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    Last February, we saw the tip of the Deep State’s narcotics trafficking iceberg and the shocking infiltration of the Sinaloa drug cartel into US politics and other US institutions, when we were presented with overwhelming evidence that many Arizona politicians have been corrupted by Sinaloa drug cartel money, including Governor Katie Hobbs, who was found, together with her husband to have been laundering Sinaloa Cartel money through fake deeds and mortgages since 1997 and as recently as September 2022.

    Other elected and appointed officials found to possess these falsified real estate deeds include US Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, the entire city government of Mesa AZ, 3 of the 5 members of Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors, several judges, plus two of the principals at Runbeck Election Services.

    These preliminary findings of a years-long investigation were entered into the public record on February 23rd during the jaw-dropping testimony by Jaqueline Breger before the Arizona State Senate and House Joint Committee on Election Oversight, entitled “Preliminary Findings of Activities Impacting Arizona’s Election Integrity with Specific Focus on the 2020 and 2022 General Elections”.

    Shortly after Breger’s bombshell testimony before the Arizona State Congress (at the invitation of Liz Harris), the Deep State went ballistic, smearing everyone involved. On April 12, 2023, Harris was expelled from the legislature by a 46–13 vote for damaging “the integrity of the House.”

    Insurance agent, Jacqueline Breger is the lead investigator of John Thaler’s law firm’s investigation into multi-state racketeering and corruption that has uncovered the complete infiltration of parts of the US Government by the Sinaloa Cartel (which in turn, is controlled by the CIA) – and which, don’t forget – was founded in 1947 after World War II with the help of Nazi spy chief, Lieutenant General Reinhard Gehlen, who also helped to found West Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service.

    Drug- and human trafficking have been the lifeblood of the Deep State for centuries. Since the fall of the Third Reich, underground Nazi operations worldwide have been funded with Bolivian cocaine via former Gestapo chief, Klaus Barbie and Pablo Escobar.

    Just as importantly, cocaine, heroin and other drugs were weaponized to destroy America. It could be said that the Nazis are the founders of the same illicit international cocaine trade that has morphed into this leviathan that is now perched to devour our country whole, with over 100,000 Americans dying annually from fentanyl poisoning, as we send hundreds of billions of US taxpayer money to finance the Nazis in Ukraine and as the Canadian Parliament gives standing ovations to a former officer of the Nazi Waffen-SS.

    L Todd Wood at Creative Destruction Media writes:

    “Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau apologized for honoring a veteran of the SS division ‘Galichyna’ in parliament during President Zelensky’s visit to the country. He called what happened a “monstrous insult” to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and other victims of Nazism. “However, this “terrible mistake” is politicized by Russia and those who support it, and is used to spread false propaganda,” noted the Canadian Prime Minister.

    “Perhaps Trudeau should tell the truth – that thousands of Ukrainian Nazis were relocated to Canada after WWII. Perhaps he should name them and ask them to leave.

    “Perhaps Trudeau should start with his own cabinet and ask for the resignation of the woman who has openly supported Ukrainian nationalist demonstrations in Canada, the woman who froze grandma’s bank accounts for supporting the truckers. The woman who’s last name is adopted, and a Nazi slogan from West Ukraine…’Free the Land’…otherwise known as Galichyna.”

    America has its own Nazis. Rumors abound that former CIA Director, George Bush’s Zapata oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico were used as drop-offs, where vast quantities of cocaine were then shipped into the US in petroleum tankers during the 1980s, fueling the crack epidemic – and let’s not forget that Bush was the first US Envoy to Communist China, where he initiated the coordinated demolition of US manufacturing. Bonus points for him being implicated in the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

    The Bush Cabal is still trying to destroy Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, even though he was acquitted of all 16 bogus charges in their attempt to impeach him.

    Nazi war criminals became high ranking commanders in NATO after World War II and the World Economic Forum are a bunch of literally, Nazis. Klaus Schwab, whose father was managing director of a Nazi model company involved in the Nazi atomic bomb program joined a CIA-funded course at Harvard in 1967, leading to the creation of the World Economic Forum.

    Are you getting the sense that we haven’t been told the true history of the 20th century?

    Big Pharma is Nazi and the COVID Pandemic and Death Shot appear to be a botched Nazi Holocaust of the entire human race.

    As I’ve said, we’ve been lied to about so much – about how to even see and understand things – down the most fundamental physics that describes our universe, that once this war is over, it will take humanity at least a century to dig out of our own misguided cognitive maps of reality and of how anything works.

    You can’t understand your present unless you understand your past and it really looks like we have all been at the effect of a clandestine, criminal, Nazi World Order since the end of World War II and that one of the forms this is taking is in the Mexican drug cartels’ control of swathes of the US Government.

    The Sinaloa Cartel has hacked into Arizona government databases, so they can delete documents and add forged documents, at will. Jacqueline Breger said several hundred such falsified documents had been uploaded since 2015, including falsified default judgements, criminal restitution orders, child support orders, all of these used in “swatting” activities on individuals posing a threat to their racketeering activities.

    These are not street gang drug peddler tactics, these are intelligence agency tactics that remind me of the claims of the late US Senate candidate for Maryland, Jon McGreevey, who said that the late DNC employee, Seth Rich had unknowingly stumbled onto a similar scheme being run by corrupt Federal officials operating out of the Baltimore office of the DOJ under Rod Rosenstein.

    McGreevey claimed this Baltimore group had been tampering and altering the DNC’s emails throughout the course of the Obama administration, in order to control its members. They had also been getting dirt or manufacturing and planting dirt against Title 3 judges and they had been spying on Hillary’s private server “almost as soon as it went live,” he said.

    This story also ties in with the claims of Patrick Byrne, who has been a government informant and impromptu agent for decades and who claims that he was sent out to bribe Hillary Clinton with $18 million so that James Comey and John Brennan and Barack Obama could blackmail her while she was in office.

    Jon McGreevey said Rod Rosenstein hired a couple of crooked DEA and ATF operatives (not MS-13, as often claimed) to murder Seth Rich and to take his thumb drive containing the DNC server data that they knew he always carried on his person, because he feared his DNC email breach would reveal this blackmail operation. Seth Rich’s murder had nothing to do with WikiLeaks, as far as McGreevey knew.

    The Sinaloa Cartel has similarly penetrated the University of Arizona databases and they can make someone appear to have taken courses they didn’t take, they can award academic credentials to people, creating, for example fake attorneys and fake doctors. They can also award academic credentials to non-existent “phantom” people, in order to flesh out their fake identities. These phantom identities are then used in these money-laundering schemes.

    It has been purported by Sidney Powell and others that the millions of illegal migrants spilling over our border will be used to “backfill” Democrat digital vote fraud operations, past, present and future.

    This information dovetails with the claims of Mike Gill, Founder of The Mortgage Specialists, Inc, who says that the headquarters of the Deep State’s drug-trafficking, pedophilia and money-laundering operation are in New Hampshire.

    A longtime personal friend of mine, who does not want to be identified, who’s a retired Special Operations Marine Captain has a friend who’s a DEA agent who’s about to retire, who tells him that there is currently a secret war being waged in Mexico, between the CIA and the Sinaloa Cartel.

    The former has been controlling the latter and has been working to consolidate the other Mexican drug cartels underneath them but now, they’ve decided they want to replace the Sinaloa Cartel and put the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel in charge, instead.

    This may be part of the reason why we’re now starting to hear about the Sinaloa Cartel’s infiltration of large swathes of the US Government.

    It appears that Mexican President Obrador is on the side of the Sinaloa Cartel and that China is, as well, which may result in Chinese troops fighting CIA forces in Mexico, which the DEA agent tells my friend is a distinct possibility.

    My friend believes that many of the military-aged men coming across the border are being trained, armed and, in many cases, housed on US military bases by the Deep State to eventually go to war against US Citizens. That’s why they’re not making the illegals take the Death Shot.

    This DEA agent also tells my friend that Donald Trump is a figure very much like the character played by James Spader in the TV series, The Blacklist. He describes Trump as a super spy who has infiltrated crime networks throughout his adult life and it’s been widely rumored that Trump was an FBI informant who helped them take down the Cosa Nostra on the East Coast. Maybe Trump really means it when he says that he will “Obliterate the Deep State”.

    We can hope – and pray…

    California Senator Dianne Feinstein passed away this morning and BioClandestine wrote the most appropriate obituary that I’ve seen yet:

    Why is anyone honoring Feinstein?

    She was one of the most corrupt politicians in America. She employed a Chinese spy for 20+ years. She served as Senator for 31 years, and what did she accomplish?

    Thank her for her service? She served no one but herself and her donors.

    Her net worth is $220 million. That she stole. From you. Via insider trading and money laundering. All the while she allowed California, and her District of San Francisco, to turn into a drug-infested 2SLGBTQIA+ homeless zombie apocalypse.

    When we talk about “establishment politicians”, she’s at the top of the damn list. She’s been a Senator for 31 years, and under her watch, America has turned into a shithole. Not only did she let it happen, but her Left-wing policies made it a possibility. She played a significant role in destroying California and this nation with open border policies and woke insanity.

    So spare me with all the “Rest in Peace”. She was one of the main reasons we are in the position we are in today. She destroyed America and I wish her no blessings in whatever afterlife she faces.

    And before anyone says this is partisan, I feel the same way about McCain, and any other Deep State traitorous rat who bites the dust.

    The Deep State is neither Republican nor Democrat. The Obamas and the Clintons – and Dianne Feinstein – are all part of the same Bush/Nazi Deep State Cabal.

    That’s why you’ll never see Donald Trump standing next to these guys any time soon!

    Former CIA contractor, Tore Maras had some interesting words this morning.

    The war is hardly over, however chinks are already appearing in their armor. As reported by CNN, the DOJ has indicted Smartmatic for rigging an election in the Philippines and Patrick Byrne says he’s involved in the background of this case and he says that this indictment means that “They are done.”

    He says that all of the mainstream media articles are making this story about money-laundering, while overlooking that the money-laundering was payment for the election tampering.

    A US Prosecutor in Florida brought this case because a US bank was used to make money transfers in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). He then left the DOJ and he’s now working on Patrick Byrne’s legal team!

    Patrick says that this is the most important breach in the opponent’s defense since they stole the election on November 3rd, 2020, because the Department of Justice and an American grand jury has looked at this and said, ‘Yes, elections are riggable with these machines and Smartmatic did it.”

    The same Smartmatic operating system is used in the voting machines produced by Hart InterCivic, ES&S and Dominion. The question then becomes, “Why did Fox pay?

    Because, Patrick says, “Fox is dirty. I think you’re going to see Fox get sold and that great big payment that was made is actually part of stuff going on – you’re going to see Fox sold. I believe…to State Street – same company that bought Dominion! Huh! Wouldn’t it be funny, if State Street buys Fox? Would that start making any sense to you?”

    Patrick then directly addressed the military and the DOJ:

    “Every part of the American government, you should be going in and telling your boss that, given these developments, you have misgivings, that you need guidance, that you need legal guidance – flood the zone! Flood your Internal Affairs guys, flood your legal departments, professional responsibility, ask them for advice…We need you, from within to flood the zone up. And if you all do it at once, they can’t fire you all. You can start today, knowing that you’re right.”

    And now, it’s time for your Moment of Zen.

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    • Excellent.This is reality.Thank you and forever be blessed.America is being destroyed within with the help of our government.

    • Very familiar with the Fourth Reich theory. From NATO to NASA to the CIA to the World Economic Forum there is ample evidence of it everywhere. Jim Marrs lays it out nicely in his book The Rise of the Fourth Reich. But let’s not forget the irony of all ironies today–just how closely the (downlow) Nazis and the Khazarian mafia are working hand in hand to destroy the world as we know it…

    • Alexandra EXCELLENT VIDEO. I agree with everything you presented. I am glad you joined the AMP group your website is so much easier to maneuver. Mahaho 💗🥰❤️💞🍍🌺🤙

    • So illegal aliens are being imported to U.S. military bases and being trained? Any military staff seeing that and keeping mum are also out and out criminals in participation.

    • While the lions share of Nazi’s fled to Argentina, Uruguay and Antarctica, the allies conducted weak Nuremburg trials mainly to assuage a public looking for blood. They only hung just over 20 people and called it a day. NOW, the 4th Reich is very real and upon us. When you speak about the truth of our history, especially WWII and the Nazi’s, it is noteworthy to say that they gave up Germany to infiltrate the entire world. If we are to save and then heal this world, we need to finish the job that was NOT done after WWII.

    • When you say “Nazi” don’t forget the Zio-Nazi branch of the family. Everywhere you turn over a rock you can find some branch of the Old Silk Road trading groups, international banksters, who may front as any religion, but a particularly noxious in-your-face group all like to cluster around wearing the same black fedoras and black suit uniforms, mendacious smiles beneath their scraggly gray beards. Chabad has plenty of wolves in sheep’s cloth.
      If you can’t say or indite Israel …or the Pilgrim’s Society still running the Hidden Brit Empire…you are limited hangout.
      What’s left? Turn to the fictional JC? Another oligarch creation for the bleeding masses. Forged books, priests living in palaces the rubes tithe to them.
      What is up with this VR world we navigate?
      If you look at the reports from many coming back from NDEs, they tell us this world is a Movie Set, a school play for kids to learn to grow a spine, form up past being sentimental programmed mush-heads, trawling for Likes and the immediate indulging of robotic instinctual longings, led around on leashes pushed through their “smart” phones and TV.
      Everything born will die; civilizations all run down into cow plop.
      The sun runs on galactic electrical pulsations and circuits, timed out at 12,000, 6,000, and lesser harmonics. Our civilizational software is corrupt, full of malware. Out of date.
      The majority are ….disappointing to say the least.
      We are due for a Reset, …to reformat the hard drive.
      Just remember: it’s a Movie. No souls were killed during the making of this Movie.

    • Alexandra, I just want to say, “WOW! You really nailed this one! This is some great work you did in laying this all out here. I am 60 and I have been interested in this topic since my early college days in ROTC and studying history, PoliSci and National Security studies from the 1980s when I took tbe “red pill”, through the early 2000s when Itook the “black pill” after 9-11 and went to work in the private sector until retired. I’ve had conversations with and listened to many retired generals and colonels whom I worked with in think tanks, universities etc who have all said similar to this for decades (“on the down low” and in hush tones). Between what you presented here; and the works of Whitney Webb, Dr Joseph Farrell, and others I’ve known as mentioned, you nailed it. 👏 I m retired and have resided in AZ for the past 4 years so this hits home as it is real and personal to me! Thank you!

    • Don’t be fooled by Trump! He works for the Kazarian Mafia, he pushes the death jab he’s no better than the rest of the scumbags in Washington D.C.
      He represents a different power group, a constant power struggle between these globalists.
      There are no saviors…we the people must take charge and overthrow the pigs in power. This is our only hope…
      What a great news feed Alexandria! Incredible information…well done!

    • Alexandria hits the ball outa the park!

      All this is fall out from SECRET GOVERNMENT!

      Without much specificity here, make no mistake about it, all secret societies are religious societies, secret religious societies because they all share some kind of unscientific belief in secret otherworldly knowledge. They are all cults by definition and in every case of which I am aware they are occultic. That is, they are trafficking in the supernatural, dealing in the forbidden crafts for the purpose of taking unfair advantage and controlling their neighbors. I will name some well known modern secret societies that have penetrated deeply into our institutions; Skull & Bones, aka 322, aka Brotherhood of Death. Wolf & Key and Book of Snake are competing knock offs. The very names of these societies should tell everyone what the nature of these secret cults are all up to – all of them!

      WWII German Naziism was plugged into the same Golden Dawn cult as the British Golden Dawn and in the beginning of the Third Reich, the British “Royals” were on board with Hitler. Bet you didn’t know this. Why?

      In the case of Skull & Bones, it was brought from Germany, a hot bed for religious cults in central Europe in the eighteenth century, by William Huntington Russell. He and his cofounders were of certain warmongering stock left over from the American war for independence. I can hardly omit Freemasonry here, because by now everybody with their heads above terrafirma knows that the nations founding father Geo Washington was a Freemason. While American Freemasonry can arguably be said that it was not as far down the occutic rat hole as it’s British and French versions, it nevertheless played a role in that war and the founding of the American nation to boot! Freemasonry too, is a form of Egyptian occultic construction, with links going all the way back to ancient Babylon. I’m not trying to flesh this all out here, only stressing with limited propositions that they are all occultic! That is religious, though they laughlingly deny this even to themselves, it seems! That is, they link to the oldest pagan religion in the world begun by Semiramis, the amazing legendary wife of Nimrod. Nearly all occult religions began there!

      The Hebrew scriptures and legends of the fathers confim it and the Kabbala appears to be a Hebrew adaptation of it which seems to have been one leg of Freemasonry.

      Beware of secret anything, because it always means somebody is trying to pull the wool over somebody else for the purpose of doing them!

      • Spot on. I share very much the same interest and knowledge of what you’ve commented on. I also wrote a comment to Alexandra here saying she hit this one out of the park. Good work!

    • We are definitely having an enemy who is systematically working on destroying America. Why? That is even a bigger question than who.

      That enemy was able to print our currency, and became very wealthy. That wealth was used to buy everything…government, media, judges…

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