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    Attorney Dr Francis Boyle who wrote the Congressional Legislation to end Gain-of-Fuction research and who is very well versed on the WHO Treaties and Amendments to the International Health group is warning us about the impending WHO take over of the United States unless we pull out of the WHO and stop all funding to it.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Snuck through like a thief in the night and stole our precious democracy. When brandon vetoes this empty last stand the dark state will have us by the balls well whats left of them they have been kicked so far up our asses we will all look like SOROS. The bright side you will now be able to tell the men from the women .

    • ObamaCare book has this type of stuff in it.

      When I was told Agreeing to Obama Care meant babies & kids under 5 could be separated from Parents at Peds apt. & video taken with Dr. Asking kids & babies if they like their mommy’s & daddy’s.

      As. Peds Nurse & Early Childhood educator I know simply by separation a child would cry when parents names mentioned or who they are to them as a result of separation anxiety & thought this abusive & sneaky / unnecessary actions. Much of which pediatricians Strongly disagreed with.

      When I examined this book of ” “O9bamma’s ” , a book written before he was in office, I saw many things in there that takes away citizens rights. No way all in US congress read all of that book nor if they did, had they comprehend it all.

      This is soo important what is being said here now.

      Thankyou, for your message.


    • My wife nearly lost her nursing job , because she refused the “vaccine” . She finally recieved a religious exemption thanks to the advice of an online preacher in formatting her exemption requist. Thank GOD. We could have lost everything including our lives to these evil people. Wake up America
      your lives are at risk ! soon we will be attacked again. Very Soon… RFC

    • H.R.79 — 118th Congress (2023-2024)
      WHO Withdrawal Act
      Sponsor: Biggs, Andy [Rep.-R-AZ-5] (Introduced 01/09/2023) Cosponsors: (18)
      Committees: House – Foreign Affairs
      Latest Action: House – 01/09/2023 Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. (All Actions)

    • Just how long will we allow this Presidential lunacy to progress? Not that I have any great faith in the America First “We the People” to Resist, but perhaps this Biden-enacted Tyranny will finally cause the American people to essentially “Gird Up Thy Loins” and enact the Sequel to the American Revolution.
      (I still can’t believe that “We the People” have “elected” (Pun intended) to wait until 2024 just to fall victim to yet another Stolen Election. Then What?)

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