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By 2012, the 21st century had seen over 70 million people displaced and dispossessed either by war, economics or natural disasters, stoking the current booms in human trafficking and illegal organ harvesting. Over the past 6 years, it’s thought that 18,000 refugees have been murdered for their stolen organs to be sold in the lucrative international black markets.

The illicit organ trade is on the rise, generating profits estimated to be between $600 million and $1.2 billion per year, with the livers, kidneys and hearts of children and teenagers being the most prized. In the year 2011 alone, 90,000 people in the US were reported to be waiting for a new organ. One might see how the demand for human organs in rich countries would converge with the handy supply obtained by butchering Syrian refugees fleeing US-backed anti-Assad rebels.

Sean from the SGT Report directs our attention to a recent Q post that refers to the infamous videos seized by the NYPD from Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the release of which have been highly-anticipated since the fall of 2016 and to which I’ve referred more than once. Journalist Liz Crokin and others have reported that at least one of the videos is so Sadistic that it caused hardened NYPD officers to cry. According to Crokin’s sources, NYPD is in possession of these files, as is the FBI and WikiLeaks.

A year ago last March, Victurus Libertas reported that these contents would soon be leaked by impatient NYPD detectives but nothing ever emerged until possibly now. Rumor has it that the particularly horrifying video mentioned above featuring Hillary, Huma Abedin and an underage girl being savagely tortured in a Satanic sacrifice was released on the dark web over this past weekend. Please be advised that if you stumble on this file, do not open it on any computer you intend to keep, as this will make you guilty of possessing child p0rnography.

Sean then runs a video of something horrible being done to a child for which he apologizes and which I refuse to watch. It starts at 9:30 and I suggest you stop playing the video at that point, too.

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  • I am 6 ft 230 pound black man who grew up on the mean streets and I could not watch the end of this video.Thank you for having the balls to cover this – what I think is the root of the worlds problems.

  • Couldn’t get my self to watch it. Call me what you want, I can’t get myself to watch children being cut up for their body parts. Enough said, I made it about two min in and no more.

    • James,

      I comprehend that the pain caused by cutting does remember in some way of your own pains. When I see this childrens pain, I feel hate. I hate cutting the soul, where the soul became tron apart. Now I can use this hate as a kind of love, in order to transform my inner pain, destroying the pain.
      For this to happen there is a need for an inner void/space/vacuum where now the soul can heal itself and grow again.

      There is a religious story, where asked for victomise a son. It is said that at the moment the father was ready to do this, a godly voice said. Stop, there is no need to do so.
      Even this religious vision is barbarien.
      Why must someone be ready to kill someone?
      What kind of god is this?

  • There is one chritian commandment: the children should respect their parents. In this case the parents can dominate what with children happens. Here any kind of religous evil appears.

    By the way: respect does not mean love.

  • I watched this last night and was going to copy it to Alexandra but she beat me to it.
    Is there no depth to the level of evil people would sink to for financial gain? I just hope the Karma we all trust in brings the big wheel round on the people who carry out such evil, evil actions on the innocent and needy. Organ harvesting was proved to be used to raise money for arms during the post Yugoslavian conflicts so I would not be one bit suprised if it is happening in other theatres of contrived war. Wether this video is proof or contains hard evidence is irrelivant to the warning we should all take from its airing. Be vigilant.

  • as i already feel this world has been wrecked by evil, i didn’t feel there was any point in shying away from one more example of it. especially if it was a clue to the true nature of the evil we are dealing with, and therefore possibly helpful in getting rid of it. even if the example was a particularly horrific one. so i watched. there is nothing. except an anyway upsetting bit of footage of a little girl clearly distraught about something and being laid on a table. i’ve already said i agree this world is wrecked by evil. and i believe it does run deep and does involve some of the people who ought to be helping protect us from evil. however this particular video does not contain the information you claim. i would also remind you how ‘Q’ is suspected of being yet one more dismal truth denying psy op. you posted a piece about that recently. if you want to provide evidence of the truth of what we’re dealing with, you need to be more careful with that evidence

    • I watched the video up to the 9:30 mark. In other words, I did not watch the last minute or so because I got squeamish listening to the screams of the child. Based on the descriptions of the Hillary tape and on all of the data Sean was sharing and upon which I elaborated after researching organ trade facts on numerous websites, I determined that I did not want to watch anything even like that. The final minute of this presentation was never be construed to be “evidence” of anything. Having not viewed it and having told the reader that I hadn’t, how could I make any claim about it? I did not.

      As for Q, you may have noticed that I do not push videos about “Q research”, despite it being very popular in the space. I agree with that it’s a psyop while other people I respect believe it’s valid. The Q stuff is popular because it contains elements of a deeper truth. This is the hallmark of all good disinformation and propaganda. Lies have to be couched in truth in order to be effective. To whatever degree that I “support” the Q stuff, it relates to those elements of truth.

      • It looks like someone doing “surgery” on small body. Then the crying little girl Child is place on table on her back, still crying, then they lift her and place a shallow pan under her back….then it shows off to the side 2 black body bags with feet sticking out. What it is suggesting is horrible. God help Trump drain the swamp. It won’t be easy. They are attacking him at every angle. Maybe he got tricked into bombing. Who knows. We have to pray that he does what is right. I support him in bringing this to light. A few years ago I read…..The Sword of the Prophet….suggests TURKEY will be very involved in end times.

      • Alexandra, you both made a claim- “Sean then runs a video of something horrible being done to a child for which he apologizes…”, and went straight on to admit you hadn’t watched it! so how indeed could you know that Sean doesn’t run a video of that? all it shows is that the little girl is upset and that something is being done. it isn’t at all clear whether it’s persuading her to have some unwelcome but necessary treatment, like a scan, or if it is something truly evil and horrific. we would need several unrelated but reliable medical people to be able to look at that footage in close up and to agree what that tray-like object is, and therefore which procedure it would have been used for. has anyone done that yet? i promise you i am not trying to be pedantic. i agree with you this stuff does potentially matter. an awful lot. that’s why you have to watch everything you post about this, before you post it. none of us can afford for you to post stuff about it that isn’t what is claimed. if you keep doing that, you will (perhaps unintentionally help) undermine credibility and interest about one of the things which could most easily make people realise just how evil and just how insidious some of those trusted with power may have become. it’s because nearly all the stuff you post is so potentially important that, despite queries like this, i can’t help keeping an eye on it. so thank you. whatever it is, it is very interesting

        • I agree Matt. With all this Anon and Q theater, the entire truth narrative has become so mainstream and therefore so obstructed, there remains only a handful of reliable sources for information. It’s just like the young stages of the 9/11 truth movement. I can count the sources I HOPE I can engage on one hand. Right now, Alexandra is one.

          The video is sensational and suggestive and the bulk of “shocking proof” out there is exactly the same. Granted, that’s it’s purpose because in a fair and just world, that should be enough given all the other truths and research we know about this situation. But in THIS reality, it is not and never will be. With the technical ability to create video footage I’d be dubious of that, too. I’m not sure what kind of proof we’ll ever see–there is just too much leverage involved and too many “bad guy” sides of these games. If I’m going to be a pawn, I’m not going to be one willingly.

          The story here is that there is a video people are claiming that has been leaked to the dark web. Anyone who’s been following the CURRENT pedo crimes story (because there are decades and decades of pedo crime stories that span the globe) since before summer 2016 knows that 4chan and 8chan and the dark web were DS creations and there ain’t nothin on any of those mediums that they don’t know about or control.

          So again, the story is that this is the story. So our job is to figure out what this story really means and is intended to represent or produce or provide.

        • I have the original video…..This stuff is real people….
          These horrible people who got a hold of your country….and the world..
          Trump knows about this and is doing everything he can to stop it…but he keeps getting sued in every court in the land…
          A couple of hundred thousand are involved in this cult of death that are powerful people making money off of this….They don’t care, they see themselves as taking care of the low life’s…….
          I found other video’s but didn’t copy them that were sicker than this one…
          I used to work for CBS Fox in their Video Division where we made movies…I had to watch movies for a living to look for flaws in the video’s, or mistakes, or cutting away not soon enough… So I had to watch video’s frame by frame to find the flaws…
          When I come upon a video like this, I usually take it apart and look for the flaws…
          There are no flaws this is real..This is not fake….There are a lot of fake video’s out there…but this is not one of them…
          What you may not know is they are doing the same thing here in the USA in all your major hospitals….And they are getting away with it…..
          When people get their loved ones back, body organs are missing ….I am currently in 3 FB groups who deal with this…All of our relatives have had their organs stolen…No one will do anything about it…
          First comes the paralyzing Morphine, and the family told they are dead…but not really….They lie, and when you get the body back, the organs are missing!
          My Fathers heart, kidneys and liver were missing….when we got the body back, there was a 7 inch incision in his groin where they jerked them out while he was alive…..You should see the condition of his body when we got it back, didn’t even look like the same person who walked in 3 days earlier….. But they are all smiling at the hospital……I actually think there is a bounty of Organs and doctors are all too willing to comply…..
          They did it to my Sister too…But we never got her body back and no one has a clue what happened to it….and that was in 2012…..The cops don’t care, the prosecutors don’t care…..No one cares….
          That is the Communist Business Plan that the Clinton, and the Bush’s and Obama made millions if not billions off of….

    • I have to agree with matt regarding the video.

      From what the woman at the beginning of the video is wearing, I would guess that this is in Syria or Iraq. It looks to me like a it could well be a makeshift hospital in use after a town has been “liberated”. We have no idea when it was shot.

      At various points I stopped the video and looked closely and what was there.

      At one point there is a bag with feet sticking out, presumably containing a dead child. Do not forget that there were plenty of dead children after the “liberation” of Mosul.

      At another point there is a man with his sleeves rolled up manipulating something. The picture is so fuzzy that it is impossible to see what he is doing.

      Finally the girl has this tray placed underneath her. Right next to the table is some kind of strong mobile stand, with whatever is on it out of sight above the camera. It could be a mobile X-ray device similar to the one used by my dentist, in which case the tray could be an X-ray plate.

      The little girl is clearly distressed, but no more than if she had lost her mother in a crowded supermarket.

      Without a context it is almost impossible to say what this video shows. It can not be regarded as evidence of anything. There is a need for much stronger evidence than this, however horrific it may be.

      As for “Q”, I have been following this for a little while and have come to the conclusion that Q is genuine and is close to POTUS. This does not necessarily mean that they are the good guys. In fact it seems to me that what we are watching is a turf war between, on one side, the NSA and the Pentagon, and, on the other side, the CIA, DOJ, FBI etc. It looks like a military coup against the civilians.

      The Q team may well be going after the pedophiles and they may well be rooting out corruption. It is just that pedophilia (which includes some really evil stuff) and corruption are rife among the people that they want to oust. This crusade may only continue for as long as it suits their purpose. You can see the grey hats, one after another, being welcomed aboard once they have accepted an offer they can’t refuse.

      It doesn’t look like the Q team are going after peace. Trump almost had an orgasm in his speech after the missile attack on Syria. Q in his cryptic way seemed to be saying the same thing, even to the extent of saying that Trump never lies. The only peace that they want is the one where Russia and the other “bad guys” are totally subdued. It is much the same here in the UK, where our government is equally insane. Even the better Q analysts on YouTube are coming out with the same rubbish.

      It seems to me that we will see some really evil people sorted out, but don’t expect miracles.

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