If it seems like Evil is pervading the world, with “Endless Wars” of aggression, GMOs, pedophile slavery rings, fluoridated water, mandated vaccines, chemtrails and False Flags, it is all connected and part of a Satanic religion practiced by the elite, according to Ron Johnson, publisher of STFNews (for Stranger than Fiction). He says that the suspicions of “conspiracy theorists”, like him have now been validated by the revelations of WikiLeaks, etc.

Ron Johnson joins Sean of the SGTReport to elaborate.

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  • I think we should be worried about the military industrial complex…we have invaded 7 countries…Iran is next…if one watches TV and is unable to think for themselves…your choice…religion is not an answer…it too is controlled…what if there are no answers…what if we are just suppose to sit back and observe…do not participate…. do not judge….humans are suppose to hone oneself in the flames of Earth….

  • Is ISIS the answer for all of us to have these Evil Psychopaths, Paedophiles, Megalomaniacs and NWO Scum removed from the world, as is will not happen through the Ballot Box, Legal Profession or our Corrupt Courts and Judicial System.

  • I prefer to view this sickness as one of basic humanity rather than some manifestation of the fears of Christians…Christians are far too presuming in their leanings to being persecuted and act like they are the only ones affected, they and their hallowed patriots…meh, we’re all in this together folks, and humans from all walks see the same goin’s on.
    How ’bout a call for unity rather than a continued us n them frame which IS antithetical to The Master if ya check it.

  • So… What’s the solution?.. Talking is not saving the children… The public is aware of it, but the authorities aren’t doing their jobs… Get rid of them… The longer you wait?.. The harder it’ll be to prosecute..

    • Come on, you can do better than that. Don’t do that. You just make yourself look dumb. Decide to stop looking for ways to make yourself look smart by pointing out someone else’s error. Show some respect and your words of wisdom might be received with respect.


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