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The footage of Syrian children being hosed down with water in a hospital after an alleged chemical attack has run in thousands of loops all over Western Mainstream Media. On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister and Permanent UN Ambassador claimed that these scenes were staged by British Intelligence with the White Helmets.

He referred to a video testimony of two medics from Central Hospital in Douma who say they were treating victims of smoke inhalation from a bombing when unknown people with cameras ran into the hospital, yelling about a chemical attack, which caused a panic and for people to start pouring water all over their kids. They say that no patients showed any signs of chemical exposure but they were too consumed with their tasks at hand to pay attention to those filming them.

After nearly twenty years of America’s unrelenting illegal wars in the Middle East, can we be blamed for doubting allegations of Assad’s use of chemical weapons?

The White House is rebuking non-believers of the Douma chemical attack. We are to believe that Western powers are responding in Syria to a “Red Line” that has been crossed due to Bashar al Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons. This, after he’d already won the civil war and supporting troops were in retreat. This, after these same powers have been spending the better part of the past two decades killing over one million Iraqis, an untold amount of Afghans, destroying Libya (at that time the most prosperous country on the African Continent) and causing the humanitarian crisis in Yemen – and bombing the Hell out of Syria for the past 7 years.

Jake Morphonios asks, “If we are to believe that Bashar al Assad is gassing his people, that this was a chemical weapons attack, that is the justification to go in and bomb Syria and risk World War III with Russia, folks; if Donald Trump goes forward with this, without really putting out to the public irrefutable proof and after that, going first to the US Congress to get a Constitutional Declaration of War, if Donald Trump does not do those things, I think that Donald Trump should be impeached because he is putting the lives of every single one of us at risk…

“If he puts my life and the lives of my wife, my children, my country, the people of the Earth at risk by going head-to-head with a nuclear power like Russia…this could spiral out of control and cause incredible suffering and it is not based, at this point on what I believe to be factual evidence; I believe that this is a false flag that has been contrived to justify taking out Assad and expanding war in the Middle East and going after Iran.”

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  • Not really. The Iran-Britain Chamber of Commerce is not headed by the Supreme Leader”s father-in-law. But you are right that Peter Ford has never uttered a word of criticism about Bashar al-Assad while he has painted Assad”s opponents as “jihadist. dota 2 practice cheats

  • Well, this shows that the leaderships of the USA, Britain, and France are totally incompetent and danger to all peoples on this earth.

    This incidence raises a more fundamental question: How can people in the west, who are supposed to be intelligent and educated, buy all this crap? I think there is a very simple answer to that question:

    People DO see through the lies, they KNOW the truth. But they also know that this truth will totally crush all the illusions they have of the society, and the world, in which they live. And they couldn’t handle their imagined ‘world’ be torned to pieces, because it would trigger their existential anxiety. And anxiety is the most terrible state to be in.

    THAT is why people believe even the most horrid and easy-to-see-through lies – as the lie that the triumphant al-Assad would risk the whole victory, his own country, and even his own life, by poisoning innocent civilians. People are so desperate to maintain their illusions, that they buy ANYTHING that supports them – even at the cost of killing every living thing on earth, including their own and their closest kins.

    And that is the answer, to why we can’t get through to people, no matter how much evidence we put before them. Deprived of their illusions they would sink into an extremely deep depression and even become suididal. Therefore they fight back at you, and call you names – to them they feel like they are fighting for their lives.

    When they are just fighting to maintain the hegemony of ruling cabal!

  • The guy did say that the little girl asthma got worse from poisonous gas. So I’m confused. Isn’t that chemical, or is that from the building getting bombed. And who bombed the structure.

    • Tonya, I noticed the same thing He claimed more than once there was no evidence of chemical attack “Not a single patient with chemical poisoning”. etc etc.

      “with the poisonous gas she now has tracheal asthma”
      Since the video was translated into footnotes, I attribute the difference to a matter of interpretation. Smoke inhalation from a bombing could easily be interpreted as a “poisonous gas”. It probably would have been more accurate in english to say “with the toxic smoke she now has tracheal asthma”

  • More diversions from the real problems we have to take care of. Like the SES, the deep state, pedophiles, bankers etc. They don’t care if we have a nuclear war, they have D.U.M.B.s to hide in. That the tax payer has paid for. And most people still watch “TV” to get their programing, to tell them who to hate, what to buy. WAKE UP PEOPLE, your lives are at stake here. It also appears that Trump has fallen all the way into the swamp from witch he came . War is a great diversion isn’t it.

    • It is the common random affair by all observers, observing any kind of splitting, separation by a war against each other.

  • of course its staged, or fake, these turds need some new game, this one no longer
    is working. the lab rats have FINALLY caught on. what a fking joke these asshats
    if these oligarchs stopped doing these fake murder events they could still shake
    us down and tighten the squeeze on us, but like the cops and their thuggery, too
    many cameras and I-phones, witness’s, testimoney, eyes in the sky, there spying
    and 4th amendment violations have had unintended consequences. WIDE AWAKE
    stay locked and loaded, never call the police if you want to stay alive

    • you and I know this but the sleepwalkers who continue to watch the corporate media, can’t get enough lies, BS, and garbage that emanates from the idiot box….

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