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Listening to Virginia Senator Dick Black talk realpolitik with zero BS gives me hope for the world! I didn’t know there was a serving Senator who speaks freely, like this! The 31-year military veteran who has spent a lot of time in Syria talks about the rogue CIA, Hillary’s murder of Libyan Ambassador Stevens, Barack Obama’s arming of ISIS and so much more with the weary yet sober demeanor of a wizened insider.
Some among my readers still believe parts of the Mainstream Media (CIA) false narrative and wrote nasty things in response to my newsletter yesterday with the video by Jake Morphonios. This interview with Senator Dick Black from Virginia goes way further, substantiating Morphonios’ allegations and exposing so much more skullduggery in Syria, Libya and beyond.
After the previous false flag bombing in Syria early this past February, Senator Dick Black joined The Truth Viral’s Bobby Powell for a conversation.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • My deepest admiration for Senator Richard black for speaking out and confirming everything I held as truth .Hopefully you are well protected for doing this for the good of the world.

  • So much for Trump being against the “Deep State.” It’s just been announced on many news outlets that he has authorized air attacks in Syria, with the French and British joining in. Looks like the influence of super warhawk John Bolton in the Cabinet overturned that of a more cool headed Mattis. There’s going to be consequences and they won’t be good.

    As for Hillary Clinton ordering the murder of Ambassador Stevens, that’s news to the 9 Benghazi Committees that investigated those events over the years. None of them found evidence to blame Clinton.

    The latest Committee, headed by Trey Gowdy, a professional Clinton hater, and with numerous far right “Freedom Caucus” members on it, all of whom also hate Clinton, could find no evidence of wrong doing by Clinton in the Benghazi tragedy. Clinton herself was grilled by the committee packed with anti-Clinton people and they came up with nothing.

    If Sen. Black has all this evidence of her ordering Amb. Stevens death, then he should have brought it to the attention of the committee. Why didn’t he? Gowdy and company practically moved heaven and earth to convict her of something.

    Sen Black does make some good points here and there, though,

  • Great interview…Bob Powell though? Being obsessed with hanging Soros, Clinton, dims in general and buying the sainthood of donnie tinyhands is way short sighted in the big picture scheme he is attempting to defrock.

  • I must be dreaming! Awesome interview. This is a very serious, credible and brave man. Watch for the attacks on him to come. My best hopes and wishes for him because he will need all the support he can get. Thanks for sharing this one Alexandra!

  • Being an ex Electronic – & Psychological Warfare Specialist, this indeed seems to have tthe fingerprints of a “false flag” operation. I concur with the findings in this report !!

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  • Wow, a frank and unguarded discussion, the last 10 mins especially. So just to get this clear in my head..war is really about preventing the proliferation of alternatives? It’s a constant nipping in the bud of anything that might derail the globalist plan. Financing anyone that can help get the job done no matter how odious. Directing things from the safety of a respectable office in Washington, London, Brussels etc. Alongside this, a constant managing of perceptions to prevent public protest (because there’s too many of us to manage). It’s not difficult to understand when you’re told the truth…speaking out like this must be very dangerous, brave man.

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