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From what I’ve seen over several months, YouTuber, Victurus Libertas (VL) posts good information.

VL is now claiming that he’s received information from “A very reliable source” about the NYPD. The New York Police Department are said to have cloned a copy of Anthony Weiner’s computer, prior to handing it over the the FBI last fall.

VL continues, “NYPD detectives, along with select FBI agents who are sick of the stonewalling of [FBI Director] Comey and the brass at FBI and CIA have started leaking information on their investigation into Anthony Weiner’s laptop…

“Among other things, we have learned from our insider that the Clintons and other politicians were engaged in money-laundering, child exploitation, sex crimes with minors, perjury, pay-to-play through the Clinton Foundation, obstruction of justice and other felony crimes.”

Now many of us (myself, included) with access to people who have inside knowledge of this situation have been hearing this story about the “fed-up” NYPD for months and nothing has happened.

This video contains an alleged prurient leak of a lewd and disgusting Twitter Direct Message that Weiner made to a 14 year old girl. In all likelihood, this deranged tweet will never be confirmed on any MSM outlet, if for no other reason than that it is too sick for family television.

VL continues, “Weiner has also contacted young boys and also still keeps in close contact with Chuck Schumer. A file marked ‘Life Insurance’, which we’ve talked about here may be leaked by the NYPD detectives because they are done sitting around while the politicians rape children and lie to the public.


“‘Nobody is above the law,’ said one source. ‘The file has enough names to leave DC a ghost town or a Supermax prison,’ according to one detective. ‘You literally have a third of the politicians dirty or worse,’ said one detective.

“Our source is a reporter in New York City and from what we know so far, four detectives have begun leaking the information and there will be clear connections made between Schumer, Weiner, Epstein, Dershowitz, Williams and Hillary Clinton and more.

“The NYPD has had it with Comey and his brass. Expect a flood of leaks immediately…our source said it’s already begun.

“After Comey went up to Congress and the hearing in Congress a couple of days ago…people are just outraged at Comey right now. From what I understand, NYPD was promised that this stuff was going to get leaked by the FBI. You cannot trust Comey. Everybody sees that right now. The white hats at the NYPD and at the FBI, they’ve had it. They’ve had it, Folks…

“The FBI cannot trust Comey anymore…he’s not going to do the right thing. He’s protecting the Clintons.”


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Great comments, and all so true! All the info we see is controlled, so we will all be very lucky if we see anything beyond a first or maybe second leaked video. . I have seen videos and read about possible arrests like this since the 80s. I don’t know how all this information is ever going to find itself to the light, but I truly hope that someday it can be possible. Child predators like these are like rabbits, and they go up so high and in so many places in world governments, that seeing arrests happen will truly be a miracle at this point. And I am not speaking negatively when I say this, but rather realistically. I think the best chance we have is seeing them all just dieing out and fading away, just like the dinosaurs at this point. They are way too powerful and they have no conscience so in their eyes it’s a why change now? Kind of situation…

  • I am outraged that over 6 weeks later – NOTHING has come out or been done. No BIG leaks – no arrests –
    Come goes on and trashes Trump and nothing is resolved.
    Will evil win?

  • I think that any decent human being, regardless of their political beliefs, would be happy to see this happen. But are you truly aware of the Evil that exists in organizations like the CIA FBI, various police agencies of city local and federal jurisdictions, military intelligence and others who murdered JFK and covered it up? And the powers that be kept them quiet by killing their own agents who they were afraid might speak out. So don’t expect any good people to suddenly come out and do the right thing, there aren’t any.

  • The problem with this is: the mainstream are also protecting the Clintons, so regardless of the accusations, it will remain business as usual.

  • Certainly ready for any release that occurs. However, this is only a ‘possibility’ of that release. So, nothing here. The Weiner information, which we have been told many times now will shut DC down, has to happen before the willfully ignorant populace will awaken to anything. Nothing less will work. It’s this and/or a financial collapse that will make them lift their heads out of the cloud and ask what is going on?

    God bless those who have access to the information and are finally growing the balls to release it.

    • I agree with all that you said. On a lighter note in response to your ‘growing balls’ comment, the actress and comedian Betty White once said: “People say grow a pair of balls. Why? They’re sensitive and weak. I say grow a Vagina, that thing really can take a pounding” lol true story

    • The alleged direct quotes are not totally “nothing” but yes, “Where’s the beef?” Anything to encourage the realization of that emerging, I will do.

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