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Mark Burkman set up a press conference on the 2-year anniversary of the Seth Rich murder to introduce a new witness called “Luke” who phoned in and wished to have his identity protected. The affair was fraught with technical problems, which made it come off as very amateurish. The event was pilloried by the Daily Beast and similar news websites that pretend to be edgy but which are totally of the establishment.

If we suspend our disbelief for a moment and assume that the witness is sincere, what emerges from Luke’s account is quite unexpected. As a self-described terrorism consultant and expert witness for the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland, Luke is well acquainted with its wicked ways and particularly those of its former District Attorney, Rod Rosenstein.

Luke’s account is not partisan. Contrary to what we and Burkman might have been expecting of this witness, he doesn’t feel that Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC. He believes that Rod Rosenstein was behind it, as the DNC email breach would reveal the DOJ’s (and the Republicans’) tampering and altering of the DNC’s emails throughout the course of the Obama Administration. Also, it would reveal that they began spying on Hillary’s private server, almost as soon as it went live.

He paints a portrait of corruption at the DOJ via Rod Rosenstein that is so profound, it may be hard for most to wrap their heads around. Rosenstein and Hillary hate each other personally but Washington, DC “cares not” who’s in office, as long as that person can be controlled.

The audio on this clip is not good but it was the best I could find. I’ve transcribed everything up to the Q and A below:

Mark Burkman: If you could kind of tell us the basic story of Seth and these two agents and how it came to be with you I’d be grateful.

Luke: My background, very briefly, very in general –

Mark Burkman: Take your time –

Luke: Military. Second half of that career, I was attached to the intelligence community, I maintained that connection into the civilian world, I work as a consultant, mostly in domestic and foreign terrorists.

That’s how I came to be contacted by the Department of Justice in Baltimore over the years. The people involved in his death I knew well, both professionally and personally…

I do not know Seth Rich, I never met him, never dealt with him. Never would have known the name until late 2016, when these people were bragging about what they had done and gotten away with everything. This is an accumulation of multiple conversations, held with other people in front of me, other people I know.

The three people that night, they had been surveilling him [Seth] because of his computer breach. They knew it. They knew what he had done. It was too close for comfort, they believed that they were under investigation. They had monitored quite a few things. They were in the emails and into the computer systems.

When this happened, it set off all their bells and whistles. They wanted to know immediately who he was, what he was doing. This was a large breach – Seth Rich went in and grabbed a bunch of emails –

Mark Burkman: Can you tell us briefly and of course, no names but tell us about the backgrounds of these – one is DEA, one is ATF, am I correct?

Luke: Yes.

Mark Burkman: Tell us a little bit about these guys, to the extent you can and if you can’t, I understand and then tell us how you initially came upon this information.

Luke: Well, they were bragging about it. That’s when I first heard the name. Didn’t know anything about that side, what they were doing. They were bragging about it. They bragged about it, probably before the name came up.

I did some research, found out what they were talking about, through my channels and they have details about what happened the night leading up to it; the actual act, what occurred right afterwards and why. It wasn’t hard for me to figure out why.

It involved the computers, the emails and their manipulation of those. They said, when he did this, there was a breach of something. Whether or not he gave anything to WikiLeaks, I have no idea. Whether that was his intent or if that actually happened.

But [Seth’s] going into the system they had control of, that set off everything. And when he grabbed that [inaudible], they assumed it was an investigation and for approximately two weeks prior to the act, itself, the murder, he was being surveilled to one degree or another. That’s how they knew he had this thumb drive that they wanted.

Mark Burkman: Let me ask you something. Why would he have had that thumb drive on him late at night? He was killed in the early morning hours of July 10th. Any sense of why it would be on him at that hour?

Luke: According to them, he always had it on him. He wouldn’t leave it at home or at work. He always had it with him. This, to them necessitated a physical confrontation to get it and get it quickly.

Mark Burkman: Do we know what happened that night? What do we know about what happened, the nature of the shooting? Do we know anything about the act that night, the actual act?

Luke: There were three people involved –

Mark Burkman: So, there’s a DEA guy, there’s an ATF guy who was the third, briefly, to the extent you can say?

Luke: At that point, probably a civilian. I’d say that person would be an ex-agent and friend of theirs.

Mark Burkman: I see. Now, let me ask you a question if I may. A lot of people here, we’re local in Arlington, which is roughly the spot where I was shot, we’re about a thousand yards from where I was shot by Kevin Doherty. Tell us, what was the relationship with Doherty with these people? [Four months ago, Kevin Doherty, hired by Burkman for several months as an investigator into the Seth Rich case shot Burkman several times and ran him over in an SUV. Doherty turned out to be an associate of Seth’s murderers. Doherty is being held at the Arlington County Detention facility pending trial].

Luke: According to him [Doherty] – it’s hard to believe anything that he said. He had a super secret background. It just didn’t play out well with people who actually did. It’s too easy to check.

It was always a different story with him but he was an ex-agent from the Department of Energy, I believe. He also claimed Marine service. He was their gopher, hang-around. They sent him for the dirty work; the jobs they didn’t do. He would do any of them, just hoping that they would put in a good word, get him hired on one agency or another.

Mark Burkman: That piece of evidence…that puts together a lot of this, because you know, the question would be did Doherty – just because of the dispute I have had with him gets so crazy that he shot me or – or well, obviously anybody who’s pulling the trigger is half nuts but – or did he have some motive and was he a plant? We don’t know anything. Any insights you might have?

Luke: On your assault?

Mark Burkman: Yes or how the whole thing fits together – if at all?

Luke: Whether they manipulated him in some fashion, they did that every day. They’d send him off on the dumbest stuff and he would do it and behind his back, they’d just laugh. He was never going to get a job from them.

Mark Burkman: Let me ask you this. Can you give us a sense, when you came upon this information – and I know you have to be very careful – can you give us a sense of how you came across this? The broad strokes, the type of people you heard this from? Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Luke: There was a group of people who worked for Rod Rosenstein in Baltimore –

Mark Burkman: When Rosenstein was US Attorney in Maryland.

Luke: Correct. And he was there for quite a while, of course…this was his dirty tricks squad. These were all people who, their careers, many times, their freedom – they helped looking the other way or helping out on cases or they were compromised – they were all dirty cops, to one degree or another – and he exploited that. A lot.

Mark Burkman: What do we know about – do you know anything about Rosenstein, what was his concern? Do we know anything about his involvement? I mean, did he discuss the shooting of Seth with these people? Can you shed some light on what may have been his involvement, if any?

Luke: if he [Rosenstein] was not the person who authorized it, then he was definitely their protection, on the other end. He was their protection for everything. This is why they felt free to discuss [Seth’s murder] and to brag about it.

It wasn’t until later, after he received his appointment as deputy AG and the shine was off a bit, that they felt their protection was waning and they started coming back around, you know, “Did you say anything?” “Who who knows this?” “Did you repeat anything?” That type of situation. They wanted to know their exposure.

So, if he was not the one who authorized it, then he certainly knew about it, on the other side. He was their protection and it was because of his [Rosenstein’s] activities, that it [Seth’s murder] occurred.

Mark Burkman: What other salient points? What else should we know about this? All of this?

Luke: Well, there were details of the fight, that they talked about. There are people  involved, overall, in general. There have been rumors that it was MS-13. It wasn’t. It’s interesting that that rumor popped up at the very beginning, because the one DEA personnel is a so-called gang expert who specializes in MS-13. But I’ll leave that there.

Rumor said it was the Russians. It wasn’t, although there’s a Russian tie-in because of the information-sharing between Rosenstein’s team; all the Bitcoin- and money-laundering going in and out of Russia.

There’s also [the theory] that this was Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democrats had him [Seth] killed. All the people involved; the shooters, Rod [Rosenstein], of course the people who planned it, the surveillance – they’re all Republican. So, it wasn’t [the Democrats]…when you try to understand the dynamic of why [inaudible], it wasn’t the Republicans, either. They’re all controlled –

Mark Burkman: Let me ask you this, if you don’t mind. Tell us more about the thumb drive and…tell us, if you can talk more about the thumb drive Seth was carrying and a little more about why these two agents and others – or three – were preoccupied with the thumb drive. The press will probably have questions.

Luke: Alright. It goes back many years, at least 15 years. It began…information-sharing is actually information control. The DOJ, they started just manipulating cases. When you withhold information, you can withhold some selective prosecution, make a case go one way or the other – if it’s you or your friends.

There’s also, next step up, where you could share that information for personal or professional profit. Moving to the computer side, where back prior, just prior to when Mrs. Clinton ran for election the first time, when President Obama was elected, they got into the computer systems heavily then.

Within three months of her servers being up – her private servers – they were already in there; copying everything, listening in, anyone who logged in or used it, that system, it just spread from there and they could monitor everything.

They were initially just monitoring and copying emails, they then began to alter them, delay them, alter them, change classification levels. The experts they had were extremely gifted. This was what they did for their job and they had all of the resources of the Government at their disposal.

Well, this continued throughout the Obama White House period and then everyone thought Mrs. Clinton was going to win this previous election, so Rod Rosenstein pulled out all the stops. They had a certain animosity. They don’t like each other.

Mark Burkman: Rosenstein and Hillary Clinton?

Luke: Correct. They have a history of legal and personal – and behind closed doors, it’s just very nasty.

Mark Burkman: Was he, in other words, your feeling that he was Rosenstein may have been trying to curry favor with the person he believed would be the next president?

Luke: No. Because Rosenstein’s control is on both sides. They wanted control of everything. The law is the altar he bows down to [inaudible] and he wanted to ensure his survival. They have been manipulating or getting dirt or planting dirt, manufacturing it against “The Threes” – they call them “Threes”. These are Title 3 judges; judges appointed under Article 3 of the Constitution; Supreme Court, Federal Judges. Things like that.

There aren’t many, there are about 120, total and you can control them or the majority of them. Many of them don’t know just how much they’ve been compromised or that they would be compromised, at all. But they have ’em.

If you couldn’t get to one of them, they’d get to a family member [inaudible]. This was the network they built. It really got bad in 2006, when the National Security Division of the DOJ came into play, then they got access to a bunch of [inaudible] that could keep common practice for cases of any agency, FBI, CIA, NSA any agency, to be brought to a National Security Lawyer and discuss about how to proceed; this way or that way and they got so much more information and they can use it to their own survival benefits.

Their object was, they didn’t care who was in the White House as much as they want control. They wanted control of the DOJ: The Wall, to bring the President down. There’s a lawyer, a judge in control, so that was the control they were seeking.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alexandra – Thank You for the Transcript. It clearly makes reporters’ interpretation of Press Conference “out of context” despite their best efforts.

    Regarding Transcript’s words “They were initially just monitoring and copying emails, they then began to alter them, delay them, alter them, change classification levels” opens new ways to corrupt evidence for benefit of crooks, and the scum of the earth. Emails will be rendered “inadmissible” because evidence was possibly “altered.”

  • Like I have saying for years now folks…GOVERNMENT & RELIGION are THE PROBLEM!
    GET IT FIGURED OUT….When a institution is CREATING Problems…Its CRAZY to continue to BELIEVE IN THEM….Government and Religion are the SAME THING…MIND CONTROL.
    Their ENTIRE “Legal system” is FRAUDULENT Too.
    The BANKING system is FRAUDULENT
    Their POLITICAL system is FRAUDULENT
    EVERYTHING about the current system of CONTROL IS FRAUDULENT
    Even their so-called “Disclosure Movement” is FRADULENT…Controlled by a Vatican’Jesuit owned SECRET Space Program trying to set up a “ELYSIUM” style AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform of ultimate “Control Grid”!

  • I believe we all know that the death of Seth Rich will never be solved because of where it happened. Pure corruption from the top down.

  • It’s a great primer on how they can control a supreme court vote, like Obamacare.

    I hear that the detox from the swamp draining isn’t worth it. The resultant smell likely to kill off millions. Air pollution already unbearable around the beltway. Need a less toxic yet effective solutions. Jail time will not change these people. A taste of old time justice might work. Like hanging them in the public square.

    Theme to the beat of I want a new drug – Huey Lewis

    I Want a New Mob
    one that does what it should
    one that won’t make me poor
    one not freakishly controlled

    One that won’t make me nervous
    with their mind control
    one that won’t surveill me
    or wear jacked boots of coal

    I want a new mob
    without the K street crowd
    one that isn’t elitist
    and recalls who the fuck they are

    I want a new mob
    term limited firm
    one held accountable
    I like it when they squirm

    One that don’t make me nervous
    about their very soul
    one that don’t make my hair fall out
    or kill me when I’m old

    • LOL. Yeah, even if this guy’s BS’ing about Seth Rich, it does appear to be instructive about some ways control is exerted.

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