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This clip from a British morning show is going viral because of the fact that such words were actually aired on the mainstream media – and in the UK, of all places, the home of the Deep State. It’s almost like a petite asteroid landed in your living room.

UK-based US Republican commentator, Dr Jan Halper-Hayes joined GBN’s Stephen Dixon in the wake of Donald Trump’s latest indictment, when the show turned into a head-exploding conspiracy extravaganza.

After affably defending Trump for several minutes from the contempt of her Trump-deranged host, she lets it be known that she’s in a DoD task force and the US Military has all the evidence of exactly what happened during the recent elections.

She says, “Trump knew that if he presented any of the goods early on, we’d have a civil war. He really felt that the people needed to see how bad it could get.”

She then proceeds to drop a bombshell about Trump’s Royal blunder, when he walked in front of Her Majesty, as they inspected the Queen’s Guard.

Dr Jan claims that this pas de deux was an optic to tell the world that he was about to bankrupt the US Corporation, i.e., the 1871 association of the US, Vatican and the Crown, which has had US Taxpayers paying them back debts from the Civil War.

She says Trump told the Queen, “I’m ending this. We’re dissolving this corporation. We’re going to go back to being a Republic and we’ll all be separate.”

Dr Jan adds, “The Pope wasn’t happy. You should find the picture of him visiting the Pope. It took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican Bank!” 



Stephen: There are so many people who are putting this down to a conspiracy theory. But actually, there are real questions to be answered, here.

Dr Jan: There are?

Stephen: Yeah. Of course, there are. Of course, there are!

Dr Jan: What he’s being accused of – but what part do you think is to answer? The 2020 Election is going to be re-litigated because of this?

They’ve made a HUGE, HUGE mistake with this one. Because even though we thought what was going to happen was they were going to go after him for treason or sedition? But they did criminally charge him but they didn’t go to that extreme. As a result, he has due process, so he can subpoena people and bring things in.

Now, let me say something about this 2020 Election, is that Biden is the legitimate president of what is now the bankrupt US Corporation. And that was a treaty in 1871. Well, on September 12, 2018, Trump created an Executive Order.

Within that, he outlined, in future elections, any kind of foreign or domestic interference – specifically, for the 2020 Election.

So, we say, “How did he know some of these things were going to happen? Election integrity on both sides of the aisle is tough. It’s really tough but what this has done is it’s opened the door for Trump to present his case.

Stephen: Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? I mean, because what we see over here, on this side of the pond is a very difficult situation, where the legal system is politicized in the United States, which is absolutely abhorrent to us, over here. So, the fact that Trump can subpoena, and there are people who are saying it’s a mistake, Jack Smith, but actually, he can subpoena, people can actually see evidence from both sides. That’s a sensible move.

Dr Jan: Exactly. And it’s a GREAT mistake by Jack Smith, that he’s done that, absolutely great! You see, the thing is – think of Edward Snowden and all the information he had. Think about the fact that our military, Department of Defense, Space Force. If you think that they don’t have the actual, real results from the election, then, you’re fooling yourself.

Stephen: Yeah, but what we do know with this, is we’re told there are plenty of notes from people, including Vice President Pence that there are some recordings of Donald Trump acknowledging that actually, what he said in public was nonsense. “Detroit! It’s all corrupt! The results are corrupt! When, in reality, he knew it wasn’t. That’s illegal.

Dr Jan: But you know what, that’s what someone’s claiming, but that’s not the fact and that’s not what Donald Trump really has ever said. He’s been very, very clear.

When the issues were, for example, in Pennsylvania the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania stepped in and changed some of the election laws. Under our Constitution, only our state legislatures can do that. ‘2,000 Mules’, the film that came out. What they did was they spent $4 million tracking the phones and the reason why it’s only 2,000 mules is that, based on the visits to the drop boxes in Georgia, they had to have gone over ten times and they’ve got all the film for that.

So, the thing is that the election integrity is so different and so problematic in every single state but that doesn’t mean that the machines didn’t do something, that there were some other kind of finagling, but the long and short of it – go ahead –

Stephen: But that’s where conspiracy comes in, to say, “Well, it doesn’t mean that something didn’t happen. There’s no evidence that it happened. How many court cases did the Trump Campaign try to bring? Nothing gone in his favor.

Dr Jan: OK, wait a minute. The media goes, “There were 60 court cases that were rejected.” No. There were three. He won two, he lost one, 57 were never heard because they had “no standing”. And standing means, the person bringing the case has to claim some kind of impact or injury. So, it’s really – the media did that. They’re great at doing that but there was a fallacy in there.

The thing is, you know, I sit on a task force at the Department of Defense and the thing is, they’ve got the goods. They’ve got the goods and Trump knew that if he presented any of the goods early on, we’d have a civil war. He really felt that the people needed to see how bad it could get. 

Female Presenter: That’s the sense that we’re getting from Trump’s lawyer, about what his defense is going to be. This is all going to be based on Free Speech. The first Amendment in the US Constitution, that he had a right to say what he believed, that the election results were not as what was put out. But the point is, if you live in a democracy, and you believe in a democracy, that means that even if you don’t like thee outcome of the election, you respect that, because it’s a democratic vote.

Dr Jan: Well, a democratic vote and so, therefore, he should be silent about it?

Female Presenter: He has a right to speak but then, the issue is if he then acts to subvert that election result.

Dr Jan: Because you think he’s being criticized, because he said in Georgia, “Can you find me 12,000 votes?” The thing is, he didn’t try to subvert anything. What he’s really done is he set up the Deep State to come out and that’s why we’re seeing all these things.

It was revealed with whistleblowers and Hunter Biden’s ex-best friend, that in 2015, the head of Burisma gave Joe and Hunter Biden a $10 million bribe. In 2018, Joe is on TV publicly that he threatened that unless they got the prosecutor fired, that he wasn’t going to let them have their $1 billion in support. In 2019, Trump calls Zelenskyy to find out about what went on to get the prosecutor fired and he gets impeached. We’ve lived with it for a long time. 

Stephen: We’re almost out of time. I just want to pick on you for one other thing. You said earlier on, “Donald Trump has been very clear on this.” Is he a man that you find believable? I mean, He’s about as believable as a chocolate tea party, isn’t he?

Dr Jan: Thank God you got the negativity in at the end and not the beginning. I can always count on you for that. Always!

Stephen: It’s a legitimate point, to say that Donald Trump is a man who always speaks the truth. That can’t be the case! It’s hardly the case of any leader, to be fair – but definitely not Donald Trump!

Dr Jan: Well, I don’t know if I said “everything” or “always”, because I do call him the Embellisher-in-Chief, because he’s a marketer. But in terms of telling us things, optics, you better believe he’s very much a straight shooter, in terms of actions he’s going to take or what he thinks needs to be done.

They made fun of him because they assumed he broke protocol and walked in front of the Queen. No! If you go back and look at it, you’ll see he looked at her, she gave a wave with her hand, he proceeded, she took a couple of steps and he waited for her to join.

That was an optic to tell us that he then was going to bankrupt the US Corporation. Because it was the Vatican, the Crown and the US that was part, since 1871 and we were giving you our tax dollars. We were paying back – forget this Tea Party and “taxation without representation”, we owed you a lot of money because you helped us in the Civil War. 

And so now, Trump told the Queen, “I’m ending this. We’re dissolving this corporation. We’re going to go back to being a republic and we’ll all be separate.”

The Pope wasn’t happy. You should find the picture of him visiting the Pope. It took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican Bank! 

Stephen: I’m not too happy about it, Jan, to be perfectly honest, we could do with your money at the moment. It’s really good to see you.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hi Jay,
    You information in your comment seems Teally Good..
    Except I Disagree with your last sentence about why the Russian Bolshevik revolution.
    I read somewhere The 1920s world War I Era if the bolshevik revolution happened because of What Russia Did in The Seven Hundreds , 700s in Turkey by wiping out alot if a Certain people, and it’s also Where present day Ukraine sits.

  • Also notice, both the interviewers are wearing purple. Doug Gabriel at said the election stuff was true, the stuff about the treaty and the gold was crap, & may be comms. He is on GAB, @IQ167

    • The Gold exist somewhere, for every Nation, that’s for sure. Most likely the Vatican (basement).
      Rumors are, that Tsar Nicolas II & Kaiser Wilhelm II, deposited Ten Billion Metric Tons of Gold into the Bank of England before the Red Terror Bolshevik takeover of Russia.
      I myself do not find this hard to believe, Russia was (is) one of the ancient Martyrdom of Europe’s Aristocrats, that included England, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Greece & Serbia.
      There was (is) a Holy Banking Alliance between Russia, Austria & Prussia that dates back to 1815, that always was against the shady Central bankers of “Old.”
      This is an Ancient War.

  • “After affably defending Trump for several minutes from the contempt of her Trump-deranged host, she lets it be known that she’s in a DoD task force and the US Military has all the evidence of exactly what happened during the recent elections.”

    So is this the same DoD agency that funded and developed the bio-weapon injection that has injured and killed untold Americans and unlawfully mandated and forced upon US military members?

    Gee wiz…SIGH…I think I have a clearer picture now and feel so much better!

  • United States History Versus American History

    Dear Alexandra and Many Others, Too:

    My heart goes out to you and everyone else struggling their way forward and looking for the truth.

    The quickest and easiest way to get acquainted with the functions and traditions of the State Assemblies is to look for an old (more than 100 years old) High School or College level “American History” or “American Government” book that covers structure of State government.

    When I was a boy, we had separate history classes, one for US History and one for American History. People knew that these were two separate subjects, and there were two separate books.

    In the years since then, the American History books have been quietly removed from the shelves and from the curriculum of the public schools, which results in our pervasive ignorance about our actual American Government.

    The old people have forgotten and the young people never knew.

    Even as I was going through public school, circa 1965, the books were being changed. My graduating class in 1974 was the last graduating class to have both American History and United States History classes.

    Jimmy Carter’s illegal meddling in local schools via the Federal Department of Education and coercive use of Federal Grants to reward compliant School Districts (that word again — any time you see “district” as in District of Columbia, pay attention) resulted in American History books either disappearing or being rewritten in a deceptive way.

    For example, in United States History books the “three branches of government” were described exclusively in terms of the Federal Government (contract government) and we were told that the branches of the Federal Government (contract government) were the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

    Fair enough? Everyone heard that?

    But in the American History books the “three branches of government” were described as Federal, State, and Local Government.

    If you have never read American History, you wouldn’t have a clue that there is a different meaning attached to the “three branches of government”.

    Another example– in the United States History books, we read that military districts were set up as the organizational units of the earliest Federal Government (contract government) administered by the Second Continental Congress.

    In the American History books, we read that British Land Law provided the template for the administration of the Colonies and later guided the adoption of the County and State Government System in which the soil jurisdiction was controlled by the Local County Government, and the international land jurisdiction was controlled by the State Government.

    Both bits of information are highly informative, whether viewed from the standpoint of United States History or from the standpoint of American History, but as you can begin to appreciate, the loss of half our history has crippled our understanding of how things are supposed to work…how our government is organized.

    In United States History, the “assemblies” referenced are all (military) District Assemblies (District f Columbia = the “Federal Zone”).

    In American History, the Assemblies are State Assemblies.

    In United States History, the Confederate States (States of States = Commercial Business Units) are spoken of in the same breath as the actual States of the Union, and “the Confederate States of America” means the government headed by Jefferson Davis during the Civil War.

    In American History, the Confederate States (States of States) are called States of America whether from the North or the South, and there is a clear difference between States and Confederate States-of-States. The phrase “the Confederate States of America” means the various States-of-States organizations operating as a group, not the government headed up by Jefferson Davis in the Civil War.

    You can begin to see how our failure to study American History in public schools has truncated our view.

    It makes total sense that the Confederation formed in 1781 under The Articles of Confederation was called the States of America, and so, each member of the States of America Confederation was called “The State of New York”, “The State of Florida” and so on. When the Southern members split off and called themselves “The Confederate States of America” — it isn’t just a name picked out of a hat.

    There is an entire context to the name “The Confederate States of America” that you miss, if you don’t read American History and are limited to the United States History version.

    It’s the same way throughout, like looking at the same object using two different lenses.

    In United States History, the words “State National” (notice the syntax) refer to the people of each State of the Union and it’s clear we, Americans, acquire our nationality from our States. We are Wisconsinites and Californians and New Yorkers…

    In American History, the similar words “state national” (pay attention to the syntax) means any American from any of the States of the Union who doesn’t work for the government (employee, dependent, volunteer or FRANCHISE) or hold a government office, that is, “state national” means a member of the General Public (this is our original jurisdiction when born before being trafficked on paper as a U.S. Citizen).

    You see? Very similar vocabularies, similar words, but different context.

    In United States History, the word “Assembly” refers to the (military) District Assembly and the Districts send representatives to their State-of -State Legislature, like the State of California Legislature (Corporation).

    In American History, the word “Assembly” refers to the State Assembly composed of the General Assembly of the people living within the borders of the State. In the American system, each State Assembly is the Legislature for the physically defined State of the Union.

    The best way to learn all this stuff is the way we learned it — two separate text books, one United States History (Federal Subcontractor) and one American History (general public).

    Of course, there are Primary Source documents underlying all of this and it’s easy to get confused once you dive into the archives, but if you stick to the old textbooks they have it pretty well separated out and by reading both, you will be able to observe the differences.

    In United States History, one State-of-State (franchise) is pretty much a cookie cutter of any other State-of-State (because they are all franchises of the same Parent Corporation, like Dairy Queen franchises) and the laws of one such State-of-State are adopted in all the others (Federal Code).

    In American History, each State is enclosed by its borders and its laws are uniquely its own and do not extend to any other State of the Union.

    In United States History, the Courts are strictly limited to Federal topics and regulatory authorities and, of course, Military Tribunals; the words “Common Law” always refer to Military Common Law, which nowadays means the Universal Code of Military Justice. All their courts operate within Judicial Districts (attached to the District of Columbia).

    In American History, the Courts are Courts of General Jurisdiction, and though each Court only holds jurisdiction within specific physical areas — County Courts in each County, State Courts in each State, Federal Courts within the borders of this country— their powers are wide-ranging, and unique. The words “Common Law” always refer to American Common Law.

    I’ve just given you an idea — a taste — of the differences between United States History and American History, and what you are missing as a result of not studying American History in public school.

    You can thank the Great Traitor, Jimmy Carter.

    So when you come to me and say, where are you getting all this? Prove it…. how do you know?

    I was lucky enough to be born in Wisconsin almost seventy years ago and I was also lucky to have a Grandmother who was 75 when I was born, a very bright woman who lived another ten years and who made it her business to teach me about my country and American History.

    I had the advantage of reading both United States and American History, in tandem, in school.

    I “know” these things the same way I can add and subtract, and so should you — all of you.

    And the best way I can think of for you to check out the information for yourselves, is to go find an old American History textbook and start reading.

    So I will make an appeal to you — I am a long way past needing a good textbook of American History and Government, so when you find one that you like and that makes everything clear for you, come back and recommend it and let me try to work out a copyright agreement with the publisher to reprint it or let us reprint it.

    There are millions of Americans who don’t know their own history, and other than word of mouth and Primary Source citations from people like me, what we really need is a good textbook we can hand out. Time to “True-Up” and learn how our government is organized.

    • The Articles of the Confederation, that was written in 1777 (the last State to sign was in 1781). Preamble (reads)
      “Whereas the Delegates of the United States of America in Congress assembled…” (listing the date of our Lord)
      “agree to certain articles of Confederation and perpetual Union between the States of …..”
      (listing the 13 original States, before Article I, reads:
      Article I, The Stile of this Confederacy shall be “The United States of America”

      And Yes, the first Constitution still exist, Junior High Class of 1976, we had to pass the Constitution test to go onto High school, here in Illinois. (RIP Mr. Epstein, Social Studies teacher)

    • Hello Steve,
      So much to unpack here. I am the class of ’76. I remember we were taught the three branches of Government, as delineated in the Constitution, were Executive, Legislative and Judicial. However, here’s where you deviated. The United States is a ‘federal’ system of governance. I know – We Americans tend to think federal system means the Federal Government. That’s not accurate. A federal system, or ‘federalism’, is a two tier (levels) of government. National and sub-national. We in the US call the national, “Federal”. And, the sub-national, “States”. All of this was taught in Civics Class.
      Here’s a refresher from a Florida University website:

      There was never a “States of America Confederation”. Read the “Articles of Confederation”. Written in 1777, adopted in 1781. It clearly states “1. The Stile of this Confederacy shall be “The United States of America.”” It was the first document declaring the 13 American Colonies as “States”, united as one nation. The Articles of Confederation were superseded by “The Constitution for the united States of America”, ratified in 1788. Everything else you wrote regarding a connection between the original Articles document and the Civil War Confederacy is erroneous.
      As to “State Law”. After the original 13 States became the United States, other territories petitioned to join. One criteria was the adoption of a State Constitution that reflects how the State government will run. Most are mirrors of the US Constitution. As you’ve said, some States have laws others do not. But, none have laws or Amendments that conflict with the US Constitution. Federal Courts are created by Legislation of the US Congress.
      Now, this is where that Federalism comes in. States may create their own courts, as their constitutions allow. See how that works?
      No such thing as “Military Common Law”.
      Military Tribunals. In the United States, military tribunals are to try ENEMY combatants during wartime, separate from criminal or civil courts. Universal Code of Military Justice has no affiliation to federal courts. However, under 28 U.S.C. § 1259, the Supreme Court has the power to review a case, and recommend a retrial if all other appeals are exhausted in the military court system.
      I guess those things you remember seem to reveal an underlying truth of how our government is.
      Personally, I think reading the Constitution is a good start. Then, any or all of the books by Dr. Edwin Viera, Jr. A brilliant scholar.
      And, of course, watch the videos Alexandra posts.

    • Steve, Jimmy Carter didn’t become President until 1977, & he signed the “Bill” that created the Dept. of Education in 1979.
      This is why Mark & myself know these things about the Articles of the Confederation & The Constitution that followed.

  • Another interesting tidbit, General Lee statue that was taken down September 2021, in Richmond Virginia, was orchestrated for negotiations, as to events pertaining to these events playing out today, with the Vatican & the Crown.
    There were documents hidden under the pedestal of Lee, in a metal box.
    anyone who cares to watch the unveiling of the contents, Live, it is fascinating, Robert Sepehr website:
    Atlantean Gardens .org
    Title: Legend of the Amorites (17 minutes in)

    • Article VI is what caused the Civil War, the South was Moonlighting with England & France, they were Trading with Cotton.
      Article VI, No State, without the consent of the United States in Congress assembled, shall send any embassy to, or receive any from, or enter into any conference, agreement, alliance or treaty with any King, Prince or State;
      The Civil War was a Trade War, as all wars are.
      The South was making a ton of money on cotton with their trade agreement with England & France, which is why the North started heavily putting Tariffs on the South. This is why the “Crown” came to the aid of the South.
      Slavery was only an illusion, it was already coming to an end. Thomas Jefferson outlawed African Slave Trade importation in 1808.
      President Lincoln used the “Perpetual Union between the States” as his leverage. That’s why the North was called “The Union.”
      Tsar Alexander II, came to the aid of North because he was not endowed to the banking system, which is why Russia paid a heavy price in the Red Terror Bolshevik, 52 years later.

  • This secret trump emancipation ending the vatiCON IRS penury scam once run from queen lizardbreath and the crown corp. Now that ends with all in bankruptcy justly so for it would never end if not for this coming crash. The gold and most of the stolen wealth is sequestered repo’ed ready to back new US notes the old debt based system is on it’s death bed. The real question will the crooked ass .gov be allowed to oversee the new monetary system given their scheming and scamming business model and looting the current system to the point of collapse . The elite losers would see it all end rather than hand it over to the new owners and slither off back to their dungeons and dragons wurldcrapt utopian hellhole.

  • Hi Alexandra – me again…are you starting to see the difference being a U.S. Citizen (foreign political status/franchise) and American State National (owner operator)?

    The unpleasant truth is that the Civil War was never ended by any peace process, so the Northern Army simply settled in and occupied our country.

    You can look all day for many days on end, and all you will find are the documents surrendering Lee’s Army, and three public proclamations (establishing a contract) by President Andrew Johnson declaring “peace on the land”.

    You can see that the Army of Occupation and later Presidents didn’t honor that contract.

    What then transpired was a roll call of evils, most of which required the Army of Occupation to impersonate us — that is, to pretend to be us, in order to control us.

    They substituted British Territorial State-of-State organizations for our American State-of-State businesses.

    They substituted their military districts for our counties and held “District Assemblies” from then until now.

    They substituted their corporation elections for our public elections.

    The British Government took full advantage of this situation and has worked under a Cloak of Secrecy about this ever since.

    So how did the British Camel get its nose into our tent again?

    They were never far away. After the Revolution, as part of the peace process, they obtained certain concessions. Brits were allowed to stay in this country and keep their private property under the terms of The Residence Act.

    The British Territorial Government got juicy contracts to provide governmental services, especially military services.

    The British King remained our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways (commerce).

    This same British Territorial Government headquartered in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (look it up if you don’t believe me) fought with the Northern States-of-States in the Civil War, and took over owing to the bankruptcy of those organizations in 1863 (Confederation = Business Units – Military parlance = Company…yup our military is a commercial corporation).

    So now, instead of an American controlled Army of Occupation, we’ve had to contend with a British Territorial Army of Occupation.

    It has been this way ever since. – and not just here, the Brits have done this everywhere…its called Raj.

    This is how “President” George Herbert Walker Bush and Henry Kissinger and General Colin Powell could all accept an office and titles and emoluments from a foreign government and serve as Knights of Her Royal Highness Elizabeth II. Remember when they were Knighted?

  • Because there were two sides to the “Civil War” there could only be one side that the “Crown” (Britain) helped, that was the South.
    It was Tsar Alexander II (Russia) that came to the aid of President Lincoln.
    This should explain WW I….

  • Incredible! Henceforth it is suggested that we have the gold to back an honest system of currency to rally a true economy!? What a charming bit of eye opening information! Thanks, you’ve just “made my millimium”!!!

  • The part that gets glossed over in the footage of Biden claiming he got the prosecutor of Burisma fired is this: When Biden told them to fire the guy, they said…paraphrasing…who are you, you’re not the President, you can’t make that decision. Then Biden told them, “Call him,” obviously meaning that Obama backed the threat to deny the loan if the prosecutor wasn’t fired. So Obama was complicit. Well, sonofabitch! No one’s noticing that for some reason, or at least not commenting it . Why?

    • Margaret+Treis,


      And nobody noticed,
      that Obama had been
      chosen, groomed and
      installed by Soviet-
      connected agents.

      Won’t try and post that
      evidence here—as the
      article is far too EX-
      PLOSIVE to do so.



      Regarding Obama’s
      social life while
      Illinois senator, find
      info on his gay buddy,
      Lawrence Sinclair
      (( there’s a book )).

      • Dear JungianINTP
        If what you mean by “Soviet-connected agents” is “CIA prodigy / progeny / protégé”, yeah, everybody knows that.

        How cute, Alexandra, having the A.I. bots talking to each other. Do you know how you can tell Artificial Intelligence (cyber or human, trained on one LLM or another – like books and government propaganda in the case of humans) from Actual Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence never comes up with any ORIGINAL IDEAS, much less ORIGINAL SOLUTIONS; of course they can’t because if original ideas and solutions were already extant (where bots and humans with artificial intelligence could ingest them, then they wouldn’t be original, would they?

        Which reminds me, Alexandra: whatever happened to my very long comment (which referenced the Scientific Progress substack) that was in response to a Benny Show video? I can no longer locate that video, either.

        {To refresh your memory, Alexandra, my comment started by calling Benny a Trump shill and discussed how the “white hats” (like Trump and apparently so many others supposedly “on our side”) are just the other team in the Freemason Super Bowl “good vs evil, showdown for worldwide superiority” bs.}

  • It’s a conspiracy to control the out come of American elections. Let the evidence be shown to the citizens so they will know the truth. Stop the DOJ attempts to manipulate the outcome too. Very infuriating.

  • There WERE NO Planes of Gold taken from Vatican,
    Come on wasn’t born yesterday.
    Rothschild family agent started The Federal Reserve Private bank,,
    Do you honestly think Rothschild would let his gold be Taken ???
    And I have a bew cellphone since April of 2023 , I watched the Video,
    It’s an Illusion that Trump walked in front of the Queen by camera angles.
    The Queen was proud to walk with Trump , the clue is At 1 point Queen walks behind Trump , and Queen’s Body language clearly indicates she was Doing What most women love to do, Showing off the man ,
    The Queen’s body language screams look at How Big IF a Man Trump is , me the queen can fit perfectly behind Trump a not be seen , big guy Trump is what queen was thinking and doing and just wanted to , Remember queen was a Taurus Sun sign , Trump is A Gemini,
    Don’t believe it , go watch the video again.

  • The genetic British uppity attitude aside, Hayes, herself a native Englander speaks with an air of integrity and authority. It almost seems like more hope porn except Hayes has an apparently impeccable track record.

    This much we can take to the bank – the neocons & Commiecrats have managed to destroy America’s good name and reputation world wide, bankrupted national government with the misuse of force and very nearly managed to subjugate the American people with the CCP way of administering national health policy.

    They’ve turned Russia, a natural ally, against us and caused the reunification with their former ally China by the abuse of the Ukraine, costing that nation dearly and achieving the exact opposite of their stated objectives. Meanwhile they sold off the national strategic oil reserve to China! These people are not that stupid, it is deliberate!

    It’s interesting to note that the 100th birthday of the neocon’s architect Henry Kissinger was observed yesterday. He was also mentor to Klaus Schwab and likely a hidden guiding hand behind the birth of the WEF. Kissinger’s and Z-big’s policies have led to all the American wars of aggression in the later half of the 20th century allegedly as counter moves against global communism which is now organizing, mobilizing against us, portraying us as the 21st century fascist (banker) warring monster. I would remind that both men were David Rockefeller plants in the USG!

    As much as I’d like to take comfort in Hayes’ encouraging words, it does not yet appear that the slow wheels of justice will even survive the approaching storm cloud of swift destruction of American peace.

    The ageless principle of sowing and reaping comes to mind here. Would it not have been better that America had sown peace among the nations?

  • Alexandra, I speak for many when I say I am grateful to you for this uplifting, critically informative interview/news. I knew that Trump had all records of that obviously rigged election; and now elated to hear this good woman reveal the details on international media..

  • We’ll see how this plays out. But my firm position is that I respect none of these politicians and their meddlers based on what I have seen and heard in 50+ years. They’re all crooks and liars based on their personal motivations. Remember, Trump is the one that takes ownership for the death COVID jab. Take listen to the Australia hearings with big phama representatives….the jab KILLS. And to this day, Trump still pushes these death vaccines.

    Its all a ruse to confuse us and steer us into their new plan. When there are politicians and their cronies being sent to prison and clawback of their wealth, you might have a believer in me. But nothing happens in DC or at the State level….these immoral and corrupt leaders have continue to abuse the Rule of Law and have no accountability for their actions.

    Words are words, nothing more. I want action. And if that means that I and my ilk take to the street to round up these lying thieving bastards….so be it.

    • @ dogismyth

      Thank you for mentioning the big, nasty elephant in the room nobody wants to see. Like you said, it is all smoke and mirror, continuously bamboozling the gullible public who is desperately holding on that something good is on the horizon. Nobody is coming to help or save the salt people on this planet. It’s a damn tragedy that this has been going on for thousands of years all over the world. Hang in there, we are in for a long and painful roller coaster ride! Keep a close eye on WEF & Co. May the true people on this Earth survive the unfolding clash and unavoidable Super NOVA which is around the corner.

      • By supernova, are you perhaps referring to the micro-nova, as described by Ben Davidson of “Suspicious observers”? Everyone should seriously consider checking out his channel on YT. It appears that all the signs are that a 12K year cycle, a repeating pattern of catastrophic disaster caused by a galactic phenomena interacting w/ the Sun’s atmosphere to cause a “micro nova” is due (or overdue) and seems likely to occur within the next two decades. The science, although suppressed, appears well established and there would seem little doubt that “the elites” are thoroughly aware of all of this. Which would easily explain the rash and disparate measures taken lately to exercise world control, etc.

        • Dear Nikk (so is there a special algorithm that makes up these bots’ names?)

          Since you mentioned the 12,000 year cycle, you might want to look up Doug Vogt and his website; he’s kinda “source” of the theory (although others had previously come to a similar conclusion).

          I likewise concluded that an impending worldwide cataclysm is driving “the ones who want to believe that they are ‘in charge'” to their current bouts of insane behavior, stocking years of rations in their Deep Underground Military Bases and attempting to kill off the rest of us (to lessen the chances of having their applecart upset by “the uninvited”).

          If we do get the micronova on schedule, here’s how I see it playing out: all life on the side of the planet facing the sun (when the effects of the micronova arrive) gets extinguished and all water gets vaporized; the vaporized water turns to rain and snow, and the North and South polar regions get inundated with snow/ice many many miles thick; when the poles get heavy enough, centrifugal force pulls them to the equator, and the survivors try to pick up the pieces.

          (If this IS how the effects of the micronovas play out, that would mean that any ancient structures aligned according to existing directions (N,S,E,W) can’t be older than 12,000 years, andalso that whatever is under the Antarctic ice, is.

    • It’s said when you see a big smokescreen, look to see what else is going on under that cover. I would say it’s the CBDC being sneaked in inexorably. By the time Biden is impeached, if he is, we will all be safely enslaved.

    • Because they have no other present hope. The courts and the military have shown themselves to be corrupt by their refusal to take their constitutional roles. The msm is corrupt to the core, reporting only lies and keeping much of the populace ignorant, ignoring its constitutional role. The election was clearly stolen by corrupt officials, use of the covid psyop, and foreign interference (not Russian). No one will even look at it, although they all know. The people are up against the wall and they know Trump did some good things and because he’s all they’ve got left they’re overlooking or rationalizing the bad and holding on for dear life. What they’ve forgotten, or don’t know how to do, or aren’t organized to do, is that under our Constitution, the people are given the last responsibility when everything else fails. Well, it has failed. Now what?

      • Unfortunately what you say is so true. Many want to place their hope in something and go on living uninterrupted. Times change and it seems to me we are entering a new positive phase of life. Since our recent industrial revolutions (oil, tech, pharma) we have come a long way in an a phenomenal short period of time, relative to our ancestors. The problems we face now, and in the recent past, are symbolic of this fast transition without proper oversight, accountability and compassion. Put simply, the last 120 years or so have been a sh#t show, like a fast moving train that requires you to be skilled to jump aboard if you want to be a part of the process.

        But I believe in the evolutionary process which is so much more distinct in this period because of our intelligence and developing spirituality. So being smart, strong, rational and understanding can be the primary characterstics to survival for yourself and your children. Sometimes that means learning a lesson the hard way like myself. People must have hope in themselves and those they interact with, not leaders/politicians who are chosen by the people to get the people’s work done. They are under contract and must abide by our wishes. Time to play hard ball for awhile, that’s all.

  • Great information. It was good to see Dr. Jan try to educate an obvious left-wing, close-minded liberal to facts which they seem to be highly allergic. You can just see their impenetrable force field come up whenever anyone tries to educate them, totally blockign out any truth/facts. Excellent video. Thank you.

  • “650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican Bank!” is difficult to fathom.
    Big US Military planes can carry over 100,000 pounds — that’s 100,000 x 16oz/lb x $2,000/ounce = $3.2 Trillion per plane in Gold. But let’s assume the planes were average/smaller and pallets & packaging, etc. — $1Trillion per plane. That’s $650 Trillion in Gold!
    WHY did the Vatican give up so much Gold to the US – ?
    HOW did it come to be that the Vatican owed the US so much money in Gold?

    • I don’t think the Vatican owed the US. It’s that governments and large institutions seem to store their gold in other countries. The NY Fed hosts the gold reserves of other countries.

      • Ever heard of Fort Knox?

        Why store our gold in some foreign country half way around the world?

        Are we that stupid?

        • The Money at / in supposedly Fort Knox is not there in my opinion.
          I lucky enough to see 1 of the ONLY Tours for reporters with cameras at Fort Knox in 1973,
          Granted I was 7 years old,
          But what Tipped me off the Gold was GONE ,
          A reporter asked to Test The Gold,
          and Was Told No Way , We won’t allow testing of gold…
          I knew then it scammed years ago before the Tour.

    • This story makes no sense. I don’t think we had gold stored in the Vatican bank that we repatriated. I think it constituted payments under the known secret treaties that require us to issue money to the Vatican and the “Crown,” ie the infamous London financial district/Bank of England. These treaties were more likely what was being rebuked with the gold taken back, but I think it involved some sort of cabal faction transfer/coup rather than a patriotic American clawback.
      No 650 military planes entered and left Rome without notice. Maybe they stealth-transported a bit on 650 less noticeable planes under plainclothes guard and strict secrecy, but a large scale military evacuation of gold from the Vatican is ridiculous.

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