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In this stunning talk he gave back in 1996, which has since become a classic, Dr John Coleman describes the “Zero Growth” plan from the Club of Rome that we are today seeing unfold before our eyes.

Coleman explained that the WEF, the UN, the WHO and the BIS are all executive arms of the Royal Institute of International Affairs – and ultimately, of the ‘Committee of 300’, which is controlled by ancient families of stratospheric wealth dwarving that of the tech oligarchs of our age.

He wrote the classic eponymous book, ‘The Committee of 300’, and which you can download HERE.

This speech is as fresh today as it was 30 years ago. Dr Coleman names names and gives us more details about the perpetrators and their motives than most red-pilled content being produced today.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I’m middle aged, and at my last Dr appointment there was a 24 yr old gorgeous, buff marine in the prime of his life. Infantry he was. He’s handicapped now 3 days after the vaccine. They threatened to dishonorably discharge him. He didn’t want to shame his family. Now I hope his family is alive to take care of him. This is just one of our young men
    The Infantry is the grunts on the ground insuring our freedom. He can’t wear shoes that tie now. Fuck you Moderna and Pfizer.

  • Is Dr. Coleman still alive..? I would be very surprised if he is.
    Money is nothing but bait for their selfish greedy puppets and minions to do all their dirty work. These demons have no need for more wealth. They want to rule over and control the world with 500 million slaves that will be kept to serve, entertain and maintain their planet.
    The Georgia Guide Stones were an admission of their devious plan… They always “tell” us of what they are going to do to us. In some sick and twisted way doing so, justifies and admonishes them of any guilt or crimes against humanity, which they have committed many times in history. WE have failed as many times to stop them.
    THEY destroyed the Guide Stones. That was our last warning and it no longer is needed. WE did nothing and their end game Agenda 21 is now well in motion, with an end date of 2030.
    WE have less than 7 years before billions of humans will have already been exterminated. Billions are already dead but they do not know it. The billions of vaxxinations are already working to do just that. The days are numbered for all who took their poison. Sadly they did so on their own accord.
    These demons will crash a passenger airliner and kill hundreds of people to kill one person. That is nothing compared to what they have done.

    • Yes, it’s extremely difficult to get many to even believe such, without being labeled a kooky “conspiracy theorist” . . . . to which I remind some, and so was Noah!

  • Committee of 300 – DEEP STATE KHAZARIAN MAFIA SATANIC CABAL OLIGARCHS Billionaires/Trillionaires – Enemy of WE THE PEOPLE that want FREEDOM and LIBERTY that believe in our CONSTITUTIONAL Republic and BILL OF RIGHTS.

  • I wish I had known this info when this speech was made. I would have lived a different life.
    Thank-you for posting this video.

    • Never too late to change your stripes or spots, for that matter!

      Create a loving environment, disregard hatred –
      Live by the code of LOVE ~ Always & for All.

      This is my personal quote:

      “Living in fear, without hope is futility, and is counter intuitive to living life. Why not set a new trend to follow, be Fearless, be Hope, be Love.”

      ~ Depswah

  • Some of this stuff I dont know about. America with a few other countries have the largest militaries in the world. They destroy countries with their might. If we wanted to, we can simply make these people disappear forever. The world has very strong currency alternatives that can be easily used. With the help of these other countries, we can remove the 300 within a week if not sooner. We need to stop kneeling down to this kind of stuff when we can easily control it

    • You obviously are struggling to wrap your brain around what humanity is facing in real time. That is understandable because part of their plan was that they knew the mass majority of typical generally good humans, would never believe anyone could do the horrendous, dark, evil and sick crimes against humanity they have committed for centuries.
      Those demons control the military… and pretty well everything important and they are moving forward relentlessly, regardless of how many are waking to see them. They are psychopaths dedicated and committed to fulfill their agenda to exterminate all but 500 million that will serve, entertain and maintain their planet
      They say all wars are for bankers… That is not completely true. Wars are created for the committee of 300 cabal, by the bankers and ruling class elites that serves them.
      Money is their tool. It is irresistible the bait and motivation for the greedy selfish human elitist that gladly sold out humanity to do the dirty work for them.
      Listen closely to this video… It is all happening in our face today… The vax is a time released killer for billions over the next 7 years, if they don’t starve us or get us to kill each other first.
      WE have been played like fools for generations. If WE don’t take the responsibility to fix this mess and take back our God given gifts of our planet and our freedoms and liberties entrusted to us, God will wipe the planet clean and start all over.
      It wouldn’t be the first time.

      • A plot – Which has been told, retold, suppressed, oppresses truth, dignity and history – Does not allow humanity to understand, become one with peace or to be Love. They have been told, or are taught who to hate – Love, rarely is it injected into the theme, of their manipulation.
        It can be quelled, – People must choose to decide to live in truth, dispelling that of hatred and conquering the future, by way of education/eradication of these lies!

        • In reply, to awaiting “moderation” – Who moderated your thoughts and opinions?
          Appears, to be, yet another instrument to the destruction of freedom of speech & of thinking.

          • It’s called Wordfence and I use it to stop comment spam and the occasional person who wants to get the Feds to crack down on me for *their* hate speech, not mine.

            People are free to create their own websites to spew their hate speech. I don’t need to subsidize other peoples’ hate and to have my business get more destroyed than it already is, thank you very much.

    • What TC said. Add to that, this agenda to control the populace has been going on for centuries. Every 70 years or so, the elite decide the population is growing too fast and plans are put in place to eradicate the useless eaters. That’s what world wars have been for, nothing more nothing less. They’ve launched their current iteration of eugenics, and there’s no way to escape it. It may have caught your attention that the Covid virus (or whatever it is) is not as deadly as was first promoted; the survival rate hovering around 99.92%.

      We need to start fighting back, for sure. But it’s just working out the best and most influential tail coat to hitch your hook on to ….

  • Alexandra,

    Getting a bit closer to ROOT Causes :

    [ By the way, my “Anatomy of a Revolution”
    report gets even closer, which had been
    mailed to you some months ago ]

    Forwarded Message :

    Consider :


    List of CABAL’S Evil Works

    — Marxian Banking House of Rothschild —

    LIST OF Atheist / MARXIAN / Khazarian / Communist / Pseudo-JEWS’ EVIL WORKS :

    — Opposed by Politically Conservative Abrahamic ( Torah ) Jews —

    A time-travelling historian from the future explains
    how white Western civilization had been destroyed by
    Marxian influences, for installing ONE-WORLD GOVERN-

    Marxian Jews had undermined WHITE WESTERN
    CIVLIZATION in America by these anti-majoritarian/
    anti-democratic, civilization-wrecking means (also
    employed by leftists within other white Western
    democracies), in order to destroy the West for
    socialistic/communistic one-world government
    [Note: These items are not listed in order of
    importance or impact]:

    – Snip – : 53 of their civilization-destroying machinations –


  • The committee of 300 is the high Satanic Council, subordinate only to the 5 mothers of darkness who are in direct communication with ‘Satan’.

    None of this is about making money. The only use for money, at the top, is to pour into a feed trough for the minions to get their snouts into. The mechanism is money, but the purpose and end goal is not.

    The saying, “It’s all about money”, is a secular blind spot. Even the religious (but faithless) saying, “The root of all evil is the love of money” is not exactly true either. The love of money is still only a mechanism of the black magic emanating from the root, which is, for lack of a better way to say it, satan’s sick and jealous hatred of God’s creation.

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