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Here is the jaw-dropping presentation on February 23, 2022 by Jaqueline Breger at the Arizona State Senate Elections and House Municipal and Elections Oversight Joint Committee entitled “Preliminary Findings of Activities Impacting Arizona’s Election Integrity with Specific Focus on the 2020 and 2022 General Elections”. Breger is the owner of a Farmers Insurance Agency and the lead investigator for Harris/Thaler Law Corporation for an investigation concerning multi-state racketeering and corruption that has uncovered the complete infiltration of parts of the US Government by the Sinaloa Cartel (which, in turn, is controlled by the CIA).

Governor Katie Hobbs and her husband have been found to be laundering Sinaloa cartel money through fake deeds and mortgages. Other names on the list include Senator Kirsten Sinema, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, Adrian Fontes, everyone in Mesa, Arizona (Mayor, City Attorney, cops, etc) 3 of 5 Maricopa County Board of Supervisors members, the COO and the President of Runbeck Election Services, assorted judges.

Here is the full list of elected and appointed officials with falsified deeds:

Breger testifies that the Sinaloa Cartel has hacked into Arizona government databases, so they can delete documents and add forged documents at will. Several hundred such falsified documents have been uploaded since 2015, including falsified default judgements, criminal restitution orders, child support orders, all of these used in “swatting” activities on individuals posing a threat to their racketeering activities.

They have similarly penetrated the University of Arizona system and can make someone appear to have been awarded academic credentials that they don’t, etc.

The first 36 pages are reproduced below. Read the full text of her presentation, with exhibits, including deeds to eleven single-family homes signed by Katie Hobbs and her husband between September 24, 1997 and September 16, 2022, HERE.


Presentation to Senate Committee on Elections and House Committee

on Municipal Oversight and Elections February 23, 2023

Good afternoon Madam Chair and the other members of this committee, My name is Jacqueline Breger.

First off, let me tell you a little about myself – I have a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Honors Degrees in Financial Accounting, Business Statistics, Economics and Business Strategy. I have been a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona since September 1997. I own the Fine-Breger Insurance Agency, an insurance agency representing Farmer’s Insurance. Also, since 2019, I have been the principal investigator for Harris/Thaler Law Corporation for an investigation concerning multi-state racketeering and corruption. John Harris Thaler is the Senior Attorney in charge of investigations. Mr. Thaler has been practicing law for 32 years. His firm specializes in investigating racketeering and corruption for public and private agencies. The firm has participated in some of the largest investigations of racketeering and public corruption in the U.S and cross-border.

With respect to the current matter at hand:

In 2006, the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa investigated the laundering of drug cartel monies through a complex series of single-family home purchases in those states. By 2009, numerous real estate agents, escrow companies and title insurers had been indicted, charged and convicted of racketeering. In 2014, our office was asked to review the case files and to determine whether monies from the sales of the properties had filtered to property purchases in Arizona, specifically in Maricopa and Pima County. We concluded that several real estate agents convicted in Iowa had set up a laundering system in Arizona and thereafter had transferred the proceeds of sales to Panamanian Corporations.

In 2018, Mr. Thaler discovered, incidental to another matter, a series of trust deeds evidencing that cash laundering through single family residences in Arizona was pervasive and ongoing. With that, a new investigation began with the focus being on money laundering and related racketeering activities in Maricopa County and several other Arizona counties. The Harris/Thaler office currently represents several parties directly damaged by the racketeering activities.

The investigation originally focused on fake notarizations, fake deeds of trust, fraudulent buyers and/or sellers of real property transactions as well as the other companies used in real estate transactions, such as real estate brokers, mortgage companies, title and escrow companies, Real Estate Inspection companies, service companies and so on…

Over 120,000 pages of documents have been reviewed to date. And with that review has come evidence of multiple Racketeering Enterprises. They include: narcotics sales, money laundering, tax evasion, payroll theft, bankruptcy fraud, life insurance fraud, auto insurance fraud, bribing of elected and appointed public officials, creating or modifying public records, falsifying professional licenses and related credentials, swatting individuals who pose a threat to these enterprises, and last but not least…. election fraud.

A brief summary of each of these schemes can be found on pages 2 – 10 in your packets.

I am going to share with you that which we have uncovered, how we uncovered it and the conclusions drawn therefrom. I will also share with you how the racketeering enterprises are inextricably intertwined with election fraud. It is important to note that our office has been limited in resources and authority, such as subpoena power. As a result, the conclusions we have reached to date may be just the tip of the iceberg. If requested, our office stands ready to work with the relevant enforcement agencies.

Our preliminary findings were first reported to Governor Doug Ducey in May 2022. Furthermore, Thaler has met with attorneys general in five states, with FBI agents, with the Internal Revenue Service, with the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee and with several U.S. Attorney’s Offices. Currently, there are active and ongoing investigations in federal and state jurisdictions. Both California and New Mexico have already taken corrective action as a result of the Preliminary Report’s findings.

The final report, which will include the election fraud, will be completed shortly and published as a book. This book, entitled “Report to the Governor” will contain approximately 300 pages of narrative and approximately 3,000 pages of evidentiary documents. Excerpts from the book and additional evidence supporting our findings will be available to you and to the public after this hearing on “REPORTTOTHE GOVERNOR.COM.”

The report currently contains 47 separate findings. These are in your packets on page 11-14 Findings relevant to this committee are the following:

1. As I mentioned, beginning in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa in the early 1980’s, cash earned or otherwise collected in the sale of illegal narcotics and from human trafficking activities conducted by the Sinaloan Cartel have been laundered through the purchase of single-family residences.

2. Laundering of cartel monies in Arizona through purchases/sales of single-family residences began in or about 1994 and focused on new construction in San Tan Valley, Litchfield Park, Goodyear and Avondale.

3. Cartel monies mostly come from illicit narcotics sales which include: crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl, as well as from human trafficking.

4. In addition to purchases/sales of single-family residences, cash is laundered through inflated and falsified construction invoices, falsified charitable donations, tuition paid on fake students allegedly attending private trade schools, and falsified bankruptcies.

5. Wells Fargo Bank “bankers” in Arizona and in multiple additional states have engaged in opening checking and direct deposit accounts for “individuals” they knew were phantoms.

6. Resources, including city government officials and agencies in Mesa, Arizona have also been integral to the laundering activities.

7. Since 2010, money laundering has exceeded $7.5 billion in Arizona.

8. In Arizona, laundered cash is used, in part to bribe elected and appointed public officials and support staff.

9. The principal preparers of the documents necessary to effect the racketeering enterprises are Dawna Rae Chavez (age 58), a resident of Mesa, Arizona, and her daughter, Brittany Rae Chavez.

10. To date, more than 10,000 falsified documents have been recorded with the Maricopa County Recorder. We estimate that more than 35,000 warranty deeds/trust deeds evidencing fraudulent transactions exist in the database.

11. The number of falsified notarizations exceeds 15,000.

12. Dawna and Brittany’s participation in racketeering activities also includes facilitation of bribes to public officials, tax evasion, payroll theft, bankruptcy fraud, insurance fraud, and extortion.

13. The City of Mesa is a racketeering organization as that term is defined in 18 U.S.C §1961. To protect the enterprises, civil rights are systemically and systematically violated to preserve racketeering activities. Fines and outrageous cash only bails are used to collect monies which are then skimmed and redirected into the racketeering enterprises.

14. The City of Mesa Police Department operates within it a private police force that is used to support and protect the racketeering enterprises. Officers participating in this force are compensated with monies paid through the phony mortgage scheme and other related schemes.

15. Officers operating within this private force systematically violate 4th Amendment rights by breaking and entering into/onto private property, wiretapping, computer hacking, cell phone hacking, and by using related surveillance techniques without warrant. Officers also plant evidence and hide exculpatory evidence.

16. Multiple state agency databases have been infiltrated or hacked thus allowing falsified documents to be uploaded into them or allowing legitimate documents to be removed. For example: the database for the University of Arizona, Arizona State, And Northern Arizona University have been infiltrated/hacked to a) permit individuals to be given degrees who never attended or graduated from these schools; and b) allow phantom individuals to be awarded degrees thus lending legitimacy to their existence.

17. Further, state licensing databases have been infiltrated or hacked to permit individuals with fake degrees or permit phantom individuals to have state issued licenses. Said licenses include: accounting, real estate (broker and agent), mental health care (Ph.D. and M.F.T) and law (including State Bar membership).

18. The Maricopa County databases for the Recorder’s Office and for the Superior Court, when designed in 2014, were set up for outside infiltration so that falsified documents could be loaded into the database and legitimate documents removed.

19. Since 2015, hundreds of falsified court documents have been loaded into the database. These documents include falsified default judgments, criminal restitution orders and child support orders used in “swatting” activities against individuals posing a threat to the racketeering activities.

20. Since 2004, elections within Pima County and Maricopa County have been manipulated through infiltration of the county databases resulting from bribes paid to executives at election service providers including, but not limited to, principals of Runbeck Election Services.

21. In addition to impacting local elections, bribes and infiltration were used to affect the outcome of the races during the November 3, 2020 election, including the outcome of the race for Maricopa County Recorder, and the outcome of the November 8, 2022 election (race for Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General).

22. Public officials who have received bribes include: a) multiple state office holders (State House/State Senate), local office holders, county supervisors, judges of the Maricopa County Superior Court, judges of several city courts (including two presiding judges), judge’s assistants, prosecutors within certain cities within Maricopa County, prosecutors for Maricopa County, peripheral legal specialists including attorneys, “approved” mental healthcare providers (court appointed advisors) and related specialists.

23. In the Superior Courts for Maricopa County, Pinal County and Pima County, at least 25% of the active judges have accepted bribes in exchange for protecting the racketeering activities. Bribe payments generally begin before the individual is appointed to the bench. Bribes are usually paid as an incentive for the attorney to leave private practice.

24. By way of example: Mesa City Prosecutor Paul Hawkins’ office routinely files charges and convicts innocent individuals who knowingly or unwittingly pose a threat to the racketeering enterprises. With respect to judges in the Mesa City Court, Judges John P. Tatz and Alicia Lawler, preside over these invented cases filed by the City Prosecutor, falsely convicting and sentencing the defendants.

25. In the Maricopa County Superior Court Family Division, child custody evaluators commonly known as “Court Appointed Advisors” routinely accept bribes in exchange for favorable reports. Bribes are often facilitated by the attorneys representing one party.

26. The Maricopa County Recorder’s office has at least five appointments made by Adrian Fontes, the County Recorder from 2017 to 2021, who are phantoms—non-existent “individuals.” Said phantom individuals hold positions related to election services.

27. Further, during that same period, the Office has at least fifteen individuals whose appointments were falsified and thereafter kept hidden from the public during the 2020 election cycle. The appointment documents for all of the above individuals have forged signatures and falsified clerical signatures (tracings from a signature stamp) and dates. Said falsified notarizations were made by Brittany Rae Chavez. Said falsified clerical signature and date were made by Dawna Chavez. I will be sharing examples of this in a few moments.

28. In addition to election fraud, manipulation of the city and county databases includes falsified default judgments, falsified criminal restitution orders, and falsified child support orders. Many of the court documents, including “Orders,” are prepared by Brittany Rae Chavez or Dawna Rae Chavez and contain forged signatures of judges.

That summarizes our primary findings.

Now let me explain…

As I stated earlier, in 2018, Mr. Thaler found trust deeds recorded with the Maricopa County Recorder evidencing money laundering and tax evasion.

The documents were prepared by two individuals, mother and daughter, residing in Mesa, Both had connections to at least one of the real estate agents suspected of setting up the home purchase laundering system in Arizona. These individuals are Dawna Rae Chavez and her daughter Brittany Rae Chavez. Their principal employer was and is the Sinaloan Cartel.

Today we know that their participation in the creation of documents necessary for the criminal enterprises runs more than 25 years and includes facilitating bribes to public officials.

Thaler’s initial discovery included more than 100 fake trust deeds and warranty deeds in Maricopa County wherein either Brittany Chavez or Dawna Chavez executed the document as “buyer” or “seller” and/or notarized the document under an assumed name. At least half the documents purported to be executed by “married” parties.”

The discovery of the falsified deeds led to the discovery of additional racketeering enterprises including, but not limited to insurance fraud, payroll fraud, and bankruptcy fraud.

It also led to the discovery of the extortion schemes already mentioned.

As I have stated, the parameters of our investigation did not originally include election fraud.

It is important to note that The Harris/Thaler office does not represent any political candidates or political parties or political action committees or similar interested organizations or individuals. Mr. Thaler did not vote in the 2020 or 2022 elections or donate to any candidate or party.

In November 2019, Brittany approached Thaler and his colleague, attorney John J. Stanley with a request that they obtain for her WITSEC protection–the federal witness protection program. However, prior to obtaining approval, Brittany was threatened in such a manner that she broke off direct communications with our office. However, she surreptitiously continued to provide evidence concerning the criminal enterprises.

In October 2020, shortly before the November 3, 2020 election, Thaler was provided certain information:

First, was evidence that the Maricopa County computer database had been designed with various back doors allowing outsiders to infiltrate it and to change data.

Second, were the identities of bribe recipients which included elected officials.

And third, on October 26, 2020, Thaler’s team discovered approximately 25,000 falsified ballots being held with a significant sum of cash in a private residence in Mesa, Arizona rented to Dawna Chavez. A Declaration from one of our team members who located and observed the documents and cash is attached in your packet as page no.15 – 16

The investigation into election fraud is not limited to the State of Arizona. However, where Arizona is concerned, a plethora of individuals are implicated in the fraud including elected and appointed officials and Runbeck Election Services, the service provider for Maricopa County. The Maricopa County database has no integrity whatsoever. Let me explain…

I have elected to share our investigation into Katie Hobbs by way of example, but for the purposes of this exercise, I could have selected any of the individuals listed in your packet on page 70:

When our investigation leads to a name of an individual we suspect to be involved, we research their Deeds of Trust recorded with the Maricopa County Recorder’s office. If there are an unusual amount of Deeds of Trust for that individual and if there are Deeds of Trust for the same or similar named individual or with multiple varying middle initials, we dig further. In the case of Katie Hobbs, please refer to pages 17 through 50 of your packet where you will see 11 deeds in the name of Kathleen M Hobbs and Patrick T Goodman. However, when we looked at the deeds in your packet on pages 51 – 64 these have similar names but are also compromised. In some cases, we review Deeds of Trust filed under a spouse, child, parent or business partner(s) depending on the specific circumstance.

When the writings match that of Brittany and or Dawna where we can determine that the notarization is fraudulent and/or the buyer and/or seller’s signatures are fake, we know the Deed of Trust is fraudulent.

Please return your attention to the Deeds in the names of Kathleen M Hobbs and Patrick D. Goodman. We have provided you with the first and signed pages of the deeds. On page 65 is a comparison of JUST the signatures for the buyers of each Deed. This page speaks for itself – there are obviously some significant inconsistencies with the signatures for Kathleen and for Patrick. This is apparent to the naked untrained eye, but has also been verified by Linda Mitchell, our Qualified Forensic Document Expert. Now let’s look at the notaries who signed these deeds.

Again, I provided you with a page of all the notary signatures – page no. 66.

Next to this I have provided you with the references to pages from our Reports from our Qualified Forensic Document Expert where similar writings have been verified as being either Brittany or Dawna’s, or as being graphics or traces of other signatures or having been written by an imposter attempting to copy the original authentic signature. Linda Mitchell’s reports are lengthy, so I will make these reports available for review to anyone who emails me a request. My email is included on the cover of your packets.

On page 67 I have demonstrated other writings found on the deeds, usually numerical by nature. Most of these have been matched with pages from the Forensic Reports indicating the writer is Brittany. Finally. I have provided you with pages 68 and 68 where we delved further into the Title and Mortgage Company indicated on Hobbs Deed 11. As is pretty evident, the writings on the documents filed with the Corporation Commission for these entities is also that of Brittany.

To summarize our findings with regards to Governor Katie Hobbs taking into account just those documents in the name of Kathleen M Hobbs and Patrick D Goodman:

1. There are nine Deeds of Trust in the name of Kathleen M Hobbs and Patrick T Goodman (Husband and Wife) from 1997 to 2021, which essentially means that they either purchased or refinanced a home on average every two to three years. The statistical likelihood of that is improbable, but even more so when 6 of the 9 Deeds of Trust were recorded within the 10 years between 1997 and 2007. The concentration of which are between 2001 and 2005 which was during Ms. Hobbs tenure at “Emerge Arizona”. When researching the documents filed with the Corporation Commission for “Emerge Arizona” we found that these documents evidence hand signing and hand printing that belongs to Brittany and/or Dawna. If one were to guess, Emerge Arizona seems to have been formed as a medium to attract women interested in politics and bribe them through the property scheme to adopt positions of power and/or further the goals and objectives of the Cartel. Presentation to Senate Committee on Elections and House Committee on Municipal Oversight and Elections February 23, 2023

2. Most of these deeds have been fraudulently notarized meaning that one or multiple parties named in the transaction are either not present or do not exist at all.

3. In some, if not all cases, as is evident by page 65 of your packet, Ms. Hobbs and Mr. Goodman’s signatures are clearly inconsistent indicating that the majority of the Deeds were created by another individual attempting to ‘copy’ Hobbs and Goodman’s signatures, particularly on the deeds where the notarization has been found to be fake.

4. We then research The Title Companies and the Mortgage Companies on these Deeds of Trust. Some of these do not or have never existed. Some do not even exist in Arizona. For those that do exist, we discovered that they had documents that were executed by Brittany as in the case of Deed 11 where, as pages 68 and 69 demonstrate, significant similarities in terms of the writings on the documents registered with the Corporation Commission and those documents researched by our QDE which were deemed to have been likely written and/or signed by Brittany and/or Dawna.

So, what can we conclude from these discoveries:

The purpose of having a fake Deed of Trust is to move cash without it being traceable. A phony Mortgage Company providing a phony mortgage is one of the primary methods by which cash is moved invisibly. There are basically only three reasons to create a fake deed of trust:

1. If the buyer does not exist then the mortgage serves as a means of laundering cash received through ill gotten means such as drug sales, or human trafficking

2. If the buyer does exist, as in the case of HOBBS, then the mortgage exists as a method of transferring untraceable cash to Hobbs – for lack of any other explanation, one assumes as a bribe.

3. Even where the person resides in the location listed on the Deed, often we still identify fake signatures and writings on the Deed, which further evidence that the property owner is being bribed.

These conclusions are drawn based on the fact that there are no other explanations for a Deed of Trust to have a fake notarization, phony buyer and/or seller signatures and/or other writings on the documents traceable to Brittany and/or Dawna.

We have identified the various ways both Brittany Rae Chavez and her mother, Dawna Chavez ‘change’ their writing styles in an attempt to vary their signing and hand printing. The volume of documents that we have uncovered has led to a detailed analysis of these variations and allowed us to recognize hand printing and signatures that fall into these various categories. Informally, we refer to these deeds as “BRITTANY DEEDS”.

I can take you through example after example of this exact process and procedure and show you hundreds if not thousands of situations where this is the case. The Candidates/Office holders who we suspect have accepted illegal payments facilitated by Brittany are included in your packets on page 70. These individuals were uncovered utilizing the same research methodology.

Since at least 2004, ballot counts have been tampered with. The county’s current computer database, which was built between 2014-2015, has been, and continues to be infiltrated and hacked. Its architects specifically designed the system with multiple backdoor entry points. These points permit the uploading of falsified documents and the removal of genuine documents from the county court system and from the Recorder’s office. It is known for certain that Brittany has access to at least one back door – we have eyewitness testimony verifying such.

Over the past fifteen years, Brittany has used her access to load falsified judgements and orders, as mentioned previously, into the Superior Court’s database. The fake judgments in Arizona are used to financially damage those that are deemed detrimental to the racketeering enterprises. Since at least 2004 and running through the November 2022 election, Brittany and Dawna are not only preparers of the phony documents, but they have also been facilitating illegal transfers of funds to political candidates and campaigns. Some of the money travels through the phony mortgage scheme; some of the money travels to limited liability companies which includes political action committees.

Beginning in 2017, the access points have been used to change vote totals and thereon, election results. Illegal transfers of funds have also been provided to Robert Runbeck (principal of Runbeck Election Services) and Jeff Ellison (COO, Runbeck Election Services). The phony deeds used in the scheme to move money to candidates are created by Brittany. For-profit and non-profit PACs are also created by Brittany and used to move money to candidates.

During the 2022 election, ballot scanners/printers at 70 precincts suffered changes to their printer settings despite being tested the night before the election. The changes in settings were made through Presentation to Senate Committee on Elections and House Committee on Municipal Oversight and Elections February 23, 2023 computer infiltration, not manually or by some never-before-seen error. The uncountable ballots were placed in “Box 3’s” and allegedly driven to Runbeck for counting.

Witness information provided in October 2020 confirms that more than 100,000 filled in ballots and more than $13 million were identified by Thaler’s investigators in two unmarked rental vans. Those vans were loaded with the ballots and cash at a private residence in Mesa, Arizona and then driven to the Runbeck office in downtown Phoenix. See declaration on page 15-16

The Runbeck company is operated by Robert (Kevin) Runbeck. Recorded documents obtained by our team evidence the likelihood of bribes paid to Runbeck through the phony mortgage scheme in the same way we looked at the Hobbs example earlier. Jeffrey Ellington is in charge of operations at Runbeck. Recorded documents obtained by our team once again evidence the likelihood of bribes paid through the phony mortgage scheme to him.

Consider the obvious: under what other circumstance would both of these individuals, among many other appointed and elected officials, Superior Court Judges, Judicial Assistants, Professionals, Court Representatives and so on have:

a. An excessive number of Deeds of Trusts recorded – does anyone really refinance or purchase homes six times in ten years? What statistically is the probability of EVERY name we review, which are based on the patterns of names used, having the same frequent home refinances and/ or purchases?

b. Have a fake notary public notarize their Deeds of Trusts

c. Have a fake buyer and/or seller’s signature on their Deeds of Trust

d. Have fake signatures for the buyer and/or seller and/or notary on their Warranty Deeds

e. Have fraudulent Medical Liens generated by fraudulent medical practices or furnished with incorrect addresses on the liens to ensure that payments are diverted. (This is how we discovered insurance fraud and additional methods of money laundering, but I am not going to delve into this finding today given the time constraints).

Suffice to say that just as we followed the bouncing ball and recognized documents with Brittany and/or Dawna’s handwriting and hand printing which lead to the revelation of all of the 47 findings listed in your packets on page 11 -15

We just heard about statistical improbabilities… As another example of an improbable outcome with respect to the November 2020 election, let’s review Adrian Fontes’ loss to Stephen Richer for Maricopa County Recorder. Richer’s win was a statistical impossibility. To wit: Fontes is a Democrat and was the incumbent; Percentages for Biden, Sinema and Kelly run at approximately 2.5% margins in the county against their opponents. Richer won by approximately 6,000 votes. That means 50,000 individuals who voted for the Democrat ticket across the board had to choose the Republican candidate for recorder against an incumbent who never suffered a scandal.

Never happened. This was a “planned” loss. Hobbs would receive the Democrat nomination for Governor and Fontes would run for Secretary of State to replace Hobbs. The strategy appears to have been planned… I have shown you that both Hobbs and Fontes have “Brittany” deeds evidencing a strong likelihood of being bribe recipients. Now let’s take a step back and look at the likelihood of why?

I know that what I am about to say may seem obvious to some, but I feel it is necessary to explain none the less. Given that Arizona is a Border State and that drug smuggling and human tracking is a billion dollar business, it would appear that having our elected and appointed officials ensure that the Cartel enterprise remains open for business would be paramount. The Cartel will invest substantially to ensure that the ‘right’ people are in key positions so as to further their objectives.

As stated above, the fix for 2020 (and for 2022) started in 2017 with appointments to election position of individuals being bribed through the mortgage system and through monies being laundered by the appointments of phantom “individuals” was in. The problems with these documents are many.

For example, reference in your packets pages 71 – 76 – the recorded appointments by Fontes which were notarized by “Jessica York:”

First, the handwriting and hand printing of “Jessica York” have been identified as belonging to Brittany.

Second, the York signatures are the same handwriting but not the same style. And that change of style exists even where the documents are allegedly signed on the same day—June 4, 2020.

Third, the “December 9” date for the clerk is a handwriting matching Dawna.

Fourth, the signature of the clerk at the bottom right is actually a tracing of a signature stamp intended to look like a live signature.

Fifth, the time between the signature and notarization and the alleged execution by the clerk and thereafter the recording date evidence forgery. The normal turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. All took multiple months, and all were allegedly clerk executed and recorded AFTER the election certification.

Another example: the “October 10, 2018” appointment of Michael Hornbeck. The document was signed and notarized four months AFTER allegedly being signed and stamp-signatured by the clerk. The notarization hand printing and signature are a match for Brittany.

Another example: the appointment docs and deeds of “Colleen Connor” aka “Mary Colleen Connor.” The handwriting on the appointment document oath does not match the previous oath in 2005 or the deeds of 2019 and 2022. Also, the 2005 Oath has Brittany’s handwriting as the “notary.”

In addition to state representatives, three of the five Maricopa County Supervisors also have recorded documents evidencing the acceptance of bribe payments.

Additionally, the falsified signature for Thomas Galvin on his oath of office matches the handwriting for phantom attorney Paul Tokeshi and phantom D.A.M.E.S. Charities founder “Michele Thorne”—all of which have been identified as handwriting belonging to Brittany. Page 77 and 78 in your packets.

Further, we have investigated PACs related to state office holders and “dark money” transactions related to said PACs. From late 2018 through 2022, a significant number of questionable real estate transactions were facilitated by several law firms including partners at Perkins Coie.

Mr. Thaler would be here himself presenting these facts and findings, but there have been multiple attempts made on his life. One of those attempts may sound familiar. Thaler was driving from Arizona to California when suddenly he lost control of his vehicle. Upon investigation, it was discovered that his tire was purposefully slashed by a straight edged knife that was 4-6 inches. The cut was made at such a location on the outer side of the tire where the tire would not lose air but instead would degrade to the point of catastrophic failure and likely at a high speed. (This information was provided by an expert who evaluated the tire post this event and who has provided us with a Declaration. This Declaration is included in your packet as page 81 – 83. The reason I mention this is because a similar attempt was made on the life of Kari Lake’s daughter during her campaign. To date, six attempts have been made on Thaler’s life.

In Arizona, public officials accepting bribes include members of the legislative and executive branches of the state government, more than two dozen judges of the Maricopa County Superior Court, at least two judges of the City of Mesa Court, at least one judge of the Town of Gilbert Court, the Mayor of Mesa, five members of the Mesa City Council, several police officers employed by the City of Mesa, several officers employed by the Town of Gilbert, the Mesa City Prosecutor and at least one assistant prosecutor, election officials employed by the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, three Maricopa County supervisors, and principals of Runbeck Election Services, to name a few. Bribe recipients also include support staff members including judicial assistants and clerks.

As I have mentioned previously, our investigation covers multiple states. At this time, the money laundering activities affect 20 states. The bankruptcy fraud affects 11 states. And so on. As to Arizona, Thaler and our team have interviewed over thirty witnesses in Arizona. Several individuals on the Public Officials list have cooperated with the investigation. The team has collected and reviewed more than 120,000 pages of documents including recorded deeds, bank statements, court filings, and GPS locator records just in the State of Arizona. Additionally, we have reviewed more than 8,000 pages of cell phone and text records belonging to principal players in the racketeering enterprises. The immense data we have collected will assist enforcement agency’s investigating the election fraud. Further, the data we have collected, the connections we have found and the vast details of this entire investigation will lead enforcement agencies to those participating in the frauds and will enable you to restore election integrity within our beautiful State.

Thank you, Madam Chair and this committee, for your time.

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  • Thank you ForbiddenKnowledgeTV for posting this hearing. It’s amazing how many people have tried to call me a tin foil conspiracy nut for posting on Nextdoor. They can buy the propaganda by the liberal left, but I love the truth.

  • The nervousness and fidgeting from the council members when they realized at the end who the information has already been passed to, you know even some of the people sitting right in front of her are guilty.

    • As I listened to this presentation, I was compelled to wonder how many in attendance at this Hearing were compromised and on the payroll of the Sinaloans. The urgency and panic in the voice of the gentleman who interrupted the testimony in order to state their rules and policies seemed to sense that the revelation of his own name would be imminent. His panic was almost palpable.
      Having a bit of familiarity with a certain 20th Century organized crime family in Texas coupled with what I know of the scope of Politics & Politicians in Arizona and the legalities and variations thereof, I would opine that this is less than an Organization and more of an Infestation. For any prime example, I would simply look to the Judicial victories and the recent political success story that is Governor Kari Lake.
      What will come of this revelation, and will this rampant interstate fraud be rectified and our Election Integrity at long last be restored? I wish that I could answer that question, but I’m having the strangest urge to drive to the nearest Burger King and buy myself an order of Fries to go with my Jumbo well-done Nothingburger.
      If Jesus Christ Himself had been Crucified in Maricopa county, Arizona, I would not be looking forward to any expectations of His resurrection.

    • Knowing the corruption of Arizona and its “Maricopa Mafia” as I do, I would say that’s an Affirmative. They need to peruse the ancient fable of Diogenes and the subject of his quest.

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