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    True Pundit’s Thomas Paine joins Jason Goodman to discuss the headspinning developments unfolding at the FBI. The culture at the Bureau prevents whistleblowers from coming forward, preventing this organization from solving its problems and enabling this orgy of dysfunction that we see today.


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    • When here is spoken over a dominanz of corruption, I know alos some other kinds of dominancies.
      The first dominance is…………….Splitting in any way and on all level. (nulear fission)
      The second dominance is……….Unification in any way and on all level. (nuclear fusion)
      The third dominance is………….. Being one in oneness. Spiritual monopol as “god”.

      Who perceives the dominance of being one in oneness?
      Well, I expereince a bit of it.

      Who perceives the process of unification inside?
      Well, I perceive a bit more of it.

      Who perceives the dominance of splitting?
      Well, I perceive a reduction of it inside, moreover it is not gone complete.

      Here my question is, in what kind of dominany should an indivdual being be?
      For me it is clear, never mind what kind of politics is active, it is the dominancy of splitting.
      Democracy? It base on splitting, where some numbers win and some numbers loose.

    • This man should be indicted for treason, that he uses US as a treasure hunt for his corporation, his families and his pocket. His personal money hungry is above the US welfare. And his lies of candidacy fooling half of the nation citizen until present is a travesty and farce.

    • This conversation hinted that Trump’s lawyer was raided to obtain the last bit of proof to enable an indictment… if true then time
      is very important…Comey and the rest of the crooked cabal must wait it out until an indictment of Trump. This will overshadow any further investigation into the dirty FBI and Clinton.
      Hopefully time is on Trump’s side…

      • Ha! You must be rich or super rich to be for Trump. Those are the only people really benefiting under his so-called “agenda.”

        Trump, his family and close allies are the real crooks here. He’s a corrupt as they come, but a smooth con man. He has clever lawyers who most likely have advised him in the past how to not leave any evidence behind that could be used in a court of law,

        The most likely scenario is that many of Trump’s associates will be charged and convicted of various crimes and he’ll disavow any knowledge or much association with them.

        Trump will most likely skate free, but will, thankfully, be politically weakened. The sooner we can get him and his crime family back to New York City for good, the better off the country and the world will be.

        • Well said. I have seen the early ’90’s documentary on Trump, named The Documentary Trump Tried to Ban. has(or did have) the documentary; which I found on you tube. He is a crook, and is over his head in debt. “Meet to the new boss, same as the old boss”. Once Trump is gone, a new puppet criminal will take his place. Same as any Fed position. I don’t trust Crowdsourcethetruth anymore. They propagandize as does most platforms. Both pro Trump-anti-Hillary theater and pro Israel. I have caught CSTT before, and had asked questions to them about it, but never received an answer. That, was my answer. Great comment and have a great one Michael A W

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