruel one, and Lord Krishna Himself actually employed eugenics thousands of years ago in India during one of His incarnations when He saw that the physical bodily vehicles and intellectual qualities of the citizens in India had become degraded by one means or another, and considering that souls deserve much better, He implemented a selective program of partnering people with healthier traits specifically to achieve this goal, to greatly improve the qualities of the material bodies and minds of future generations, as He knew this would help them achieve spiritual progress all the sooner, though this is a program that needs to be repeated at various times, and it is essential to understand that such a program must only be undertaken with such a valid spiritual intention in mind, or the results will not have so much real spiritual benefit.

      The cruelty of an ignorantly undertaken ‘eugenics’ program undertaken forcibly by the Tribe in Israel in 1950 can be seen in the following article, ‘100,000 radiations’ by the Israeli author Barry Chamish, in which 100,000 Sephardic mixed-race Jewish children, 8 or 9 years old were forcefully taken away from school by bus, without knowledge or consent of their parents, supposedly because they alone had ringworm fungus of the scalp, whilst curiously, no non-mixed-race Jewish children from the same classes were taken away at the same time, even though ringworm is actually a highly contagious infection, that, had it really been present at all in any of the children, would have surely infected the other children as well. The children were secretively taken to a place where they were subjected to doses of radiation many thousands of times the annual ‘safe’ limit, and 6,000 of them died within just a few months, with the rest being sterilized, getting cancer, brain damage, resulting sometimes in epilepsy, and terrible burns, with the ostensible excuse that it was to cure ringworm fungus of the scalp, which some state agents still dutifully misinform people was the standard treatment for ringworm fungus all over the world at that time (I suppose the Tribe maybe did just the same anyway in various countries back then where they controlled the medical establishments) but in reality, paraffin-based compounds rubbed into the scalp were the standerd and completely effective cure for ringworm fungus many years before X-Rays were used in that horrific manner, which was in truth intended only to stop mixed race Jewish children from being able to reproduce.

      Even after WWII, in the 1950’s and 1960’s mental patients, disabled and prisoners were still being forcibly sterilized in former Allied nations.

      See “Why Is The US Honoring A Racist rabbi” by Alison Weir, CounterPunch’ to see why the Tribe in Israel did that, as they do not consider mixed-race Jews real Jews, and the report by Barry Chamish is the actual evidence of that being really believed by the Tribe in Israel. Even black Ethiopian Jews in Israel have been sterilized by surreptitious means by Depo-Provera hidden in vaccines that they have been given In Israel.

      It is surely far better for every single soul in all races and peoples to be afforded the opportunity to incarnate in a very good body with good mental faculties, rather than in some body that is disabled or of very limited intelligence, as such is not only an unbearable and unnecessary burden to themselves, but also an unbearbae and unneccassry burden to all of society who has to care for them, and it is actually cruelty to force them to remain in such prisons, when they could quickly reincarnate in very healthy, handsome and intelligent bodies instead, with which they could fully participate in society and make all good spiritual progress when offered the means and opportunity by a truly spiritually-minded and responsible government.

      The Jewish religion itself actually believes in reincarnation for their own members only by the way, using a consciously-controlled method by which they always reincarnate again within Jewish bodies only, though they do not publicize that fact much, especially whilst they foist the cruel and very limited Christian and Islamic Abrahamic religions on billions of Gentiles that teach that Muslims and Christians can only incarnate once, before going to either heaven or the eternal fiery place.

      The body is not the life, the soul is the living, feeling entity, and the physical body itself is not the ‘holy’ living thing to be preserved at all costs no matter what its condition. Rather, the proper consideration is that no soul should be forced to remain imprisoned in great misery in a handicapped or badly diseased body, but that they should instead be given a much higher quality body along with everyone else, so that all can all enjoy life as best they can and fulfil all the obligations required of them by society in as comfortable a manner as possible, without undue difficulty, whilst learning whatever spiritual lessons they need to learn, as material life presents enough difficulties as it is without some false philosophy attempting to justify the false notion that some souls actually benefit from being made to keep inhabiting bodies that are diseased, or of very low and actually disabling intellect. No one benefits from such suffering, people experience quite enough of life’s tests even in a very healthy, intelligent and beautiful body, no extra misery is required, or of any benefit to the soul, such suffering is simply not needed at all, it is entirely purposeless. After all, we are all eternal beings, so we must all experience as high a quality of consciousness right now in this eternal moment, there is no need to prolong any unnecessary misery.

      There is one group of people who are especially interested in ensuring that no one ever tries to attain those things, for they believe all others are to be enslaved, like it says in the Torah, especially under the coming NWO one world government under worldwide Noahide Laws, as intended by the UN itself, this is not a racist statement by me, I merely state the truth about what is contained in the Torah, a fact that is verbally testified to by several rabbis on YouTube.

      What that one group requires is the genetic degradation of the genome of all other peoples so as to make them more sheeplike and unable to understand what is happening to them, to make them a weak and acquiescent people who could never ever understand that they are actually enslaved, or ever seek to become free. Such is being accomplished by a host of evil measures by the very people who would have us hate the very idea of eugenics as being inherently evil, while they themselves, in their own terrorist nation, make DNA checks mandatory to prevent anyone who is not ‘chosen’ from ever gaining citizenship or reproducing among them.

    • The cartel of secret lodges has apparently given up on reinstating its supreme grand secret which today can be medically exposed in one sentence: vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD. It certainly sounds like the cartel of secret lodges is attempting to replace that suppressed knowledge of our own human bodies with another fact of human biology that was their secondary secret until “The Secrets of the G.’.B.’.G.’.”vulgarly exposed it in 1969.
      The science of this truth was exposed in a science magazine a few years back by revealing that the direction of magnetic circuits of the iron in the cytochromes of the input and output doors of every cell, facing outward, are counterclockwise in males, and, clockwise in females. These facing each other go confluently, therefore attract.
      In the one substance, energy, motion can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind. Everything is pushing to confluency to undifferentiate, the cancellation of opposite polarities. Counterclockwise and clockwise are the real and only polarities.
      The repulsion of like polarities causes consciously visible perception by the irritation of the optic nerves. Those with enough Cro Magnon genetics see this repulsion as white light. as the saying goes, “Brighter than the sun”.
      Cultural propaganda, and other efforts, are being made to propagate and enforce homosexuality and transgender physiological transvestism. Cro Magnons find it unbearable and thereby get exposed for the eugenic campaign of genocide, at the very least by forced sterilization. Again, these secrets must be spread to reduce human suffering.
      After it was discovered that all Cro Magnon males had Double Y chromosomes attempts were made to erase the very mention of Cro Magnon people; but, it has turned out that Cro Magnons at most can be misrepresented.
      Back in the Twentieth Century it was known that there were first Neanderthals, who were animals who couldn’t speak. And, then there appeared Cro Magnon people who could read, write, and do arithmetic. The mysterious gap in between was called “the missing link”.
      Actually, that “missing link” was found to be the artificial synthesis of Neanderthal genetics into Cro Magnon genetics by what the Bible calls “the Sons of God married the daughters of men”. Titanium disks, electron spin dated to be 70,000 years old were found in the caverns under Mt. Negoi in Romania, proving extraterrestrial intervention.
      Due to the fact that Cro Magnons found refuge in the Carpathians from Homo Sapien efforts to exterminate all Cro Magnon people, over 75% of the Szekely males born there have been Double Y’s, Cro Magnons. Yet, there is an extensive program of genocide in the West to exterminate all Cro Magnons, and we have the lies about who Cro Magnons really were and are today.
      Yes. An anonymous Double Y, Cro Magnon male, was given a bag of preserved cherries from Red China. The preservative in the cherries obviously contained a chemical that blocks the enzymes that change uric acid into urea in Cro Magnon people, for, this anonymous Double Y woke up with uric acid kidney stones the next morning, after eating these cherries the night before. He had never had kidney stones before in his life, and, none of his family ever had kidney stones. The stones were so bad that the stress knocked out his immune system, and he got an extremely high fever with the resultant pneumonia. It is obvious that in Red China such Cro Magnon people are left to die, while this preservative is harmless to Homo Sapiens. Also, only Homo Sapiens can ingest caffeine safely. In all other creatures, including Cro Magnons, caffeine acts like strychnine. Red China is ruthless, canning the flesh of aborted fetuses for food, and stealing the organs of the “unapproved” for transplantation. But these kind of things can happen anywhere in the world. We just have blatant proof that it happens in Red China.

    • Wi fry in your home is 2.4 G Hz which is the frequency that fries the water modules in our bodies and (all living life.) We are 70% + water.

      The 5G is 60 G Hz, this frequency destroys the oxygen modules in our bodies.

      The FCC open this frequency without a license, when they charge radio stations, tv stations, ham radio operators license fees for using different frequencies, but not 2.4 G Hz and 60 G hz. which is the kill grid/kill humans.

      Without the sun which the evils are covering up is also a killer of the planet and all life. Are you pissed off yet?
      Do not forgive them, they know what they do.

    • Makes sense, given the perverted minds of Luciferian power wealth. Like Rothschild, Bush, Warburg, etc.,.

      5G may be activating the BioAPI, some mass- MK Ultra op, or other mind control program, or the Third Alternative.

      Read “The Protocols do the Elders of Zion”, and as no one is completely sure who wrote it, the opportunities for false flags and false false flags, with backstabbing and double dealing, permeate all power authorities.

      You can chose to ignore it, accept it, or rise up once more for freedom from oppression.

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