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by Greg Reese

It would take hours to go over all of the evidence to prove that the attack on September 11th, 2001 was an inside job and I suggest you look into it, if you haven’t already.

But to simplify the situation, all you need to do is look at Building 7.

What some people still don’t realize is that there were three buildings that fell into their own footprint that day; three buildings that fell at freefall speed, indistinguishable from controlled demolitions, because that’s exactly what they were.

As the towers came crashing down, we can see the signatures of a controlled demolition.

The official story is that Building 7, known as 7 World Trade Center caught fire as a result of debris from the Twin Towers, which somehow caused a critical internal column to break, causing a cascading failure and collapse.

And if this nonsensical official narrative were true, it would make it the first and only steel skyscraper in the world to collapse from fires.

The building’s owner, Larry Silverstein took control of the Twin Towers just weeks before 9/11 and had them insured to cover terrorist attacks.

After Building 7 collapsed, Silverstein told the media that the decision was made to “Pull it,” suggesting that the building was collapsed on purpose.

This implies that they somehow rigged the explosives that afternoon, while the building was still burning, which is ridiculous.

And so, the media dismissed his comments and changed their story.

There were several witnesses who reported hearing and feeling the type of explosions one would expect from a controlled demolition.

The BBC reported, live on air that the building already collapsed before it did. Television viewers could see it in the background, still standing.

And the investigation never even investigated for explosives.

The Republican White House then signed into law the Patriot Act, which allowed the next Democrat White House to target US civilians, as if they were domestic terrorists.

And they amended the Defense Authorization Act, which allowed the next Republican White House to experiment on the American People with deadly gene therapy and nanotech vaccines.

The same people who did 9/11 are pulling off the Climate Hoax and the deadly COVID shots.

They run both parties of our government.

Many have forgotten and it’s time to wake up.

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  • “Climate Hoax”?
    The Undesigned Universe – Peter Ward
    “ . . . it is these ocean state changes that are
    1:02:28 correlated with the great disasters of the past impact can cause extinction but
    1:02:35 it did so in our past only wants[once] that we can tell whereas this has happened over
    1:02:40 and over and over again we have fifteen evidences times of mass extinction in the past 500 million years
    1:02:48 so the implications for the implications the implications of the carbon dioxide is really dangerous if you heat your
    1:02:55 planet sufficiently to cause your Arctic to melt if you cause the temperature
    1:03:01 gradient between your tropics and your Arctic to be reduced you risk going back
    1:03:07 to a state that produces these hydrogen sulfide pulses . . . “

  • ” planes were flown into buildings on 9/11.”?
    ” . . . videos not fake, but somethings about the planes were fake . . . “?

    “September 11: planes that hit WTC were not Boeing 767s . . .
    Pilots for 9/11 Truth, an international organization of pilots and aviation professionals, has pointed out that, according to the manufacturer, the Boeing 767 develops structural failure and dismembers at a speed surpassing 660 km/h when flying at near sea level in thick air. This has also been certified by a former senior NASA executive, Dwain Deets. ”?

    “13 Witness Reactions to the Planes on 9/11”

    “examination of the option
    23:27 trading leading up to September 11th reveals that there was an unusually high level of put buying this finding is
    23:33 consistent with informed investors having traded options in advance of the attacks in detecting abnormal trading
    23:41 activities in option markets researchers at the University of Zurich used econometrics methods to confirm unusual
    23:47 put option activity on the stocks of key Airlines bank and reinsurers in the weeks prior to
    23:52 9/11 and in was their abnormal trading in the S&P 500 index options prior to . . . “

    “As I was running, parked cars were blowing up and some were on fire, the street was cracking a bit as well.” ?

    “9/11 CNN Pentagon Report – NO PLANE – Only Aired Once
    00:00 actually was bob franken with and
    00:01 eyewitness who said it appeared that
    00:03 that Boeing 757 the American jet
    00:06 American Airlines jet landed short of
    00:09 the Pentagon can you give us any better
    00:12 idea of how much of the plane actually
    00:13 impacted the building you know it might
    00:16 have appeared that way but from my
    00:18 close-up inspection there’s no evidence
    00:20 of a plane having crashed anywhere near
    00:22 the Pentagon the only site is the actual
    00:26 side of the building that’s crashed in
    00:27 and as I said the only pieces left
    00:30 that you can see are small enough that
    00:32 you could pick up in your hand there are
    00:34 no large tail sections wing sections a
    00:37 fuselage nothing like that anywhere
    00:39 around which would indicate that the
    00:41 entire plane crashed into the side of
    00:43 the Pentagon and then caused the side to
    00:46 collapse now even though if you look at
    00:47 the pictures of the Pentagon you see
    00:49 that the floors have all collapsed that
    00:51 didn’t happen immediately
    00:52 it wasn’t until almost about 45 minutes
    00:55 later that the structure was weakened “
    It was available about 3 years ago!
    Now: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.”

    “ . . . out of the 4000 Israelis believed to have worked in and around the WTC and the Pentagon only FIVE died. 5/4000 Israelis. Statistically, with no forewarning about 10% (ie 400 of 4000) would have died; a toll as low as 200-300/4000 would not convincingly indicate foreknowledge. But only FIVE Israelis died and two of the five were aboard the allegedly hijacked flights; thus only three Israelis died in the WTC itself on 9/11. NB – this applies to Israeli nationals, NOT American Jews. Many Jews died in the WTC on 9/11.”

    “In this poignant half-hour interview, Peter Michael Ketcham tells his story of discovering that the organization where he had worked for 14 years had deliberately suppressed the truth about the most pivotal event of the 21st century. “

  • Judy Wood, “Where Did The Towers Go?” Direct energy weapons were also used. That’s why the pile of rubble was only 30 feet high.

  • Which in turn triggered the already planned USG attack on 7 nations in 5 years none of which would benefit the American people, so why did they attempt to follow through on all but one of them, Iran.

    Who benefited? When you answer that question, you have identified who was the foreign and domestic secret brain trust behind 911. It’s elementary, Watson.

  • Barry and April both had ringside seats during the attacks and payed for the crime of not ShuttingTFU . This one was NISTed out of view and media downplayed all the footage of bomb explosion witnesses which could have stopped the senseless bloodshed from the faggotty Bush family. Wired bld. 7 proves the towers were planned events . The pentagon coverup was the masterpiece 8 million cameras and all the Sgt. Shultz eyewitnesses who are experts at blowing shit the f*ck up but didn’t see nothing resembling an airplane on camera incoming . Sneaking out the tarp covered missile and looking at the hole in the ring was all you needed to know . Blowing up your own men to start a war and blaming it on underwear bomber cavemen was something the CIA/mossad are famous for and cheney still gets to jerk off to.

    • Well said!!!! Yes the patriot act was used as an experiment. BUSH TRAITOR. Shortly after 9-11 I was put on a terrorist watchlist by the FBI!!! They told me a guy called them and said I have bombs. Being a 20 yr old stoner, I said are u sure he didn’t say bong? And the lady agent laughed and said ” yeah this was definitely a waste of time, you do not fit any profile” and the male agent said ” we do have to put you on a list for 13 years however, but it’s no big deal, I can’t see you blowing anything up”. We were all laughing like it was a joke. But then I found out Im a paycheck. Taxpayer’s paid for all that surveillance of me doing nothing, u know? But dems and republican are handled by the same people at the end of the day. You’re the product they make their living off of. Patriot act proves that. They also sell yo ass for medical purposes. In the 90s Prozac and Ritalin for everyone!

      • Not sure how you made it on the list though it reminds me of G00gle / Apple tracking users activities and put them on list based on their sh*tty algorithm and location tracking.
        For example, if you are on normal g00gle phone and keep browsing about conspiracy theories, g00gle automatically puts you on the list, then you could get into trouble as soon as feds contact g00gle.
        -or if you just happened to be nearby the crime scene, they can also put you on watch list (iPhone is now even worse, because it can track your location by using bluetooth meshnetwork even with the device off).

  • If you look at the footage of buildings 1, 2 and 7, you will see that their demise is quite different. While 1 and 2 are very similar in their demise which looks very dissimilar to being demolished (“pulled”), building 7 looks closest to being demolished (by explosives). But if you look to evidence that was left after the demise of all seven buildings and if you look at their surroundings, there is only one conclusion, and that is, that none of the buildings met its demise by explosions, fires, incendiaries (termite), vaporization, nukes or any other publicly known kinetic or thermal means. People who survived inside stairway in the building 1 weren’t burned or exploded, they weren’t deafened or blinded, they weren’t even struck by any falling debris of half a million ton building. The dust cloud was even cooler than surrounding air. There was no significant seismic measurement of 10 Titanic equivalent weight falling down in free-fall for buildings1 and 2, or 5 Titanic equivalent weight for building 7. There was no P and S seismic waves measured for any of the buildings. So … the wast majority of the buildings 1 and 2 didn’t even reach the ground, not even as falling peaces, … they fell while turning to dust mid-air. And building 7 was an empty shell after several hours of preparation by “fuming” its content (insides) up into air, that is why its “fall” resembles vaguely a controlled demolition.

    Watch this well made and argumented presentation of evidence:

    If you look through the eyes of above linked video’s logic, than you can see that focusing public’s mind on the “inside job” mantra by the “truth movement” and focusing people’s eyes on building 7’s appearance as if it had been demolished – “pulled” as Silverstein openly suggests – is simply a continuation of cherry picking of the evidence available to fit main goal of the project of containment of the masses by the “truth movers and shakers”. Goal being: keep the masses away from realizing there was a new technology used that day.

    The video linked above claims at the end that we have witnessed new weapons technology with which I agree, but disagree with the logical fallacy that it is evidence for “free energy” technology. I think that it works on the principle of vibrational retardation of atoms by establishing a field that prevents atoms from being “fed” by their environment as they normally continuously have to be to remain existing. This new (Aether) field disruptive technology prevents atoms from maintaining their “normal” internal coherence and after establishment of this field -which I would guess is one layer below E/M field – might not even be very energetically demanding to maintain, but there is no “free” energy gained by “starvation” of atoms.

    “They” don’t just run both parties, they also run international financial system, the old and dilapidated fiat-money system and the new and shiny alternative crypto-web3-tokenized-programable funny-money scheme. And of course they also run all the media, MSM and the so called alternative media. Which includes Greg Reese and his machinations.

      • “ . . . many of the top fire people know exactly what’s going on when
        6:47 you don’t see the forest burn but yet houses are and some of these materials don’t burn you have to ask your question
        6:53 you know what is going on here and many of the fire captains and other workers have said we’ve never seen fires like
        7:00 this or the fires were so hot we couldn’t even get close to them to put them out and they were also very hard to
        7:07 put out “ ?

        um yeah here’s a Jeep I guess fires don’t do this the whole Hood it got so hot the
        metal the metal Hood melted out that’s pushing 2750 degrees and the rims have
        melted out in the street what kept the aluminum melting five feet from the Jeep there’s no firewood there there’s no
        flames on the on the asphalt yet it keeps flowing uh they’re completely gutted Windows
        Wheels this is common every fire after Mass I’ve gone to
        I want to see this is impossible uh but the food Two Fire captains I know of they say they’ve never seen vehicles in
        their whole career like this uh windows are never melted they might break they don’t even sag they break or
        shatter or fall out but they don’t melt that’s 2500 degrees and and up they
        start to melt at 25 but to get them to really flow and fall down you know you’re gonna add another 100 degrees or
        more um so what could do that you don’t have enough fuel in this Jeep and I don’t
        mean gasoline I mean the fuels the Plastics the seats the cushions all that isn’t enough to get this kind of burn
        and they always say that there’s just no way this could happen not every single car I’ve seen in seven years no

    • “ . . .  under a fully-functional CBDC system, these 98 percent or so of all transactions would be digital and would require similar energy and hardware costs to those currently incurred by Bitcoin.  That is, instead of the 144TWh per year used by Bitcoin, CBDCs would consume some 7,056TWh – more than three times the UK’s total 2019 energy consumption of 2,185TWh…  In an increasingly energy-constrained global economy, it should – but likely won’t – be clear that programmable CBDCs are a non-starter… a solution looking for a problem to solve indeed! “ ?

  • Its no longer about “who did 911”. Thanks to stupid, naive americans, we are in this present condition because of ignorant people. There is no going back, AND there is no evidence AND no witnesses. They are dead or paid off. So what’s an inquiring mind to do?

    Here was my response from another site.

    What good is it to know the truth if one is unable to do anything about it? It was a horrible event that shocked many but the many are/were so gullible. Look at where we are today and you begin to understand why 911 perpetrators will never be discovered and punished. Events like 9-11 should be annual reminders of how easy it is for the US gov mafia and its affiliates to destroy and murder throughout the world. Each year a tally should be made on the deaths directly related to the US gov and its affiliates. For the world, I can assure you it is much more than 3,000/day. Much much higher.

    About 3000 people died that day. And my bet is “they” are killing 3000++ a day and have been for decades. War, famine, fraud, pharmaceuticals, poisoned foods, chemical-laced air and water, upside down bodily nutritional requirements. misapporpriation of funds, phony research, drug wars, drug entrepeneurs, race-baiting, uninformed medical testing………..

    the list is endless and so is the death. I realize what happened on 9-11 and am still angry to this day that the perpetrators were not revealed. But more importantly, we are now witnessing a Slavic genocide by the khazars quasi-jews and supported by THE US CONGRESS. Where is the outrage? Is this not worse than 9-11. We the people are so easy to manipulate and intimidate that they are releasing all their evil upon us. And what of the blatant criminal killing of those on Maui? Is there not enough evidence for you lazy, ignorant and gutless americans to see who the terrorists and killers are? They stand before you everyday and feed you bullsh#t and propaganda. We know they are liars. We know they are killers. The US gov and State gov….all of them including the judges…need to be dealt with in the same way they deal with us. You want the truth, you must fight for the truth.

    We should be creating one helluva ruckus on 9-11, and for one fucking day or better yet a week, in the year, we should be bring fear and trepidation to those evil leaders, liars and murderers that continue to practice their evil on innocent souls.

    What does it take for you to become engaged??

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