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In these disturbing security camera videos, people in China are seen spitting on each other, spitting on elevator buttons, door handles and even throwing spit on each other, in a form of suicidal mass-hysteria that I’ve never heard of before.

YouTuber Chadd Sinclair gets on Chinese social media to find out what this is all about.

He reports that people are frustrated with the government’s inability to take care of them, complaining about the lack of hospital beds and medicine. They’re said to be “taking revenge on society”.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is evidently a bigger deal than is being publicly admitted by authorities. Several countries, including France and Israel have cancelled all flights to China and Russia has sealed its 2,600-mile border.

The world’s most populous country and largest industrial economy has virtually ground to halt.

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Our world is dying, this is an apathetic response…when one does not care for ones self…why should one care for another…the hopelessness in the world today is not shown on TV.
    It’s pretty sad that humanity has lost its humanity…and don’t think it can’t happen in America…

  • This whole “epidemic” stinks and has the globalist finger prints all over it. I was just thinking this morning of the Winston Churchill quote of “The Iron Curtain”. At the same time I was thinking how disturbing it is that our own US MSM keeps “We The People” in the dark by blacking out major events and truths all around the globe; be it about China, Hong Kong, the Yellow Vests in France, Brexit, the Irish election results, and of course the communist/globalist lies in our own country with their seditious attacks on POTUS Trump and their treasonous attacks on our citizenry, as well as their crimes against all humanity. The major tech companies have cooperated and outright diligently work with China to help them keep an ‘iron veil’ on their society. Worse, those same companies are in cahoots with the US politicians and their globalist masters to do the same in the US. We are all living under an Iron Veil now. Some of us – hopefully MANY of us – are punching holes in it, but it has not yet been completely lifted or torn down. This Con19 Virus that we are told is stemming from China, seems to be the type of “Chaos Crises” the powers that be initiate. The SOB’s are trying to keep the iron veil over the Chinese populace with one attack; while making another simultaneous attack on the global economy. So They’re desperate now because they cannot take Western Society down as they hoped and plan. Now they have to contend with and can’t take Trump down and We The People along with him. I am most likely hoping against all reason that there will be major arrests of the lot of them no matter their power status. But that has not happened yet and I do not trust the swamp that President Trump has employed to do the job. We all have a part to play by speaking up and SPEAKING QUT. If we do not, then we will physically come for us one by one, then in groups, Then it will be to late and we will be forced to have to ACT out or just whimper and comply with their death wish for us. They will come for all of us if we do not stand together as humanity to fight for survival. Otherwise, it’s gonna be all over. TRUTH!!!

    • Dear Mr. Thompson,

      Do you have any objection to me using some of your statement above? You’ve said most of what I think and believe, but your composition is more accurate and interesting than what I could present. I’ll appreciate your permission. Kind regards, Lindy Loo

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