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    John Sabal is the founder of the event-planning and production company, The Patriot Voice and he was joined during this Twitter/X Spaces by Dr Jan Halper-Hayes. Her August 3rd appearance on a British television morning show last month went viral when she claimed to be part of a 12-member DoD task force that’s advising a US military PSYOP team, to help them to determine their next moves in the current 5th Generation War.

    Dr Jan goes into more detail than in previous interviews and she basically affirms a lot of things that were presented in the Q material and based on her statements, we might assume that she was hired by the same team that was behind Q, whose chief axiom was to “Think for yourself”.

    It seems to me that she is appearing now, because this same team is concerned about the morale of those who are already awake to the 5th Generation War and who see this Communist nightmare dragging on and on and that many are beginning to lose hope. She appears to have been sent to restore our hope by telling us that thousands of very capable people are fighting against evil on our behalf.

    Dr Jan’s claims would have been largely ignored had a small account on TRUTHSocial not posted the GBNews video and had Donald Trump not re-truthed her post with the comment:

    “Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is fantastic. Everyone has got to watch her interview on election fraud with the poor sap who got taken apart by her. Thank you Don Jr. for putting this masterpiece out for the public to see. WITCH HUNT!”

    The virality of the video increased when Former National Security Advisor, General Mike Flynn replied to Trump’s TRUTHSocial post, saying,

    “Such a clear presentation of what we’re facing and what will likely happen… #MAGA Our ‘Freedom must be guarded.'”

    Dr Jan tells John that the toughest problem that we are facing, as a nation is the ironclad programming of a large portion of the population, where no amount of evidence can shake their rigid belief in what are obvious mainstream media lies, in addition to their implacable Trump Derangement Syndrome. She says a large portion of her team’s work is about attempting to understand the mental blocks and the programming involved.

    She says, “I am worried about the cognitive dissonance that is eventually going to happen to them. There’s going to be a triggering event and I think the big triggering event is going to be the Georgia case that is now going to be streamed on YouTube and carried on the television, as well.” 

    Trump has all the evidence to prove that the 2020 Georgia Election was stolen and Fulton County DA, Fani Willis has now provided Trump with the venue and the subpoena power to present that evidence in court and to re-litigate that election!

    She also notes that Joe Biden has been renewing Trump’s Executive Orders, suggesting that Biden is actually under Trump’s control, and she says that once the Normies  realize this, they’re going to be in shock. 

    She reiterates and goes into more detail with John about the claims she made during her appearance on GBNews, that:

    1. She is part of a DoD task force.

    2. The US Military (particularly, Space Force) has all of the evidence of exactly what happened during the 2020 and 2022 elections, as the legitimate ballots bore watermarks and the fake ones did not.

    She says, “The military knows. They’ve got the goods and those goods are going to be presented in the Georgia lawsuit against Trump. He’s going to have the chance to show the receipts!” 

    3. Trump stepped-down after the stolen 2020 Election because he knew that if he presented this evidence early on, there would have been a civil war. Also, he felt that the people needed to see how bad things could get under the blackmailed Manchurian Candidate, Joe Biden.

    She adds, “It’s the same reason that he is Commander-in Chief and being Commander-in-Chief, evidently, the Supreme Court separated the Federal role of President and separated the Commander-in-Chief of the military. And because Congress did not respond to several of his Executive Orders, in declaring a National Emergency, he turned it over to the military.”

    She notes that there are only 7 people that are not part of the military that really know what’s going on. She says the fictional novel, ‘Double Crossfire’ by Brigadier General AJ Tata, who was #3 at the Pentagon at the time, contains a lot of truth about what really happened.

    “I would just encourage people to get ‘Double Crossfire’, if you want to understand some of the game that is going on and to be able to compare that to the pantomime that we are seeing right now and that we have been living through.” 

    4. Trump’s September 12, 2018 Executive Order 13848 was designed to combat foreign interference in US elections, with a focus on the 2020 elections. Dr Jan asks, “How did he know there would be so much illegal activity going on for the 2020 Election?” 

    5. When Trump walked in front of Queen Elizabeth as they inspected the Queen’s Guard, this was an “optic” to tell the world that he was about to “bankrupt the US Corporation” and that the US “go back to being a Republic” as of the end of 2020.

    6. The US Corporation was a creation of the 1871 Treaty of Washington, which Dr Jan described as an association between the US Federal Government, the Crown and the Vatican, with the US Corporation in Washington, DC providing the military, the City of London providing financing and the Vatican providing the banking, with all three jurisdictions being technically foreign within their host countries.

    In essence, the 1871 treaty restored the US to its pre-Revolutionary War vassalage to the UK and put the bankers in control of our lives. “Basically, the Cabal, that you’ve heard reference to. There are 12 families that really control the finances all around the globe,” she says.  

    7. It took 650 planes to remove all the US’ gold from the Vatican Bank, which was then sent to Fort Knox and a few other locations. The Pope wasn’t too happy about it.

    8. Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the moribund, bankrupted US Corporation [not of the United States of America].

    In addition to reiterating and fleshing-out the points that she had previously made, Dr Jan gives more details to John, telling him that when Trump went to Saudi Arabia, he presented them with a vast cache of evidence of child sex trafficking in the Kingdom. This resulted in the arrest of dozens of members of the Saudi Royal Family.

    She says that the fraud is very widespread and any Republicans claiming that there was no election fraud are in on the fraud and owe their seats to rigged elections.

    She continues, “Just let me make another comment about Space Force. He transferred Communications from all divisions of the military to Space Force. Space Force is not about going to the Moon or Mars or anything like that. It is about the cyber communication, because, as he’s said, he’s a wartime president. We’re at war. We’re not at a kinetic war – hopefully, we won’t be – but we are in an informational war and that is what allowed him to file National Emergencies and turn things over to the military.”

    Speaking of the military, she says the tens of thousands of National Guard troops who were sent to DC before the Inauguration and who put razor wire fencing around the Capitol were actually ordered by Trump, the only person with the authority to do so at the time. Many people thought the troops had been ordered by the Democrats.

    She continues, “It’s my understanding that there are a million National Guard around the globe right now…I’ve been told that it’s the Navy that has the greatest credibility, from the legal standpoint, in that there is a ship off of Israel, there is a ship in Asia, I think, Japan, there’s a ship in the Mediterranean, where military tribunals are being conducted as we speak.”

    So, for those of us who have been looking at this Clown World and thinking that we have to be watching some kind of a show, Dr Jan is here to validate what some had already suspected: This is not just a US plan, it’s far bigger.

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    • I think this interview was very interesting. The idea that the military has the evidentiary basis for overturning the election due to massive fraud is a welcome idea.

      I read the Treaty of Washington but could not understand the wording fully. I also tried to find information online about the US corporation, bankrupt or otherwise.

      I think it is possible that Jan Halper is communicating to Donald Trump and his supporters that the military has reached a certain point in their evidence gathering and/or planning. Ms. Harper Hayes also suggested there are going to be certain turning points in the near future: the Georgia Case being broadcast, and how the bankers who control world finance might cause banking problems that Americans will end up having to suffer from.

      It was very good to hear her understanding that the UN, the WHO, and those who are interested in global power are essentially Nazis. The Nazis were “national socialists” in Germany. The global predators are trying to use collective ideology to create a transnational government-corporate union which is the definition of fascism. All of us are the prey. The globalists indeed want to turn all of us into slaves.

      Donald Trump has plans to prevent America from being destroyed by these evil people.

    • Trump is a Zionist puppet asset and a Freemason. The god of Freemasonry is LUCIFER according to their own writings.

      Trump is a liar, he’s NOT a Christian by any stretch of the imagination.
      Good friends & neighbors with his buddy EPSTEIN, whom he partied with.
      Trump took Soros & Rothschild bailout decades ago.. bought & paid for long Ago.
      Trump put his daughter (a WEF YOUNG LEADER) ON HIS CABINET.. I don’t want to hear how he is fighting the globalists when he puts one on his cabinet.

      OCTOBER 14 Zionist FALSE FLAG (like nine-eleven) coming against NYC, AGAIN blamed on Islam. USA is taken out FIRST as an example to other countries. Financial collapse & terrorist attacks, massive earthquakes, Bioweapon pandemic 2.0 inbound.
      In response, the Dome of The Rock will be bombed by TR3B’s so the 3rd Temple can be built for the coming Moshiac (Messiah).
      Western countries are slated for a 2/3 RADICAL DEPOPULATION by 2025.

      Will it be blamed on virtually the only country left on earth WITHOUT A ROTHSCHILD CENTRAL BANK (holding up a WORLDWIDE digital Federal Reserve currency system.. ) methinks YES!

    • This is Bovine Excrement! I don’t trust her. I don’t trust Trump.

      The corporation in question was started by Ben Franklin and it is not even mentioned here.

      There is no plan.

      There are no good guys.

      There are no White Hats.

      This is all sabotage. It is all Treason!

      “Political psychologist” my ass!

      John Taylor Kent, Ph.D.
      Corrections Clinical Psychologist (Retired)

    • Seriously, Alexandra, what do you really think about “The Plan” & Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes?
      I’ve been hearing these “Space Force has it all” claims since just after the 2020 Election.
      Michael Lindell has all the Data of Election Interference too, and yet, nothing gets done and Michael just goes on to sell more Moccasins and MyPillows.
      I think that it’s just a pleasant pipe-dream dose of Hopium that has no basis in our horrible Reality.
      Am I wrong?

    • This seems to be a rehash of the stuff that went around after the 2020 election, presented by alt pundits many came to distrust when nothing materialized. Should we trust her with the same content?

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