Dr Andrew Huff, who between 2014-2016 was the Vice President of EcoHealth Alliance, the company that was contracted by Anthony Fauci to perform Gain-of-Function research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Needless to say, he has a unique perspective on the entire COVID fraud.

Huff says a lot of things are coming to a head. Last week, the Department of Energy released a report stating that the COVID-19 pandemic most likely came from a laboratory leak in China – and then, FBI Director Chris Wray said that he agrees.

Then on Wednesday, the Senate passed a bill demanding the declassification of all US intelligence on the origins of COVID. And just now, he says he sold the rights to his book, ‘The Truth About Wuhan’ to some very irate, vaccine-injured Hollywood A-listers to make it into a feature film.

Huff gives Owen Shroyer his analysis of the US Government’s abrupt narrative shift with regard to the “China lab leak”, which seeks to blame it all on China, when it was they who gave the CCP their state-of-the-art technology – and our Tax Dollars to weaponize it further.

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  • All they’re really doing is acknowledging the “conspiracy theorists” from 2021, so that pretty much disables them from dismissing “conspiracy theories” from now on, because obviously they could very well be true, as they admit.

    • Truly yes, and so many ignorant folks taking part of brainwashing.
      I now have no wonder why nothing gets to be done.

  • Ft Detrick> Wuhan Military Games OCT 2019 > Mandatory US Military Vax (with damage known in advance) > Blame China > Crash Global Economy > Have impaired US president Start multi-front Global War > Run and hide in Geneva.

    I don’t have to like it, but it seems to have a pattern to it. Covid19 rumblings started coming out of China in NOV2019.

    Claims are that the “Ft Detrick> Wuhan Military Games OCT 2019″ part is CCP propaganda, but the Biden admin is so eager for self-destruction and harm to US citizens, it pushes speculation in that direction.

    As for Mr Huff…

    ” Yeah , I worked for a DoD cut-out contractor doing gain-of-function research to turn the common cold into a world-wide killer….but hey! I’ve done a movie deal with Hollywood and it’ll be out soon!! and you should buy my book!!!”

    • Ft Detrick….. We have a Bingo ladies and gentlemen.
      Take it a step further.
      Revisit killer vape lung disease dates, symptoms, treatments, glassy lungs, death by ventilator.

      Look at the dates when it ended and when covid started. Run it by some 5th graders and see if they can come up with a postulate.

      • Alio –

        Not sure I’m getting your rabbit trail…

        Vaping/ deaths reported by CDC were news in SEP/OCT2019…

        Superficial search showed something about ” like crushed glass in the lungs”, and “vaping coats lung tissue with chemicals”….

        How does death by ventilator enter the story?

        Were patients ill from vaping treated as CV19 Patients were to be treated later,ie Ventialtors/Remdesivir??

        Thanks for replying.

      • The smoking gun you say . They covered it up and it disappeared like a vape cloud. Vapegate ended abruptly without any logical explanation and morphed into the COVID stampede out of China. The bodies of the COVapored to death were incinerated without autopsy but the trace can still be done through blood donations data if you could pierce the veil of silence. WHO, what, when we have a real WHOdunit on our bloody hands.

  • Don’t take this wrongly; I hate China and feel that they do well intend Global domination, but I notice that they are also having their own problems with the dread “COVID-19”.
    I think that the “Point of Origin” was an Ukrainian biolab as easily as it was Wuhan.
    Those Biolabs in Ukraine weren’t there to assist Elon Musk with his Mars adventure.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣the only people that understand this 100% are people that have been poisoned by a parent.
    No one to trust in USA

  • What’s strange is that China never called a worldwide press conference and refute much of what happened. Those people in the early days walking along and suddenly dropping dead; were those not phony? China seems to willingly go along with quite a lot of this.

  • Nothing is haunting the medias.

    They are happy that psyops or controlled opps use each other for fearmongering and succeeding in covering up the fact that virus has never been isolated.

    • There’s a lot of bull**** going on these days,
      & it takes ages for the stoneheads to finally admit that GoF Research was a cover up bull**** for people to play fear porn with so called “(imaginary) contagious disease” while being partially truthful about vax being dangerous.
      Whelp you can’t expect much from Infowars, a known controlled opposition
      I would love to see them letting Terrain people speak on their show though.


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