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    A week before the election of 2020, federal employees held a Zoom call to put the final touches on the coup. They were infiltrated and recorded.

    Spookdblog’s comments on 02/28/2024:

    300 federal employees were on this Signal Zoom Call coordinating efforts to control the process and defeat Trump.

    At a minimum, they violated the Hatch Act; at worst, they committed Treason.

    I predict there will be at least 300 vacancies opening in agencies ranging from DHS, CIA, Agriculture, Education, Defense.

    Then again, at this time next year, most of these agencies will be terminated, so the Private Sector will have lots of applicants.

    I’ll republish my Part 3 blog post later today to remind you of how the USG will be restructured.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Democracy, schlemocracy, nowers, haven’t a clue about godly self government, being most all their needs are met off the sweat of taxpayers. Overpaid, undereducated socialist parasites – all!

      But don’t hate them, they are as much victims as the rest of us and for that we can all thank a teacher, because that’s where their delusion began with the Christ hating bigot, Marxian John Dewey, darling of the collectivist teachers colleges early in the 20th century!

      Their god is themselves and their church is government!

      They are potentially the new American Bolshevik revolutionaries!

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