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You can see the telltale “mackeral” effect in the time-lapse footage of Hurricane Beryl, barreling across the Gulf of Mexico.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Sorry. HAARP affects the weather by exciting the ionosphere (700 to 1000 km above the surface.). Which heats it up, causing it to rise. Then, that creates a ‘low’ pressure area allowing the surrounding air mass to ‘fill it in’.
    Even if HAARP DID have an effect on this particular hurricane, no way you can see it on Accuweather.
    Weather radar does not reach the height of the ionosphere. It tops out at the stratosphere (12 to 50 km up.)
    What we see here is a rendering anomaly between the radar data and the image it has projected.

    • This technology has “evolved” way past HAARP! Open your mind, read some patents, do some research into DARPA or NOAA. You are dismissing the possibility of evidence even though the possibility of this weather modification has surpassed your ideology of it from HAARP, re; DAROA nano-tech smart dust, Mazers and a dozen other patents!

  • What do we do with this evidence? Politicians are $ychophant ignorants just like some of our neighbours to this system of control. Changing of a president here or there isn’t going to change that either! That is a space based weather modification system, probably on the backbone of the military contractor Elongated Muskrat’s “Star Link” and other military contractors we’re not allowed to know about. I have a GWEN & other towers killing off trees and wildlife nearby also controlling the weather locally thanks to Canaduh’s Weather Modification Information Act:
    We have the evidence yet we’re ignored and gaslight constantly. If it weren’t for government and corporate gaslighting we’d have no heat or light at all apparently.

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