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by Vigilant News

First, Tucker Carlson interviewed Javier Milei, then he interviewed Vladimir Putin. Now, the popular American journalist has released a highly-anticipated interview with El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele.

Bukele has taken several firm actions and positions that make him a target of the left-wing media:

• Tough on crime

• Investigates and prosecutes corrupt officials from previous administrations

• Supports free-market policies

• Advocates for national sovereignty

• Supports traditional values

Tucker Carlson Network writes:

“Tucker travels to El Salvador to interview President Nayib Bukele after his historic landslide reelection victory. Bukele has accomplished the impossible during his first term by eliminating violent crime, reducing emigration, and invigorating the local economy.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The 20th century produced Seymour Hersh. The 21st century has given us the greatest asset to truth and reality in journalistic history, Tucker Carlson. Through him, the brainwashed West has suddenly glimpsed real history through Vladimir Putin; and now we have Bukele, the leading edge of people power, finally returned to rescue a democided humanity. Although he represents one small nation, he is humanity’s spearhead of freedom. Thank you, Tucker.

  • Oh my heavens what an OUTSTANDING leader! President Nayib Bukele, I am a fan of you for life! What a high level of character, ethics, values…an honest politician, what an oxymoron!!! What he has done for his country should set precedent for THE ENTIRE world…all countries! Tucker, I was your fan the moment I saw you on Fox News and when you were kicked off! You are a hero as well. I pray for you EVERYDAY!

  • Thank you, Tucker Carlson, I appreciate the interview with El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, this was the most Godly, truthful, and passionate conversation with a person who through God’s steps was put in a position to make an extraordinary government and people change under his leadership.
    What an example of a LEADER to seek God’s wisdom and knowledge to know how He would have President Nayib Bukele run his country.
    If the people of the United States of America in government or who hold a political office would read the Old Testament they would read about many great examples of Godly leaders, and of course read about the many examples of bad leadership.
    I pray that we the United States of America would have a Godly leader who would seek Godly counsel and clean house, leading our country with a biblical foundation.
    Just look at the example of President Nayib Bukele. Thank you President Bukele for seeking God first, may your term be filled with love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, and honor.
    God Bless you, your family, and your staff.
    Staci Carroll

  • Acording to wiki Nayib Bukele, full name Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez was born on 24 July 1981 in San Salvador.[21] He is a son of Armando Bukele Kattán, an imam,[22] and Olga Ortez de Bukele.[21][23] Bukele’s paternal grandparents were Palestinian Christians from Jerusalem and Bethlehem. His maternal grandmother was Catholic and his maternal grandfather was Greek Orthodox.[24][25]

    Lets look at the surnames. Ortez, Kattan first.
    “The surname Kattan was first found in Mecklenburg, where the name Katt contributed greatly to the development of an emerging nation, and would later play a large role in the tribal and national conflicts of the area. Over time, the Katt family name branched into other houses, where their influence continued to be felt because of the important role they played in the local social and political affairs.” [ ] Notice that the Kattan family crest has three six-pointed stars, telling us these are crypto-jews.

    Ortez has many variants, including Ortiz and it is old Spanish royal bloodline. We can read at that “The surname Ortez was first found in Asturias, where the Christian Reconquest of the Iberian peninsula began in the eighth century. One of the earliest records of the family was Sancho Ordónez (c. 895 – 929), King of Galicia from 926 and until his death in 929. He was the eldest son of Ordono II, (c. 873-924) who king of Galicia from 910, and king of Galicia and León from 914 until his death. Later, Sancho Ordónez (before 1042- c.1080), a count who lived in the 11th-century. His father was Ordono Bermúdez, an illegitimate son of King Bermudo II of León.”

    So in both lines Nayib has royal blood, both lines being crypto-jewish, since Ortiz family are converos from Spain [phony Christians] which we can read at wiki: “Officials of the Spanish Inquisition in Toledo, Spain, wrote in the 1590s that “this surname Ortiz, although they have few sanbenitos, is in this city a very converso lineage and surname”.[1] [ ]

    Nayib’s father’s name is probably also another surname veiled as a first name. Armand family is an old French ruling family: “The name was first recorded in the cartulary of the abbey of Saint-Bertain, during the year of 806. Throughout the centuries the family prospered, expanded and grew in size. The family, as a noble family of France, confirmed with letters of patent and heraldic cap, contributed largely on the political as well as the cultural scene of the regions in which they settled. In return for their contributions many of the different branches were granted titles of nobility.” [ ].

    Lets look at all the religions that Nayib’s bloodlines confessed to: they were first jews, then ‘conversos’ (phony Christians), Palestinian Christians and also Greek Orthodox. To top it all off, Nayib’s father became an Imam.
    What a joke!
    They proclaim of being members of whichever religion brings them some comparative advantage, some short term benefit to their family in the new territories they invade (spread to like mycelium) which then become integral part of their global trade and global finance. They are neither jews, nor christians or muslim. What they are is an old godless global Phoenician network of families marrying exclusively each other, meaning they are globalists to their core and had been ruling the waves with their Phoenician Navy for millennia. These families cooperate as long as they need to subdue local population or any potential competition. That is why Alex Jones promotes this Salvadorian family in the US, he belongs to the same network of ancient ruler families, who rule through lies, misdirection and mutual promotion. Obviously the “old money” (Phoenicia based trillionaire families, spread and rooted firmly across all continents) cooperates with the “Nouveau riche” cabal of newcomers that go by the name WEF-club in creation of this phony theater for the masses.
    … As if globalization is something yet to be realized in the future,
    … as if these families haven’t managed the globe for millennia now.

    The Old money network of families uses the wannabe-club of fresh trillionaires to take the heat (wrath of people) off of them. Those newcomer trillionaire networks (think Tucker Carlson’s family) which manage to divert people’s attention away from the old global network of hidden ruling families (hiding out in the open through the use of theatrical productions) are then allowed to become full-fledged members of global ruling caste.

    Apropos the so called “fast and clean” turning of El Salvador from most dangerous to most safe place of the ‘western world’ I would suggest this explanation:
    the very same families who control drug market inside El Salvador and are part of the ‘west world’ drug market have simply manufactured this success story to hoist their guy – Nayib – firmly onto El Salvador’s throne. Same families which control the military and the police and all the competing drug cartels can stop drug related killings by simply internally declaring (behind closed doors) a moratorium on drug related killings. At the same time they send loyal military on photo shoot expeditions and publish feel-good stories about “president’s” success story of never-seen cessation of drug killings in the media controlled by them. What these Salvadorian ruling families did is they stopped giving orders to their cartel members to kill other drug cartel members … or, said another way, they did the don Corleone maneuver of cooperation within the “network” while pushing their common poster-boy onto the public scene. As long as he – Nayab Bonaparte – manages to cling to the throne – regardless of which economic or judicial harms come to ordinary Salvadorian’s way of living during his rule, the local cartel wars will remain mute.

    Phoenicians … who are they?
    … And where did they go?

    And apropos Bitcoin El Salvador connection: these old globally connected families that seemingly re-took control over the country’s people farming need all the help they can get from their US counterpart families that are running the CIA (good-old-Reagan-times are back) and they need bitcoin to cover (hide) the operational cost money transfers from pesky officials working for regulatory agencies. It is a win-win for all the families involved, Salvadorian elite gets to rule over people there another day (century) and the US bankster families get a free access to testing grounds on a national level for their trial run of block-chaining protocol layer..


    Some bits from Bukele wiki:
    “In December 2023, the Legislative Assembly passed a law which allowed individuals to purchase Salvadoran citizenship by donating bitcoins to El Salvador.”.
    It looks like one can now buy oneself a citizenship with … bitcoins. The world rulers have always planned to merge people’s digital financial status with digital ID (running on block-chain architecture), globally. And El Salvador’s elite is playing along the globalist’s digital enslaving game to maintain itself in power. International banksters who own bitcoin (and other digitally chained coins) through Intelligence fronts can now play god with whole countries by fixing prices of coins as they please (digital long-range carrot or stick).

    “On 11 March 2020, Bukele issued an executive decree declaring a “quarantine throughout the national territory” (“cuarentena en todo el territorio nacional”) shortly after Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic. […] On 21 March 2020, Bukele instated a 30-day nationwide lockdown in an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. During the lockdown, 4,236 people were arrested by the National Civil Police for allegedly violating the lockdown order, 70 of whom were arrested prior to the lockdown order becoming public.”.
    Obviously Bukele played along like a obedient puppy (and more so) with the quarantine charade, as ordered by the international banksters.

    “On 3 September 2021, the Supreme Court of Justice ruled that the president is eligible to serve two consecutive terms in office. The ruling overturned a previous 2014 ruling which held that presidents had to wait ten years until being eligible to run for re-election. Constitutional lawyers criticized the ruling, stating that consecutive re-election violates El Salvador’s constitution. […] the ruling was a direct result of the legislature replacing the judges of the Supreme Court in May 2021. […] On 15 September 2022, Bukele officially announced that he would be running for re-election in 2024 during a speech celebrating El Salvador’s 201st anniversary of independence. Bukele justified his announcement by claiming that “developed countries have re-election, and thanks to the new configuration of the democratic institution of our country, now El Salvador will too”. Constitutional lawyers criticized his announcement, stating that presidential re-election violates “at least” four articles of the El Salvador’s constitution.”.
    Looks like a dictator is in the office. Hitler and Putin come to mind.

    “After the El Faro digital newspaper alleged that Bukele’s government had negotiated with gangs in 2020 to reduce the country’s homicide rate, Bukele subsequently launched an investigation into El Faro on suspicions of money laundering a few weeks later.[278] Although the office of the attorney general did not launch such an investigation, El Faro was subject to tax audits which Human Rights Watch’s José Miguel Vivanco described as “selective and abusive”. These audits were suspended in March 2021 following a Supreme Court order citing concerns of a risk to freedom of expression. […] In 2022, Amnesty International revealed that at least 22 Salvadoran journalists (most of whom worked for El Faro) had their phones tapped by the Salvadoran government using the Israeli Pegasus spyware.[“.
    And whoever thinks he is a dictator and a false prophet gets the stick by the gestapo.

    “On 1 June 2023 during a speech celebrating his fourth year in office, Bukele announced that he would present two proposals to deputies of the Legislative Assembly. One proposal sought to reduce the number of seats in the Legislative Assembly from 84 to 60, while the other sought to reduce the number of municipalities from 262 to 44.”.
    As any good dictator would do, he first had to reduce power of the people so that he can gradually take people’s will away for good.

    As far as traditional values go, he is far leftist, but flexible to the far right. He is without religion, not a christian nor a muslim, he is an atheist who believes in Jesus Christ (as long as that public knowledge pays off). He supports abortion and LGBT, but don’t worry . . . he has traditional values of the ruling elite who believe in nothing and everything goes as long they are at the top of the food-chain. And free-market as long as it fills his family’s pocket. And that national sovereignty must be a joke, since he just block-chained his whole nation into digital servitude.

    I just noticed: Tudker Carlson’s … Network.
    Hah, he maintains an international network for phoenician elite.

    • Nothing precipitates exhaustive wiki-laden rants like a leader’s simple expression of faith in God.

      The Hitler AND Putin reference is a comical indicator of just how much serenity this clip robbed from you. There’s a “Better Help” counselor for that!

      • Now, where I am supposed to get any (better) info on his guy. Please, do offer your insight about who this guy really is. At least I investigate (by reading between the lines) that which is accessible to me. You obviously don’t. And I am skeptical enough that I don’t believe a trained propagandist’s words. He is a well trained actor (a reminder, all actors are psychopaths) and able to keep his cool even in most challenging situations. Actually he thrives under pressure. That is why so many people, who don’t bother to look under the hood (take a look in a mirror), are so easily manipulated. These trained manipulators know exactly which bottoms to push, while looking so serenely forthcoming, open-minded and balanced.

        He has no degree. All these rich kids don’t have to bother getting any degree, since, well, their family’s network takes care of their career and they simply pass by all others who studied diligently but had no family connections.

        This is me reading between the lines while picking apart Wiki:
        “He enrolled at the Central American University in San Salvador to study judicial sciences with aspirations to become a lawyer, but he dropped out to work for the Nölck advertising agency, one of his father’s businesses.”.
        Directly into advertising to get basic training by his father in salesman trickery. But,wait, he then upgrades his career to a presidential function (he likes to manage people under him) and jumps into political (propaganda) marketing:

        “In 1999, Bukele founded Obermet, S.A. de C.V. (also known as 4am Saatchi & Saatchi El Salvador), a marketing company. He served as its president from 1999 to 2006 and again from 2010 to 2012. This company ran political advertising for the FMLN presidential campaigns of Schafik Hándal in 2004 and Mauricio Funes in 2009.”.
        Whoa, he is a strategist in political campaign of the rich communists (that is their cover, of course). Who is this Schafik Hándal? Reading between the lines at Wiki:

        “Born in Usulután, he was the son of Palestinian immigrants from the town of Bethlehem. […] Between 1973 and 1994, he was the general secretary of the Communist Party of El Salvador (PCES). As General Secretary of the PCES, Hándal embraced elections and rejected armed struggle to conquer political power in El Salvador. Later on, after two allegedly fraudulent elections in 1972 and in 1977, and despite the intervention of the Communist Party of Cuba (History of the FMLN, newspaper “Frente”), Handal became convinced that the defeat of the military dictatorship would not be possible through elections. As a guerrilla leader in the late 1970s and early 1980s, he was a member of the group that brought five opposition forces together to found the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) movement.”.
        Wki likes to use word ‘immigrant’ (from Palestine) to hide that Handal – full name Schafik Jorge Hándal Hándal, which tells us he is really Georg Händel, ashkenazi jew – also comes from rich Mideastern family. And we now know (that is, those who want to look and see) that the cold war was just a theatrical show that internationally connected ruling families invented in order to hold their respective peoples down in constant state of fear of outside bogey. So Bukele (his family’s network of families) was power playing the poor Salvadorians and keeping them down in dirt from his very start (as master manipulator) by endless production of domestic warring. Bukele never really fought the FMLN, his creation, in the run for president of El Salvador, he just ordered (gentlemen agreement behind the closed doors between the ruling families) to stand down so that his public personae (mask) makes him look like a fierce warrior. People like seemingly powerful leaders, because people’s decisions are driven by emotions. But just looking at him, at his immaculate beard trim and slick hairdo and those moccasins (CIA asset interview shoes) he doesn’t look a warrior, nor a communist. He looks more like a slick salesman with dupers delight smile on his face. They both do, since Carlson is another CIA asset, just higher up the Carter of International Assets ladder.
        And to reaffirm that Bukele is part of Salvadorian ‘deep-state’ swamp of people controllers Wiki offers another clue:
        “From 2005 to 2007, Bukele was the president of CLS, a company which issued Salvadoran passports. From 2006 to 2010.”.
        Just like that he went from political marketing to became a president again, this time his function allowed to have a complete insight into who comes in and who exits the country. Guess he had top clearance (meaning he was well connected) to get the job. And his function made him (valuable knowledge he had access to) interesting target for Langley big-boys club.

        Which brings us to that inside joke, a joke understood by the god’s throne insiders (assets) like Carlson and Bukele that made them both grin like small children. The joke, of course, was when the question was asked: “[…] and what happened then, what was the “real” reason that made the drug gangs stop their violence?”
        Of course they both know the real answer and they both know Bukele would never give the real answer as a member of the international Big-Boys-Club, which makes Carlson enjoy the moment of not knowing in anticipation to the point of salivation, and when Bukele finally offers his ‘real’ answer as an explanation – a ‘real’ miracle – Carlson burst (there is all that mouth water ejecta) into uncontrolled laugter that makes even Bukele loose his cool and laughs as well. So there are three answers: the official lie (gangs were defeated), the ‘real’ lie (a miracle) and the silent truth (CIA/Salvadorian power-elite-controlled gangs were ordered to stand down).
        This ‘miracle lie’ – offered to mislead the inquisitive minority of observers who like logical and consistent narrative of theatrical production of Salvadorian illusory political and economic dynamics that is falsely called ‘reality’) – has to be supported by another lie, which purports Bukele as a believer, when in reality he is just a salesman who knows how to manipulate his customer into buying bull-crap story. He is not a Communist, nor he believes in God. His only god is his international network of wealthy families that perform a ‘miracle’ here and there if their local hierarchy believing zealot shows enough blind belief in their common agendas and respects seniority of power. And Bukele showed his unconditional submission and unreserved loyalty to network’s almaightiness when he offered his whole nation as a test-bed for future cyber-coin and digital ID explorations (blockchained passports, digital wallet, health records and voting) for the future benefit of all involved in this network’s global people farming exploits.

        For now Bukele, like Zelensky was in the times of peace, is just a spoiled kid who gets from his daddy’s international connections whatever he fancies, a president of this, a president of that:
        “From 2009 to 2012, Bukele was the president of Yamaha Motors El Salvador, a company that sells and distributes Yamaha products in El Salvador. During Bukele’s career as a businessman, he described himself as a “businessman with a great future” (“empresario con gran futuro”).”.

        Another presidency, this time international connection to Japanese ruling families. How can he be so confident about his future?. Well his daddy must have told him he will someday become a president of Salvador. And that wiki translation of the word ’empresario’ also misleads, since it doesn’t mean ‘bussinssman’ but something quite different, it means landlord who controls people of certain area for the King and develops , a Lord of the Land who implements an god’s (network’s) agenda. Here is an example for whta meant to be an empresario of Texas:
        “An empresario (Spanish pronunciation: [em.pɾe.ˈsaɾ.jo]) was a person who had been granted the right to settle on land in exchange for recruiting and taking responsibility for settling the eastern areas of Coahuila y Tejas in the early nineteenth century. The word in Spanish for entrepreneur is emprendedor (from empresa, “company”).
        Since empresarios attracted immigrants mostly from the Southern United States, they encouraged the spread of slavery into Texas. Although Mexico banned slavery in 1829, the settlers in Texas revolted in 1835 and continued to develop the economy, dominated by slavery, in the eastern part of the territory. “.

        But once those people of Salvador- that Bukele’s Global Business Network exploits while laughing to their naivety – realize they’ve been conned and begin to rebel, then the real face and not the ‘real’ mask of his will surface. Then he will push Salvador back into internal warring, guerilla wars outside and drug wars inside urban areas, just like Zelensky with helping hand lend by Putin and Macron, pushed his people into total war, since people there also refused to follow international banksters’ agenda.

        If you still don’t want to see through who this Bukele fraud really is and you still deny the connection, that offers itself if you simply look, to other two psychopathic actors (fraudster) of the Global Business Network, Hitler and Putin, is your choice to live in fantastic ‘reality’, devoid of any true reality, your choice to live in a feel-good story-line that is performed by professional life-long liars that are recruited mainly from old aristocracy and old-money bourgeoisy. You haven’t witnessed God’s Miracle here nor are you in the presence of his heavenly messenger, it was a con-job by unified actions of CIA assets and Global Business Network. Read about the magic-network here (for their phony magic see the beginning of paper two):

        Funny that you would offer a therapist, since those who believe conversational therapy can help are those who will believe anything. And it is really nice of you to offer such a prominent firm, one that is the first to hook (block-chain) people onto Electronic Health Record system.
        Therapeutics is the best to engrave political correctness in those who doubt the manufactured ‘reality’ and long-distance therapy is a subtle way to spy on people (like confessions are/were the best intelligence source for the Vatican) especially when quack ‘therapist’ uses qualitative evaluation technique. The idea to have a therapist was seeded in Hollywood movies by … bankers … as human damage assessment tool, and by today the psychologists (including the most insidious ones, those ‘counseling’ children) are spreading as we speak onto the battlefield (devastated by debt and planned economic crises) because they specialize in ‘reconstruction by justifications and negotiations’, using systematic comparison of ‘practical commonsense contrasting cases’ to develop scientifically well-founded ‘statements and responses’ that allow them to ‘manage situation’ where they have tactical advantage (where there is power of the whole public-private policy apparatus behind their back or they have legal higher ground).

        Bukele is not a leader, he is an actor playing one, like all other politicians, although with him we get larger-then-life hero-story. Obviously people became so credulous (actually reverted back into child state of being) that they believe in such grand stories like story of Bukeles rise to power. That reminds me of Zelensky’s acting career that was lately rewritten into larger-then-life hero page-turner fairy-tale. He is of a ‘managerial caste’, the families that didn’t quite make it yet to the international top, but he hopes that by managing people farming hacienda for the ruling caste someday his family would be invited (allowed) to join. If there is something he cares even less then God, are the people of El Salvador, some would say a true God.
        In order to be able to perform (in front of a tough room) for the two distinct audiences at the same time – for the ruling elite, his god, lurking from their balcony lodges and assessing how well their agenda is being progressed on the stage and for the ignorant but emotionally volatile faceless crowd in darkness of theater hall beyond the stage-lights reach – Bukele must utilize his cold-blooded survivalist/killer instinct performative skills and above all else he has to be a master of ‘doublethink’, he has to be an excellent performer to be able to fulfill the Big Boys agenda aimed against the people’s interests in order to remain standing on stage. For every decent ‘doublespeak’ performer’s career, his ‘doublethink’ abilities must come naturally. Bukele never wants to address the Big-Boys Agenda (he stays away, but he re-iterates many times during the interview that he is not a conspiracy theorist, hoping to catch emotions of those who are) which tells me his thinking is kosher with the ruling elites (he avoids their agenda completely) yet his populism emerges through the choice of topics he addresses to emotionally cater for the middle class and the poor.So for him believably speaking of God performing a Miracle (really CIA produced) should be performative cakewalk. His mind is already in a ‘doublethink’ mode. Thus ‘doublespeak’ follows easily, therefore he is so believable con-artist.

        Thanks-but-no-thanks for suggesting this essential part of the social control grid trio – schooling, social media, mental health sector – as a way out for me, since your proposed solution is designed to keep people inside their boxes and to normalize every new-abnormal that is periodically hoisted onto the podium of people-farming governance. But, open-eyed as you are, you wouldn’t miss this diabolical nature of future mental health gestapo (for dissidents and disillusioned), on purpose, would you?

        And my comment above isn’t so long because I was rattled by the video, but because I copied some of it from my old Bukele video comment here. I just needed the content to narrate a story that is logical and paints this Nosferatu in different color. If you have better story of him based in logic and not in blind belief, please share it, because emotionally blinded people – who refuse to read psychopaths for what they are and believe with their hearts of gut-feelings – who are claiming that they can see goodness in others (even in trained life long actors) just because they can, offering no evidence or train of thought, will eventually lead other blinded people – blinded by manufactured ‘reality’, who also refuse to look behind the curtains- to a precipice of wishful thinking. And that mildly unsettles my ‘serenity’, by making me … sad.

  • Another issue not covered by Carlson’s, excuse the expression Interview……

    How many of the Illegals entering the USA, the past year, came from El Salvador?

      • Some gang members ran to different places, some stayed in Spain.

        The illegals, are a different kettle of fish.

      • I thought Carlson gave a noninterview; interview.

        This little piggy went to market.
        This little piggy blah blah blah.

        This little piggy had none.

      • Yes, but this wasn’t under Biden. Like the days of social workers sending instructions over the Mexico border on
        ‘How to get anchor babies born in the USA’ (to increase therapist’s caseloads & work hours billed to San Diego County),
        the current administration broadcast the message, “Come use us!” …for all to hear.
        We can’t blame gang members or anyone else for taking up the offer.
        The destruction of our nation’s security and viability are of no interest to most of the ruling class. Their continued control is paramount.

  • A nice fuzzy interview by Carlson.

    Bukele first elected in 2019, for 5 years….Now Re-elected in 2024….so a Ten Year run.

    Bukele adopted Bitcoin as a legal currency in the country in June 2021……digital currency.

    His father was Armando Bukele Kattan…….a Palestinian. Armando Bukele founded the first mosque in El Salvador in 1992. He was the Imam of El Salvador, a spiritual leader of the Salvadoran Muslim community.

    Palestinian presence in Central America dates to 1870, with an estimated half a million people of Palestinian descent around the region. Their successful assimilation into the politics of Central America was most recently noted with the election of Nayib Bukele, a Salvadoran of Palestinian origins, as president of El Salvador.

    Though Argentina, elected an Alawite President.

    Now that the Scumbag Factory is Morphing, let us wait and see….if Vertical Governance comes to El Salvador.

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