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Author and screenwriter, Mark Groubert joins Eric Hunley of America’s Untold Stories to talk about the CIA’s zest for family recruitment and to ask why do so many offspring and relatives of the members of the intelligence community end up in show business, sports, the political world and the arts? And what is their agenda?

The question becomes particularly pertinent when we look at the maternal side of President Barack Obama’s family, the Dunhams. I’ve cued-up the video to the 44-minute mark and transcribed everything below.





Eric Hunley: Let’s talk about that fine, fine family, that we all want to discuss and definitely –

Mark Groubert: Which family is that? I mean they’ve got you’re talking about –

Eric Hunley: This family. (Shows him this photo). This beautiful family, here:

Mark Groubert: The Dunham-Soetoro-Obama family. I mean, there’s a lot of names. On the left, you’ll see Ann Dunham and Ann Dunham is wearing a blazer. On the right shoulder are the initials to a Jesuit Catholic school in – I swear to God – are the initials for a Jesuit private school in Beirut, Lebanon, where this photo is taken, because the man in the middle is her father, the grandfather to Barack Obama, who is a CIA operative at the Beirut Station, where this is taken with the grandmother of Barack Obama, sitting next to him –

Eric Hunley: – and by the way, this was in the time that Beirut was considered the “Paris of the Middle East”.

Mark Groubert: Right. Absolutely. The woman on the right, Madeleine Dunham will end up running the escrow account, out of the Bank of Hawaii and Honolulu that the CIA used as a private slush fund for dictators, like Marcos in the Philippines and Sukarno in Indonesia and Hussein in a place called Iraq. She will handle, privately, that money being funneled through that bank.

The woman on the left will become the Marilyn Murett of the ’70s, ’60s and ’70s – Ann Dunham. She will – just so you know, apparently, they used a lot of anthropologists. Anthropologists later became the go-to profession for the intelligence agencies, because –

Eric Hunley: How about archaeologists?

Mark Groubert:  – uh, archaeologists too. In fact, one of the teachers that Obama had at the private school in Hawaii was the model for Indiana Jones! One of his teachers at that school, so I mean, when Indiana Jones is your teacher, I mean, I guess anything’s possible, you know.

Eric Hunley:  There you go. And Indiana Jones, of course was what he was: anti-Nazi. And what was the CIA built for? It was because of – oh my God! So it’s a loop. It’s it’s like an OODA Loop

Mark Groubert: Ann Dunham becomes involved in the sham marriages, first, to Operation Air Africa, it was called. They brought over 282 Africans from various nations, because we wanted to have the future leaders of Africa during the Cold War, when we were battling the Soviets in Africa.

So, from Kenya, comes a Barack Senior, who comes to the University in Hawaii and an organization called the East-West Foundation, which was a CIA front at the University of Hawaii, where she and Barack Senior are, of course studying Russian together – as many innocent people do (laughs).

Eric Hunley: You’ve established that!

Mark Groubert: Right, so the two of them meet studying Russian, which is where every Love Bird meets, you know? We always meet at Russian class.

Eric Hunley: Of course!

Mark Groubert: They’re at the East-West Institute at the University of Hawaii – so by the way, Hawaii is just completely – what my recent research indicates – is completely Spooksville. I mean, everything involved, the more I dig into Hawaii, the more it seems like it’s a complete CIA state.

Mark Chapman coming out of there, a lot of MK ULTRA stuff coming out of Hawaii. Apparently, they’ve been doing stuff in Hawaii for years that you and I are not privy to. But Dunham meets –

Eric Hunley: That kind of makes sense, though, doesn’t it? I mean, the CIA is all out of World War II. I mean, Hawaii is out of World War II –

Mark Groubert: Pearl Harbor starts World War II. So anyway, so that’s, I guess the grandmother on the right and his mother on the left and little Barack in the middle. So, Barack Senior comes from Kenya, leaves a wife who’s pregnant at the time, comes to Hawaii and marries this woman and impregnates her with Barack. He then goes to Harvard, hooks up with a Jewish woman, marries her, also and takes her back to Kenya, so that’s like he’s got three wives in two years simultaneously.

Eric Hunley: Is he a bigamist or did he manage to divorce her?

Mark Groubert: There’s some overlapping things here. I don’t know what happens. The one in Kenya, the one in Harvard goes back to him. He’s kind of kicked out of Harvard, because the parents begin to write to the Dean of Harvard, that this guy is having sex with their daughters and impregnating them. The parents – not connected, separate parents – write to the Dean, saying, “This guy is impregnating our daughters,” so he’s unceremoniously, quietly sent back to Kenya and he takes one of the students with him as yet his third wife back there and Barack Senior was the underling to a guy named Mboya and Mboya was the next in line to become the head of Kenya.

Tom Mboya was the one who arranged the airlift of Barack Senior to come to the University of Hawaii. Mboya was part of the same tribe as Barack Obama Senior. Mboya is assassinated and then there’s an assassination attempt on Barack Senior in Kenya. He later dies in a drunken car crash into a rubber tree, himself; becomes an alcoholic and and drives himself into a tree.

But the operation that the CIA put together was to battle the Soviets throughout Africa that was why they brought over 280 African students. It wasn’t because they liked them, it was, “these are going to be the future leaders of Africa”, you know, which is what the airlift was about.

It was funded by the Joseph P Kennedy foundation, by the way. Kind of All Roads Lead to Kennedy Oddity Number 71. He supplies the money, they bring him over there, Barack Senior goes back.

Now Ann Dunham goes back to the East-West Institute…so he’s born. I don’t even know how to explain this except to tell you she meets a guy named Lolo Soetoro at the East-West institute in Hawaii…So Barry Soetoro is the stepchild of Lolo Soetoro.

And you say, “Well, Mark who is Lolo Soetoro?” Lolo Soetoro goes to the East-West-Institute at the University of Hawaii to learn Russian, like everyone does.

Eric Hunley: Because, everybody does!

Mark Groubert: Everybody goes there. So he shows up and he…now meets Ann Dunham and of course, immediately marries her, as things have it and Lolo Soetoro is a colonel to a guy named Suharto who is a general in Sukarno’s military in Indonesia…Sukarno is like the Nassar of Indonesia. He’s a nationalist who’s playing both sides of the coin. He’s the first democratically-elected leader of Indonesia Sukarno is not a strong man, he’s a nationalist. He’s duly-elected, he’s trying to find a middle ground to navigate between the Chinese – Communist Chinese who have infiltrated – not infiltrated – there’s millions of Chinese, native Chinese who live in Indonesia, the Soviets, who have infiltrated into Indonesia and us, who are in Indonesia.

So we are backing Sukarno. Sukarno seems to be slipping away from us, so there’s a couple of coups. They’re not really well done. Eisenhower F*s up. These coups fail. An American pilot named Pope gets shot down. It’s revealed that Pope is CIA. He’s shot down. We’re bombing some of the outer islands with CIA military planes.

So, Pope gets caught, we have to pull back the funding and we realize that we have to take down Sukarno. And the guy that we want to take down Sukarno is a guy named Suharto. Suharto, his Number One henchman is this guy, Lolo Soetoro. Where is Lolo Soetoro? Lolo Soetoro is in Hawaii learning Russian with Ann Dunham. You can’t make this up. This is absolutely fact.

He now has to go back to Indonesia and help Suharto overthrow Sukarno, which he does, in one of the bloodiest coups in the history of the world. 1.5 million native Chinese are butchered to death, in the result of this coup against the Communist insurgents and the Communist supporters, the PKI, which is a Communist Party of Indonesia.

When Suharto takes over with the help of of Barry Soetoro’s stepfather, he is involved in one of the biggest mass murders in the history of any coup, possibly to Pol Pot and the Cambodians. There’s estimates that 2.5 million Indonesian Chinese were were butchered to death. They’re still digging up mass graves in Indonesia to this day.

They drove the Communist Chinese out of Indonesia, which is what the CIA wanted, with the help of Lolo Soetoro, who was a colonel. And Suharto, who became the bloody strongman of Indonesia and did our bidding and that sealed Indonesia into the Capitalist, US sphere of influence, never to return.

The Soviets pulled out. Soviets bailed out when Sukarno was still in power. They saw the handwriting on the wall but the Chinese were starting to help them build nuclear reactors and supply – possibly – nuclear weapons to the Indonesian government, so it was a a country that was in play at the time. Very rarely is it commented upon, because of the debacle.

And the reason it’s important is Obama, as President refused to mention Indonesia; didn’t want to mention it at all. And a man went village-to-village with a group and when Obama was running for President, he went with a group through the villages and threatened them, saying, “Do not talk to the media!” and that was a guy named John Brennan, who later became the head of the CIA for Obama.

When he goes to Occidental College in LA – Occidental College is a CIA recruiting college where dozens and dozens of CIA operatives have come out of Occidental, here in Los Angeles. He then transfers to Columbia University, which is where, I think this looks like Upper Central Park, here, if my New York roots indicate that I still remember.

That’s his grandmother and grandfather. He takes uh an intern job at a organization called BIC, which is a CIA front organization in New York, which is called Business International Corporation when he’s at Columbia and he’s an editor of a magazine there for them and that’s a CIA operation to spread international propaganda around the world and he is part, in the early ’80s of a little-known CIA program called Operation Looking Glass and Operation Looking Glass is about developing young talent at the college level to become CIA operatives, which he is part of, obviously, based on what we now know.
Eric Hunley: Unbelievable.
Mark Groubert: Yeah, there’s a lot to this. There’s a lot to Operation Looking Glass, which is very rarely explored but you could see that his road is being paved, put it that way.
Eric Hunley: Wow.

Mark Groubert: He’s now taken, at the age of six, he’s taken by his mother, Ann Dunham back to Indonesia, where he’s put into a madrasa and they give him a Indonesian Soebarkah last name so he can become an Indonesian citizen. And I think the whole thing about his birth certificate was not about Birther or anything about that, it was about this adoption by Soetoro, this legal adoption of him, which had to happen for him to go to an Indonesian school, based on Indonesian law. He had to be adopted there was no way out of it.

Eric Hunley: The whole scheme might not have been to disprove where he was born it was to force him to show who he’s related to.

Mark Groubert: Exactly and Soetoro adopted him and they – I don’t think if this has ever been acknowledged – and they add this name Soebarkah as an Indonesian name to show that he is now an Indonesian national – you can’t have dual citizenship, according to Indonesian law, even to this day. So he is an American Citizen, however, to become a student in the madrasa in Indonesia, he needs to be adopted and given Indonesian citizenship, which is what this name indicated, that Soetoro had adopted him as his stepson.
Eric Hunley: Wow.
Mark Groubert: So, this is now another marriage by his mother. The reason this is important and getting back to his mother: his mother goes village to village as a quote-unquote “anthropologist” to find out who the Communists are in the village, so they can be executed. That’s where the blood is on is the hands of his mother. She’s not a hippie chick from Berkeley. She’s not a Dead Head, she’s not anything like that.

This woman used her anthropology training – as did Margaret Mead, by the way, by her own admission – she used it to find out in the villages what the political beliefs were of different villages. That’s the information the CIA needed so that Suharto could execute his enemies, once he seized power with the coup. And those enemies added up to closely 2 million Chinese Indonesians.

Eric Hunley: Good Lord.

Mark Groubert: Yeah. She then she then goes to Pakistan in the ’80s and does the same thing when the Soviets start going into Afghanistan, she goes to Lahore and takes Obama with her in ’81, I think and and it’s the same time the Soviets are invading Afghanistan, so she is everywhere where the action is, her entire career. Country-by-country-by-country, she’s everywhere. She’s an operative. That’s what she’s doing, you know.

The dirty politics is using the anthropology to find out the politics of the villagers. That’s where the blood is on the hands of the family of Obama and he refuses to acknowledge any activity about his mother during that time period, other than that she was an anthropologist and you know, going through these villages, which is far from true.

This coup is one of the most underreported American-backed CIA coups in American history, with the highest body count of any coup in American history, the coup in Indonesia, of replacing Sukarno with Suharto, very rarely discussed.

Eric Hunley: Well, that’s a lot to chew on and it’s no wonder he could withstand the scorn of the other famous family, the Clintons. I’m guessing that the Clintons ties are more organized crime, whereas the Obama ties are more CIA-ridden.

Mark Groubert: Interestingly enough, Suharto gave $1 million to the Clinton campaign in 1992 through backdoor legal campaign contributions to Bill Clinton, so there is some connection to the Clinton administration through Indonesia.

Eric Hunley: All right and a question from Viva Frei: “A lot of this information is some that you cannot independently verify. How do you defend yourself against accusations of being a conspiracy theorist?”

Mark Groubert: Well, there’s books on the subject, I don’t know if I’m a conspiracy theorist or not. I mean, Wayne Madsen has written a wonderful book called, ‘The Making of the President’ about the history of the Obamas. There’s a number of books on these subjects. I mean, I’m not just winging it, here. I mean that’s the thing. It’s quite a bit.
Eric Hunley: …how in the world is this not, like talked about so much more, you know? They managed to somehow get this weird buzz, like it’s this weird “conspiracy” odd thing but it’s like, you look at it, it’s like, “No, that was the front page of The New York Times,” John Marks is a legitimate reporter, in book after book – and it’s like, no, it’s all there and that’s, I guess what is it if you want to hide history, put it in books?
Mark Groubert: Yeah, I mean, it’s in books, I mean the books are footnoted. You missed plenty of bibliographies, there’s plenty of footnotes, plenty of documents. Just like Tom O’Neill’s book. When you look at chaos and you see the incredible amount of documents that O’Neill has come up with, I mean, obviously, it took him 20 years, you know it’s insane that a guy would dedicate his life to that but that’s what it takes, Eric. I mean, that book’s a masterpiece of documentation, you know.

If you hadn’t read ‘CHAOS’ and a guy like Tom O’Neill came on your show and just started talking about what he’d uncovered, you might say he’s a “Tin Foil Conspiracy Theorist”, you know. But he’s got everything documented, everything footnoted. It’s a marvelous book and you know, hopefully, they’ll make a documentary out of it. Maybe it’ll be easier, because these documentaries seem to be the Cliff Notes versions of books today. And you can’t read the book, which is 600 pages, so you’ll watch an hour documentary on HBO, I guess, maybe you’ll get the information….

But when you see an Alex Gibney making a hatchet job documentary on Julian Assange, I mean, what is the truth? Is Gibney the truth? Or is the truth about Assange what Glenn Greenwald tells us is the truth about Assange, a guy who was with him? So, who should I believe? Alex Gibney or or Glenn Greenwald about Julian Assange, a guy who’s been locked away in England now with no charges for years, you know, ostensibly a political prisoner.

Eric Hunley: True. I’m going to circle back to the Indiana Jones reference and when we’re talking about all the material out there, it’s voluminous, actually and if you remember the end of ‘Raiders the Lost Ark’, where they hid the Ark of the Covenant in like a giant-ass government facility amongst miles of boxes. That’s kind of what we’re looking, at here and why Tom O’Neill has to spend 20 years, because a lot of it is sort of being hidden, I think in plain sight. It’s all out there but it’s buried, it’s obscure, it’s odd.

I mean, books have fallen out of print. I mean, you’re showing up to connect.

Mark Groubert: It takes a long time to connect these dots. I mean, Mark Lane was called a nut, you know, “He’s a conspiracy nut,” when he first came out with his stuff. Now, he looks like the smartest guy in the room for having come up with debunking the Magic Bullet Theory and a lot of the other Kennedy stuff. It’s now accepted as fact, you know.

They move the goal post all the time, Eric you know they have a thing called the “Limited Hangout”. The CIA, where they’ll, you know, they’ll give in, that “OK, you got me there but you don’t have me here,” you know. They’ll throw you a bone, saying “Yes, we agree that happened. We agree, now what? Now we got to come up with another theory, move the goal post.”

Eric Hunley: I think this is why – I’m i just thought of this right now – this is why it’s so critical that they’re cracking down on everybody on Twitter, Youtube and things like that, because the internet does enable everybody to index this material, because a lot of it is a matter of, you know, John Mark’s writing about MK ULTRA had to have a team of researchers going through all the many thousands of pages to dig this out.

Well, if that’s all scanned, OCR and put into databases, you can be running AI inquiries or Machine Learning inquiries and extrapolating information so much quicker, plus you can disseminate it to a lot of people, so maybe you know, that’s part of the strategy is censorship.

Mark Groubert: It’s maybe the only strategy – and it’s not just part of the strategy it is the only strategy that they can come up with, is out-and-out censorship. There is no other way to combat it, other than removing the stuff from the internet, down a rabbit hole or gatekeepers.

Think about the gatekeepers think about the guy I just mentioned to you, Chris Milligan at Trine Day Books: gatekeeper. Who’s the gatekeeper of the internet? Nobody. Nobody!

Who’s the gatekeeper at CBS News? There’s a guy at CBS News whose brother worked for Ben [Rhodes]…who worked for Obama. His brother was the head of CBS News. They have gatekeepers who are tied to the administration.

Eric Hunley: Sharyl Attkisson wrote about it…

Mark Groubert: But if you’re not getting your news from CBS anymore now, what do they do? What do they do? I mean, there’s no gatekeeper, so all you can do is censor it, pull down the video. I mean, it’s brute force but it’s better than having you and your friends go through all these documents and talking to people like me all day, you know! Something’s got to give. You can’t have this go on anymore, Eric!

Eric Hunley: On that note, Everybody, this has been a fantastic fire hose. I encourage everybody to watch it six times, take notes, get back to us later. And you know what, please tell everybody, not only does it help us get the word out, get the views up, get people here but hey, let’s get eyeballs before they take it down.

Mark Groubert: Right. Seriously. Right, good point. Next time, Sirhan.

Eric Hunley: That’s right. Next time is going to be Sirhan Sirhan – and oh, my God, you think this is interesting, we’re only getting started.

Mark Groubert: Right we’re just scratching the surface.

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  • Absolutely the most penetrating internet team Hunley and Groubert I have ever come across. My subscription will not carry significant financial help, I wish it could. Why are so many of the treasonous so rich and the intelligent so poor?

  • Julia Child’s or husband was connected to CIA! I think you went to her University Alexandra, so are YOu CIA, with your old videos, only kidding, love You, JOEY

  • We have KNOWN, since 2012, that Barry was CIA!! We’ve KNOWN….SINCE 2012, that his mother, and her parents, were CIA!!!
    HOW did we KNOW this, SINCE 2012?? SIMPLE……thanks to the Documentary, by Joel Gilbert, entitled….’DREAMS OF MY REAL FATHER’. Note the OPERATIVE WORD here…..’REAL’.
    This is what Mark gets completely WRONG! Barry’s REAL daddy is Frank Marshal Davis Jr.; a pretty well-known Radical Commie, back in the day. The documentary lays it all out, for ALL to see.
    Barack Obama (Sr……the ONLY Barack Obama!!), was just a Patsy; a FAKE BACK STORY cooked up by the CIA, for Ann! Barry was NOT born in Hawaii; NOR IN KENYA…..he was BORN IN WASHINGTON STATE! Even Malik Obama, has stated, a few times, that Barry was of NO RELATION/was NOT HIS (half) BROTHER!!
    Again, this was ALLLL gone over, in Joel Gilbert’s doc, ELEVEN YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!
    And I really with that people would STOP calling him, ‘Obama’; HIS NAME IS BARRY DAVIS……SON of FRANK MARSHAL DAVIS JR.!!!!!! I DARE ANYONE to WATCH that documentary, and tell me anything different!!

  • Guyz, Thnx!
    Plenty I knew & much I did not – Keep it coming loves. The pub needs to be in the know.

    Blessings ~

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