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Does anybody else notice that James Comey seems to be ignorant of the law? I know this sounds bizarre, given that he was once the Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice, as well as Director of the FBI (!) What I’ve seen of the recent marathon interview Comey did with George Stephanopoulos strikes me very much the same way as did his July 2016 statements, absolving Hillary of guilt for her criminal mishandling of classified information.

Comey made the surreal claim that in order to prosecute Hillary for her illegal activities, she would have had to have exhibited criminal intent or what he called mens rea – but as anyone knows who has attempted to defend oneself in traffic court with the argument that they didn’t know that they were breaking the law, the judge is only too happy to inform you that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, ignorantia juris non excusat. Besides, Hillary obviously DID have mens rea, which is why she bypassed official digital systems in the first place. James Comey’s job was to make recommendations to Attorney General Loretta Lynch based on his investigation, it was not to absolve Hillary.

It strikes me that Comey has been an agent for powerful interests and has been insulated from legal consequences for so long that he has developed not just a great deal of personal hubris but a total disregard for the law, to the point where he no longer knows what it is. Comey’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder has been protected by the same mechanisms he’s used over the decades to protect the crimes of Northrup-Grumman, HBSC and Hillary Clinton. A psychological profile of Comey might be invaluable for revealing how political, legal and financial corruption are propagated by personalities like his across regulating systems.

James Comey might not know the law but he does know crime; how to defend it, how to profit from it and how to get away with it. That’s all he knows and it’s everything that he is about, as he tours the country hocking Federally-privileged information that he published illegally, as if it were Profiles in Courage.

Comey stuns and amazes with his complete lack of self-awareness, which is again, bizarre, given that he is promoting his memoirs. One might think this task would have required a great deal of self-reflection! Comey’s personality is so utterly disordered; he is so lost in his own Hall of Mirrors that he cannot see how everything he says aggravates everybody on every side of the political spectrum while it incriminates him – all while he advertises his own stellar “legacy” and the cockamamie idea that he is some kind of role model for “leadership” (!) The same could be said of Dick Cheney, George W Bush and a vast menagerie of other villains when they’ve had the temerity to stump for their own published memoirs.

David Hodges details how James Comey had no law enforcement experience prior to being appointed Director of the FBI (surprise!) and he details Comey’s shining career as a fixer for the criminally insane interests of bankers, defense contractors and war criminals, from Iran-Contra to the Steele Dossier.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I’m afraid, Alexandra, that you have the wrong man in your analysis. It’s Donald Trump who is the verifiable pathological narcissist. He’s the man with 2,000 documented lies in his first year in office. He’s the one dealing in “alternative facts.” Even some people who support part of his far right agenda admit he has severe psychological disorders.

    You’re leaving out one vital fact, it was James Comey who 11 days before the November, 2016 Presidential election announced that Hillary emails had been found on Anthony Weiner’s smartphone and a new investigation was being opened. She was leading in the polls then and immediately shot down 4 points. Her momentum was stopped and it couldn’t be gained back when Comey announced 4 days later that the emails were duplicates of what they already had gone through. Comey should have kept his mouth shut about any investigations, especially that close to an election.

    If Comey was so pro-Hillary, why did he sabotage her just before the election?

    Comey may not be perfect, but his criticisms of Trump are valid. I’ll take Comey’s word over Don-the-Con any day.

    • This article and this video are not about Trump, so I’m not “wrong in my analysis.”

      I can’t understand why you’re not jumping for joy that Hillary didn’t win.

  • George Webb connected a ton of Comey/fbi/hillybilly dots which should put them and many many many more ‘officials’ in prison for life.

  • Two different worlds, we live in two different worlds, When will they learn that a heart doesn’t draw the line, nothing matters if I am yours and you are mine…. Sorry Comey, we aint yours!

    This is the pay off for Hegelian relativism which depends upon what the meaning of the word “is”, is! Righto Billy Bob! Creative law, creative reality. What’s true for you may not be true for me and all that rot.

    Book em Dano!

    PS Magnificent write up by the way.

  • Also, Jim y Wales’ Wikipedia is only 70% accurate at best. They have a disinfo agenda, so you need multiple references. The HSBC guy is good hearsay, and could be sour grapes. But I look at Comey, and see what an empty suit he is. All lawyers are criminals…

    • Wikipedia is a user-generated website with tens of thousands of pages that can be edited by anyone. The idea behind its creation was to democratize information and I think it succeeds overall. For non-contentious subjects, Wikipedia is generally excellent. The hyperlink I made to Wikipedia refers to the concept of Ignorantia juris non excusat, which is the principle in jurisprudence that one is bound by a law even if one does not know of it. This is not a contentious point. This is a concept that goes back to Roman Law and the information on that page is satisfactory, even if there are flags on the page indicating that whoever created that article did not follow Wikipedia’s guidelines for including sufficient inline citations, which indicates the programs the site has in place to foster academic rigor.

  • Coney and Mueller we’re both complicit in the 9/11 treason. These compromised cabalists are both prolly POS.

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