On January 25, 2013, CyberwarNews published the story of a Malaysian hacker called JAsIrX who posted hacked emails to various file sharing websites from the UK-based private military contracting company, Britam Defence. A note included from the hacker said the company had “…killed Arabs in Iraq and [planned] to invade in Iran and Syria.”

The Wikispooks website (which like Wikipedia, can be edited by anybody) claims that the authenticity of the emails is in question, due to anomalies in the sent dates which suggest that the email headers had been tampered.

The Daily Mail published this story online at the time but Morphonios says the intelligence community got them to take it down. It is archived here.

The Daily Mail additionally claimed that the Obama White House approved backing Syrian rebels to carry out a false flag chemical weapons attack on civilians to be used as a justification for US military action against the Syrian government. The emails outlined an exact playbook for what we’re witnessing now.

In the hacked emails, senior executives at Britam discussed a contract offered to them by Qatari intelligence, who would pay them an “enormous” sum to coordinate anti-Assad rebels to carry out a chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians. Qatar also wanted Britam to deploy their Ukrainian personnel to impersonate Russians and have them video the victims. The attacks would then be blamed on the Assad government and be used to create a pretext for the Western military intervention against the Syrian regime that we’re seeing now.

Morphonios says that starting 2011, Qatari intelligence has been working very closely with the CIA and the Mossad to stoke civil unrest in Syria by arming and coordinating vicious mercenary groups affiliated with al-Qaeda. He’s previously reported that Russia bombed a bunker outside of Aleppo that killed dozens of intelligence operatives from the CIA, Mossad, Saudi and Qatari intelligence.

The war in Syria is not about Assad, at all. It’s about a US- and Saudi-backed plan to build a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe that goes through Syria and Turkey. This would compete with Russia’s near-monopoly on gas exports to Europe. Russia’s economy hinges on these sales, so they back the construction of a relatively short road from Iran to Syria that goes through northern Iraq, which is the plan Assad supports.

Morphonios reminds us that in 2013, leaked emails from Hillary Clinton and John Podesta show how the Clinton Foundation was paid millions of dollars by Saudi Arabia and Qatar in exchange for political influence from the then-Secretary of State. Mercenary terrorists in Syria were armed with weapons transferred from Benghazi in Libya through Turkey under Clinton’s supervision.

Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were similarly destabilized and Western puppet regimes installed. What all of these countries have in common is that prior to 9/11, none had Rothschild-owned central banks. Now they all do. Syria and Yemen are currently being ground down by these same interests. The only three countries that will remain without Rothschild-owned central banks are North Korea, which is apparently being delivered peacefully by Trump as we speak and recalcitrant Iran and Russia, who will never surrender to the Globalists.

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  • Keep it up. We know that Saddam Hussain was murdered by the Americans. Also, we know that Ghaddafi was murdered by the Americans. And now, Assad will soon be murdered by the Americans…. Unless they are stopped.

  • Yes, it’s all about the pipeline, and installing the BIG bank. And people, will be killed to make a profit. That is what all wars between countries is about. Excuse my simple way of looking at it, but that is what I have seen my whole life. And the so called “winners” write the history, to say how they are doing good things. See past the vale of propaganda. Wake up.

  • Well, we now see, what Trump meant, when he said he was going to “make America great again”. I suspected it then and now he is again proving me right.

    What he meant, was: “I’m going to make the AngloAmerican Empire great again”. And now he’s doing it. Just like every other president have done since 1776. Bomb, kill, invade, steal.

    And the US’ citizens like this, at least 53% of them (84% of the republicans), according to the bar-chart, that Paul Joseph Watson presented. Just as they liked that millions of bisons were killed, in order to starve the prairie indians to submission or death. Or when the USA killed a million iraqies, including hundreds of thousands of children, on its self-made lie of Saddam having “weapons of mass destruction”.

    Only one conclusion can be drawn from this: With just any excuse – be it true or false is irrevelant (and if there isn’t any excuse they invent one)- americans love to kill humans and they have always loved doing that. When shown a picture of two gassed children – which the US’ own mercenaries killed – they can’t wait to kill thousands or millions more.

    The USA HAS weapons of massdestruction, as was shown in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What punishment would be accurate for that country? Hmmm…

    • As the article states, the rogue CIA and the other minions of the Big Oil-Central Bank-Globalist agenda, like Hillary, the Bushes, McCain, all the Neocons etc. (aka “The Deep State”) who want the Qatari gas pipeline to cut off Russia from its most important source of revenue. This is the Mafia that created the Petrodollar and has been driving US foreign policy since at least the Korean War. Many Americans are finally waking up to this.

      Trump is ideologically against them and has reportedly refused to receive CIA daily briefings. He’s either been fooled by the false flag gas attack or is attempting to keep the CIA/Neocons off guard. He now seems to be walking back an intervention in Syria since I wrote this article, as seen here: https://theduran.com/trump-draws-back-on-criticism-of-russia/ and here: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump.

      • One question on the Duran article. When was the last time a Russian diplomat of any level “made a foolish comment’ of such import?

        I’d speculate off hand…never.

        The USS Donald Cook, in the Black Sea, was rendered dead in the water, fully blacked out, for over it’s self-proclaimed 25 passes of a Russian Su-fighter…The cook is now stationed off Syria.

        Duran’s fulcrum for dismissal of Russian capabilities is questionable, at least.

        Outside of the staged Morphonios black and white garb backed by the American flag view, his take on staged event by White Hell-mutts makes sense to me. We are truly at the core of and in the throes of serious evil here in America.

        • This is Trump either revealing his ignorance or him playing to the ignorance of his base. Yes, I’ve heard that the entire Aegis class of Navy ships was rendered useless by a new Russian jamming technology and last month, they announced their new hypersonic missiles that can fly Mach 10 over the Pole and outmaneuver any missile defense system. With one tenth of the US’ military budget, the Russians claim to have beat us, technologically. If true, it really reveals the shocking amount of graft and waste in the Pentagon’s spending.

      • Alexandra, I’m surprised you’re still fooled by Trump. He’s not against “Big Oil,” he just wants the profits to flow to his “big oil” oligarch buddies. While China, Germany, etc. go full steam ahead with alternate energies, Trump has done what he can to pull back on them in this country.

        I’ve noticed that in a recent blog, Dr. Joseph Farrell has changed his mind about Trump, and includes his friend Catherine Austin Fitts, and warns about Trump’s creeping “corporate fascism” that’s occurring.

        • I never said Trump was against “Big Oil”! Of course he’s not! He’s opening more drilling on US soil as we speak. I don’t agree with this but the US dollar backed by petroleum, in case you hadn’t noticed. The impending Global Currency Reset is complicated business. He is against the rogue CIA running amok in Syria, who are killing innocents and destroying real estate. Note that I said that it appears that Trump is delivering North Korea to the Central Bankers. He won’t bite the hand that fed him. He’s not an entirely savory character, to put it mildly but what kind of creature would you expect to inhabit the White House? He tweeted today that all of this Russophobia was bad for business and such a waste and I agree. What is so horrible in allowing Russia, a country of 143M people to prosper? It’s more people with whom to do business.

          • You said above in a comment that the “rogue CIA,” Hillary, the Bushes, et. al. were behind “Big Oil”/Central Bank/Globalist agenda and implied that Trump was fighting all this. Nonsense. Trump harbors a deep grudge against Hillary, Obama and the Bushes personally, true, but he is for the “Globalist Agenda” as long as he can be one of the top dogs running the show.

            Actually, the so-called “Globalist Agenda” is already here. Every major country is already intertwined in a complex manner, whether we like it or not. It’s a matter of whether the agenda will be more authoritarian or more democratic. In my view, Trump is obviously leading us down a authoritarian and corporate controlled path.

            I think it was China, behind the scenes, that got North Korea to the bargaining table, not so much Trump. After all, they don’t want a war on their doorstep with hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into their country, plus other problems.

            I agree, the Global Currency Reset and Global Currency in general is very complicated financial business and I don’t pretend to understand it all. So, I’ll resist commenting on it.

            The Mideast is very complex and all sides and everyone’s hands have blood on them over there.

            I also agree with you about better relations with Russia. There has been too much finger pointing without a proper and thorough investigation. Trump shoots from the hip a lot without thinking through the consequences, but I’ve read it’s been the Generals, like Mattis, that have stepped in and talked Trump to step back from an immediate military response in Syria. They’re the cool heads here, taking into account all the complexities of the situation over there, certainly not hot-head Trump.

          • If it were pro-business to be anti-petroleum, Trump would be anti-petroleum but our civilization still runs on petroleum and gas.


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