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Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry was appointed last week to the House Intelligence Committee and criminals in the intelligence agencies, at the Justice Department and throughout the US Governmnet are scared that a second-term President Trump will do to them what they did to him and return all of their favors in kind.

Scott Perry is their Boogie Man.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Anyone even remotely considering to put a vote for Trump should ask just few questions:
    1. what was Trump doing of Jeffrey Epstein’s island?
    2. what was his purpose of initiating Warp Speed and getting billions of HUMANS GENETICALLY MODIFIED, with millions KILLED by covid injections which he endorses until this day???
    3. why didn’t he drain ANY SWAMP in FOUR years while being in power?
    5. what did he do for the 6Jan victims???
    6. how does he stand with the ZIONISTS leading US??
    Trump is the BIGGEST CRIMINAL in human history and this ‘channel’ most probably CIA based, as everything in US, is having its powers.

  • If I thought the reelection of Trump would run all these war mongering Russiaphobe loons and their illegal replacement trespassers out of the nation of my birth, I would vote for him.

  • Octogon owns and runs the DOJ.

    Trump can only buy retail.

    The Bannon affair is just in-fighting, between mad dogs.

    Trump is an OP.

    • Millions of his biggest fans know that he’s an op and they think that the op is our only hope.

      • I am glad that you told me that.
        I have never thought of it, in that way… I have always thought differently…..but I can see, how You are correct…..Thanks!

        So that would explain why, only the two (candied dates) are accepted so easily.

        The psychologic hold and belief system, apparently are doing their jobs.

        Desperation is the Name of the Game.

        We can not Win, with these rules in place.

      • Though I have always been a private person….I will tell You. that I have never Voted, not even once, nor have I registered, in any political party.

        I knew early on, that Elections were a Con.

        This from my own sensibilities….my roots are poor, but loving.

        Looking at History, the real stuff.

        I laid out a philosophy for myself.

        So We Need to Win this War against Humanity…

        A strategy is needed, ofcourse, humanity is puppeteered and pulpiteered……so the Chore falls to the Few that Live in Reality.

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