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  • Why aren’t the citizen there demanding where are the missing children? Why haven’t the parents come out to look for their children? I have found that so odd and strange. Are there any children missing at all??? Are we being lied to again? Seems they are more concern about their land being taken away from them than the missing children. No parents or parent have been interviewed not even once since the fire happen. Why? All these children are suppose to be missing but yet no one is investigating, looking, putting out posters of the missing children, nothing. I havents seen any parents putting out pictures or posters of their child or children on tv, in the media nothing. What is really going on? I’ll ask again, are their actually any children missing at all and are we being lied to about the so called missing kids??? Something is very fishy here and I don’t like it. I have a lot of questions here. Do the children even exist? I think people need to start questioning if there are any missing. Or we are all being made a fool of here and lied to. Something is not right here.

    • I agree. The problem is censorship and only sneak peeks that slide by without being noticed. Last thing the people who did this want is for anyone to gain undue empathy by inviting the parents of the dead children to speak. This was no accidental or normal fire.

  • This in indeed an act of war, even if our own government against its people. These globalists will be brought to Justice, if not in this world, the next

  • Where is the source of this video? The video is taken by people speaking Tagalog ( normally in the Philippines) but the burnt person has corn rows which is usually a black hair style. There are black people in Philippines or by chance the black person zapped was first photographed by Filipinos in a black area. Do you have more of these videos?

    • The source on Bitchute turned off comments but the bodies look exactly like the dog that was flash-charred on Front Street:

      And yes, I know they’re speaking Tagalog. Hawaii is the only US state with an Asian plurality and the majority of Asian immigrants in Hawaii are Filipino, so this looked legit to me. It looks like Front Street.

        • Check this out:

          This man was just in Maui for 2 weeks and he says that most of the people in Lahaina were Filipino and other Asian immigrants, many now having fled to their native countries but still, he says most of those who remain in Lahaina are, quoting directly: “They’re Filipino, they’re Asian they’re Japanese, they’re Hispanic, they’re Hawaiian…for the most part they’re not the traditional American, so they don’t speak English.”

          He refers to the bodies in the video above, saying these people were either teenagers or in their early 20s, which he says is very concerning, because the Police Chief/Coroner, just reduced the death count to 97 and that virtually everyone on that list was past retirement age. He wants to know why these young people who were flash-carbonized are not on the list?

          The host of this podcast, Michelle says there were reports of bodies that were pulled out of the ocean that were frozen the same way, while they were swimming.

          They’re calling on scientists who could help analyze this flash-carbonized toad, that was frozen in mid-leap, that he sifted out of the ash.

      • The carcass of the dog is surrounded by what I assume to be bodily fluids, just as the human bodies are, literally desiccated, and apparently instantly. Many times, humans naturally burned draw up into a “fetal position”; both the human and the canine didn’t have time to, they were carbonized as they fell, apparently.

  • Triangulation Needs Sentries
    To locate DEW offenders, like at Maui, California & 911,
    you need Sentries for Triangulations.
    Sentries are cheap and easy to quickly deploy.
    3 cheap sensors installed on the outskirts of Denver
    could continually scan for outburst of
    MW, IR, Visible, and Ionizing Radiation.
    Instant response can eliminate the offenders.
    Ground based systems are billions of $$ cheaper than space based systems.

    Here’s an explanation of cheap Tracking hardware to steer the response.
    Arduino and Servos: How to Make a Laser Turret with XOD 13 minutes

    It is also cheap for pesky mosquitoes. 😏
    Photonic Fence Anti-Mosquito Laser System

  • This was no “Wildfire”, this was almost atomic heat. The last time I saw corpses like this was in Hiroshima after the Atomic bomb. Also, notice that both cars are missing their steering wheels, which contain a circular 1/2″ to 5/8″ steel core. I’ve seen hundreds of cars burned by arson and garage fires, and have never seen missing steering wheel cores, or aluminum-alloy wheels melted and running down the asphalt like mercury. If China done this to Maui, is this not an Act of War?

  • Your tax paying dollars hard at work providing carbon free solutions for an overpopulated underclass being relocated to the dustbin and recycled into green fertilizer or sheet rock or cement filler for roadways endless uses for cheap . Never let a crisis go to waste so Cleanup on sector 9.
    No hiding it now if the aliens did it we would be at war but this was just a civil action to reclaim some land needing an upgrade to future world standards as decreed by the soulless demigods who’s claim is that the Earth belongs to them . Just more “move bitch get out the way ” imminent domain .gov services as in you’ve been served. This was an act of war not a GOD damn wildfire.

    • The US govt hard at work coercing its citizens on the dangers of “global warming“. They have many tools in their military arsenal to bring their citizens to bear. So deplorable what certain people ( if I may call them that) believe that it is their right to do this to innocents…

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