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    Hasn’t it felt nice for the past several months to not have to talk about the latest war garbage? I was starting to take it for granted.

    This new Syria crisis, which has a distinctly manufactured feel about it is definitely not what Trump’s base wants but Paul Joseph Watson says that it’s exactly what the Uniparty/RINOs/Neo-Con/-Libs love. The last time Trump bombed Syria, one year ago, it boosted Trump’s approval ratings and had the evil MSM singing his praises. Watson asks, “Is Trump deliberately embroiling us in another war as a stunt to help the Republicans in the Mid-Term Elections?”

    It’s pretty hilarious to see lots of Australians, Canadians and Brits podcasting and blogging about US politics, often with more savvy than most DC insiders. As I’ve mentioned before, Watson reached out to me as a teen-aged journalist to weigh in on something for an article over 15 years ago. He is so hardworking and he knows what he’s talking about, even if you disagree with him. As he says of this latest Syria stunt, “This is not ‘America First’. This is the Deep State winning.”

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    • This Watson is right and commentators on the left are saying something similar. The gas used is easily obtainable on the open market. Any number of groups could have done it. Trump wants a war to hopefully booster his standing and he thinks it will help the Repubs in the midterms.

      Trump is becoming more unhinged as the Mueller investigator closes in on him. Hardcore facts had to be presented, as several attorneys pointed out today, for the people who signed off on the Michael Cohen warrant to okay it. It’s a high bar that had to be met and it was. And, all those signing the warrant were Repubs, some appointed by Trump himself.

      Problem for Trump and Repubs is that the “blue wave” that is building has more to do with Trump’s far-right, favor-the-rich domestic policies than his foreign policies. If he manages to get a war going over in the mid-east it could very well backfire on him and the Repubs.

    • More Amerikan hegemony at the behest of the Rothschilds/ MIC traitors.

      Hang ALL these lying murdering motherfuckers,

      It WAS a false flag.

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